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  1. I was pleased to read a story that had up/downs all the way through. Some stories are bad until just before the end when everything comes together. Either that or so wonderful all the way through you know they are just fiction. Thank you for letting us read your work.
  2. bedseller

    Chapter 11

    I agree a friend can last for a lot longer than a boyfriend, so I can understand why he was worried. Dylan's world has certainly had some ups and downs. It is good that it ended on a high. Thank you.
  3. I didn't read that chapter 45 was the final part of this story till after I went AHHH this would be a good point to end things for a while. Then it all slid into place as Mark's writing always does. So a big Thank You for Flux and can August 8th please hurry up and get here so I can see where we are being taken in the next part of the CAP saga.
  4. It must have been hell knowing that the last time you spoke it did not go well. Thinking that you were the reason why the calls were not returned. When the real reason came out, it must have made things easier (but only a tiny bit). Then, the heart stopping thought that now there was no chance to make things right between you. I'm so glad I never had to go through that. I would like to read An English Teen but prefer to read finished stories. Any idea how long this one has to run ?
  5. bedseller

    Grab Bag!

    Glad to hear that the 2 series are going to continue. Many thanks for sharing them. If real life gets in the way please take a break and then come back to us, rather than let it get too much and stop altogether.
  6. This story has hooked another reader. All the scenes come over as so real that I cant wait for the next chapter. Is it all written and you are just teasing us with a slow posting or dont even you know yet how the story will end up ? Either way please keep posting Steve
  7. Hi Google earth is worth installing for other stories beside this one. I read lots of stories that are set in towns and cities that I have never been to so I find it it really brings the story alive if I can see pictures of the places mentioned. Steve
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