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  1. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 9

    Hahahaaaaa! I love this so much 🤣
  2. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 9

    I LOVED writing the paragraph where Sarah lost her shit. I tell you, I was smashing the keys 🤣 "Can you even imagine painting someone over and over… ?" Hmmm, as a matter of fact, I can. I really, really can. I knew a beautiful boy once, with a scar on his face...but that's a story for another day.
  3. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 9

    Funnily enough, before I even read your last line, I had a flash of the painting I'd do of you... strange, as I obviously have no clue what you look like, but I imagined you biting into an apple. Not a dainty, hesitant bite, a hard bite. A big bite. The bite of a person who knows exactly how to take a bite out of life 😉
  4. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 9

    West's perspective was harder for me to write, as I identify more with Andy's character, so I get what you are saying. I wanted to give them both a different voice, which I hope I've managed.
  5. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 9

    I’m in the studio, when West arrives. He lets himself in and comes to find me. I hear his feet on the wooden floor and feel a twist of excitement as he draws near. Every day, this is my routine. Anguish and pain when he’s away and pure ecstasy when he’s back in my orbit. “Hey, you.” He says, dropping his bag down in the doorway. He enters the studio and looks around slowly. It’s a big, airy space. Truly, it’s a dream space for an artist to work in. One wall is lined with shelves which house my canvas, brushes, paint and other supplies. Another has a bank of floor to ceiling window
  6. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 8

    I wake the next morning, to an empty bed. I reach over to his side and feel that it’s still a little warm. I get up quicky and pad to the kitchen. I find him there. His hair is wet, and he’s dressed for work. As much as I love him in jeans and a t-shirt, I’ve got a particular weakness for him in a suit. This one is dark blue. The jacket hangs open and the fabric is tailored to his body. God, he wears it well. “I’m making you a bagel,” he says, “You should have stayed in bed, I was going to bring it to you.” I break into a smile. I catch myself quickly, as I feel the smile thr
  7. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 7

    Heeee he he he! I love this 😂 And, yes, you may ☺️
  8. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 7

    Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it
  9. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 7

    Thank you! Requited might take a turn for the better a little sooner than you think 😉
  10. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 7

    So true, and beautifully put
  11. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 7

    It’s been a few weeks since things started happening between us. More than a month, maybe. We’ve fallen into an easy routine of seeing each other almost every day. When he comes over, he brings a duffle bag and sleeps over. He doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. Maybe it isn’t to him, but it is to me. Everything about him is a big deal to me. Things between us are a little strange. On the one hand, we can’t stay away from each other. We are out of control and both of us are next level horny for each other. Some nights, he barely makes it in through the door. Often, we land up in a hea
  12. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 6

    Thanks - lots more to come
  13. Jesse_H_Reign

    Chapter 6

    Thanks for reading
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