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a little more stress, then relief



Well, three exams down and a take-home one to go. I'm fairly sure I completely blew the first one but the other two I feel okay about. I got really lucky and found another girl who has a flight leaving about an hour before mine, so she's driving me to the airport tomorrow morning. I was going to have to walk about a mile with my bags at 4 am and get on this shuttle that a taxi company runs, so I'm definitely pleased to be picked up by car at 5 instead. I hate flying, hate the whole ordeal with the crowds and not knowing where I'm going in the airport, hate the taking off and the landing and everything in between. Also I have to change planes at O'Hare...blegh. It's been a pretty long time since I've flown, the tag on my luggage still had the address I lived at 3 places ago.


I had a conversation about Star Trek with a cute guy this morning. Just saying...weird. We're not exactly friends but we've studied together a few times and we talk when we see each other. Anyway, he told me about this rumor that Matt Damon is playing Kirk in some kind of prequel movie (I looked this up on and he said he hadn't even been contacted about it, otherwise I'd probably be ranting about that right now) and we expressed much irritation and disbelief and wondering how Ben Affleck would end up in it. I hate cute guys with girlfriends who are nice and talk about Star Trek. *sigh*


I Netflixed this Henry Rollins comedy/spoken word thing (did I mention I just gave up and bought Buffy? so I can get movies from Netflix again.) It was absolutely hilarious, he's just so huge and loud and angry, and I love it. I've been listening to angry music a lot lately, somehow it helps get me in the mood for finals. This morning on the bus to school I was listening to Pantera, it's a great way to wake up. I just don't get people who can listen to talk radio and stuff in the mornings. In the morning I'm pissed off and I feel like death, and I need loud music.


Anyway, here's to two weeks of no work and being able to sleep whenever I want, and maybe even some real food. :2thumbs:


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