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Colorado Game - 40. Chapter 40

(Note from the author: in some parts, a reference is made to friends Ross & Mark visited in Las Vegas. The story of those friends can be read in "The House Always Wins", available elsewhere on this website.)


Sneaking around was hard work. Very bad on the conscience and guilt was at an all-time high. It took some doing and a lot of cooperation from several people to make it work.

Doing all the work at home took some getting used to. Not having every tool available to me made the process very difficult, but Kyle had spoken to Jodie and Mason, swearing them to secrecy. They had to be told, or the whole thing would be blown wide open inside a week. So we established a strict protocol to call, swap files and such. Most of it took place during the day, when Ross wasn't home, or at night, when he was working late and it was safe for Kyle to come over and pick up material.

In the meantime, Ross went out of his way to make me feel positive about breaking with Warner Gaming, and putting an end to the friendship with Kyle. He never apologized for his request, but he made clear that he appreciated it a lot, that I had done <i>that</i> for him, in turn sending me in a guilt spell or two.

Our relationship blossomed to full in that time. Sometimes he'd come home early, which had me frantically covering up material and notes in the nick of time; he took me on a trip to visit a friend of his in Las Vegas, who owned a casino there.

His friend, Michael, recently got hitched to a very young guy, and I hit it off with JJ before the first hour was up. When JJ told me their story, it was hard to believe at first, but then, when I looked at the two of them, it was obvious that those two were nuts about each other.

And other times, Ross just smothered me with TLC, and I loved every minute of it. He even offered me a permanent job at FG, which I declined before the sentence even fully left his mouth.

The other thing blossoming was my friendship with Kyle. At first, the meetings had been somewhat awkward, with us putting so much emphasis on the friendship part that it became stunted at best. It wasn't until Kyle invited me to his home one night that we finally settled into a comfortable give and take. I felt guilty as all sin when I told Ross I was going out to visit a colleague of mine, which wasn't a lie really, but the feeling hadn't subsided by the time I rang Kyle's door.

"I feel like I'm sneaking around," I told him, when we sat in his living room.

"We're doing nothing wrong, Mark. He forced you into this..."

"No. I did."

"We disagree, but fine. Shall we get to work?"

It took a while but for the first time I felt at ease around him. He had some great suggestions for the score, rejected some parts but approved most of what I'd done so far.

After about two hours of working he asked me if I wanted something to drink, and I asked for a cherry coke; I'd taken a liking to it since we visited Vegas. JJ gulped cases of that stuff. As Kyle was getting the beverages, I looked around.

His house was decorated like an operating theatre; pretty sterile. Expensive, yes, but sterile; no one actually lived here, it seemed. Lots of glass and chrome had been used, as well as blocky furniture. It didn't sit too comfortable either.

"Would you like a tour?"

Not really. But I didn't want to be a dick, so I nodded and followed him around the house.

The only room that remotely gave a sense of warmth was his bedroom, but other than that, it was clean shiny surfaces everywhere. Not a plant in the house. There was lots of art, a hobby of his, he told me, which also provided the only color. The rest was black or chrome, and marble tiled floors.

"Not much, is it?" he snickered; I had frowned when he asked me what I thought. I tried to be as polite as possible, but couldn't find anything to describe this tomb.

"I'm sorry but no, it isn't. No one lives here. In the immortal words of Sean Bean: this is no mine; this is a tomb."
He smiled, catching the Lord of the Rings reference.

"I know. It needs life, but since I'm single, and there's no one to come home to..."
His voice trailed off and I felt for him. I nudged his shoulder and grinned.

"Go out, score a guy. It's not like you're a dog, you know. And try a few colored carpets, or something, for god sakes."
He grinned as well.

"Yeah; it is a tomb, isn't it?"

"Duh. Dracula would feel at home here."

"Oh, thank you so much."
But he still smiled.

"Why do you think there's no one in my life? One look at this, and they all run like hell."

"I don't blame them," I laughed. "Seriously though; It's not that bad, you just need to make it your own. Buy some stuff you feel at home with. Magazines, comfy chair, I dunno; anything."

"Hmm," he said thoughtfully. "Would you go with me? I think I'd like your style."

"The thought here is your style, not mine."
He snickered.

"Right. Still, would you want to? Come on a little shopping spree to liven this place up a bit?"

"Sure. I love spending other peoples' money."
He laughed throatily.

"Alright, I'll bring my pocketbook, you bring the taste."



We actually did go on such a trip a few days later and I have to admit; I had a blast! He bought new furniture when I told that couch of his was a pain rack to sit on; he bought several carpets, thick and colorful; some small stuff to put around the house, like plants and little trinkets. I told him to pick out stuff he liked, personally, to add a touch of himself in ‘the tomb', as I'd taken to calling his place.

"You have to get some painters in there, to get rid of all the white walls. What's your favorite color?" I asked, later in the day when all of what we bought had been delivered.
The old couch he'd given to one of the delivery guys, who'd been ecstatic with a designer sofa.

"Well, for walls, I prefer white, actually," he admitted.

"Hmm, try cream. It softens things up a lot. Less harsh. Other than that, your shag palace is coming together nicely now. Notice the sound?"

"What sound?" he asked, frowning.

"Exactly. No echo!"
He laughed.

"Okay, I have to get going, or Ross is going to throw a hiss fit for me being late," I winked, looking at my watch.

He walked me to the door and thanked me for helping him. He hugged me and I returned it, telling him the pleasure had been all mine.

But when I wanted to pull out, he didn't move and I started to feel a little bit uncomfortable.


"I'm sorry. I can't help it, but I'm attracted to you. You know that, right?" he whispered, right below my ear, pressing his lips to the skin.
I shuddered involuntarily.

Then he continued down my cheek and I froze.

"You're perfect."

"Kyle, come on. You promised..."

"I know and I'm sorry, but this is the way I feel."

A hand of his slipped into my neck and he sought my mouth.

andr0gene 2004-Present; All Rights Reserved
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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Now, was that supposed to be a surprise? The only surpise is the sneaking around. I am disappointed in our (hero?). Makes me think this may be what he was subconsiously looking for. Slut! more please

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I've read the whole story till here. I am to say disappointed would be an understatement.

Here he had been warned and instead he lied and is now cheating. Truthfully if he can't commit and be honest I hope he dropped and never taken back. I like him as a character but this isn't just a minor character flaw. I feel like I have been attacked by someone I trusted. He has others lying for him. God help him when Sophia discovers he is cheating on her son with Kyle.

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Oh what tangled webs we weave! Trust is such a fragile emotion , why would Mark do this ? I get that he values his independence , but he really is making a huge mistake . Does he not remember how he felt when Ross left ? It’s not going to be pretty when these birds come home to roost . 

Edited by deville
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