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Colorado Game - 44. Chapter 44


The next day I made sure I was at Warner Gaming before anyone else, waiting for Walter Warner himself. I tried calling him at his home but got no answer.

He arrived early and didn't seem to be surprised to find me waiting for him, so early.

"Mark, what can I do for you?"

"We need to talk. It's about Kyle." He sighed and nodded to his office.
I followed him inside and sat down on the chair upon his offer.

I quickly told him what had happened, leaving nothing out and ended with telling him that I couldn't work for him anymore. Not as long as Kyle was here. He sighed again, deeper this time and slowly nodded.

"I knew most of this but only Kyle's side. He called me last night, of course. I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and explain your version of what had happened." Somehow, I didn't surprise me that Kyle had called him. But Walter surprised me. "It sounds like Kyle to make threats of that nature. He's a petty man, sometimes, especially when it comes to Ross Forester." I frowned. Huh? Walter smiled sadly and shook his head. "I thought that he'd changed his ways. It seemed like it for a long, long time. I should have known that he was still up to his old tricks when he came to me, urging me to hire you. This is my entire fault."

"Walter... you didn't make me befriend Kyle. I did that all by myself, against advice from both Ross and Sofia. I thought their judgment was colored by what had happened between Ross and Kyle."

"I'm sure it is somewhat colored, and yes, you did that by yourself, but I should have equally warned you. I didn't because he had fooled me into believing he'd changed. I wanted you to see that too and yes, to make the Forester's see that he had changed, for the better. In hindsight, he fooled us all, it seems. And for the last time, I can guarantee you that."


"But I'll deal with him when the time is right. Now, there still remains the matter of you continuing working for us. I'm no idiot and I do understand that you won't be able to finish the project. What has happened is regrettable, but I can't have that reflected in your work. And it would, we both know that." I sighed and nodded. Yeah, the way I was feeling right now, it sure would result in a gloomy piece of work.
"I'm sure the two of us can come to some sort of arrangement that will free you from your obligations. Shall we?"


In the end, it cost me my advance minus the costs I had made on behalf of the company. Walter assured me that he'd have the papers drawn up and send someone over to get my signature before the end of the day.

"For what it's worth, Mark; I am very, very sorry. Is there any chance that you and Ross..." His voice trailed when I started shaking my head.
No way. Not after the way Ross had looked at me when he'd finally left; like I was some piece of filth by the side of the road.

"No, I don't think so."

"Do you want me to call him?" I shook my head.

"No, what good would that do? And I don't think he'd accept your call, anyway."
Walter gave me a sour grin and nodded once.

"Probably. Well then... all that remains now is for me to wish you the very best. Have you decided what to do now?" I hadn't given it much thought yet. I had received some offers from several companies, out of which I had chosen Warner Gaming. Perhaps one of those offers was still on the table.

"I have some options. I'll be fine. Who knows, I might go score a movie or a tv-series."
Walter smiled warmly and extended his hand.

"I am sure that sometime in the future I will see your name in bold, on some screen. Mark, it's been a pleasure working with you. Perhaps, someday, we will meet again."

"We might. And thank you for making this possible."
I shook Walter's hand and left.


It was about 10am when the phone rang. It was Jodie, even though she didn't announce herself; she simply started to talk as soon as I picked up, not giving me the chance to get a word in.

"I'm having an argument with Mason, I'll put you on speaker. Help us out, will you, hon? Mason's sitting opposite from me, so just shout the first thing that comes to mind, he can hear you; what do you call the thing between the cunt and the asshole? That area?"

"Your desk," I answered moodily.

"Oh, very funny, ha ha. You're no help." I could hear her picking up the receiver again, taking me off the speaker. "So what's going on? Something's up; Kyle disappeared into Walt's office and he's been there for almost an hour."

"I think you'd better wait until Walter informs you guys."

"Hold on, something... oh wow..." My curiosity got the better of me, especially after hearing a very loud BANG. “Oops, someone's pissed."

"What...Jodie? Talk to me!"

"I'll call you right back!" With that she hung up, leaving me staring at the horn.

I thought I could guess what had happened, and a slow smile crept onto my face. Walter had made good on his promise. Ten minutes later, Jodie called back, confirming it.

"We heard. Walter sacked Kyle's ass just now. They just escorted him from the building. What! Happened! We’re told you left the project?"

"It's...private," I sighed, deciding not to tell her everything. "Maybe someday I'll tell you. If we're still talking at that time."

"You better believe it, Mister! Alright, don't tell me. So what are you gonna do now?"
I shrugged and then realized she wouldn't be able to see that.

"Dunno. I have some options. I'll let you know."

"Okay. Don't be a stranger, you hear? You're the first guy I actually got along with for a long, long...OUCH!" She gasped pained. "Jesus, Mason, I think you just dislocated my vagina. He elbowed me!"
I couldn't help but snicker.

"Alright. You two try and not kill each other, ok? I'll be in touch." I don't think she heard me; she was too busy giving Mason an exact description of what she was about to do to his manhood. Poor guy.

andr0gene 2004-Present; All Rights Reserved
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