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  1. Can he fly high enough? Almost definitely, considering that he could likely reach space were he so inclined. As for Tasha, she's fifteen. Heh. I like James' little internal boob dilemma. Apparently, this was when readers and stuff first started figuring out he was gay.
  2. James: The boy shot through the nighttime air like… well, like nothing he could conveniently reference. The feeling of it was odd, to say the least. He could tell by the way the lights moved below him that he was moving fast, but beyond that, he had no way of gauging his own speed. It normally took his mother a little over half an hour to deliver him to his school in the morning traffic. In flight, however, he guessed the journey took around two minutes, perhaps longer given the sheer exhilaration of it. Time passed faster when you were having fun, after all. He came to a stop above
  3. Wow. Tasha with Mjolnir. Scary thought.
  4. You click on the messages icon (the one shaped like an unopened letter) at the top right hand corner of the page when you are logged in. From there, you click on "compose new" and you write my screen name, 'Rhythminthemind' into the address box. Like an email.
  5. Thanks, Will. I'm perfectly happy for you to continue making suggestions. However, you should probably be made aware that your suggestions will not always be followed. Understand that this story has been in publication for four years, and that I have been working with editors for most of that time. I am by no means going to get offended by grammatical suggestions. That being said, I want to make a note here. The things you are pointing to are all technically true. They note small speech inconsistencies or points of awkwardness. You should be made aware, though, that many of these are
  6. That certainly could be a thing, yeah.
  7. "Since when does politics make sense?" Hah! 😆
  8. James: “Wait, so if she’s gonna be Queen of Mars, then why does she need the Silent Knight to die for her? Can’t she just order Lord Commander Hadran to step off?” “Yeah, but if she did that, then we wouldn’t get to see this cool robot fight.” James gestured towards the television, where two animated metal figures were indeed dueling fiercely with one another. “But the fight makes no sense. If the war’s over, then these guys are on the same side now, aren’t they?” “… I think you’re putting way too much thought into this, Casper.” “Hey, you said this show had politics.
  9. Heh. Calm. Tasha: I got shot in the leg. *Sips chamomile.*
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