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Colorado Game - 10. Chapter 10


I have to admit that my own body reacted as well. And even though I had told him I wouldn't do it, my body definitely didn't agree with my mind, which left me torn between going for it or try to ignore it. It wasn't very easy to ignore it but I opted for it anyway. Besides, it was fun to make him uncomfortable for a bit. I moved some more and he softly cursed.

"Damn it Mark... stop it!" I softly snickered, hiding my face in the pillow. "Oh, you think this is funny, huh?"

"Well, it kinda is," I replied, "Are you always this easy to turn on or is this my lucky day."

"It isn't mine, that's for sure," he replied, sourly. "And yes, I'm very easy to turn on."

"I'll make a note of it," I said, still snickering. Then, when I felt his warm mouth in my neck, I froze. "Ross... don't."

He slowly moved his hand down my side but I caught it right before his fingers got to the waistband of my shorts. The tips of his fingers were separated mere inches from my own arousal. His lips were kissing my neck and shoulder and traveled up to the vicinity of my ear. When his tongue began to lick my earlobe, I shuddered involuntarily. His breathing came a little erratic and my own heart rate doubled up.

"I'm so hard," he whispered, his voice a horny moan. Sheez, no shit Sherlock.

"I noticed, believe me," I said, trying to ignore the feelings he was causing and failing miserably. "Stop doing that." I moved away a little.

"Are you sure?" he asked, drawing me back to him. "Because I'd say you..." I didn't even let him finish the sentence. I turned around onto my back and pulled his head towards me, releasing all my desire into one, hot, long kiss. When I let go of his hand, it immediately went for the center of my heat, palming my swollen evidence. His openmouthed reply to my kiss could only be described as volcanically hot.

"Damn you," I whispered when we both pulled away to get some air. He laughed softly.

His hand had found its way into my shorts during the kiss and his own aroused flesh was pressing hard against my leg. How he'd managed it I don't know but his underwear was gone and I pushed mine down, aided by his helping hand. His other hand cupped the back of my head and now that I’d relented, his passion was fujlly released and I couldn't stop him, even if I had wanted to. Which I didn't. I found out that night that he was an
amazing partner in the bedroom. He was considerate, patient and just plain fun to be with! He enjoyed playing, and humor, as much as the actual deed. There was only one short instance when we were forced to come to our senses. We had come to the point to consummate our desire when he suddenly cursed.

"Damn it... I don't have any protection..." I hadn't thought about that, hadn't even brought some with me, and I sighed, rolling onto my back again and lying still against him, softly cursing as well. "I'm sorry," he said.

"It's okay," I whispered. I caressed his hair and stared back into those eyes, which seemed like pools of smoldering black in the dark. I felt my heart slow down as he softly brushed my nose with his. "We can... you know...if you want. I've been tested. I'm okay..." I heard him hold his breath.

"Are you sure?" he whispered, kissing my neck. "It's no problem for me if you don't want to."

"Have you been tested?" I asked. He whispered that he was.

He took it slow, to let me adjust to him, comforting me when it almost became too much. It had been a while for me too, and he was one of those in the male population blessed with a sizeable donation from the powers that be. A lot of saliva and precum was involved, before he slid fully inside. The release came unexpected for me, coursing through my body, stimulated by his increasing rhythm and I cried out loud when it poured from me, gushing over my belly. Ross gasped as I contracted rapidly around him, groaning deep.

"Already?" he whispered, slowing down. He kept moving as my orgasm swept through me, moaning and whispering that he enjoyed the feeling of being with me, how I felt around him.

It was the best sex I've had for a long time. Ross was even able to draw out his own release for another few minutes. Then he growled deep in his throat, a lusty sound that, to me, sounded as a compliment. He let go, jetting his release deep inside, collapsing on top of me when it subsided and then moving beside me, holding me close against him.

The arm around me tightened and we stayed in the same position for a few minutes, until our breathing went back to normal. His hand softly caressed up and down my hip and I sighed deeply, closing my eyes. For someone who basically hadn't done a thing, I felt remarkably tired but it was a good tired. I took Ross's hand and pulled it up to my chest, curling up in a fetus position against him. His lips pressed on my shoulder but neither of us felt the need to say something and that's how we fell asleep.


When I woke up again, the clock was pointing at a little to eight. I rolled my head to the right and found myself all alone. I could still see the dent where Ross's head had been, though, and I grinned lazily, reminded of the previous night. I even went so far as to smell his pillow; how Alice Faye can I get! I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and got up, feeling a bit sore. I guess that yesterday's fun on the slope, and later the fun in bed, was giving me a bit of a hard time.

I got into the bathroom for a quick shower and then dressed into a clean pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. That's when I noticed that something was off. Nowhere could I see the presence of Ross in the room; all his clothes were gone from the closets and his backpack was also gone. A trip back to the bathroom also told me his toiletries had been cleared out. I frowned and finished dressing, then went down to only find Joey already up.

"Hey dude, you're early. Help me prep breakfast, okay? I still suck at those damn pancakes."

"Did you see Ross this morning?" I asked, ignoring his request. He shook his head but narrowed his eyes at me.

"No, haven't seen him since last night, why?"

"Nothing," I answered quickly. Joey set a mug on the table a bit too hard and I looked up.

"Don't take me for a fool, Norcross. I heard you guys last night. I woke up around 4am... were you guys fighting or something?" I felt positively embarrassed and avoided his questioning look, shaking my head. But Joey didn't give up that easy. "Tell me what happened."

"I said nothing, alright!" I spat, causing him to hold up his hand in defense.

"What's going on, man?" he insisted, "You're definitely off your rocker. Tell me." I sighed. I knew Joey enough to know that he wouldn't let it go until I told him something.

"Believe me; you really don't wanna know," I said, shaking my head. But he picked up another mug, filled it with coffee and sat down on a barstool.

"Try me." I shook my head again. "Come on, it can't be that bad. Tell me."

"You keep your mouth shut..." He put his hand on his heart.

"Cross my heart, hope to die."

"Okay... how's having sex with the boss rank? Pretty bad, huh?" I said.

Edited for continuity and flow reasons.
andr0gene 2004-Present; All Rights Reserved
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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Ross seduced him and left him ! I didn't believe my own eyes the first time I read this chapter, and I'm still utterly pissed the third time around. They had awesome sex and even trusted each other enough to bareback, and then Ross leaves without an explanatin - not even a note (unless Mark overlooked it somehow). Bastard.

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How about leaving a note telling why you had to leave so suddenly, Ross? Not a nice wake up for Mark :unsure:

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Despite having read this story a couple of years ago , before one could acknowledge and comment on your mobile, this chapter remains a shocker ! Wake your lover up before you leave , it’s a common courtesy !! I like Ross and his assertiveness but he needs to think before he acts ! A world of uncertainty and doubt could be left in the wake of his actions!

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