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  1. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 10

    No critique from me - I'm just enjoying the story. I am thoroughly engrossed with the interactions between Andrew and Aubrey!!! There is definitely ELECTRICITY !!!
  2. KayDeeMac

    Prime Premiere

    LMAS - Onesy!! Great story Carlos. Again, thank you!
  3. Damnnnn!! Don't fuck with me fella!! Glad Paco got what he deserved.
  4. KayDeeMac

    Happy Hour

    I believe Grandpa is simply showing equal respect for his "grandsons" and total acceptance to Tony and his lifestyle by offering him an opportunity as he did with Dante! Hopefully the Russians boys will heed their grandpa's wishes. Great chapter Carlos. Thank you.
  5. KayDeeMac

    Late Lunch

    I have to agree with Will. You are a great author and I truly love all your work! And as always, I'm definitely "hooked" on this one. Great character development.
  6. Well we are now well educated on the age of consent. Great chapter Geoff - but more drama!!!???
  7. Wow!!! Johnny has got to pull through!!!
  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is right! Yep definitely a major cliffhanger! I hope the policeman at the door nails asshole-grandpa!!
  9. KayDeeMac

    A New Family

    Another great chapter!
  10. Yes the proverbial shit has hit the fan but its still going to be flying when they discover the extent of Simon's voyeurisms!!! Finally!! I am so happy Zack is back and will hopefully become a fixture in JJ's future. Mom will no doubt be there as well. GREAT chapter Geoff - Loved it!!!!
  11. KayDeeMac


    Yep it's good that JJ has his Mom's back in the picture. Glad she left the A-hole father (Minister - What an oxymoron that is !!!!) Still a lot of "stuff" for JJ to settle but he has a good support network plus Mom now! Good story Geoff! Thank you.
  12. WOW - never saw that coming!! I don't think suicide though - probably too much bubbly and feeling sorry for himself as JJ sang to him. We'll just have to see where Geoff goes with this! I was surprised the TV guys did not discover the camera(s)???
  13. YEP ! The television installation is going to be a real "show-n-tell" !!! Bring on the drama Geoff
  14. KayDeeMac

    JJ Cobb (Part 3)

    I doubt the videographers could withstand the heat to actually make a porn film!! Yes Simon does have some redeeming qualities BUT, he is still very creepy!!
  15. KayDeeMac

    JJ Cobb (Part 2)

    Very well said Will !!
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