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  1. That was it. This was the day he was finally leaving. His body wouldn’t stop aching, and his heartbeat wouldn’t slow down. His hands were all sweaty. There was nothing he could do to stop it. “Be careful, okay? And eat well, even if it is wartime, it is important. I will send you food packages every week. Stay warm, otherwise, you will catch a cold. And write at least once a week, because if you do not, it will—” “Margaret, please calm down.” “Yes, Arthur will be there to look aft
  2. January 1941 After making his firm decision to go to war, Karl leaves for the Northolt RAF station in Greater London. This will be the beginning of a new adventure for him, in which he will meet new people, create new bonds, and try to learn more about who he really is. Through adversity, he will have to endure, hold on, always endure…
  3. @raven1Thank you so much for the nice review and recommendation ❤️
  4. @Philippe Richard? You mean Arthur? Yes, of course, there is a second book coming I should start publishing it soon enough
  5. Today was a special day. What they called “Christmas”, and he believed it was the equivalent of their Danish Jul. Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins had accepted his decision to go to war. But they had agreed with him that he wouldn’t leave until New Year’s Day was over. It was their only condition and he had no problem with it. He could still wait for a few more days. He was aware he didn’t know when he would see them again. They were all gathered in the dining room for a nice meal. George hadn’t l
  6. Yeah, that's what I thought
  7. Well about the number 275, I completely chose it at random😅 But it will be much easier for him if he receives Danish help
  8. Paul went to see George at the university. His parents had told him about Carl’s desire to join the war. He wouldn’t listen to anyone. Never had he thought he’d be so stubborn. He was mad. No one willingly went to war. George was the only one who could talk him out of this stupid decision. He couldn’t fail anyway. As soon as he laid eyes on him, he dragged him with him to a spot where they could have a private conversation. “What is it now?!” Paul definitely wasn’t in the mood to
  9. Soon the snow was all over the place, covering everything with its beautiful white mantle. At least it concealed all the damage that had been caused, even though it didn’t enable anyone to forget. They were still staying at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins’s parents. They had been lucky that none of them had been hurt or killed, and that the house was still intact. But overnight, it could be destroyed. Karl wouldn’t let his illusions comfort him. He didn’t want to believe in anything
  10. More time passed and Karl felt something had been changing lately. But for the better. His hormones weren’t getting the best of him any longer, although he still enjoyed whenever he took the lead during the sex act. Nothing had changed about their sexual routine ever since that first time. He relished in the warmth George brought to him, cherished these rare moments of peace they could share together. “You’re thinking about them?” They were lying in bed side to side as the sun h
  11. They spent the whole night underground. The day was just dawning as they made their way back to the Hopkins’s house silently. Karl saw all the damage the bombs had caused that night. He still thought they would end up destroying the whole city and killing everyone if they kept bombarding it every night. At least they had stopped bombarding during the day, so maybe he shouldn’t be complaining too much. If they had kept bombarding day and night, it would have been twice as worse than that. Hi
  12. @scrubber6620 Yeah, I realised I should have described the evolution of their relationship.. I'll have to edit this
  13. A few days passed and their relationship kept going. Karl’s sexual urges were satisfied and George hadn’t tried to hurt himself again since the last time in Brighton; so why put an end to something that benefited both of them and worked so well? “You know, as a way to apologise for my attitude towards Emma, I suggest we go to the cinema. I thought it’d be a nice idea in these troubled times," George said one day as they were lying into bed. Karl observed his face carefully. Where did h
  14. One evening, Karl and George went to the pub. It had been a long while since the last time they had gone there. Paul wasn’t with them because he was too busy working. Emma looked so happy to see them. She had a big smile plastered on her face as they approached the counter. He had missed her warm smile. “Carl! George! It’s been a while! Welcome back! What would you like to drink? It’s all on me.” “Some booze, if you still have some left.” “I’m afraid not…things have been so c
  15. Karl could finally go back home after a few weeks of a long recovery. It had felt weird not to see the doctor around any longer after the hospital had been bombed that night. Even if he had only seen him two or three times, it had been enough for him to take a liking to the man, and he would have preferred it could’ve still been him to help him in his recovery. He couldn’t get over the fact he had been there near him not long before he died. He had been unable to do anything. He had only be
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