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  1. Aww that's so so so sweet. The joining was everything I imagined it to be. It was perfect and beautiful. I think I can't have much words to describe how i feel right now but I will try. I feel like I am on cloud nine, so much happiness in me that I couldn't help but shed tears– like literally– while smiling at same time. Tobyn! You did the right thing dear. It doesn't matter where you did it as long as you'll surely create the best memory. I felt Keller's excitement when he realized his mate had just seen those colors. What you wrote in this chapter was incredible Gary. Thanks for this.
  2. Oh no I have a feeling that Sybil saw something she couldn't share or it's just me being paranoid. Ugh this Hunter is truly the bane of my existence at this moment. I am eager– extremely eager for them to get rid of him. Sybil as always is a very intelligent woman and glad she always nudge them to the right direction. And yeah may the earth mother protect our boys.
  3. That was freaking awesome! Oh Good Lord, I love they way you think Gary. This chapter made me worried and scared, then a few minutes later I was jumping and giggling to myself. Warren is one of my sweethearts now, that's official. Ah now they have a name and a face? Not really a face since Warren was the only one that saw the Hunter and I am sure there's no CCTV cameras in the garage but it still something. So happy they found a solution. But that Hunter going to the other direction, made me worry, I just hope he's not going to cause trouble for more wolves before our boys are able to pass the copper info. And our boys thinking about making their first time special had me smiling widely. That's very thoughtful of them.
  4. WOW! I really enjoyed this chapter. I love the fact that Warren and Keller are making amends and it was heartwarming to hear Keller say (You know, I’ve been thinking. How about we drop the ‘foster,’ and just say we’re brothers? It’s a lot easier that way.) I bet Warren must be dying happily in the inside. He got a life to live now, a real good life for all that matters. So happy for him.
  5. Incredible! It was really interesting to see that the humans are affected as much. I thought it would mostly be the wolves, but it seems I was wrong. Ah my heart bleed for Warren. The way you described how skinny he became made me almost shed tears. Damn drugs! But now I am happy he'll have a fresh start and I am very very glad to know he had changed for the better. When I was reading this chapter, I felt as if Warren is a newly introduced character not the jerk I've met in the beginning of this story. Good job Gary, you really have ways with your characters. And Tilly my darling! Have I told you that she's one of my favorites now? Yes she's my darling and I want her to meet her mate as well. But something tells me you're not going to make that easy. Lol.
  6. It's expected of Tilly's sister to wants to have a say in Warren's issue, it's her life, and she's right, after all Warren is mate. And I am glad her sister supported her. I also like how Tobyn could read Keller very easily. He knows what to say to make Keller feel better.
  7. I feel like no words would be able to describe how Much I enjoyed this chapter. Those two horny boys are going to be the death of me. Lol. I love every moment in this chapter. Especially the blowjob part. Most of the time I feel like– No I am certain Keller is my favorite, but now I am doubting myself about that because Tobyn has a way of creeping into my heart. His character is something one just have to fall in love with. They way he took care of his mate was everything one could wish for and I like that he's more into free will that letting his primal part take control of things. I've been wanting to ask about the old wolf but I kept forgetting. I was kinda worried he had met with some trouble but now I am relieved to know nothing bad had happened to him. Though he might have his own story to tell our boys, well that's if he will talk.
  8. Learning about what happened to Denver's wife was truly heartbroken. I am glad that there's another pack but I just hope the old alpha is still in charge not the son. It's refreshing to Know that Morningstar is getting better, I see Sybil getting back to her old self, though it will take time for them all to be alright but they're getting there. Now I am anticipating their journey. The family dinner was amazing, glad you added that part.
  9. Okay now I am looking forward to see if our boys will be able to find another person's mate. I have faith in them but just like Tobyn's mom, I can help but worry about them going out there. That young Hunter spells trouble. And I totally agree with Elinor, Keller finding them just when they needed him most is more than a coincidence. But a truly blessing from mother Earth.
  10. I think Warren has started feeling the pull towards his mate, which is why he's so eager. Lol. Ah I am anticipating Warren's arrival. Our boys are trusting and having more Faith in each other every minute of the day and that's really good. It might be traumatizing but Keller is right, Tobyn needs to talk about it, especially to someone like his mom. Thinking about Hunters gave me goosebumps.
  11. Yeah… fuck. The earth mother must have one weird sense of humor.” I laughed my ass off reading this last part. Shit I didn't see that coming. Okay now I am going to bomber you with questions. First of all, I thought Warren was Karen and Don's biological son? If so why would they do such a thing, you can never throw away your child and give up on them just like that no matter how notorious they could be, That's part being a parent. Second, so it's possible for a wolf to have a Human mate? Does that mean the human had to be bitten and become a wolf too? Ah it seems more and more mates are coming to light. I like that.
  12. Oh God you got my heart beating widely in my chest that I almost vomited. Lol. That's me being dramatic. But really, I was holding my breath waiting for shit to happen but it didn't and that was all I needed to let out a breath in relief. I am glad Keller made the decision to return to his mate rather than fight the unknown enemy. At least now he knows it wasn't just the uncle but the crazy nephew was also close. The morning they shared lovingly made me unable to stop smiling untill the scene where Keller had to leave to investigate the vehicle.
  13. Okay Gary! I have to salute you cause you gave it to us real good. Wow!!! Just wow!!! It started with a handjob and ended with blowjobs. That was freaking hot. I laughed though when the two of them thought they were dreaming. And you got me wishing I could see that slow dance of colors. They way I pictured it was really beautiful in my head. Over all, I so much enjoyed and love this chapter. It was everything I could hoped for and I think when they're to have penetrative sex, they're going to switch or maybe Tobyn will be a power bottom, Lol you got me imagining a lot of things happening. Thanks again for this lovely beautiful, fabulous, amazing, awesome chapter.
  14. Oh my! That was better than I expected and I am truly grateful for the progress. Now at least a part of my mind is at peace. I knew those little boys were just more than friends and it seems their bond is strong despite not having shifted at all. I really do want to see Tobyn have a little sibling. Lol.
  15. Aww that was hell of a confession. I am so very proud of Tobyn. What he did was big, finally accepting Keller as his mate not just a friend. I am thankful to those that gave him the tiny little push he needed. This chapter is my new favorite. I love that the joining had already began and can't wait for the real deal. 😜
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