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  1. This story revolves around Keller, and Tobyn. It is a truly a beautiful story of shifters. Let this wonderful author carry you on this journey and I assure you, you're not going to be disappointed. Read as things unfold for Keller and his journey to falling in love and finding answers that changes his life. And there's cute side characters that I especially enjoyed reading about. Thanks Gary for this beautiful story. One of the best I've ever read.
  2. Oh my! That was hell of a beautiful story. I enjoyed every bit of it and would love to read more. There's so many unfinished business you have with me Gary. I didn't get to see Warren's wedding. Keller and Tobyn's children. The old wolf reuniting with the pack. Elinor's baby. Tilly's wedding. Keller becoming an alpha and so much more. I would love it if you write a second book on this universe. It's really refreshing to read. Thank you so much sharing such an amazing story with us. Stay healthy dear friend. Lots of love.
  3. Jasmine94

    New Perspectives

    So I was finally able meet the old wolf as a man. He is truly a sensible and intelligent person. I am glad Keller have him, well they have each other.its true; they've both lost and gain somethings. The chapter really held a lot of intensity to it, all those history about Gigi, Carlah and Keller's grandmother.
  4. Oh God! For a moment I thought the old wolf was not going to come back, but then he did and I was so happy. I hope everything will work out. Tobyn is really the perfect partner one could hope for. I have faith in you Keller.
  5. WOW! So many emotions in this chapter. I cried when Sybil told that story. But I am happy they'd already killed that man responsible for his parents death. Ah I knew it that Keller was somehow related to the old wolf. And wow, Elinor was his mother's best friend. I am certain his parents must be happy where ever they are to know Elinor's son was Keller's mate. That's right you're the alpha of Morningstar Keller.
  6. Jasmine94


    So happy Elinor is pregnant. I can imagine how happy she must be with Keller's confirmation. And Connor's decision to move in was perfect, they two needed that closeness. Really enjoyed this chapter. *Sad face* the story is edging to an end.
  7. Aww that was a really sweet chapter. Connor handled everything well and I am happy Keller fixed him. The guy's really good and he deserves to be happy. Tobyn being petted got me cooing at how cute he was. That guy is really something, he can be bossy when he likes and cute when he likes. Now I have no doubt that Hugh and Connor are going to make a beautiful couple. I really like how you tell us the stories of other couples through Keller and Tobyn. Now Tobyn your mate asked a question. Let's hear you answer. Lol
  8. I really enjoyed Keller's and Warren's reunion. And Warren's getting married, that's lovely. I never thought wolves do marry especially if they're earth mates. So Keller and Tobyn can marry too if they want?. "Hey, not before I say how proud I am of you, bro. I get cred when I introduce myself as the exalted one’s brother.” “Not as good as being the savior’s consort,” Tobyn said smugly, and Warren laughed. Goodness! I laughed really hard reading those lines. And I reread it a couple of times while still laughing. I am also happy for Hugh, he finally found his mate and I was especially happy it was a man, I was kinda getting tired of all those hereto earth mates they've found so far. lol. And Yes, I really love it whenever Keller goes in full doctor mode. I wonder what is wrong with Hugh's mate. But I am only a few minutes away to find out.
  9. Jasmine94

    The Reunion

    Ah Sybil and Arthur's reunion got me really emotional. I can't imagine what it feels like to finally meet the one for you again after so many years. So happy for those two and all of the others that met their mates. Tilly and Logan meeting each other was hilarious. Those two are truly made for each other.
  10. Wow! I've always enjoyed reading sex scenes but I specially enjoyed yours. I was sort of surprised when you told me in one of your replies that you don't really enjoy writing smut scenes. But the truth is, you're really good at it. You don't just write sex scenes but instead wrote sensual love making and i really really really love it. Me as a person have never read a plain story. I wouldn't even go near a story if it doesn't have even a single sex scene. Lol. That's just how I am. Hutch meeting his mate really made me smile. I am loving Arthur more each time I saw him in a new chapter.
  11. Not much to say on this. I really enjoyed this chapter and my heart goes out for those two old couple. It made me somehow emotional to hear them say those words. I hope they're mates would be as happy wherever they might be. I am glad Vega finally made their decision.
  12. Wow! That was hell of a speech you gave in there Keller. It was incredible and I am certain those being reluctant to leave Vega would have a second thought after hearing that Carlah like speech. It was perfect and I was surprised how Keller knew the right words to say, the right button to press. When they were walking into the Hall with Arthur, I kind of pictured a dramatic soundtrack in my head. Lol. So glad Keller decided to step up, it was the right thing to do.
  13. That's right Keller, you really should thank the earth mother for all those wonderful gifts she bestowed upon you. Having your healing skills, a mate like Tobyn, with a good and generous heart. The word remarkable is the right word to describe Keller. He's just so special, especially with Tobyn by his side. I can't wait for miss Sybil to know her mate is alive and for the others to meet their mates. Thanks for this chapter, I really appreciate it.
  14. Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Forgive my language, but Damn Gary, how do you do it? Every chapter you gave us something new, something incredible and mind-blowing. Ah sometimes I wonder if you're a doctor Gary, the way you explain things was very medical like, save for the touches of magic. My heart can't take all those surprises you're giving it, I think I need a moment to drink. Yeah to celebrate in Sybil's name. I am so, so, so, so happy for her. Oh God, do Keller realize how powerful and incredible he is? Damn! I envy Tobyn for having such an amazing mate. I am just so overwhelmed after reading this chapter.
  15. I understand it's not easy for Vega pack to leave their home just like that. But that's the best they've got and I hope they'll decided firmly on it in the next meeting. I like that the alpha is a very determined man.
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