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  1. rj777

    Chapter 34

    Comsie. At the end of the chapter I saw two ways you might go. Delete or print. So glad with your choice. Excellent chapter. Bests always!!
  2. Comsie, you have created your own form of immortality, as we all do in our own unique way. Yours, only from my perspective of what I know of you, by having impacted so many of us readers for a long time now. For many years to come and long after you are gone (hopefully a long time coming) you will live on through the many diverse works that you have so generously shared with us for so many years. In your personal life, by the things that you have done there as well. Certainly in our time you are loved by many as I am equally sure that long after we are gone that you will still live on in the hearts of others in the future. You certainly have attained your own level of immortality! IMO ūüėČ
  3. rj777

    Chapter 35

    Comsie I agree with Shadow, you leave us hanging and screaming for more!! I think that Wesley has a powerful special strength/ability that has not surfaced yet and will completely surprise Cyrus and the pack totally catching them off guard. I have got to believe that Wesley is so devoted to saving Isaac that his rage at the pack will trigger his special ability and only Comsie knows next where he wants to take us.
  4. rj777

    Chapter 33

    Comsie. As much as I love GFD my favorite is Savage Moon. I chose my profile pic because of it. I really liked this chapter a lot. I don't know how you can write so many stories at the same time and keep it all straight in your head. Comsie, you ARE an amazing writer and I am glad to escape into the world of so many of your stories. So... I will boldly ask that when you are in the creative mind set to write another chapter of Savage Moon, stop make another pot of coffee and write a couple more chapters and set them aside and every month throw us readers a bone and post another chapter I know that we would all be in favor of that.
  5. Hi Dave. I agree that there are a lot of options for protecting Comsies data. I don't know what kind of set up he has been using, but I know that this is not the first time he has had computer issues. I know that if I were a writer, I would have more than one PC and probably back up everything to the Cloud and regardless of what city I am in at the moment, my creative data is always safe. I don't know that Comsie needs nor wants 5k. I was suggesting that a guy with his talent should not be dealing with these kind of issues. I know that he said he spent money he was planning to use to go back to Chicago and now had to be used to save his data. I used the 5k number to show that just a handful of us fans could help him out. Even if it were only 2 dozen of us I am sure it would help Comsie out. I hope that Comsie has the cash app on his phone or if not it is simple to download. Its really easy to send money now a days. Dave, being a native St. Louisan like yourself, I feel like Comsie being raised a couple hundred miles from us on the outskirts of Chicago is almost like family and how could you not love a guy that can write like he can.
  6. Hi Comsie, you should not have to be going through this again. I hate to see you being frustrated and wasting your time and talent on PC issues. I don't know how much a good backup laptop would cost for you for your specific needs, but I would be happy to kick in $50 and I am sure that there have to be at least 100 of us loyal fans that could do the same. I bet that Myr would configure a good set up for you if we all ask him nicely. So lets see If we can get a commitment from 100 of us Fans and support Comsies incredible stories and raise him $5000.
  7. Grabbed my attention and interest right off. Excellent video!!!
  8. Happy Birthday!

    1. rj777


      Thanks Dave. I can't believe you noticed that. I had to make 8k by July 1 to make my June bills. I worked a lot of extra days in June and I worked my b/d  till 4am on July 1. I beat my goal by $600. But, now I am taking some time to enjoy my big 50 and I am not going to work again until the 8th. I used to think that 50 was a nearly dead, but now that I am here I am like still ready to conquer the world ~ Chapter 2!    LOL

      Thanks for your thoughts Sunday.
      Raymond James
      STL MO USA

  9. There is a time and place for that straight or gay. We have all heard someone say " hey guys get a room"!!
  10. rj777

    Chapter 49

    Wow, didn't see that one coming. Bringing Richie's spirit into the mix is quite the changeup. Justin needs an ally and someone he can trust. I cant wait to see where you are going with this Comsie. LOVED the chapter!
  11. rj777

    Hey, I have to tell you that I appreciated your video.  I am not the most tech savvy and  struggle sometimes, most of the time lol to find my way around. Thanks! rj   Raymond James STL MO USA


  12. Really enjoyed this chapter Com!
  13. rj777

    Switched On

    Really enjoyed this story. When I was in 6th grade I couldn't take my eyes off of a classmate named Robin. Blonde hair blue eyes crazy cute, I was mesmerized and had a huge crush on her. Turned out Robin was a boy. I did the same things you wrote about Jayce doing and ended up being good friends with Robin hanging out and having sleepovers. At 11 yrs old I just knew what I was attracted to and it didn't matter that it turned out to be a boy.
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