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Colorado Game - 43. Chapter 43


We're done.

I've never heard words spoken so cold, so unfeeling. They still rang through the loft, long after Ross had left and, at first, it didn't sink in. I didn't realize what it meant. By the time I finally did, it was already too late; he was gone.

Only now did I fully grasp what I'd done and there was little I could do. What; call him? He'd never talk to me, I knew that much. It had become fully dark by now and I was still sitting on the couch, feeling numb and still not believing it. What could I do to make things right? Call Sofia? Like hell I would. She'd blast me into orbit for not listening in the first place, and thinly repeat what Ross had said; ‘We're done'.

She'd be right saying it. They'd both been right. They warned me, repeatedly and I just didn't listen. Nooooo, I will decide for myself who my friends are and who aren't. I don't need anyone, no, of course not. I'm so independent. Big applause for me. NOT!

There was nothing I could do.

Correction; there was one thing I could do.


As soon as he opened the door I threw the pictures into Kyle's face. With barely constrained, violent, anger I confronted the man who destroyed my life.

"Why?!" I pushed passed him before he could react, but it seemed like he was ready for a confrontation; he calmly closed the door.

"Why don't you come in?" he replied sarcastically. The door closed with a decisive click and he turned towards me. "Before you even think about it; as you now know, everything is taped. Attack me and you're on the first prison transport out to enjoy Uncle Sam's hospitality."

Oh, I wanted to. I really, <i>really</i> did; to hit that face, to wipe that smug look from his face. What? I wish I brought a gun. Now the real Kyle showed and I, for the life of me, couldn't imagine not ever seeing it before. But instead of launching myself at him, I repeated my demand.


"Why? You have to ask why?" he sneered with a vehemence that had me backing up a pace or two. His posture was pure aggression. "You're a fool. A fool in love. An idiot, a romantic. ‘Oh, I love Ross'. Boohoo. Like you know what real love is, you...you child!"
His otherwise handsome face was contorted into a bitter grimace.
"So maybe you will hurt a little; you'll forget him, eventually. It hasn't been that long. Before you know it, he's just a wisp of a cloud, a fading memory of some fun you've once had. You'll get used to it." I stared at him. Was he completely insane? "It's not like you've had seven years with him. Seven! One mistake..."

"One?" I interrupted, wanting to lash out equally vile. "From what I've heard, and apparently it was entirely correct, you were the mattress of Florida!"
His eyes shot fire.

"I am the one who made him to what he is today. I am! Not you! You're nothing; you're just some piece of..."

"Oh, don't hold back now; finally we get to the real Kyle," I hissed back, taking a step towards him. Somehow, he was the one backing up now. "I gave you the benefit of the doubt; I befriended you. And you used me. For what! To get back with Ross?"

"You probably won't understand but there is only one in this world for him. Me! And your being here proves it; he saw the pictures, didn't he? He broke up with you, didn't he?"

"Pictures you doctored! What did I ever do to you, to deserve this, huh?"

"You got in the way. I needed you gone; you stole him from me!"

"Oh please, you drove him away all by yourself. He wouldn't touch you with a pincer! He warned me, Sofia warned me, but noooo, I had to go prove them wrong. This is what it got me. A vindictive queen, out to ruin everybody's life because he screwed up and doesn't want anyone else to be happy with someone he once had. I'd go even as far as the love of his life. Well, guess what; he was the love of my life!"

"Oh, you're breaking my heart."

"For that to be possible, Kyle, you've got to have one. But I promise you this; you're gonna pay for this. Somehow, someday..."

"Are you threatening me?"

"No Kyle; I promise. I never threaten."
He stared at me and smiled haughtily

"You're nothing. You can't touch me. But because of that...'promise' of yours, I'll destroy you. You're finished in this industry."
I stared back, and each of us was slightly hunched towards the other, like tigers ready to attack, claws out.

"Bring it on, Kyle. Bring. It. On."

At that, I turned and pulled the front door open and stalked out. But as I was leaving, the promise I made felt empty. How the hell was I ever going to make him pay for what he had done?

andr0gene 2004-Present; All Rights Reserved
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