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  1. Okiegrad

    Chapter 1

    Well sweet Karl……you’re in it now! Hope you don’t regret this decision. George is such a wanker…..can’t even find the balls to act halfway decent knowing Karl may never come back. What a douche canoe!
  2. Okiegrad

    Chapter 1

    Very intrigued already. Looks like this will be a great series!
  3. Okiegrad

    Chapter 58

    Karl is one of most genuine, kind, amazing people out there. I worry so much for him when he heads to war. Why couldn’t he just fall in love with Paul and stay home 😭😭😭 I still hope George swallows a bomb hahaha can’t wait for the continuing story! Love this series!!
  4. Okiegrad

    Chapter 57

    Ugh, our sweet Karl is going to war. I was hoping he could be talked out it. But, maybe there will be a smart, handsome, sexy Dane in the troop with whom Karl can friendship, and more. George……I hope a bomb drops on his head! And Paul…..you little scoundrel. Sounds like someone has played an inning or two for the other team 😉
  5. Okiegrad

    Chapter 56

    Poor Karl. I feel so bad for him. George is a little weasel but I get he’s trying to protect his heart. But, a real man doesn’t protect himself by harming another. And Karl, please don’t go to war! You are too sweet and innocent for that!
  6. Okiegrad

    Chapter 55

    I wish I knew what George and Karl share……is it just sex? Is it two people needing comfort? Is it love? Is it just two people in the middle of a war reaching out to someone else? Definitely looking forward to future chapters to see if they can finally answer the question!!
  7. Robbie, despite all of his good points, is so fucked up in the head. He has zero need for a baby in his life. He needs to do what is right and let Stephanie get on with her life. He needs to back totally out and let her find a man to love, and who will love her baby. He should start putting money aside for the baby, but that should be his only contribution to his life.
  8. Okiegrad

    Bro Epilogue

    Who was the gay character in the story? Glad to see the family together and everyone happy and safe.
  9. I liked the longer chapter. We were able to get a lot more details in the chapter. I’m hooked!
  10. Okiegrad

    Cock Fight

    So glad they finally took that first step! The next few steps are going to be wild and sexy AF!!!
  11. Okiegrad

    Chapter 54

    Hopefully the war will soon be over. I can’t imagine the terror that people lived through back then. And on a lighter note, it seems as though our sweet Karl has just figured out what being in love feels like ❤️❤️❤️
  12. Okiegrad

    Chapter 53

    I think Karl is starting to understand what love means. He can’t quite process the feeling, but he is going to soon figure it out. Poor guy hasn’t had much love in his life so far. I just hope George takes the stick out of his ass and becomes worthy of the love!!
  13. Okiegrad

    CDMX • XII

    I knew Ritch would be hot lol. Dylan Sprayberrry could do anything he wanted to me lol. Ritch and Harley are the two I’ve always crushed on. Why do I always go for the straight ones???🥺🧐. Who would you suggest Harley looks like?
  14. Okiegrad

    CDMX • XII

    Have you ever done a character list of people who resemble those in the story? I would love to see CJ and Owen through your eyes. Is there a model/actor/politician who resembles them? Would truly love to picture them through your eyes when I’m reading the chapters. Happy New Year my friend! Wishing you health, happiness, and peace for the new year!
  15. Okiegrad

    Chapter 52

    Our sweet Karl has a devilish side to him too. I love it! So now I’m a bit confused…..Karl has no attraction to George or any other male, yet he’s having sex with George. I kind of thought an emotional attachment was forming between them, but I guess it’s just pure lust and the need for sex? I wonder if Karl would feel something more if Paul were to kiss him?
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