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  1. Allie: It was midnight on the eighteenth of Armstadt. Twenty two hours had elapsed since the death of Raylund Hovis. Allisson Krei sat at one end of an ugly looking conference table, easily three times larger than was comfortable for the steel and concrete storage room in which it sat. Spaced around the table were a quartet of very serious people with very serious frowns. Behind each of them stood a pair of suit clad mobsters apiece, each with a poorly concealed sidearm, and an impressively
  2. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.2

    I agree with much of the above.
  3. Bermuda: Jacqueline Vance took a while to return to consciousness. She could feel beach sand against her face, a touch of warm, tropical rain tapping away at the fabric of her jacket. She tried moving, and groaned. Her limbs ached. She moved anyway, forcing herself upright with the tired endurance of a woman who had spent the last nine months pushing through exhaustion. She tried to blink the grit from her eyes. Her head was foggy. What was she doing out here? She scanned the beach aro
  4. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.1

    Continue being awesome while I write more chapters?
  5. You have his motivation down pat. Nice one.
  6. Rhythminthemind

    Hunt: 8.11

    There's also the fact that she's a Japanese person who remembers Hiroshima.
  7. Rhythminthemind

    Hunt: 8.9

    I think it's best to assume James will have gotten dressed whenever he has that option available.
  8. Rhythminthemind

    Hunt: 8.7

    Nah. James is still in his wind-form.
  9. They didn't see him fight the Whale.
  10. Rhythminthemind

    Tide: 7.4

    In fairness, the supercharging isn't instant. Like. You gotta be there for a couple hours before you start to get that much stronger.
  11. Rhythminthemind

    Care: 6.1

    Bear in mind that the person watching these tapes and writing these transcripts was Casper's mother. She had a vested interest in protecting his privacy as much as she could.
  12. Rhythminthemind

    Care: 6.1

    In this situation, it's consdered standard practice to apply a pseudonym because the case files exist for governmental view. It's their way of balancing children's privacy with a systemic requirement to have oversight on what would otherwise be entirely confidential documents. Standard rules of confidentiality don't really apply.
  13. Rhythminthemind

    Care: 6.2

    "The only reason James won here is my extracting the promise not to use the happy power on him." Accurate.
  14. Rhythminthemind

    Care: 6.1

    James was given a fake name, and so was everyone else he mentioned. Nathaniel is not Casper's real name. Just the pseudonym he was given in the session report afterwards to protect his identity.
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