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  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
  • Shadowgod - Almost Home
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  • 840 Words

Colorado Game - 24. Chapter 24


I woke up around ten the next morning. I let myself fall back into the pillows and slumbered for a bit until the door opened. I worked myself up onto my elbows and grinned when Ross came in.

"Morning," he said, setting down a plastic bag by the door.
He came over and sat beside me, leaning over for a kiss.

"What time did you get up?" I asked, eying the plastic bag. It was a bag from a store I frequented and when I glanced back at him, he gave me a guilty look.

"I ehm... I brought Gloria to the diner and she gave me a key. I had a copy made and went to your house, to get some clothes. I hope you don't mind," he said.
Actually, it was the most considerate thing someone had ever done for me.

"Thanks, I appreciate it." He visibly relaxed.

"You're welcome. I just thought that you wouldn't like to wear the clothes from last night. They were all wrinkled. You're not mad I had a copy made from your key?"

"And whose fault is it that my clothes were wrinkled?" I asked, grinning. He leaned in for another kiss. "Why would I be mad?"

"I didn't ask, just went ahead and did it, without thinking about the consequences? I know you don't like it when I ‘intrude' like that."

"It's alright. I wanted to give you a key sometime soon, anyway. What consequences?"

"Well... you can be pretty feisty when it comes to your personal life and me butting into it. Now that I have a key, I can come and go as I please."

"As long as you call before you come over, I'm fine with it," I answered.

"Why do I have to call?" he asked, frowning.

"So I can send the other guys that I keep on the side away before you catch us," I quipped. As soon as I said it, I felt sorry. "Crap... I'm sorry, that wasn't funny."

"It's okay," he said, the corner of his mouth lifting upward. "Just know that if I catch you two, I'll break your legs and shove him down the elevator shaft."

"Who said it was only one?" I quipped again. "Like you said last night; I'm insatiable."
I pulled him over me to make my point.

"What are you doing?" he asked, sending me a sexy smile.

"I want morning nooky," I mumbled, letting my hand slide onto his shirt.
I found a hard nipple and his eyes darkened. He came forward, resting on his hands and his lips grazed mine.

"Mmm..." I licked his lower lip, and he caught my tongue between his teeth, rubbing his against it for a quick kiss. Then he lifted his head and caught the hand in his shirt, shaking his head decisively.

"Get your lazy butt out of bed."
He stood and yanked the sheets away.

"Lazy? That was hard work, last night," I grinned, stretching.

I was completely naked but it didn't bother me that he watched me. When he had first done it, watch me blatantly as he was doing now, I'd been shy about it. But then he just told me to get real; we'd been at it five minutes earlier and after I was shy? He had a point. Also, it was fun to see his reaction, especially because I was a bit turned on right now. But he stood his ground, even when I got out of bed and walked over, wrapping my arms around his waist. He just grinned and lowered his head for another fast kiss. A hand of his traveled down to my bare behind while the other snuck around to my back and he pulled me close for a few seconds, the fast kiss turning into a slow, hot one. It was then that Sofia Forester chose to give a fast knock on the door and immediately opened it. As Ross lifted up his head, he frowned disturbed, and I looked over my shoulder, feeling the blood shoot to my face.

"Ross, I'm going out for a... oh dear, I am so sorry," she said.
Luckily, I was standing with my back turned to her, or it would've been even more embarrassing. She did manage to do what Ross hadn't though; I went flaccid within seconds.

"Mother, could you please wait for an answer before you barge in?" Ross asked, his voice sounding sharp and annoyed; she left as fast as she could.
I groaned, letting my forehead fall against Ross's chest and I felt that he rested his chin on my head.

"I'm sorry," he said. "She's not used to someone else being here. It won't happen again."

"It's okay," I mumbled against his shirt. "I'll just have to get used to wearing underwear in bed again."
He snickered and softly slapped my behind.

"No you don’t; it won’t happen again, I’ll make sure of that. Go take a shower. I'll be in the kitchen."

andr0gene 2004-Present; All Rights Reserved
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Well , if Sofia didn’t know almost everything about Mark before , she certainly does now . Right down to the shape of his behind! 

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