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  1. A nice bright sunny Sunday morning. Can't say warm, there's frost on my car here in Maryland. I experimented with poker last night. Instead of sleeping 4 hours, getting up at 3am and going to the casino, I just decided to nap for an hour around 9pm, got up at 10pm and went. I noticed that as it got later the "recreational" players (recreational is defined as people who work normal 40 hr/wk jobs) started to toss more and more money into the pot. It was like they didn't want to have to cash out. So I made $3500, played until 430am when the crowd really died down and then had a nice rid
  2. Sorry to hear of your loss. Hopefully things will go smoothly with the organizing and the family afterward. I had to handle everything when both my parents died. I was already their tax man so I knew where every piece of important paper was.
  3. I am one of the world's pickiest eaters. That (plus the fact that Justin can mess up making a sandwich) is why I do all the cooking, that way I can control what we eat. As far as I know I've never eaten lamb, it's unlikely they've stuck it in a dish for rijstaffel in Amsterdam and that would be the only way I would have ever gotten any. I'm not sure why I'm so picky. I've always been that way, from childhood on. For example, I hate any meat with bones still in it. Also, can't handle the skin of anything being on it. So for me chicken is boneless, skinless. Steaks have no bones. I do cook
  4. I'm not much of a spiced up food eater but enough cheese would fix anything! I do cook here but it's usually French or Italian. Had a great day here! One more day to go for my two weeks since the 2nd vaccine. Wednesday morning at 3am I'll be heading to the casino to play poker again for the first time since November. I hope I remember how!
  5. I also had some side effects from shot #2. I had like a low grade fever and a slight headache for about 36 hours. Then it all went away. My sister had no effects from her shot #2 but she had Pfizer, I had Moderna. Glad everyone is better now. I've decided that a personal chef is good. Justin and I went to his grandparents Saturday for dinner. They had brought in a chef and consulted with a sommelier to choose the wines for each course. The meal was fantastic, it was like being in a really fancy restaurant and probably didn't cost all that much more. They are still buttering me up I t
  6. Have you tried clicking on STORIES and ADD STORY? lol Seems pretty obvious.
  7. I haven't carried any cash since the pandemic started. So all the beggars are out of luck. When I tell them I don't carry cash they look at me like I'm lying. It's really bad when you're the first car at the light!
  8. Sorry to hear that but hopefully being positive doesn't mean being sick. I'm convinced there's a genetic component that controls who the virus affects in a severe manner. For example, in rural NC where it's full of Drumpyists, there wasn't as much mask wearing and I've had, at last count, one aunt and uncle (86 and 80) who tested positive, had nothing other than the temporary loss of taste and smell. Both had a lot of preexisting conditions. In addition I've had 10 1st and 2nd cousins who have tested positive, none of them even had that much of a problem.
  9. I got the Moderna vaccine and, like a lot of people, I had some effects after the second dose. The first dose I had no effects, not even a sore arm. The second one I had no effects the first day, the next day though I had a slight fever and a small headache. That lasted about 48 hours. Justin had the J&J vaccine, one dose, with no side effects. 6 more days for me and I'll be at maximum effectiveness! Then I'm going to the casino to play poker! Today is my big 70th birthday. Justin is making a big deal about the birthday, not the actual year. I've always said I'm no older tha
  10. My 3 boys with Tony will get the first dose Pfizer vaccine on Apr 14. They are 18, 17, 15 but he'll be 16 by then. Somehow their doctor got the vaccine. Under 18 can only get Pfizer at this time. I suspect Tony had something to do with the quickness of this. In MD anyone over 16 can preregister now.
  11. Not so good today in my grocery store trip. They only had 9 of the cheap $1 hollow bunnies. Those are perfect size, like eating a Hershey bar. Now, do I go to the bigger store tomorrow and see if they have any? Or do I just pout at the lack of excess stock? At least they were 25 cents each.
  12. Happy Birthday @mollyhousemouse and @Reader1810. Also happy "Day Before The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies Go On Sale For 75% Off" to everyone! Last year was a bad year, only found 11 of the cheap $1 ones for 25 cents each. The year before had 44 of them, they lasted me until the end of the summer!
  13. Nothing much here. Waiting for my boyfriend to get ready so we can go visit the wedding planner. I would have thought we had plenty of time but evidently having a September wedding is cutting it close. How about you?
  14. I was under the impression during the Drumpy time that the USA was far behind other countries in vaccinations. Is it possible we're doing okay now? I live in MD, they are saying for everyone 16 and older to preregister and that by mid April they will start vaccinating everyone over the age of 16 who wants it.
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