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  1. Happy Birthday !! :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Ieshwar!!! :D

  3. Happy Birthday, leshwar!! I hope you have a great day! :)

  4. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy birthday !!!

  6. Happy Birthday Ieshie :) Hope you get all you want today and over then next year :)

  7. Happy Birthday leshwar!!!!!! I hope you have an awesome day! :)

  8. Ieshwar


    Very intriguing start...
  9. But, we ARE old, well, older than the teens. I wish I was back to 18. I wish I was younger... So yeah, I'm surely one of those mentioned in the video, which I don't think is showing the whole picture. It's like life is rushing so fast past that WTF? Everyone expects you to be all independent, grown up (have someone in your life, have a house, have kids) and I'm like how and when? And I don't think I want to be all grown up. I want to read, write, daydream, sleep, be carefree, be happy, be young. So maybe, in the end, it's 'who you want to be, who you are inside' versus 'who you should be at your current age, who everyone is around you'. Like a kid stuck in an adult's body. And btw, the whole celebrities being younger than me creeps me out. It's weird, it's true.
  10. Ieshhhhhhhhhhhiie : D

  11. Nobody wants to keep their TV/Radio? Lol TV/Radio is easiest for me to ditch too. I use the other three more often. The tablet is more for reading though. But choosing between smartphone and PC is so hard. Without my PC, well, home will be so boring and it has all my works on it but going without my phone is just weird. In the end, I chose smartphone because I'll just use the mac at work then. Cheers Ieshwar
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