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  1. I do that with my godson and goddaughter's kids. I do get the looks but they are used to it, I did the same thing with them when they were young. Also, I'm one of those people who can't lose a game on purpose. I make sure the parents and kids understand it before we start to play. I don't care if it's Chutes and Ladders or chess, they have to beat me if they want to win.
  2. Any movie using Pink Floyd music in the trailer is okay by me! Seriously though Dune has always been one of my favorite books and series of books. I might even go see it in a theater, haven't seen a movie in a theater since ET. I do hate movies though that are in parts. I never saw any of the LOTR movies, or The Hobbit. I waited until the entire series was finished, then watched them at home. It's like writing in a way, I seldom will read stories that are "in progress" because I always fear getting too interested and the author doing something like dying so I can't get the ending. Ex
  3. Okay, I'll go ahead and post the poem here. Looking at the user interface I don't see any way to "Tag". I've never used whatever interface this is to post messages. Insatiable The early morning sun wakes me and, as I've done almost every day since you've been here, I turn to look at you, still asleep beside me. The light embraces your long blond hair as it fans out on the pillow, framing your face in a glowing halo of gold. I can't resist and I lightly brush my fingertips across your cheek, feeling your breath warm and moist against my palm. I marvel as always at y
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new to this particular forum. I've been writing stories for 50 years and have tossed in the occasional poem when I thought the subject could be covered succinctly enough. However unlike most of the poetry on here, I've never (since forced to in HS and college) written anything rhyming or with any particular rhythm patterns. Perhaps it's just me but it feels too restrictive, the word I wished to use was always too long, or too short. What made me think of poetry is the other day my boyfriend was watching me sleep and I woke up and asked him why. He told me that when I sle
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