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  1. Nicolo and I stood inside the gaming section of the electronics store, looking around nonplussed at what were were searching for. This was one area we were both absolutely useless in. We had just taken in an eleven year old foster boy in late March by the name of Bryce Easton Everard, and his first birthday with us was coming up on May 25th. Two weeks away. When we’d moved him in, we’d had his room decorated in colors he’d liked, and we’d gone out and gotten some nice, but not overly expen
  2. Late to the party


    Awwww thanks! (Sorry I missed this before, haven’t checked in on the story in a bit.)
  3. If there’s one thing I am above everything else I do or are interested in, I would have to admit, not ashamedly, that I am a speedo whore in a way women are for shoes. Seriously, I have an obsession with the things. I really do like to swim, even though I do so now less than I used to. I’m planning to bring up building a pool in our backyard to Nicolo. We’ve got the space for it, as we don’t live terribly close to town we were able to afford a good sized plot of land and house, it could even be
  4. Thanks! (Did you intend to comment on the TOC though? 🤔)
  5. The car was parked forthwith, and the three of us all bundled ourselves in our luggage, entering the manor without delay. None of us wished to linger in the cold. Despite the intimidation factor from the sheer size of the manor, the foyer was decorated classically but not ostentatiously. Area rugs over the tile floor, small pedestals with various pieces of art, and wall hangings all spoke of culture, but managed to avoid the image of excess. Nicolo took the lead, heading up the large half
  6. Oh no, thank you! I'm glad to hear people like it.
  7. Hmmmm I may need to do a minor edit! From chapter four: "‘B-rice,’ my hands spoke for me, ‘when I was thirteen " and "That was twenty years ago." From this chapter: "Being 26 and only looking 15 wasn’t normal. " The first part before the ** is 'present' whereas the block after is Alex 'telling' the story of meeting Nicolo's family for the first time, as Bryce requested.
  8. I entered the house, stepping aside to let Bryce move past, before shutting the door with my foot. Bryce led the way from the garage to the kitchen, and we both deposited our bags on the counter. I tapped his shoulder, signing ‘mail’ at him, and he went out the front door to get it. I pulled everything out of the grocery bags so we could pack it all away; Bryce returned before I finished. He helped me sort and put it all away, except what I was going to cook tonight; I had planned for tacos. Di
  9. That’s a planned subject for a future chapter. 😉
  10. Late to the party


    Awwwwww thanks! *blush*
  11. Late to the party


    I wasn’t happy. Despite it being a weekend, Bryce should not be awake, so what gives? I stood in the living room watching him out there, and wondered if the problem was me. Would he have said anything last night if Nicolo had been the one to wake up? It’s not easy for me to communicate at the best of times, and not for the first time in the last year, I wondered if I’d really made the right choice when it was presented to me. As much as I love him, I wonder if I’m able to be as good a father for
  12. Nuh-uh-uh I’m not spoiling the story! 😉
  13. Late to the party


    The kitchen was framed by music just loud enough to hear as counterpoint to the arrhythmic sounds of food. Bacon sizzling, fridge compressor running, pancakes flipping, and the dial on the toaster oven ticking down. I happily danced to the beat of the music as I cooked, hoping that the smell of bacon would produce results. Nicolo was always a heavy sleeper, and though alarms did work, I didn’t want to jar him awake. Little Bryce almost never slept past 6am, even on weekends, though I figu
  14. Late to the party


    Are you sure? 🤔
  15. Late to the party


    His age is almost explicitly stated in the next chapter 😉
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