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  1. Okiegrad

    Chapter 3. Part 2

    I’m getting very addicted to this story!
  2. Okiegrad

    Useless Things

    Excellent, as always. This is part of life we often want to ignore, or pretend doesn’t happen. But, we will all age, and one day may very well be one of these gentleman. But the dignity you instill in them is beautiful. And the fact that they can be in love gives me hope that I still have time to find someone to love 😉❤️
  3. Okiegrad

    The Light in the Darkness

    I feel like I’ve lost some good friends with the ending of this story. Never realized how much I was invested in the boys and their lives. Thank you for bringing them to life, and having them share their lives with us. I hope this isn’t the end of your writing. You have a talent....I hope you continue to use it!!!
  4. Okiegrad


    Amen! Extremism is scary, whether on the left or right. As far as limiting the Second Ammendment, it has already been subjected to limits such as mandatory background checks. So it has been regulated to an extent already. The bigger question is how far do we as citizens allow a right to be regulated? When is it enough? If we as a civilized people feel a change to the Constitution is needed, then Article 5 should come into play and be followed. The Founding Fathers gave us a way to do it. But limiting our rights.....one by one, little by little......is how freedom dies.
  5. Okiegrad


    As always, your stories are so well written and thought provoking. Excellent story! One of the things I respect most about you and your writing is that you’re never afraid to tackle a sensitive subject. We almost always disagree, but I sincerely enjoy and respect your point of view. If I may, I would like to pose a hypothetical question: one of the main elements of the story was the fight for free speech, and for standing up when that right was infringed. The ACLU was even willing to get involved because a constitutional right was being limited. If the First Amendment is worthy of being protected, then why isn’t the Second Amendment worthy of protection? The ACLU fights to ensure that nothing abridges the freedom of speech, but yet they are silent when the right to keep and bear arms is being infringed. Why is one more worthy of protection? And finally, Rogelio warns the Senator and others who support the Second Amendment that “no right is absolute”.....yet he expects his right to freedom of speech to be absolute. Why does he consider one right to be more important than another? If we allow one of our Constitutional rights to be infringed, shouldn’t we then be prepared for all rights to be infringed? It’s a slippery slope......
  6. Thought you might like this one since it talks about two Republicans.



  7. Thanks for sharing! While I’m on the totally opposite side of the political spectrum, I’m so happy to see a young man taking the leap into politics. Too many times, people sit by and complain, yet never do anything to change the course. Good for him! And he’s a cutie too haha. Love seeing young people getting involved!!!!
  8. Okiegrad

    A Misunderstanding

    So happy to see another story from you! Very well written and quite interesting, as always! And such a true tale.....boys shouldn’t cry..... boys should be happy to be objectified.....boys should be happy to have the chance for sex. Boys should never have feelings, nor should they ever be a victim. Sad, but so true to life.
  9. Okiegrad


    It’s always such a joy to see a new posting from my favorite author! And in typical fashion, you’ve presented a great story that leaves the reader pondering their preconceived ideas of normalcy and decency. You’ve certainly opened Pandora’s box with so many societal taboos being central to the story.....murder, incest, age of consent. That’s one of the things I admire most about you. You’re never timid when tackling sensitive subjects. Your pragmatic and detached approach is refreshing! Rarely does one find himself rooting for such a skallywag, but I do find myself hoping that Pete gets away and lives a life of happiness with Maurice. Sins be damned.....I wish them well! Thank you for another intriguing story! I do hope this isn’t the last we see of Pete and Maurice. 😉
  10. Okiegrad

    The Comfort in the Queen

    I wondered when Billy would show up lol
  11. Okiegrad

    I Arrived a Week Early

    I’m so happy to have another fantastic story to read! One never knows where your mind and imagination will take us, and this was quite an interesting tale. I love the fresh ideas you come up with. Your mind grows more beautiful to me with every new story. I hope there a few more interesting tales waiting to be published!
  12. Okiegrad

    The Reunion at the Old Homestead

    Dustin’s dad needs to meet the business end of a steel bat. Dustin was quite the ball player, so I’m sure he has a good swing!
  13. Okiegrad

    FAR Chapter 18

    Is Lewis ever going to reveal his feelings for Preston!?!? They’ve wasted so much time. I love that they are friends, but I truly think they both want more.
  14. Okiegrad

    The Young and the Hopeless

    Sooooooo glad you’re back, and letting us follow Dustin once again!!
  15. Okiegrad

    Chapter 104 The End of the Rainbow

    PLEASE hurry with the next chapter! Seriously, I can’t wait!

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