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  1. Once Paul and the young boy were gone, the woman turned to her husband. “Poor boy… I can’t imagine what he must have gone through…." the woman said with a sad expression plastered on her face. Her husband only looked at her with silent eyes, seemingly too thoughtful to say anything at the moment. She really wondered what could have happened to him; how such a young boy could have ended up becoming homeless in a country that was not his. This mere thought made her heart clench pain
  2. Obviously, he wasn’t outside anymore. He was met with the sight of a creamy ceiling adorned with yellow stripes. He began panicking for some unknown reason. He swiftly sat up and his eyes fell upon a rather large window which was right at the centre of a wooden wall. There were long white curtains that were drawn and which weren’t opaque at all, letting in all of the bright morning sunlight, and other ones that were tied to each side of the window. They were white as well, but unlike the fi
  3. Soon enough, they arrived in Hull's harbour. Before they even dropped anchor, Karl was already ready to leave the boat. He got off of it rather quickly, eager to finally get back onto dry land, so much so that he even forgot to thank the man that had taken him there. It felt somehow weird for him to set foot on a land that wasn’t his, but it was intriguing at the same time. Artur got off the boat shortly after he did, and went to stand beside him. “It may not look as nice as Denma
  4. The night soon began to fall. Ever since they had started sailing away, Karl had been leaning on the railing of the boat, staring at the horizon with a pensive look plastered on his face. There were some other men besides himself and the man who had talked to his father, but they were on the other side of the boat, chatting, and they would even laugh from time to time. They were probably telling funny stories. At some point, the man approached him and went to stand next to him, on his
  5. Thank you dear ❤️ Well, I didn't want to start with a dull and long description. I preferred to get straight into action and I hope you'll be satisfied with Karl's character development and the rest of the story as well 😊 Have a good day and take care
  6. @drsawzallThank you so much for your comment ❤️ Any comment means so much to me. I'm glad that you enjoy the beginning of this story and I really hope you'll like what's coming next as much as I do! Have a good day and take care
  7. "If you are going through hell, keep going.” ― Winston Churchill ~ April 1940 “This time, I’m gonna do it.” Karl had a fierce determination in his eyes as he said that, the tone in his voice matching it perfectly. He came closer to the thing that had been his arch enemy for so long. “This time I’m gonna empty the manure pit without running away after less than one minute spent in it.” He had always found it disgusting, as far as he could remember. Well, who could
  8. April 1940, Denmark. Karl Nielsen is a 17-year-old boy who has been helping his parents at the familial farm from an early age on a small island on the west coast of Denmark. However, his life shatters the day when Germans invade Denmark and arrive where they live. His father still manages to send him on a boat for England before the Nazis can take him away. In a country he has never been to before, he will have to survive on his own right in the middle of the madness of the war. Will he manage to make it through despite all the hardships he will have to face? Well, read to find out.
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