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  1. KayDeeMac

    Nailing Studs

    Another great chapter and I'm pretty sure Sean will be a BIG hit! I'm enjoying all the "ginger" talk because I'm one also and my husband loves it!!
  2. KayDeeMac

    Planting Seeds

    Well it's my opinion that Colt was madly in love with Sam which included some early consensual sexual experimentation. Sam's subsequent outright rejection and outing of Colt was completely devastating to him and it took several years ( and relationships) to finally let go!! Coming home just brought the feelings back to a boiling point that was long overdo!! Sam, being rather flippant and dismissive about it, was certainly not the best avenue of approach!!
  3. KayDeeMac

    Lifting Weights

    Another great start that has already grabbed my interest. I simply love your stories Carlos!!
  4. I will simply say ditto to what tesao stated so perfectly. You continue to amaze me with your talent! I am definitely in the saddle to ride along with the boys in this new adventure. Thank you Geoff!! David
  5. KayDeeMac

    Group Therapy

    Yes I totally concur - a GREAT chapter that was worth the wait!! It looks like this small family from Texas is going to have a new home in SF with all the right people. Thanks you Aceinthehole! I love this story!!
  6. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 4

    Mine was just as fast and we just celebrated our 44th anniversary last week!!
  7. Another great finale!! And I'm with Wesley - so glad for the news on upcoming sequels of the boys!! You are a truly gifted writer Geoff and one of my favorite authors here at GA! Thank you!!!!
  8. KayDeeMac


    I believe Mason will be the light that gives Rhys the opportunity to open up his mind and heart and truly take control of his life!!!
  9. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 17

    Alright! Two gay guys are going to foster JJ. And so close to Danny - Perfect!! Now we just need to figure out how to get Chris/John to accept Andy all will be good!! I absolutely love this story. Thank you Mancunian!!
  10. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 10

    There is only ONE answer = ALI !!!
  11. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 7

    Yes Jamie needs to LISTEN to Ali and put the pieces together and come up with they were sabotaged by both family and (so-called) friends!!!!!
  12. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 6

    OMG - you have successfully riled up everybody! Let's get these boys together soon!!!!
  13. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 5

    Yea - my guess is it's DEAR OLE DAD found the letters and exploded!!
  14. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 4

    I have to agree with Bft! He Ali/Cameron is still deep in the closet but is probably remorseful that he went along with the "gang" that was bullying James!! But, he was with a homophobic group at the bar prior to their hookup so, he still has issues!! It's a great story and I look forward to more more more!!
  15. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 3

    I agree this is flowing perfectly!!!
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