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Never walk alone

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Andrew Devlin has three things he loves most. His parents, his only family, his boyfriend Ryan,  and the hospitality industry, his chosen career. When his parents are tragically killed, his biggest desire is to have a family of his own, to love and be loved. With assistance from a very large inheritance he sets about doing just that.

The story is my first major attempt at writing a book and is  semi-autobiographical, especially locations and most of the travels around the world.

It is mostly light reading, but there are one or two chapters where readers should apply caution. Those chapters will be prefaced with warnings when they are posted.

It is set mostly in Cape Town, South Africa and I hope readers will enjoy the many references  to my beautiful country.

Copyright © 2020 Andre Delport; All Rights Reserved.

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I have good news and bad news. Good news is I think you’re a very good story teller, and, in the most part, I am enjoying this very much. Bad news? Well the number of typos in all the chapters frustrated me ALMOST to the point of giving up. What you REALLY should do is get an editor, and do it before you post the next chapter!

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