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  1. Bermuda: Peter’s teleport brought him into being a dozen or so yards from the cabin’s entrance. It wasn’t a big thing; just a four walled, prefab box placed on the micro-island years ago to house the equipment and solar cells they used to monitor the bridge-scar the whale had left behind when it fled. It had never been intended for long-term habitation. Peter sighed, then hitched his rucksack a little higher on his back. He already knew she wouldn’t be talked down, but he owed it to her to keep on trying. He trudged the short distance through the pristine sand, and knocked on the cab
  2. Rhythminthemind

    Hunt: 8.11

    "In your estimation how far is the story along 50%? 75%?" 25%
  3. James: The two boys walked the earthen pathway back to town in relative quiet; both half-marvelling at the newfound stillness of their environment. The patter of the rain had become such a constant that James had almost tuned it out. Now that it was gone, its absence almost rang in his ears. It was nice, a break in the clouds allowing the last thin shafts of early evening sunlight to splay across the canopy, picking out the rich greens and browns of the reserve in a gentle orange. James liked the smell; rich earth and freshness. “So,” Cody asked as they crested a small hill. “Wh
  4. Rhythminthemind

    Hunt: 8.10

    Accurate! 🙂
  5. Cody: Cody would have struggled to express what was going through his head as he rinsed out his mother’s old camping thermos and started hunting for the cocoa mix. He hadn’t been able to sit still for even one moment of the last six hours. It was all an adrenaline heavy blur. Sprinting through the rain to find Finch, his heart going a mile a minute in his chest. The expression on the older man’s face as he’d explained. The sinking feeling in his gut as the agent’s look went from bemusement, to worry, to simple military intensity. Finch had gone into problem solving mode; fabric
  6. Rhythminthemind

    Hunt: 8.9

    He'll turn up soonish. He's busy doin' his job.
  7. James: James made landfall at the mouth of the sunken cave, the stick his grandmother had given him clutched in an ever so slightly trembling hand. This was a dumb idea. Just a really, really, really dumb idea. He took a deep breath, held it in his lungs for a moment, then let it out. Just treat it like a person. Easy. Do it. “Um. Hello?” He called, his voice somewhat muted by the downpour. “Are you in there? I’m sorry for blasting you, even though you totally deserved it.” No response. Right. Maybe it wasn’t home? James shook the idea from his head. He’
  8. James: James knelt on the ground, fully dressed once more, debating whether or not to bother with his one remaining shoe. What to do now? The spirit was still hunting him. He could feel it nearby, moving through the underbrush, surprisingly stealthy, given it’s bulk. He’d glimpsed it once, about half an hour ago, its oaken hide shifting against the backdrop, growing a patina of moss and loose bark, matching its environment like a chameleon; near invisible. He’d given up on tracking it by eye after that, instead setting loose tendrils of his power to float about himself,
  9. In the Reserve: The creatures were small; some of the scuttling rodents that seemed ever present in the underbrush of the forest, not driven out by the perpetual rain as some had been. Far from it, in fact. These ones seemed to thrive. The Guardian watched with interest. They were stout little things, their tails replaced by a broad, thick flipper that they used to navigate the now abundant water. It was a whole family of them, the Guardian noted, working in concert, some dragging short logs towards a tiny island in a freshly flooded pond, while others collected stones for the founda
  10. Cody: By the time they arrived at the far shore of Rockford lake, both James and Cody were breathing heavily. It had turned out that, in spite of being a magically superpowered monster-detective, James really wasn’t much of a runner. Maybe it was just that his legs were shorter. Cody had wound up half-dragging the other boy most of the way through the woods. The boys hit the edge of the forest at a sprint, breaking the treeline with their heels digging in the ground, stopping just short of falling face first in the lake. “What the fuck was that thing?” Cody asked, his breathing
  11. Rhythminthemind

    Hunt: 8.5

    I mean, married people go on dates, so, yes, I think.
  12. Rhythminthemind

    Hunt: 8.5

    Four years of writing experience will do that to you. I was pretty fresh as a writer when I started out on Touch.
  13. James: James did have to admit, albeit grudgingly, that Finch was a decent chaperone. The older man had thus far hung back from the younger two by a few dozen feet as Cody led them through the woods; holding to that sweet spot that was just far enough away for their conversation to be muffled by the rain, while still remaining close enough to communicate with relative ease. “You’ve really never been on a date before?” James asked. Cody shook his head. “There’s no-one around to do it with. I’m kinda surprised you have.” James shrugged. “Only kinda,” he murmured. “
  14. James: All in all, Cody took the knowledge of there being monsters in the world relatively well. That didn’t mean the silence that resulted wasn’t awkward. James tried to give him some time to get used to the idea, pulling out his phone and dialing Finch’s number. Two rings. Three rings- “Hi, James,” Finch murmured. “What’s up?” “I caught the lake thing,” he said. “I’m putting it somewhere safe while I figure out what to do with it. Figured you’d wanna know.” A brief hesitation on Finch’s side of the line, then: “Were you seen?” “No, no,” James half-lied, his
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