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  1. I don't know why, but comicality's stories do not usually appeal to me despite being very well written. This one however grabbed my from the first and now I can't wait for the next chapter.
  2. BSO


    Cadet is the best story yet from Carlos Hazday. His characters are always interesting with a bit of humor. In the past it seems that good things just came to them, partly due to the privilege that comes with being wealthy. Not that they didn't work hard as well, just a little unbelievable. That is not the case with Cadet. Rich, the main character is also from that same wealthy family, but seems more interested in being judged on his own. When he uses his wealth it is almost always for others and he is loath to take any credit, preferring not to be in the limelight. He is an advocate for others and also takes his responsibilities as an Air Force Academy Cadet very seriously. He is a force to recon with as either a friend or a foe. The story follows his life through the USAF Academy. The plot lines are very well drawn and we meet a number of characters who are quite different from in the past. I highly recommend this story as well as previous stories by Carlos Hazday. Although you might want to read the other stories first, it is definitely not necessary. After reading Cadet, however you will certainly want to read the rest of the stories.
  3. BSO

    Sanc Chapter 1

    He spends all his spare time on a project and doesn't have time for his son? The ex is certainly culpable hereabout so is he.
  4. BSO

    Chapter 16

    Thank you for a great story and for a great ending. Of course we all want a happy ending but that is not real live. Rob was in no way ready to even admit he was gay to himself and Justin does not have the capacity to be subtle. Rather than a sequel, I would love to have a great many more stories.
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