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  1. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 1

    Thanks Gary. Apparently, stories on GA must not contain more than 50% sex...I guess, what that means is that one bowl of ice cream might not suffice for the rest of my work 🤣 I'll send you a dm re how to find me elsewhere
  2. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 6

    🤣 Thanks for writing a review - I appreciate it
  3. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 11

    I'm so happy that you enjoyed it. Thanks for your comments.
  4. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 1

    Thank you!
  5. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 1

    Thanks, Paul. I'll send me a message re how to find my other work.
  6. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 11

    Thanks for your words of encouragement, Doha. This was the third story I wrote. The first two are not posted on GA. I’ve written another, which I’ll start posting here in a little while.
  7. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 11

    Thank you, KayDee
  8. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 11

    Thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed it
  9. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 11

    Believe me, if there’s room for error, I’ll find it. 😜
  10. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 11

    Thank you, I appreciated your comments the whole way through
  11. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 11

    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it
  12. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 11

    Thanks. Phew, where would I be without you? 🤣 The story is complete - I've changed the status now
  13. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 11

    West stays home all day, after I tell him I love him. He calls work to say he won’t be in. He doesn’t give them a reason. We go back to bed and we stay there for a very, very long time. When we are finally spent, when we just can’t anymore, we lie together, a tangled mess of arms and legs. “So,” I say, when I finally remember how we got onto all of this, “A baby with Ash, huh? He sighs deeply, not moving his hand from my chest, or his eyes from mine. “Don’t freak out, okay? We’re just
  14. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 10

    Again, true. I feel that no matter how bright or self-assured you are, you become incredibly dense when you love someone and don’t know how they feel about you. The stronger your feelings, the dumber you get 🤣
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