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  1. Jjeffalch

    Chapter 17

    He really is an idiot.
  2. Jjeffalch

    Chapter 46

    I couldn't agree more...though I have to say they probably deserve each other. I am a bit worried about where Aiden will end up in all this.
  3. Jake might be confused, but his utter self-absorption here is more than troubling, it is just disgusting. He should be doing everything he possibly could to make his betrayal a little bit easier on Cody, but what does he do instead? PURE SELF-gratification although just before trying to force himself on Cody, he was saying to himself he shouldn't even be in the same bed with him. Can anyone justify his cheating first on Cody and then on Ethen ( for that is exactly what he did) in less than 24 hours?!!!!????
  4. I really feel for poor Jack--first Shaun decides to make his situation untenable, although he knows how Jack feels about Joey; then Joey gets all crazily jealous over Jack, although he knows how Jack feels about Joey; and now Roman starts to mess with Jack's head, although he too knows how Jack feels about Joey. Is it only meet, or does this whole thing seem like an inevitable tragedy waiting to happen? As if poor Jack hasn't already had enough tragedy in his young life!! It does make for some riveting storytelling, though, James. Bravo!
  5. Jjeffalch

    Chapter 8

    Sorry but Chapter 7 seems to be missing...a shame, as it is probably the one where the boys first get to Purity ..could you please deport it?
  6. I am really glad you're back. I had so enjoyed the earlier chapters, and now the plot thickens. I can wait for future chapters. It's a great tale, with wonderful lead characters, and a nice touch if suspense and danger.
  7. A wonderful, lighthearted tale, with engrossing characters who grow on you so quickly that you get wrapped in their doings and emotions before you realize it. I looked forward to every new chapter, and now I'll be at a loss. Really well done!
  8. Jjeffalch

    Chapter 9

    I guess it's beyond doubt that Mark will take Mickey back. I agree with all who have said that Mickey has a lot of growing up to do and I'd wish he did that first, before Mark gets back with him. I found it really telling what Sean told Mark--that he had the impression that Mickey had the wrong idea about what was going in between them and turned cold on him when Sean cleared that up. Mickey did just go with Sean for a new experience or a hot romp, he wanted a relationship--why else would he "turn cold" when Sean told him it was only a hookup for sex?He wanted more! And for me that means he set out deliberately to betray Mark and to replace him with Sean and would have done so, if Sean hadn't rejected him. Maybe he's learned his lesson but nothing in what he told Mark indicates that to me. Self-centered is the best I can say about him. I feel really sorry that Mark's love is blinding him to what Mickey has really done.
  9. Jjeffalch

    Chapter 8

    Seems like Mickey came looking for Mark after a week ONLY because Sean dumped him, as we all knew he would. I could have understood Mickey hooking up with Seam once, out of curiosity or out of giving in to the flattery of a smooth player. But to utterly ignore Mark for a whole week is inexcusable. It’s great that Mark loves him enough to forgive him, but I really hope he forces Mickey to confront just how abominable his behavior has been, and to make him realize that he has to rebuild the trust that he so callously and selfishly destroyed.
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