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  1. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.5

    Charlie would be furious do they have some kind of deprogramming in mind? Couple things. Depends on what is needed.
  2. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.5

    'Go away and leave us alone.' That's certainly been his answer thus far.
  3. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.5

    Hope that someone realizes that the tracker and his group is in trouble and gets there fast or none of them may survive.... I agree. That does seem crucial right now.
  4. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.5

    It sort of escaped to this place, actually. It chose to be here.
  5. Charlie: The boy swam unaided through the patchy gloom of the ocean floor, wending through a forest of seaweed, his way lit by the faint light of nearby fish. He made for the side of the cliff face that ringed the outer edges of the underwater canyon; a thousand foot wall of smooth stone and coral. His companion was restless. The boy knew it. He could feel it through their bond; an empty, hollow sort of agitation. The closest word the boy had for it was loneliness. But that didn’t real
  6. Lewis: “You’ll probably be needed there for a week or two, no more,” said Tsuru Toranaga. “It should be apparent fairly quickly whether your assistance is a help or not. If it isn’t, I’ll return you to Manhattan. If it is, you’ll be well compensated for your time.” Lewis Themps closed his eyes, and sighed. “Promise you won’t be burning this one alive too?” A sharp smile. “I hadn’t planned on it. My grandson is rather fond of him.” “Lucky kid,” Lewis grunted. “And if
  7. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.3

    So excited to get an update Heh. Sorry it's taking me so long. I have a lot going on in my life right now.
  8. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.3

    Honestly, I lowkey agree with most of this. So, yeah. Well said.
  9. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.3

    Who knew the hair Charlie left in the sink would end up as proof Jackie wasn't delusional? Peter needed something that could be proven beyond doubt. And hair can be DNA tested. Charlie sees James as the enemy of his friend. There is no going back there. They're certainly in for an emotional rollercoaster.
  10. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.3

    Interesting I never thought of James as attention whore. Nice friendship scenes between Casper and James. I don't think James really is an attention whore. He just looks like one when you compare him to an introvert like Casper. I have one question for Peter if what happened to Jackie happen to him and what happen to Charlie happened to James would he have given up and say he's dead without finding a body? I bet not "What would it change? She wasn’t going to listen, and pushing any further would just drive her deeper inside her shell. He couldn’t even blame her. He’d been much the same when James was lost. The only difference was that her son had never made it home." Given that this was how Peter reacted the last time he and Jackie had this conversation, I'm pretty sure he's taken your point on board.
  11. James: “I still don’t really know what happened,” Jackie muttered, her words coming out calmer, now, slower; hands wrapped tight around a mug of instant coffee. “Whatever it was, it got inside my head. Made the memories harder for me to get to. Every time I try, it’s like I’m pulling teeth.” They’d moved into the sitting room upon Peter’s rushed arrival home; himself and, to a lesser extent, Casper, helping to ease Jackie back into a state where she could talk. She gave James a look ov
  12. Allie: It was midnight on the eighteenth of Armstadt. Twenty two hours had elapsed since the death of Raylund Hovis. Allisson Krei sat at one end of an ugly looking conference table, easily three times larger than was comfortable for the steel and concrete storage room in which it sat. Spaced around the table were a quartet of very serious people with very serious frowns. Behind each of them stood a pair of suit clad mobsters apiece, each with a poorly concealed sidearm, and an impressively
  13. Rhythminthemind

    Need: 9.2

    I agree with much of the above.
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