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  1. ... in the best way possible😍
  2. I always look forward to the next chapter and always left wanting more 😉
  3. Beautiful, you’ve turned all the characters on their heads! But you can’t keep us waiting for another two weeks please, 🙏 you’re killing me!
  4. Great chapter I love your writing pace and development and you are definitely keeping me coming back for more!!!! But how about Mike and Ryan... they’ve been my main interest throughout and it feels like they need more focus - I think they are hot and really would love to see them getting more coverage 🙏
  5. Danno rubio

    Chapter 5

    I’ll bet Ethan’s back! Wow !!!
  6. Danno rubio

    Chapter 28

    Amazing story and fantastic writing
  7. Danno rubio

    Chapter 21

    I’m really enjoying the story and your writing, you seem to have real passion and talent.
  8. Danno rubio

    Chapter 4

    Thank you for your stories which I am enjoying very much. Although the 5 year ‘absence’ by Shin is arguable, the reality is that human nature is mysterious and our reasons for some of the actions we pursue not as rational as we would like to pretend. On another note I have to take issue with your reference to the US influencing most western countries with gay marriage it is actually the reverse with European countries and Canada influencing the US. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to read more of the Prince and his body guard.
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