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  1. A quick trip report. Umm, sorry it turned out to be a LONG trip report! Left Friday at 3am, it's 300 miles, so about 4.3 hours the way I drive. Can't go as fast as I'd like in the middle of the night because you're pretty much alone on the interstate and in Virginia if you're caught going over 80mph they can take on a reckless driving charge in addition to the speeding ticket. Speed limit is 70. Got to my 88 year old aunt's house around 730am, I hadn't seen here in 2 years. She's like my surrogate mother, when I was born she was 18 and came to DC and watched me for a year so my mother could get back to work. I've always felt closer to her than anyone and when I'm not with Justin I stay at her house. Since Justin was with me we stayed at a hotel in Greenville (NC, not SC). Mask wearing is about at the 50% level it appeared. More women than men wearing them. The rural areas around the city are hotbeds of infection, even Greenville itself is bad. In the past month two of my aunt's friends have tested positive, no serious effects but one of them was sick for about 4 weeks at home. All older, all fully vaccinated. I went to meet my cousin Danny on Friday around noon. He's a cousin who is the same age as me, within a couple of months. We had a sexual relationship as teenagers, well, it depends on your definition of sexual and relationship. It was just me blowing him whenever he wanted but I wanted to do it so it was okay. He got married at 19 and we hadn't had a real conversation since his marriage. Spent 4 hours there Friday afternoon and we talked about everything in both our lives. Was really fun, told him we shouldn't wait another 50 years to talk again. Justin and I ate lunch with my aunt, visited with her awhile then back to the hotel. Saturday we ate lunch with my aunt then visited my two surviving uncles. One is in seriously bad condition with Alzheimer's and mesothelioma. In the two years since I've seen him he's gone from a normal 6' 190lb man to maybe 120lbs. Looks almost skeletal. The other uncle lost his wife last year, he looked good but complained about being in solitary confinement in his big empty house. Left around 715pm and once I got past Richmond there was enough traffic to ignore the 70 or 80 speed limit and motor along. I put on the Enigma MCMXC a.D. release and zoned completely out. By the time the album came to the end I had traveled an extraordinary distance. I think I must have teleported. Anyway, I have about 25 first cousins and an uncountable (at least by me) number of second and third cousins. I'm hoping to get someone in NC interested in hosting one more complete family dinner before the last aunts/uncles are gone. Sorry again for the length of this. It just spewed out, I didn't plan it. Oh, one last thing. I was surprised, shocked even. I didn't see ONE Trump sign driving through all those rural areas of NC.
  2. @rickproehl Hope you and your brother are doing good. Also, Justin and I are planning a quick trip to the Land of the Lost aka rural Eastern NC. Where the Civil War loss is still a painful remedy so you can imagine they are: A> Not over the fraudulent election claims. B> Think Covid is a hoax and that's even with family member dying from it. C> Masks are infringement of their right to kill others if they want. That being said the aunt I'm going to visit (she's 88) and the two surviving uncles (both in early 80s) are relatively normal people so none of the silliness with them. The worst part is my cousin Danny, not sure what happened to him but he's actually college educated, was a teacher for his career but still fills Facebook with all the right wing crazy fake news. I'm supposed to meet up with him tomorrow afternoon. Just leaving at 3am, driving there and we'll spend Friday night in a hotel. Visit mostly with my aunt until it's around 9pm Saturday then come back home. Haven't seen any of them since the pandemic started.
  3. I try to sleep on my back but for some reason I can't seem to go to sleep that way. Not from pain or anything like that, I think it's where I'm breathing too good. I sleep on either side, doesn't matter. I'll tell you what I fixate on and it's kind of stupid but I can't seem to break the habit. When I lay on my side I only breathe through the nostril that's facing down. The other one is blocked by gravity closing the airway. There's nothing wrong, I've been tested. The doctor is tired of hearing me talk about it. A lot of times I'll put my hand against the top of my face, that pulls the top back open. Of course I can't go to sleep with my hand tugging on my face either. lol I keep thinking about getting some kind of tape that won't harm my skin and using that to keep things open but I'm exceedingly lazy so haven't gotten to it yet! Oh well, last night was a good night. Woke up to pee at 130am, then not until 530am. Somehow missed the middle bathroom call at 330am!
  4. This is a good idea. What position are you sleeping in? What strength melatonin do you take? I asked my doctor about it, she said that most people take way too large a dose of it, that they should start with the lowest available dose and work their way up. Like @1brokNangel I was told not to take ibuprofen. I'm not sure what I'd do if I ever slept 5 hours in a row.
  5. Unfortunately I have issues with interrupted sleep also. Mine are probably caused by a different thing than you. I have to get up every 2 to 3 hours to urinate. It's an old man type of thing I suppose. I've never been much of a sleeper so I'm not sure how much it bothers me. 4-5 hours is all I need. If I do get tired at all it's in the afternoon around 1pm but that happens seldom. I suppose you've tried the natural sleep aids like melatonin?
  6. I read all the Dune books, even the ones written after Frank died. I enjoyed them all. It is so large though in scope that I can't see how a movie can do it justice, not even one in a couple of parts. I think you'd need something more along the lines of Star Wars with at least one movie for each book in the series. Foundation was one of my favorite series also, I'm curious to see how that comes out. I've even read the Wheel of Time books. I'm sure I'll subscribe to the streaming service when it does come out, then probably unsub once I've finished watching it as much as I want. Might be once, might be more than that. Guess if it's good enough I could record it so when movie 2 appears I can rewatch 1.
  7. It was down in Georgetown. Our standard Friday/Saturday night was head down early and, depending on the ages of the guys involved, either head to a bar or see an early movie after the makeup/hair color. Then it was off to the midnight showing of Rocky Horror at the Key in Georgetown. I've probably seen Rocky Horror 200+ times counting there and the Halloween shows at the University of Maryland. I live within walking distance of the campus. As for movies, the last movie I saw in the theater was ET when it was new. I've never seen a Marvel movie, guess they are good? I don't have the attention span to watch movies, I always feel like there's something better I could be doing after like 20 minutes. Got to tell you about the parking in Georgetown. People would park and leave like maybe 2/3 of a parking place but have a lot of space behind them. So I'd pull in and just gently push them backward until my car fit in the slot. Usually by 2am when we were heading out the others had gone, if not you just pushed cars front and back until you could escape.
  8. My hair mostly ran away. So talking about hair is an alien subject for me! Justin's hair is auburn and even at his advanced age of 26 is very thick and lush. I was going to have him grow it out and cut it to make me a matching toupee but we both decided it wasn't feasible. I used to love to temp color my hair. There was a shop in DC called Commander Salamanders that had weird clothes, makeup, etc. If you let them do your hair how THEY wanted, it was free and usually that's what I did. Glad you like the way it turned out. I can remember my first ever perm, when they were done and I looked at myself I looked like Art Garfunkel. So I shaved it all off!
  9. Hi all. An interesting weekend. Justin and I were married on Sunday. I didn't realize I was going to be so emotional about it. We have been together over 10 years so it's not like the first blush of a new love but seeing him come down the aisle towards me brought a tear to my eye. He and his grandmother were responsible for everything in the wedding with a few exceptions. Mostly things I overruled because it was too over the top even for a gay couple like the 100,000 rose petals. The grandmother (and Justin's mother) both went all out and I understand the reasoning. Justin's older sister eloped so they were cheated out of their big wedding and since Justin was the only remaining grandchild it was all on him to make their dreams come true too. Something about hearing Ode to Joy play right as the officiant finished up the vows, then taking him in my arms as the music built. I'm not sure how the two of us didn't explode with emotion. First dance at the reception was Anne Murray "Could I Have This Dance". It was funny dancing with Justin's dad, I've known him since he was a baby and I gave him a little kiss on the forehead like I always did when he was a baby and younger kid as we slow danced. To be fair I gave Justin's mom a kiss on the cheek. Oh and with Justin's dad? I led! We had all these great plans for a 3 week honeymoon but decided to put it off since I'd rather not be out of the country with all the covid stuff going on. We spent one night at the hotel since the reception didn't end until 3am. Unfortunately my son, his wife and my grandkids couldn't make the wedding since they live in Amsterdam and the travel rules didn't allow them entry. They were able to watch the live stream of it though and my son managed to make a toast at the reception. The technology worked perfectly this time. 142 out of 160 guests that said they were coming were there and 5 of the missing were my family. To be honest I'm a bit emotional about it still. I always wake up first and this morning watching Justin sleep just filled me up inside. Hope everyone is doing great!
  10. Hi there. Sorry to hear the travails you're enduring due to the pandemic. Not sure what part of the world you're from, I'm in the US, near Washington, DC. I'm retired so the pandemic hasn't really affected me financially. Actually they've given out $2600 to everyone so I've gotten more money than I would have. I've about become convinced that all the extra money given out to the unemployed in the US is contributing to the lack of job applicants. Even the fast food places locally are paying $15+/hour and can't find the necessary help. A lot of restaurants haven't reopened because they can't get staffed. In the US people are getting their unemployment but also an extra $300/week. In a lot of cases that's probably more than they were making at their prepandemic jobs. Hope things do ease for you soon!
  11. My sister has some nerve issues in her foot and the doctor told her to use Voltaren. She says that it works. At least there's a generic version at Walgreens that costs about 30% less.
  12. Had an account with BB&T bank with 6 figures in it and closed it back maybe 10 years ago, moved it to SunTrust. Now it turns out BB&T and SunTrust are merged. So I guess I'll leave it there for now since I've had no issues with the account at SunTrust. The problems I had with BB&T were all wire transfers that weren't done in a timely manner, to or from the account.
  13. My father had an accelerated version of this. Vascular dementia. It was caused my small strokes, it started just after the first of the year and he died in 6 months. The symptoms were so close to Alzheimers that they gave him the drugs to see if it would help but it didn't. He went through most of the stages you hear about the Alzheimers patients having, just quickly. Finally he stopped eating and drinking so that was it. What I held on to was that in his mind there really wasn't a yesterday. That today, this moment, that's all he had. In a way it's a blessing compared to other incurable diseases. At least you're not suffering a painful, dragged out existence until the end. I think it's worse on the immediate family. I had my dad move in to my house and hospice was there to provide the support. After he stopped talking I would sit with him and talk but the lack of response was too much to handle so I just did what he liked when his mind was good. Watching television was his thing so I left it to keep him company. I've had relatives on both sides who had/have Alzheimers. Sorry you're having to go through all this, it's incredibly hard. If you need others to talk to that have the same experiences there are usually Alzheimers support groups around. People who are caregivers or family members get together to discuss the current states of their loved ones and sometimes you can get a suggestion or comment that makes things inside you feel slightly better.
  14. It is great when things seem to just flow. Back when the lockdown started and I had no casino (or anything else) to go to I sat at my computer one morning and decided to write. Something. Anything. My fingers started to move, on their own it seemed. I really had no idea what was coming, when I sat down I had no plan and as I typed I was reading it for the first time. I kept on going, it was like I couldn't stop. During the March/April time frame I did 3 stories, over 100k words. It took me longer to go through and do the spell check than it did to write it. Editing isn't really my thing so I didn't. I had Justin read them to see if it made any sense because the only time I read what I wrote was as it was typed out, I didn't read it once I finished it. Haven't written anything since the Ski Trip story that I posted here. My fingers haven't prompted me to open up the word processor.
  15. Thanks for the message Rick. My original thoughts on this have changed. Right now I told my friend that I didn't want to know anything other than if the child lived, still lives and where they live. Those questions have been answered already. It would be nice if he is looking for blood relations, it would make things clearer and certainly require no secrecy. I'll know that before the end of the month, if he's done any DNA test kit like Ancestry or the like. I hadn't really considered my 1976 Charlotte stay until this morning, if he has done this he's likely to have found an unanticipated brother(s) or sister(s). I realize as @MichaelS36 so eloquently put it that I'm basically ignoring this person's right to privacy but I have no idea how to find out what I need to know without disrupting his life. I'd really like to have it out with Patty's parents. Or Patty for that matter but they're all dead and I have yet to find a true medium to do the contact for me. I'll have to wait until I'm back in the universal mind to do that.
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