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  1. This story has definitely got my attention. Jonathan is persistent and I'm going to give him the benefit of doubt for the time being. He does seem genuine in his concern for Jason's self-destructive behavior! His parents should be horse-whipped and who knows what went on in Scotland!
  2. KayDeeMac


    A wonderful ending Wayne - thank you so much for a truly heart-wrenching but loving story! You are a master at writing great stories and I have the utmost respect for your talent! AGAIN - THANK YOU!! David
  3. KayDeeMac

    Con Moto

    WTF INDEED!!! I'm with Carlos in that some idiots don't like what color they see and create immeasurable harm and often terrible outcomes and consequences! I'll bring the ants Carlos !!
  4. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 24

    Another great chapter. I concur, we have lost a great deal of family virtues because of corporate greed and the constant pressure to succeed in a materialistic environment. Somehow our priorities have been misguided! Wonderful story!!
  5. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 22

    A beautiful chapter indeed! Yes - there could be repercussions but it was still a heartfelt sharing of feelings and an awareness of both Pietro and Sam as well as Ethan's appreciation of how well the entire delicate situation was handled! WE all need more openness to appreciate each other!! Great job drsawzall!!
  6. Very good and HOT start! I'm also hooked!! Thank you Gabriel.
  7. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 3

    Rape is rape regardless of the victim and Mayson should suffer to the fullest extent of the law! Maybe a "rusty" wire with that knife! Also I too caught the subtle hint about Olivia's discomfort! Interesting developments.
  8. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 2

    Mayson is a real jerk - he talks a lot about sexual encounters when he himself is sitting in the dorm room alone! And I believe Vicky is just a friend or perhaps a relative of Dale. Enjoying the story Frank, thank you!
  9. KayDeeMac

    Chapter 1

    I too enjoyed this chapter. Several ways the plot can go including the obnoxious roommate causing trouble! Great beginning for your first story here at Gay Authors. Welcome !!
  10. KayDeeMac

    Poissons d'Or

    A baseball cliffy !?! I am sure Zoltan will not be happy with these turn of events and will probably attempt to curtail meetings between Gus and Rick! Plus I have the distinct feeling Rita and Heinrick are "on deck" waiting to pounce!
  11. KayDeeMac


    Yes I thought about the cast but more importantly Gus not being a swimmer! This will be tricky for Rick but I have faith in him. After all "love conquers all"! Wonderful chapter and a very descriptive painting of their budding relationship. Thanks Parker!
  12. KayDeeMac


    Yes I concur with everyone - I believe Rita reeled Heinrich in hook, line and pocketbook! Just how much remains to be seen. More than likely - she no longer has an unpaid balance on the books for plumbing services!! I'm so glad Rick and Gus have connected. I too believe Jerry would be supportive of their relationship! Great, great story Parker! Thank you!
  13. KayDeeMac


    I also cheered "YES" !!! It was a wonderful journey to get to that kiss Parker. Great writing! Thank you!
  14. KayDeeMac


    Yes I have to agree - the "apron" brought moisture to me as well! Very well written Wayne - thank you so much!
  15. KayDeeMac


    Wow! Just WOW!! A turning point indeed for a lot of characters, especially Greg. Excellent writing Wayne - I think my BP went up several points reading this chapter.
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