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  1. I love the story!!! But I can see that there are Dom's little twists and turns in the making... I love it!!!! Peace, Mike
  2. mikejay223

    Busy Busy Busy

    I just finished the 2 posted chapters of Psionic. I love Sci-fi and I'm really enjoying this story and look forword to the next chapter. Thanks for sharing your work with us!!!! Peace, Mike
  3. I just wanted to add my 2 cents to this. Dom, Thanks!!!! I have read all your stories (except the Vamp one) and there is no way I could pick one as my favorite. They have all been wonderful. DD was very compelling for me, I waited eagerly for each chapter, and although I think it would have been neat for Rory and Luke to have hooked up as more than best friends, I always feel the author knows best, and always waited to see what neet twist would come next. Thanks again Dom, I really do enjoy your work. Mike
  4. First I want to say THANKS!!! to Dom for this new addition. It was a FINE read!!! As to any predictions I think they are all gay and in the closet, and it will be a free for all to see who ends up with who (need another girl though so Haily will have a girl friend). Peace, Mike
  5. I haven't posted in a long time, but I do want to weigh in on the Luke/Rory debate. I really think that they should end up together, and I think that very soon one or the other of them will say enough and tell the other how they REALLY feel. At least that's what I'm rooting for. But I will willingly go where ever Dom takes us!!! Peace, Mike
  6. Like many have already said, "sad to see it end". I is a wonderful story!! I too will be going back and reading it again. Thanks Dom, the journey from "Parents" to FAMILY was moving and uplifting. I'm looking forward more of DD and TOU. Thanks again Dom, You Rock!!! Mike
  7. OK, I may be showing my ignorance of Dom Land here but is the title supposed to be "The Log Way" or was it supposed to have been "The Long Way". I mean if it was just a typo it could have been fixed a "long" time ago. Someone PLEEEEASE enlighten me. (Only the the truth!!) Mike
  8. Dom, you truly out did yourself!! Thanks for all your hard work. I still think Aaron is a loser and a rat and I think he is out to help only one person and that is himself. I really disagree with the slams on Rory, someone stated that he
  9. I really think this is my favorite of Dom's stories. I've been trying to figure out why I like this story and it's characters so much. I think it is the family setting and how these brothers are now pulling together to make a family without their parents. Dom you truely do have a gift, keep it up, and Thanks!!! Mike Jay
  10. I think ya'all are being too hard on poor Quinn. He has not gone OCD on Jude, and I don't think he will, as was stated earlier Jude has a calming effect on him (at least now he does). So we'll just have to see how Dom will lead us. Mike Jay
  11. I really like this story!! I can see some totally awesome plot twists in the works. I hope the very best for Matt, It has been along time since I was in school, but I do remember how trying it can be. Thanks for your talent and hard work Matt, I'll be patient and keep waiting for the next installment. Mike Jay
  12. As I posted on the Yahoo Gp. Aaron is a RAT BASTARD!! His reason for outing the whole family is weak at best. His interaction with Rory is totally self serving. Of course this is just my opinion, I could be wrong Mike
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