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    Bill W
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The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 2 - Prologue. Background Information

Since this story is based on a previous story (Castaway Hotel: Next Generation), I will provide some background information about each of the characters appearing or mentioned in this book. This information is for you to reference, but I shall attempt to explain who they are when I mention them in this story so you won’t have to continually look characters up here.

I hope this helps you follow and understand the story better. This information is accurate for when this story begins, late August 2014.

                 *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Josh (Joshua James Currie) – 64-year old widower (August 18) with four grown children (2 boys, 2 girls). After his wife died, he decided to take in foster boys so he could help make their lives a little better. After adopting numerous boys and raising them, he's now passed the torch on to Danny and Brandon.

Jake (Jacob McCarthy) – 47 yo (January 21) Jake is Shannon’s biological father and Josh’s partner. Jake had married and tried to be straight, but it didn’t work. He and his wife divorced after she figured out his secret, and later she asked him to take Shannon too, after she threw her son out of the house when she learned he was gay. Jake and Shannon eventually met and became friends with the Curries, and they moved into the Currie house after Josh suffered a heart attack. Following some rough times with Josh’s biological children, the two of them had a commitment ceremony and became life partners.


Danny (Daniel Edward Roma Currie) – 30 yo (May 6) Danny was Josh’s second foster son (later adopted) and came to live with Josh when he was 13. This happened after his parents (mainly his father) kicked him out of their home after discovering Danny was gay. A few years later, Danny biological mother reached out to renew their relationship and Danny accepted.

As a teenager, Danny established a relationship with his best friend, Brandon O’Hara, who was also gay. They have since made a commitment to be life partners.

Danny is 6’ 1” (1.85 m), with brown hair, brown eyes, and an athletic build. He went to Penn State University and then the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, where he majored in Pediatric medicine. He is currently has his own Pediatric practice and runs a children's clinic with Brandon.

Brandon (Brandon Patrick O’Hara) – 30 yo (March 4) Brandon was Danny’s best friend, and when his father took a new job in Texas he came to live with the Curries, so he could finish school in Pennsylvania,. His parents agreed to this so he wouldn’t have to change schools in his senior year. He is also Danny’s life partner.

Brandon is 6’ 2” (1.88 m), with blond hair, brown eyes, and a slender build. He went to the University of Pittsburgh as an undergraduate, then attended dental college there as well, concentrating in pediatric dentistry. He is currently working as a dentist in the children's clinic he runs with Danny.

Elliot (Edward) Kennedy O'Hara-Currie – 18 yo (June 29) Elliot was out on a trip with his father when two men broke into the motel room and shot his father. Elliot escaped through a window in the bathroom, but wound up suffering from hypothermia. When discovered, he was taken to the E.R. where Danny was working at the time and Elliot ended up coming to live with him. Danny and Brandon adopted Elliot later.

Elliot is 5' 9" (1.75 m), with Black hair, blue eyes, and a slender athletic build. He is currently a freshman at Yale University.

Ian Parker Hill – Elliot's boyfriend – 18 yo (February 2) Ian's father (Cameron Hill) is a doctor (cardiologist) and used to work with Danny, and his mother's name is Erin. The boys met when they were on the swim team together.

Ian is 6' 0" (1.83 m), with blond hair, hazel eyes, and a swimmer's build. He's now a freshman at Stanford University.


Noah (Hunter) Emory O'Hara-Currie – 14 yo (November 4). Noah's father died from prostate cancer and his mother passed away from breast cancer. He came to live with Danny and Brandon when a colleague of Danny's told him about Noah, and they recently adopted him.

Noah is 5' 8" (1.73 m). with brown hair, gray eyes, and an average build. He's currently a freshman in high school.


Dion (Dion Jamal Jackson Currie) – 26 yo (November 27) Dion is another of Josh's adopted sons. He was born to teenage parents and raised by his grandmother. His mother took off after he was born and his father, a fireman, was killed fighting a fire. Dion grandmother raised him until she died, and then Sally Swarthout became his guardian. Since she was single and career oriented, she thought it would be better if Dion went to live with the Curries. Dion is bisexual and got a girl pregnant in high school and she was going to give the baby up for adoption. Dion talked Josh into helping him raise the baby, Joshie, who is currently living with the Curries. Dion and Trey, however, have since committed themselves to be life partners.

Dion is 5’ 11” (1.80 m), is bi-racial with black hair, brown eyes, and toffee colored skin. Dion has a fantastic tenor voice and won a scholarship for private lessons while still in high school, which were given at the University of Pittsburgh. He later enrolled there and earned his degree in vocal music. He now teaches vocal music at the local middle and high schools.

Trey (Alexander Michael Daniels III Currie) – 28 yo (February 16) Trey is another of Josh's adopted sons. He was the third one in his family named Alexander Michael Daniels, which led to his nickname, Trey. He became an orphan when his parents and sister were killed in an explosion at their house while he was on a school trip. After coming to live with the Curries, Trey wrote a play, as a high school project for two of his classes. He later also made it into a video, which was very well received. In fact, his project was so well done that his teacher submitted the work in two competitions, one for writing and another for amateur video production. This led to Trey winning awards at the state, regional, and national levels of the Scholastic Writing and Art Competition. Besides his academic achievements, Trey and Dion have committed themselves to be life partners.

Trey is 5’ 10” (1.78 m), with brown hair, brown eyes, and a slender build. He is shy, slightly effeminate, and an avid reader. He majored in English, with a minor in theater, starting at Temple University and then transferring to the University of Pittsburgh so he could be with Dion. He also chose to stay an extra year so he could earn his Master’s Degree in education. Trey currently teaches English at the local high school, but he also has aspirations to become a successful author.

Joshie (Joshua Alexander Currie) – 8 yo (September 14) Joshie is Dion's biological son and was born after Dion and his duet partner (Shelly Novak) had sex after receiving rave reviews at the Christmas concert. Shelly figured she couldn't keep Joshie and attend college too, so Joshie lives with his daddy (Dion), poppy (Trey), and papa (Josh), but he also spends time with his mother and maternal grandparents. Trey has also adopted Joshie so he has paternal rights as well.

Joshie is 4' 4" (1.32 m), is bi-racial with black hair, brown eyes, toffee colored skin, and is slender. He's very good at sports and is currently in the fourth grade.

Wyatt Jacob Currie – 2 yo (October 6). Wyatt is bi-racial, the same as Dion and Joshie, and looks amazingly like Joshie, only not quite as slender. Dion and Trey learned about Wyatt through a professional acquaintance of Danny and wanted to adopt him. Wyatt's mother, Penny (Penelope), couldn't keep him, since she lived with her parents and her father wanted nothing to do with the baby since his father was black. She wanted to find a couple to adopt him that would also let her be part of Wyatt's life, and Dion and Trey were more than happy to do that.

Wyatt has black hair, brown eyes, toffee colored skin, and has an average build.


Kevin (Kevin Michael Baxter Currie) – 30 yo (August 8) Kevin is another of Josh's adopted sons. His biological parents threw him out of their home after he was caught messing around with his foster brother. Kevin’s father beat him quite severely, so Kevin ran away. Kevin is now with Vinnie and they have committed themselves as life partners.

Kevin is 5’ 11 1/2” (1.82 m), with longish brown hair, blue eyes, and a slender swimmer’s build. After winning a scholarship, Kevin went to Temple University and continued on to attend Pharmacy School there as well. He now owns his own pharmacy and has hired his best friend from college to work with him.

Vinnie (Alvin Mitchell Rydell Shay) – 28 yo – (December 17) Vinnie is another of Josh's foster sons. His parents were killed on one of the flights originating out of Boston on 9/11/2001. Vinnie was born with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy, so he has to use crutches to get around. Since he and Kevin were dating and Vinnie didn’t want to feel like he was committing incest if he was to be adopted by Josh, the Shay’s offered to adopt him instead and then gave Josh custodial rights. Kevin and Vinnie are now committed as life partners.

Vinnie is 5’ 7 1/2” (1.72 m), with brown hair, brown eyes, and a slender build. Vinnie has his Master’s Degree in education and teaches physically disabled students at a private school.

Jesse (Jesse Albert Cornell) – 21 yo (August 26) Jesse is the youngest of Josh's adopted sons. He was left at the Currie home on Easter Sunday by his mother (Alice Wells). She felt he had to get away from his emotionally and physically abusive stepfather before something terrible happened to Jesse. Jesse didn’t speak when he arrived, due to witnessing his biological father being shot to death. Jesse was only 4 1/ 2 when that happened, but he hadn’t spoken since and that became the crux of his stepfather’s abuse. Jesse became close to another of his foster brothers, Andrew, and he spoke for the first time in ages when he tried to explain that Andrew had been hurt in a bicycle accident.

Jesse is 5’ 10” (1.78 m), has brown hair with dirty blond highlights, brown eyes, and an average build. He is working as a radiologist at Danny and Brandon's children's health center.


Recurring family members:

Frankie (Franklin Albert Hopkins Currie) – 31 yo (July 20) Frankie is another of Josh's adopted sons and came to live with the Curries as a result of getting into trouble. Judge Shay asked Josh to take Frankie in as a favor, but Josh was later forced to send Frankie away when he tried to rape Trey. After getting his act together, Frankie came by to apologize for his earlier actions. Trey was so moved by his apology that he asked Josh to arrange for Frankie to move back in.

Frankie is 5’ 11” (1.80 m), with black hair, brown eyes, broad shoulders, and a solid build. After earning a two-year degree in criminal justice, he had a difficult time finding a job so he enlisted in the army and became an M.P. Frankie is straight, currently works as a Pennsylvania State Trooper, and has won a major award for his actions on the job.

Little Ricky (Richard Elias Becker) – 21 yo (June 17) Richard had lived in a group foster home until the Curries arranged for the Beckers to adopt him. After living with them for a couple of years, his adoptive father had a heart attack and died and his mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s. Since she could no longer care for him, he came to live with the Curries. His mother has since passed away.

Little Ricky is 5’ 9” (1.75 m), with light brown hair, brown eyes, and a solid build. He has earned a M.S.W. degree (Master of Social Work) and works for his Aunt Sally (Swarthout) at D.S.S.

Nick (Nicholas Mark Lawrence) – 24 yo (February 28) When Nick thought his father hated him because he was gay, he ran away from home. The Curries found him in Arizona while they were on vacation. They managed to reunite Nick with his family, but his parents allowed him to stay with the Curries and go to school there. Nick and Shannon have committed themselves to be life partners.

Nick is 5’ 10” (1.78 m), with darkening blond hair, blue eyes, and a swimmer’s build. He earned his degree in computer science and is currently employed as a IT technician in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shannon (Shannon Colin McCarthy) – 24 yo (December 16) When his mother kicked him out of the house after discovering he was gay, he went to live with his divorced father. At his new school, Shannon was being bullied by some Boy Scouts, who had learned about his sexual orientation from someone where he used to live, and the Currie boys came to his defense. He became friends with the family, and Shannon and his father (Jake) came to live with the Curries after Josh suffered a heart attack. Shannon and Nick have committed themselves as life partners.

Shannon is 5’ 10 ½” (1.79 m), with blond hair, brown eyes, and an average build. He earned a degree in business management and currently works as an accountant for a firm in Atlanta, Georgia.


Other family members:

Ricky (Richard Allen Glover Currie) – 29 yo (July 7) Ricky was the first boy who came to live with Josh. He was actually a 7th grade student in the middle school where Josh was principal, when Sally Swarthout (the social worker) first paired them up. He was a bit hyperactive and had some slight behavioral problems at the time and needed a home after his drug addicted mother died, since his father was unknown to him and he had no other family that he knew of.

Ricky is 5’ 10” tall and has blond hair, gray eyes and an average build. Ricky is bisexual, although he leans toward females. He currently works as a marketing manager for Verizon Wireless in the Philadelphia area.

Dustin (Dustin Mathew Kowalski Currie) - 31 yo (April 27) Dustin had come to live with the Curries after he was thrown out of his previous foster home, after he was caught in a homosexual act with the foster parents’ biological son, Kevin, who ended up coming to live there as well, later.

Dustin is 6’ 0” tall and has black hair, green eyes and a solid build. He is bisexual, but leans toward females. Dustin took technical courses in HVAC and then went to college to earn his business degree. He recently bought the private HVAC company he was working for and is doing quite well. He is married to Katie.

Cole (Cole David Van Cott Currie) – 29 yo (October 22) Cole and his brother, Graham, were found abandoned and malnourished as children. They were taken from their mother and placed with Josh. Cole and Graham both suffered from learning disabilities, although Cole had the worst problem. Their mother showed up again a few years later and tried to get her boys back. Once the case went to court, the boys remained with Josh, but their mother was granted visitation rights.

Cole is 5’ 9 1/2” tall and has dirty blond hair, brown eyes and has developed a fairly muscular build. Although he had a learning disability, he proved to have a talent for auto repair and bodywork. He is currently the automotive manager for a local automotive dealership. Cole is married to Beth.

Graham (Graham Thomas Van Cott Currie) – 27 yo (March 10) Graham and his brother, Cole, were malnourished when they came to live with the Curries. Both Graham and Cole suffered from learning disabilities, although Graham’s problem is less severe than his brothers. His mother showed up again, seeking her boys back. She lost the case but was granted visitation rights.

Graham is 5’ 8” tall and has brown hair, brown eyes and a slender frame. Since he had such a difficult time in school, Graham decided to go to college and become a teacher. He currently teaches middle school learning-disabled students in the York, Pennsylvania area how to succeed.

Pat (Patrick Alan Murray Currie) – 29 yo (May 28) Pat never had a stable home life, since he was raised by several different relatives and moved around frequently. This caused him to have problems in school. After he got into a minor scrape with the law, Judge Shay asked Josh to take Patrick in. A lab accident in high school left him blind, but he regained sight in his left eye after undergoing an operation.

Pat is 5’ 10” tall and has dirty blond hair, blue eyes and a solid build. Pat has a degree in electrical engineering and is currently working for General Dynamics, just outside of Pittsburgh.

Sammy (Tsukimo Yamada Currie) – 26 yo (June 1) Sammy and his brother, Andrew, were taken in after Graham insisted they take them in. Graham had read an article about the boys’ Japanese father shooting his American wife and then killing himself. The boys only other relatives were their Japanese grandparents, whom they had never met. After meeting with the grandparents, it was decided the boys would be better off living with the Curries.

Sammy is 5’ 6” tall and has black hair, black eyes and a slender build. He majored in history and economics in college and is currently teaching at a high school in the York, Pennsylvania area.

Andrew (Furuhata Yamada Currie) – 24 yo (September 12) Andrew and his brother, Sammy, were taken in after Graham insisted they take them in. Graham had read an article about the boys’ Japanese father shooting his American wife and then killing himself. The boys only other relatives were their Japanese grandparents, whom they had never met. After meeting with the grandparents, it was decided the boys would be better off living with the Curries.

Andrew is 5’ 4” tall and has black hair, black eyes, and has a petite build. Andrew won some awards for his artwork while in school and is the reason he is currently an art teacher in the same school district as his brother, in York, Pennsylvania.



Other recurring characters:

Sally Swarthout – Runs Dept. of Social Services and has been Josh’s friend for years. Sally was the person who convinced Josh to become a foster parent and was instrumental in arranging for many of the boys being placed there. The boys call her Aunt Sally.

Steve & Mary Shay – Steve was the judge who presided over the first group adoption, but he also arranged for Pat and Frankie to come to live with the Curries. He and his wife have since become good friends of the family and the boys call them Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary. The Shays later offered to adopt Vinnie, to relieve Vinnie’s fears that he’d be committing incest with Kevin.

Patrick & Brenda O’Hara – Brandon’s parents. The two families became close when the boys were young, since their son spent so much time with the Curries. That only increased, once Danny and Brandon decided to be partners. The O’Haras have since become Uncle Pat and Aunt Brenda to Josh’s boys.

Jeff Goldberg – 30 yo (Feb. 25) Kevin traded his full-scholarship for Jeff’s partial scholarship. Kevin did this because Jeff couldn’t afford to go to college and become a pharmacist on only a partial scholarship. Jeff and Kevin went to Temple together and Jeff now works for Kevin at his Pharmacy.

Copyright © 2017 Bill W; All Rights Reserved.

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