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  1. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 9

    "Barney" - I love the nickname. It suits her! I still think she has a hidden agenda and is using Benji!
  2. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 8

    Yes something is definitely up with Ben! Probably has Gwen written all over it along with money problems and Ben not working the previous evening because Ryan was there to distract him! I do not like nor do i trust that woman!!
  3. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 19

    Yes we will see where the Mother's true feelings align! Somehow I feel she will not believe her brother is capable of any wrong doings and will cast doubt on what Bobby has to say!!! Great great story CL Jobe! Thank you!
  4. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 18

    Yes what comes around will eventually win! I also agree Uncle a-hole is a better description than 5%! What I can't wrap my head around is the sister that sticks up for him over her own son!!!!!
  5. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 17

    Yes I have every confidence that Bobby will shine and be an exemplary student. This, first for himself - but also, to just rub salt in the faces of Mom and Uncle5%!!! Dad will be extremely happy!!
  6. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 16

    Tea was never my choice - Ice Tea yes - but in the morning I NEED my coffee!! I started drinking morning coffee in the 9th grade - much to my Mother's chagrin!!
  7. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 14

    My husband and lived in a condo right on the beach in Florida for several years. We loved the fresh smell of the ocean breeze and we often left the sliding glass doors open - but - that salt air is HELL on electronics!!
  8. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 13

    Yes - I think Bobby is going to love having a "little brother" !
  9. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 12

    Kev could be right. Pandemics are not new. They have been happening for thousands of years! Maybe culling - who knows!!!
  10. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 11

    Successful presentation - now comes the squabble over the cost and who pays for this equipment.
  11. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 10

    There is bound to be a blow-up over the scholarship money. Let's just hope that Dad can be the mediator between Mom and Uncle 5%! Something about that Uncle does not ring true! He has ulterior motives I'm sure!! Pete may need to update his resume!
  12. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 7

    Yes I agree there will probably be trouble in paradise when Bobby gets his scholarship letter. Not sure of the family dynamics between Uncle Mark and Mom - but Dad seems to be on his side as well as Chaz. The cottage for Bobby is a sound investment that can always be sold ay a later date. Great story!
  13. KayDeeMac

    Heavenly Mother

    I shutter to think how many children are put through situations like these. Some people should NOT be parents!
  14. I also read all three stories back-to-back and thoroughly enjoyed each one. I also have to agree with Mawgrim it's unbelievable there still is -to this day- a fair amount of people who believe being gay is a choice, my father being one of them!
  15. KayDeeMac


    Yes I have to reconsider my previous comments! Jared is really having a difficult time and just seems to make things worse every day!!
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