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    Mick: Does being a male lesbian let me in? <br />Me: Wear eyeliner and worship Cher first.

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  1. Happy Birthday my Friend, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year :)

  2. Happy Birthday ~!!~

  3. Happy Birthday Guy,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year.

  4. Happy Birthday ~!!~

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a good one!~

  6. I know, I know... Come around more... Yeash, you'd think trying to keep up with the writings of a particular goat would be enough, but NOOOOOooooo, some people want updates too... Well, I got through the first summer session down here at the University! Got an A Cognitive and a B in Biopsych... and it was HELL. Now I'm in Cognitive Development and Psychology of Terrorism. Cog2 is boring as can be, it's a lot of the same information I've had, but Psych of Terrorism is very interesting. We're taking an indepth view of the pathologies and methodologies of terrorist acts, by defining, researching, and attempting to understand the motivations, culture, and people involved... Something perhaps I could learn/share with a certain goat... I've got to run off to that class right now. Still waiting for that sequal, Goat-Boi!!! Bob D.
  7. Bob D.

    Moving Day!

    Well, Everything finally got sorted, and now I am packed and ready to go. Moving on campus for the summer while I wait for my FinAid to fully kick in. Once that starts flowing, I get to find a place off-campus to live by Mid-august or end up homeless. That's the curse of slow paperwork. The on campus housing was full before transfer/new students were even offered a place. I don't know when I'll have connectivity again, but I know I'll be able to find something quick. Classes start Monday morning at 11am, and I am kinda stoked over it. I'm taking the camera (the really nice $600 one that I got for christmas) and I'll post campus pics soon. Off to bed, I have to be up in about four and a half hours to pack the car and go! YIPPEE! Bob D.
  8. Bob D.

    I stink!

    Hey, Cj... this blog of yours is more outdated than mine was... Give us a breadcrumb!
  9. I know, I know... My story seized up like a 450 engine running on water instead of oil... my life has been in a certain amount of turmoil that has since crippled my energy levels, and I have basically ghosted away from this wonderful and inspiring site since November. I have tried to keep up with the tantilizing stories, homework, and personal/spiritual revitilization. Such is life no? So, what's changed since November? Well, from January 2007 to February 2008 I noted 8 deaths that all had a compounding effect on me. That includes our dear author who passed this last year. Since then, two friends of mine lost immediate family members, as well as two close associates (staff at the college) lost their fathers in the last month. I wonder sometimes if the spectre of death isn't following me around, and being unable to take me or my family (too much work to do) is taking my friends' family instead. :cry: Upside? I double graduated with my AGS and AA, I've since been accepted and (pending tuesday morning) registered for the University of Arizona in Tucson, Az. I was cleared of medical issues, I just have a slightly higher cholesterol than I should. Considering how depressed I'd been... that's the least of my worries. It's rather strange to reach a point in your life, after spending 27 years not regretting anything, to finally look back and think that there are things I would change. It's rather depressing really, but in a good way. I spent 27 years knowing that every decision I made was in the best interest out of the best choices possible at any given time. Only to glance back over the past 5 years and think, "What the HELL were you thinking?" I've seen a huge change in between myself and my 'peers' in maturity, personality, and mindset. What I mean is, the gap between myself (more of the responsible adult I should have been and recognize) and the lack of such in them. It kind of scares me to see the generational difference between me and pretty much anyone younger than myself. That tells me that I stopped growing in the culture, and who I am now is pretty much who I would be until I turn 55 or so. Did you know that? From the age of about 26 (+/- a year), your personality and behaviors will change very little until you hit about age 55? That's a psychological statistic that explains why 'our parents' are always out of the loop... and why my sister is out of the loop being only 3 years ahead of me. But enough of the strange annoyances and quirks of life. Enough pandering on the nestaglicless pasts. Now, I just say hello again. Bob D.
  10. btw just teasin, but lets not be do hard on Cj, for his spelling on ya'all

  11. Goatboi... It is a contraction of You All (in proper northern english), however in Texas (were real english is spoken) ya'll is a contraction of 'Ya-all'. Example: "When I see ya, I'll let ya know." Plural: "When I see ya'll, I'll let ya'll know." (Ya: a term to define a particular person without using gender in the second hand, indicated and properly pronounced with a upward tilt/nod of the head also known as a 'chin nod') So... all ya'll yankees need to get a Yankee-English dictionary!
  12. Woot! first to notice and post! /wave PS, found a typo:
  13. So, I had to be honest with the poll, I fall asleep by the end of the chapters... I mean, who cares right? *IF* Cj was the Queen of Eviiiiiliest Cliffhangers, I wouldn't be so tired, right? *couldn't possibly have to do with reading the stories at 3am...*
  14. Cj, you old goat... if only you knew what some of us know about air-to-air weapons... But on the upside, it looks like Helen's ravings will be heard afterall!
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