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  1. haines87

    Road Trip

    You had me all the way till the end of the chapter I really thought that they were really on a road trip. Great job @Wombat Bill and also funny as well
  2. I think Thomas will be fine with Jared dying after he finds out that Jared raped Justin but I don't know if he will be okay with finding out that Jared was cheating with Justin until that trip and the rape
  3. I say professional help would not work on him cause he is a lost cause. In less the author see a light in him that the readers don't see but I doubt it he's too much like his father so he needs to be killed off.
  4. well I knew that was a bad idea since the first time Justin needs to tell Thomas so he can rub it in Jared's face that he is a cheater more than he is cause it only happened once when Thomas was drunk. I don't know if Jared planed the rape before Justin said no more sex I think he might of just wanted to spice it up even more but as soon as Justin said no Jared flipped and instead of using the ties as a device to spice the sex up even more he used them as a weapon. Also Jared needs to take a long walk off a short cliff.
  5. haines87

    Chapter 15

    That was a great chapter. But it seems that it wasn't as long as usual. Or it could of been that it just flowed so good that it just seemed shorter than normal.
  6. Oregon is not the only pacific coast state to have some fierce winter storms Washington does as well mater of fact this winter we lost a back windshield wiper to a big tree branch that fell from a height of about 50-75 feet and its not like the branch was diseased or decayed it was ice and the extreme wind
  7. that's a great way to take someone down a few pegs and a great way to get even
  8. i am sure that any one that was at the towers when they were attacked must suffer from PTSD I know I would.
  9. it doesn't mater at what age you are you never get over losing a loved one I lost my brother when he was 32 and I was 30.
  10. haines87

    Chapter 27

    serves that schmuck right.
  11. haines87

    Chapter 7

    First off Happy New Year! Mark this was another great chapter. and one thing I forgot to say in my last post for last chapter is that when you wrote that Will got drugged it felt like I was the one that was drugged since you described it so vividly. and it seems that you do that every chapter. You make the reader feel like its them that everything is happening to them I love each and every chapter you write except the one were Robbie dies. you are one of my favorite writers on this website. I look forward to every post you make keep up the great writing. I also hope you and everyone in the
  12. haines87

    Chapter 6

    Damn Will is so much like Stef. on another note I am so glad that will knew that he had been slipped special K I am also glad that Connie came over and saved him from being raped. and I knew it was a bad idea for him to use his cc like that with bad people around. Mark, that was another great chapter I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year and have a happy new Year
  13. I seen on the news that they started to distributed the COVID-19 vaccine today so maybe we are near the end of this very bleak tunnel. At least I hope we are near the end. stay safe and healthy my friend.
  14. I am glad you did not put about the bodies being put into the refrigerated trucks I can still see the fork lefts stacking bodies into them.
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