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  1. KayDeeMac

    A Happy Camper

    Yes Hunter is doing the right thing and I believe his Mother actually appreciates his efforts. Now - Dad is a totally different story!! He will be a very lonely old man!!! As always, Great Writing Geoff. Thank you very much!!
  2. KayDeeMac

    Dark Chills

    WOW! Great chapter Laura! I loved the line from Po to Levine ..... "it would be fatso" -- classic! I believe Billy just overheard Mason talking to Toby a few times and put 2and2 together and I concur, Billy is probably FBI or some other law enforcement agency! And now - "gloved hands" ??? Great suspense Laura, thank you!
  3. This is my second reading and it was just as good - if not better - than my first read. I wasn't doing much commenting back then but now I want to say this to you Parker, you have an amazing talent that can transport readers to believing they are an actual participant of the scenario! I actually felt the pain - the sorrow - the helplessness - the fearfulness - the hopefulness - and yes, the fulfillment! A to Z is easily one of my all time favorite stories. Bravo to you Parker and Thank You!!
  4. KayDeeMac


    OK - Rita is very good at sidestepping her financial obligations! Red flags should be going up in Ricks mind! Also a lot of intrigue about the relationship of Helena and Gus! Great story Parker - thank you!
  5. Yep - a very good chapter with a few "telling" points for both our boys. I'm optimistically seeing a tighter bond developing from the near death experience they both felt! Those kinds of experiences have a way of making everyone take a step back and reconsider what really matters and what is important in life!! Great great writing Gary!! Thanks, David.
  6. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 33

    My second reading and I believe I enjoyed it more this time than the first time! Thank you Ron!!
  7. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 24

    A wonderfully powerful story that touched my heart and brought me to tears. I have witnessed over the years an increasing tolerance but bigotry and hate are still too prevalent. A great read Ronyx! Thank you!!! David
  8. I believe I know what Mason saw in the pendant - but I'm not going to be the spoiler here! Fantastic intrigue with numerous crumbs of clues! Cachondeo was very astute in picking up on the "stain" on the cue stick, I really am enjoying this story Laura - thank you so much!! David
  9. Definitely more like edging!!! Great stuff Laura - thank you! David
  10. KayDeeMac

    Grand Opening

    As always - excellent Carlos! Thank you !
  11. KayDeeMac

    Planting Seeds

    Well I respectively have to disagree. For Sam to simply barge into Colt's space and pretend nothing was wrong was insensitive and egotistical on his part. He had devastated their long term friendship and was being self-serving to suppose things were OK!
  12. All great comments! Escape is the key word for me as well during these crazy crazy days. I am thankful for excellent writers like you Gary that transport my mind to other, less stressful, venues. Great chapter, the dialect is perfect and I am soooooo happy the boys are back together.
  13. Well what can I add to all these wonderful comments - you'll probably remember my rant about separating the boys in the first place but now I can say you brought me back to some sense of peace. The last two chapters were so well written that I found myself actually holding my breath and then sighing with relief! You have a wonderful ability to craft a visual so strong, so realistic and so believable that it becomes heart wrenching and then again heart warming. Great work Gary - thank you!! David
  14. KayDeeMac

    Die Forelle

    Rita certainly does have a long reach! I believe she lives far beyond her means and has a drinking problem as well! Rick and Gus do seem to have some chemistry but Rick is a country boy with self worth issues - probably exacerbated by his overbearing father! But I am loving this story and excited to see the developing relationship between Gus and Rick! Great stuff Parker - thank you!!
  15. KayDeeMac


    Definitely raising some red flags about Rita's exact intensions and her solvency! I absolutely loved the conversation with Isolde!!!
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