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Never walk alone - 8. Chapter 8

Sorry about the delay in posting this chapter. Life has been a bit crazy this week.

The boys get to know their new baby.

Andrew and Ryan spent the next four hours examining every nook and cranny on the boat. The yachtbuilders had all left after Steve had arranged to be back at 07h00 the following morning to go out to sea on the sea trials. Years of experience had taught Steve that new owners wanted the boat to themselves immediately after launch and had left Andrew and Ryan to explore the boat.

They started at the bows and slowly worked towards the stern, opening every locker and examining what was in the locker, discovering where and what everything was. They tested the trampolines, walking and jumping on them, before laying on their backs, staring up at the blue sky, grinning like idiots. Ryan went up onto the saloon roof, using the steps built into the front of the saloon coachwork, and had a good look at the mast and the mainsail, fittings, and ropes. Andrew leaned back against the stainless steel deck rail, very happy with the solid feel of the railing as opposed to the cable railings that most other sailing yachts were fitted with. They decided not to go up the mast to have a look at all the electronic gear attached to it, but to leave that for another day.

Moving back towards the stern, they tested the safety rails on the sides of the saloon roof and had a brief look at the solar panels that were installed flush into the saloon roof, before going down onto the stern scoops to open the hatches situated there to poke their heads into the engine bays. They also checked that all the water toys they had purchased were on board. These included a huge three seater, inflatable tube that could be towed by the dinghy, two inflatable kayaks, two small water scooters, waterskis and snorkeling masks and flippers. They had decided to purchase scuba gear when they wanted to go to warmer waters.

Then going up the scoop steps, they made themselves comfortable in the aft cockpit taking it all in. Andrew rose to his feet, walked over to the cushioned seat just behind the helm station and lifted it, revealing an ice cooler stocked with beers, wine and soft drinks and mentally thanked Steve for his foresight. He pulled out two Heineken beers, opened them and handed one to Ryan

"To us and 'Belle Catherine'. Kind winds and fair weather!"

Sipping at their beers, they walked into the yacht and continued on their discovery tour, moving throughthe saloon and galley and into all the cabins and the adjoining bathrooms. As the finished up in the master cabin, Andrew looked around and abruptly sat down on the end of the bed, looked at Ryan and tears coursed down his face.

"She's beautiful! I cannot believe that she is finished. My mom would have loved her".

Ryan sat next to him and drew him into a side hug, letting Andrew lay his head on his shoulder, comforting him.

"She's a fitting tribute to your mom and I'm sure she would have been very happy and proud".

Andrew sniffed and nodded his head, emotion choking him, preventing him from speaking. They sat there quietly for a few minutes listening to the faint hum of the air conditioning and electrics and the slap of the water against the hull.

"How about, instead of eating out tonight, we just have dinner on board", Ryan said. "We can do a quick shopping run and cook ourselves, or we can order in and have it delivered to us here".

Andrew nodded his head, not moving it from Ryan shoulder.
"Hmmmm, good idea. Romantic dinner for two. Can set the table in the cockpit and we can have some wine. We can't drink too much liquor, we have to be up early for the sea trials. But, yes, that would be just perfect for our first night on board. And I'll cook"

As luck would have it, the stores were literally just two blocks away from the pier, so they locked up the saloon doors and strolled into town for the shopping. After some discussion they decided on seafood - fresh East Coast soles , as well as all the extras Andrew required for the meal.They also purchased some croissants and pastries, fresh crispy bread rolls, shaved beef and ham, a selection of cheeses, tomatoes, lettuce and avocado, as well as some crackers, preserves, fresh fruit and fruit juice for the following day.

"I think with what we have here, plus what is already on the boat, we should have something for everyone to eat tomorrow", Andrew stated firmly.

Ryan grinned at him impishly.

"Yeah, I think we do. We have enough food here and on the boat for a transatlantic crossing".

Andrew glared at him before punching him on the arm.

"Shut up you, you'll be the first one to complain when you don't get enough food. Tomorrow's going to be a long day!"

On the way back to the harbour, they passed another bakery that displayed some pecan nut pies in the window. Andrew couldn't resist, so three pies were added to their purchases as well. Back on the yacht, they packed the purchases away and dropped the protective mesh around the aft cockpit to provide some privacy. Andrew then set the table with a white cloth, new silverware, crockery and glassware as well as a candlelamp and a small vase with a single carnation.

As the fish and the asparagus would only take a few minutes to cook, Andrew put the potatoes on to boil. Ryan had, in the interim, put out two sun loungers on the foredeck and made some sundowner cocktails and the two men relaxed and watched the sun go down in the west. The atmosphere was very peaceful, the harbour settled for the night, with just a few lights showing on a few of the fishing boats at their berths around them. Behind them, the lights of the town glowed brightly.

Ryan stood up, moved to the helm and flicked a switch and 'Belle Catherine' lit up in the darkness. All her deck lights glowed, the saloon lights shone warmly through the windows and lights shone through the portholes in the hulls. But even better, the water around the boat glowed blue green from the underwater lights in the hulls. Andrew caught his breath at the magical scene before him.

"Oh wow, that's amazing. I love those underwater lights", going back to the cockpit as well to check on the potatoes.

Ryan grinned at him. "Yeah, they're great, aren't they. I'll put the loungers away and we can get ready for

They went their separate ways and soon mouthwatering aromas wafted from the galley onto the aft deck. The overhead deck lights had been dimmed down and the candlelamp was glowing warmly. Soft music played from the deck speakers, and Ryan had just opened a bottle of Southern Right Sauvignon Blanc when Andrew appeared with two steaming plates. The soles had been grilled and lay in a light garlic and lemon butter cream sauce, accompanied by buttered new potatoes, asparagus and roasted cherrytomatoes. They dined, chatting quietly, sipping the wine and just enjoying the comfortable intimacy. It was an evening neither would ever forget. Andrew cleared the plates to the dishwasher and soon the aroma of coffee signalled the pot was brewing. With coffee came warmed pecan nut pie with thick cream. Just heaven! They relaxed, sipping coffee for a while, before Ryan rose, cleared the remaining dishes to the washer and turned it on. He came back out, took Andrews hands and pulled him up towards him.

"That was awesome. What say we close up, go have a shower and get some shut - eye? I don't know about you, but the day, and the wine is catching up on me. And we have another big day tomorrow."

"Me too, I am rather tired. Too much excitement for one day, I think."

Together they cleared the table, made sure the mooring ropes were secure, zippered up the drop-down screen and turned off all the main deck lights, except for the spotlight in the masthead that shone down onto the deck. Then they secured the saloon security gate, and leaving the main doors slightly ajar so that that breeze could move through the yacht, activated the intruder alert, and retired to the master cabin where they showered together, each gently and lovingly washing the other. There was nothing sexual in the ritual, but it was erotic. A statement of love, friendship and companionship that was like an old robe, comfortably wrapping them in the warmth of there love. Then, laying on the new bed for the first time, Andrew spooned into Ryan's body and sleep soon engulfed them both. It had been an exciting, tumultuous day.

The sea trial did not start well - they both overslept, having neglected to set the wake up alarm. Instead, both were rudely awakened by the intruder alert sounding, when Steve activated the motion sensors as he stepped onto the stern scoop to board, having hailed them and getting no reply.

They both scrambled out of the bed, shrugged into their shorts and bolted up the stairs into the saloon, to find a widely grinning Steve on the other side of the security gate.

"Sorry", Andrew croaked, cleared his throat and tried again. "Sorry Steve, we're a little late. Your beds are obviously far too comfortable", he smiled sheepishly then glared up at the speakers in the ceiling. "Let me just get this damned alarm. Too noisy for so early in the morning", then looked up again as blessed silence fell. He turned his head to see Ryan beat him to it and had moved over to the control board and entered the code to deactivate the sensors and alarm. Ryan nudged him saying,

"Drew, are you going to let Steve stay on the other side of the security gate all day", grinning at him.

Andrews eyes widened and he glared at Ryan as he coloured with embarrassment. "Shut it smart mouth! Not a morning person!" and unlocked the gate. Steve roared with laughter and stepped into the saloon.

"Apologies for waking you up. We did say 07 00 didn't we?"

"Yeah, we did. Someone didn't set the wake up alarm", Andrew said, looking pointedly at Ryan.

Ryan just shrugged his shoulders and grinned. "My bad, just forgot".

Andrew rubbed his hands over his face and shook his head.

"OK, let's get organised here. Ryan, please would you get me a T-shirt then go have a quick shower. I'll get the coffee machine and hot water started, and get some breakfast going". He looked around Steve. "How many of your guys will be with us today?"

"Just myself and Neil, our chief engineer".

Ryan appeared with a t-shirt for Andrew before disappearing into the starboard hull again for his shower. Andrew shrugged on the shirt, stepped into the galley and started turning on appliances, just as a voice was heard from the pier,

"Permission to come aboard?"

Andrew poked his head around the corner, glancing into the aft cockpit, to see Neil standing on the dock.

He chuckled and replied, "Hi Neil, good morning. Permission granted!", then turned to Steve. "I've been
wanting to say that for a while now. Make yourself comfortable Neil, coffee won't be long. Or would you prefer tea?"

"Tea would be great, thank you".

"What can I get for you Steve?"

"Coffee for me. I'm the proverbial coffee pot."

"That goes for me and tea."

Andrew made them all something hot to drink, including a mug of coffee for Ryan, then pulled a packet of bacon out of the fridge, arranged the strips on a baking sheet, and popped the bacon into the oven. Just then, Ryan appeared from below, hair still damp and looking refreshed.

"Right, what do you want me to do?"

"Um, drink your coffee while it's still hot. Keep an eye on the bacon in the oven. Cover it and put it on the warmer when it's done. Keep these two company. I'm going to freshen up"

Steve looked over at Neil and said, "They overslept this morning. I woke them up when I set off the intruder motion sensors."

"Ah, that explains why Andrew's looking a bit frazzled. At least we won't have to check the intruder sensors. We know they work," he laughed.

"Funny man," muttered Andrew, "I'm going below. See you in a few."

Just as he stepped into the shower, Andrew sensed a slight vibration under his feet and heard the muted rumble of the engines kicking into life, followed by the slightly louder rumble of the generator that was just over his head before settling down to a, not unpleasant, soft hum. They were obviously recharging the batteries to full charge to replace what was used during in night. He showered quickly, dressed in board shorts and a polo shirt and glanced around the cabin which, he noticed, Ryan had tidied up when he had been down to change. He cracked open the overhead hatches on the ceiling of the cabin and hung the damp towels over the rail to dry and air, then returned to the saloon.

The other three men had moved into the aft cockpit, with Ryan sitting in the helm seat, and Steve and Neil standing on either side of him. Ryan looked very pleased with himself, his eyes shining bright blue. Andrew glanced at the digital clock that showed 07.30, amazed at what they had accomplished in just thirty minutes.

"Let's get his show on the road. What's next on the list?"
Ryan turned to him saying,

"Babe, how about you get us something to eat. Steve and Neil can handle the mooring ropes and we can set sail asap"

"OK, but I want to stay here until we are through the harbour mouth. What is the plan for today, Steve?"

"OK, we can motor out of the harbour and sail for about an hour on the motors, first both, then one at a time. This is just to check that both motors are functioning as they should. After that, and depending on the wind, we can cut the motors and raise the sails and see what she can do under sail. We'll try to sail her under all the sail configurations, again, depending on the wind. It's very light at the moment, but the forecast says it will freshen through the morning. While we are doing that, Neil will be checking the batteries and electrics, water maker, bilge pumps, electronics etc."

Andrew nodded and looked at Ryan, saying impishly, "Carry on, captain," and sat in the second helm seat next to Ryan.

Steve and Neil moved to the stern ropes and untied them, coiling them into their housings, while Ryan gently pushed the throttles forward to nudge the boat away from the dock and get some slack on the bow anchor. Steve and Neil walked forward to the bows and using the remote control at the helm, Ryan raised the anchor into it's housing on the foredeck. Steve yelled,

"We're clear, take her away."
Ryan pushed forward on the throttles and Belle Catherine powered slowly way from the dock, before turning gracefully to starboard towards to harbour mouth. There was no port control, so Ryan just radioed on the general frequency that they were underway and proceeding to sea. Ryan then turned to port and took them through the harbour mouth and onto the lagoon. He added more power and they surged forward on the mirror calm waters of the lagoon, heading for the channel between the Knysna Heads that would take them out to sea.

Andrew returned to the galley and started preparing breakfast. He placed the bacon on a platter and returned the platter to the warmer. Then he halved tomatoes and sat them on the same baking tray the bacon had been on with some small link sausages and four large brown mushrooms that he drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper and some fresh oregano, before placing the tray back into the oven. He went out and placed a bright patterned cloth on the aft table and set the table with cutlery, side plates and juice glasses.

Andew went to stand next to Ryan as they negotiated the tricky exit from the lagoon, the channel being quite narrow and always fairly rough due to the strong current running through it.

Returning to the galley, he added some foil wrapped croissants to the oven, and made some toast, which he also kept warm. Finally he made another pot of coffee and filled a pot with hot water for tea.

Meanwhile, the trials had been proceeding without a hitch. Ryan , under Steve's guidance, had slowly been increasing power to the engines, and Andrew was aware that the engine rumble was more pronounced than before. Not particularly louder, but more assertive, almost. Andrew went out on deck and moved forward to the bows, feeling the wind from their forward motion blowing on his face. He would later be given a photograph that Steve had had taken of that moment. Andrew, standing on the trampoline, barefoot, his face lifted up into the wind. On the back he had written 'Andrew's King of the World moment'. After a while he felt the boat slow down slightly and the slight vibrations from the engines lessened noticeably. He walked back to the helm and noticed that Ryan had pulled the power back on both engines. Then Steve said,

"Cut the starboard engine and increase power on the port engine to 75% and run it for fifteen minutes. Then do the same on the starboard engine."

"Sorry to interrupt, breakfast is ready."

"OK. Ryan, set the autopilot for a course straight ahead. The bay is clear, there's nothing around us. And set the proximity alert to warn us, just to be safe. Then let her run while we eat. We're right here should it be needed."

Andrew went to the galley and fired up the hob to make eggs, while Ryan did as instructed with Steve walking him through the new equipment as needed. Once they were both happy with the course that had been laid in, Steve called Neil up from below where he had been checking the water maker.

Ryan helped Andrew by getting fruit juice from the fridge and placing the toast on the table. Finally, Andrew removed the tray from the oven and placed the contents on the platter with the bacon. Then he placed a pan of lightly scrambled eggs on the warmer as well

"Breakfast is served, gentlemen. Help yourselves"

They all filled their plates and sat at the table and chatted while they ate. When the plates were empty, Andrew packed them into the dishwasher, and took the warm croissants out along with preserves, some cheese and cream cheese, and the coffee and tea.

Ryan had, in the interim, changed engines, and they were now on the starboard engine, with the port engine shut down. Andrew noticed, with some amazement, that the difference in speed between both engines
running and one engine running was only 1.5knots.

Once breakfast was over, Ryan went back to the helm, leaving the autopilot activated, while Andrew cleared up. He came back to the helm saying to Steve,

"That's something else you don't have to check. The dishwasher! Works like a dream. We used it last night as well. Perfectly clean this morning."

Steve looked at his I-Pad and ticked off an item. "Thanks, noted."

After three hours of motoring, there came a big moment. Steve turned to Ryan and said,

"Time to really sail her. Turn into the wind, and cut power until we're just making way. Then we can hoist the main sail."

Ryan did as instructed, turned, cut power, and selecting the appropriately marked rope in front of him, wound it around the electric winch on his left, Andrew standing next to him, his face animated with excitement. Taking the remote control, Ryan pressed a button, the winch whirred and the huge mainsail rose majestically to the top of the mast. It cracked once in the freshening wind and filled. Almost immediately, they sensed the boat start picking up speed again. Steve nodded and smiled in satisfaction.

"Nicely done. Now cut the engine."
Ryan pulled the throttle back and turned the key to cut the engine. The silence was amazing. Andrew looked around, astonished.

"Oh my god. I thought that the engines really don't make a lot of noise. Until you turn them off and you just have the wind. It's amazing!" And he was right. The only sounds were the wind and the ocean burbling at the bottom of the scoops.

"I wish we never had to use the engines. This is sailing!"

For the rest of the morning they sailed southeast, testing all the sails, anchoring in a sheltered cove down the coast for a lunch of cold cuts, cheese, tomato, avocado, pickles and relishes on crispy rolls and washed down with soft drinks.

After lunch, they tested the dinghy and the dinghy deployment system. The dinghy was stored on the transom, aft of the cockpit. It was deployed via a remote controlled carbon fibre 'crane' that was housed within the mainsail boom. The crane slid out of the boom over the stern. Straps were attached to four points on the dinghy and the straps were then attached to the crane hook. Then using the remote control from the helm station, the dinghy was lifted up off its cradle and lowered into the water. It was then secured to the stern and the crane was re-stored back into the boom.

At the same time, they tested the air pumps by inflating two kayaks and the huge inflatable towing tube. The tube was attached to the dinghy and Ryan took the rest for a spin around the cove.
Fortunately, Steve and Neil had come prepared with swimming gear, as they were all dripping wet by the time they returned to the boat including Ryan who had taken his turn on the tube while Steve piloted the dinghy. Needless to say, a fun time was had by all. Back at the boat, the dinghy was safely secured in its cradle and the water toys had been deflated, washed down with fresh water and packed away. Then it was time to sail back to the harbour. For Andrew, the leg back to harbour was one he would always remember.

As they motored out of the cove, they noticed that the wind had freshened even more and was blowing directly from behind them. Ryan looked at Steve and enquired,

"Do you think we could fly the spinnaker? I think the wind is perfect for it, and it's the only sail we haven't had up yet."

Steve nodded. "Yeah, I agree. Let's see what she can do with the spinnaker up."

He took the helm and Ryan moved forward to the forward sail locker. Opening the locker, he pulled out the top of the spinnaker, that was stored in a long cover, like a sausage. Attaching the top of the 'sausage' to a rope, he pulled the rest of the sail out of the locker and attached two ropes to cleats on each bottom corner. Then standing well clear, he pulled on the rope attached to the top and the 'sausage' lifted free of the sail and as it lifted, the sail unfurled and billowed out ahead of them with a good snap. Andrew gasped in awe.

The huge triangular sail, white, with dark blue chevron shapes on it was a sight to behold. It was, as far as he was concerned, simply beautiful. 'Belle Catherine' seemed to fly. She picked up speed dramatically and flew over the water as she raced home reaching what proved to be her top speed of fifteen knots. It was the most exhilarating thing Andrew had ever done, and something he would enjoy many times afterwards.
What had taken all of the morning, in distance, to cover, they accomplished in just two and a half hours, and shortly before sunset, just as the wind started to drop, the motored back into harbour and tied up again to spend the night.

Steve and Neil both expressed their complete satisfaction with the sea trial. In fact, they were ecstatic. Steve signed off on the sea trial and finally the boat was completely theirs. Andrew handed Steve the final payment, adding his thanks for a job well done, and then Steve and Neil disembarked after arranging to meet the guys for dinner in town, and Ryan and Andrew disappeared below to thoroughly christen their new baby.

Two days later, having provisioned, topped up the diesel tanks for the engines, and the freshwater tanks, they sailed for Cape Town. The weather was predicted to be favourable with winds from the northeast, so it would follow them down the coast. The sun had just peeked over the eastern horizon, the sky was almost cloudless and the sea was calm. They had planned on six days to Cape Town, taking it easy with a stop in Hermanus to pick up Paul and Marie and Ryan's sister Donna and her boyfriend, Craig who were flying down from Johannesburg. David and Janice had declined the invitation due to them being involved in their church camp that weekend.

The weekend was a long weekend and Andrew and Ryan had invited their guests to join them for the final two legs to Cape Town. They would be driven to Hermanus in the lodge bus, overnight at a bed & breakfast compliments of the owners, who were friendly with Andrew and Paul, then join the yacht just after 10am on Sunday morning if all went as planned, and then sail to Cape Town, arriving on Tuesday midmorning. Andrew had arranged for a berth in the Waterfront Marina with the authorities and arranged for the lodge minivan to be on hand to collect them on arrival.

During the intervening days following the sea trial, Ryan had taken them sailing and given Andrew an intensive course in sailing and navigation so they could share watches during the voyage to Cape Town. It was by no means perfect, but it gave Andrew enough initial knowledge to, at least, enable Ryan to get some rest. A bed was made up in the saloon, so that either one was close at hand should he be needed while not on watch.

Ryan stressed that if they were out on the deck, safety harnesses and pfd's (personal flotation devices) were to be used at all times and especially at night. They decided to stand five hour watches so that the same person was not on watch at the same time every day.

Everything went according to plan and the trip passed uneventfully. Andrew found the watch keeping tough for the first two days until his body clock adjusted to the changes and he realised how much he enjoyed the quiet times in the dead if night, when it was just him, the boat, the wind and the sea. He revelled in the nature around them. The moon shining brightly in the clear skies, throwing a path ahead of them. The bio-luminescence as the yacht cut through the water. The myriad of stars before the moonrise. The sunrise in the morning. And the dolphins that accompanied them during the day. They would swim for hours just ahead of the bows or alongside the hulls, jumping, playing and squeaking with exuberance. It was a magical experience that he would always treasure.

It was also during those quiet, dark night watches, that he realised just how much the man he could see sleeping in the darkened saloon meant to him. He realised that his life could never be the same without Ryan there with him, and tears filled his eyes as emotion overcame him. When Ryan appeared next to him just before 06h00 with a mug of tea, he slid off the helm seat and put his arms around Ryan, pulling him close. He breathed in his husbands scent. He had obviously just showered, and smelled of sandalwood from the shower body wash they used on the yacht. But mingled with that was the aroma that was just uniquely Ryan. He sniffed and tightened his hold on Ryan, who, realising his love was a bit emotional, pulled back slightly to see his face.

"Hey, hey, hey, what's the matter? What brought this on?"

"I've been sitting here thinking just how lucky I am. I know that sounds strange having lost my folks, but they left me well provided for, I will never want for anything. I have the lodge, I have great friends, now I have this boat, but most importantly of all, I have you. I've come to realise just how much you mean to me how much you do for me and how much I need you in my life. If anything happened to you,it would kill me. I don't know if I would have the strength to carry on."

Ryan lifted his hands and placed them on either side of Andrew's face. He gently placed a kiss on Andrew's forehead, then on his lips.

"Well, let me assure you, I'm not planning on going anywhere without you. Everything you just said, I can say ditto. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would get to love someone like you. You and me, we're more than friends, more than lovers. We are soul mates. It was all said at the wedding. You and I were destined to be together. That much I do know! Now, you're tired, and you've got yourself all tied in knots. Drink your tea and go take a nap. When you have rested, had a shower and feel more human, we can talk again. How's that sound?"

"God, you're always so practical and level headed. Thank you for being so patient with me. I know my parents accident has left scars and that they will always be a part of me. Just know that you are helping those scars to heal. They're no longer the raw wounds they were. Having you in my life has helped me to heal. I know they'll never be completely gone, but they will fade until they are not so noticeable anymore."

He let go of Ryan and walked to the door of the saloon where he stopped and turned his head to look at him. He smiled and said softly,

"I love you".
Ryan smiled in return. "And I love you more"

Andrew raised his eyebrows. "We'll have to see about that." and walked into the saloon.

Ryan checked their course and the weather, then he stepped out onto the sidedeck, clipped his safety harness onto the rail and walked forward to check the sails and the lines. Once that was done, he sat back down in the helm seat, sipped his coffee and contemplated the conversation they had just had. He finally came to the conclusion that he was one very lucky man!

After that night, the guys would often just sit, cuddled close together and talk, or just enjoy the closeness. They made up a bed in the cockpit, just so that they could be even closer to the one on watch. The weather was perfect, if a little chilly at night. They enclosed the aft cockpit, leaving just the entrance to the transom open, to provide some protection from the wind. Often, the one not on watch would stay at the helm with the other and they would cuddle close for warmth, with blankets wrapped around them. It was a time that helped cement and strengthen their love. It was a special time and they were both very content.

Thanks again for reading folks, and for all the encouraging comments.

Copyright © 2020 Andre Delport; All Rights Reserved.
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Awesome chapter, so we sail and everything went really well, and a really great way to get the best out both the land based resorts and the new boat, 

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A wonderful chapter. The sea trial of Belle Catherine, and the journey back to South Africa gives us a little more insight into Andrew and Ryan's relationship as it strengthens.

Now we await the Lodge expansion, and the yacht's guests.



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Beautiful chapter,that closeness between the boys I experienced myself with my partner. So yes that feeling can make you emotional. Everyone hopes that that will stay with you for Ever but that’s not going to be happening. I’v lost my’n after 20 years almost 10 years ago when he died. But you will never be alone because he /she will always be with you in your heart ❤️ 

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Amazing chapter, you write so well about sailing, it was as if I was on the cat with them. With the lodge enlargement now including a spar, what new adventures are ahead, I can't wait to read.

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The sea trial checked everything out, now the guys get a little alone time to learn about their boat and each other.  A very loving chapter.

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This is freedom this is cementing a relationship between to people who love each other.

Beautyfull chapter.🥰

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