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  1. Dathi

    Chapter 7

    Were I Mahmoud, I would be sending the boss the following; " F U I quit. M. " Being part of the team that found the tomb of Alexandros would almost guarantee tenure in any University with an Antiquities department. Thoroughly fascinating tale absolutely well done, thankfully you are skipping over the tedious bits, the incessescent clearing of sand and rubble that is required just to get t o the good bits.
  2. Good start, I am now intrigued as to where you are going to take this tale. Thank you for sharing and very well done.
  3. Dathi

    Chapter 8

    I am hoping that Dani is able to bring a good dose of "sunshine" into these peoples lives and change them forever. Thank you for sharing this somewhat dour tale, very well done.
  4. While I am ecstatic that you are providing a sequel to Sidewinder, for me it is Tuesdays that now have me excited, mostly because by the time you issue; we here have already advanced into the next day. Having midwived horses before I can tell you that it is a very messy and stressful event but seriously rewarding. Well done and thank you for sharing this tale.
  5. Dathi


    A more fitting end I would have difficulty imagining, I was so very pleased with Mallex's demise. Very well done and thank you for sharing your story.
  6. Dathi

    Chapter 18

    Mongrels that prey on children and the mentally challenged have no place among the living. I do hope dear Author that these ones are going to arrive at a sticky end. In all other respects an awesome tale that is very well written.
  7. Dathi


    A little often is better than the barren looking alternative, counting pebbles on the driveway or blades of grass in the fields. Lots of both here.
  8. Dathi

    Chapter 34

    I was almost ready to book an optometrist and a psychiatrist, much relief to realise that it is just "Murphy" having a lend.
  9. Dathi

    At Last

    Goths are cool and do not change your style for anyone except yourself. Awesome main characters so far well done and thank you for sharing your tale.
  10. Dathi

    Lost One

    Excellent chapter I am enjoying this tale very much. Thank you for sharing and very well done. Please continue to write as you have an interesting style that is very refreshing. Well done.
  11. Dathi

    Chapter 1

    I knew there would not be too long of a delay, low and behold, awsesomeness and bliss! A very interesting premise and I am excited to see how this tale unfolds. Thank you for sharing this tale and well done.
  12. Dathi

    Chapter 13

    An awesome tale thank you. It is far too short for my liking but I understand that a piece of art has a limit. Well done and I have enjoyed reading this tale.
  13. Dathi

    The Big Move

    As a PERN fan I have enjoyed your short stories and this is looking like being a longer tale I am eager to see where you take it. My only concern is that the estate of Anne Mccaffrey may be unhappy with your writting about PERN. Me, I am all for it very well done so far and I am hoping to see much more. Thank you very much for sharing.
  14. Dathi

    Chapter 14

    Aye give him the old black spot, sort the mongrel out perminantly.
  15. Dathi

    Chapter 14

    What a shame, I was hoping to see a Yard Arm decoration appear beyond the twelve mile mark. Thank you for sharing thsi heart-warming saga.
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