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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. My dear Fantasyboy, what to say, just that am hooked in to this story, lets hope the Muses comes to you for our benefit, I love your chacacters, please send more.😊 Hope you are doing well RGR
  3. Rogeric

    Chapter 51

    Do you realize that I will have to read this story again from the begining, not that I mind, but keep waiting weekly to know whats next its killing me, I love your story, thank you Cía
  4. Rogeric

    Chapter 42

    WOW, Battle, Am anxios for next chapter, Its the first time I start reading a Story thats not yet finish because of the wait, but its worthit
  5. Rogeric

    Chapter 4

    I just finish chapter 40, am dry, need more, love how your mind works Cía, thank U
  6. Rogeric

    Chapter 39

    So fucki.... Hot, finally Everett gave in
  7. Rogeric

    Chapter 35

    What the F.....; Lankshou I liked the guy; damn, talk about turn of eventse
  8. Rogeric

    Chapter 29

    Whats on Everret Querys pasta I wonder? Skin to skin contact way to go Cia......
  9. Rogeric

    Chapter 24

    I belive Captain is worry for Kohens sake not because he doesnt want him or feels anything for him, justo monumental misunderstandings
  10. Rogeric

    Chapter 22

    Captain has The hots for Kohen and viceversa
  11. Rogeric

    Chapter 4

    Ok, am officially hooked
  12. Rogeric

    The Way Home

    Hí Dom!!!! Its the third time I read this and I fall in love with your characters all the time, such a wonderfull story, way to go my dear. Thank you for this Xoxoxox Rogeric😊
  13. Rogeric


    Dear Rob, Thank you, finally I finish it again, round 2 for me with this book, I really look forward to read book 3, hope it doesnt take to long, I been waiting for it. Thank you so much. I Just Love it. XOXOXOXOX Rogeric
  14. Rogeric

    Chapter 1

    Good I really look forward to it, I wish you all the inspiration needed to accomplish tour goal (we will be ver y greatfull) 😉
  15. Rogeric

    Chapter 50

    Oooohhh, I really wish you lots of inspiration formaa 3erd book I will read it no doubt, may the Moon vives you all needed for that. 😉
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