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    Bill W
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The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 2 - 34. Summer Fun

We fell back into our normal grind again after Owen's visit. The boys played more baseball games and we were pleased by how well they were doing, because they continued to improve as the season progressed.

Owen asked Ryan to stay over at his house the weekend after he stayed with us, so Ryan asked him to stay with us again the Friday after that. Ryan had talked it over with Brandon and me first, because he knew we were having a birthday party for Elliot on Saturday and thought it would be fun to have Owen there as well. We agreed it would be fine and told him to go ahead and invite Owen again.

The boys all had practice on Friday night and games the next day, so it was fortunate that we'd planned the party for later in the day. We were going to have a cookout that evening, followed by the party afterward, so this would work out fine. Not only had we checked the boys' schedules first, but we also knew Brandon's parents were coming for this as well, because they wanted to spend more time with their grandsons.

Even though we knew when their plane was due to land in Pittsburgh, we weren't sure how long the drive would take, seeing it was a Friday night. They had informed us they would be renting a vehicle again, so they could use it to take the boys places, so we'd give them plenty of leeway when it came to showing up.

When Brandon and I arrived home from work that evening, Elliot met us at the door. "Have you heard the news?" he asked even before we got inside. We could see he was very excited about something, but we had no idea what it was.

"What news? What are you talking about?" Brandon followed.

"The Supreme Court just ruled on gay marriage and now it's legal in all fifty states," he gushed. "It means you guys can get married now, and Ian and I will be able to do that someday too."

"Really? The Supreme Court actually made a decision in our favor?" Brandon stammered in partial disbelief.

"Yes, it's been on the news all afternoon."

"That's great, but I'm not sure the battle is over yet. I'm sure there are some people who will try to find a way to keep that from happening," I added. I was happy to hear this news, but I also knew the diehards wouldn't give up easily.

The dinner table was abuzz as we talked about this while we ate. After dinner, Brandon took Benny and Joshie to their practice, while I took Ryan. We both stayed to watch the teams run through their drills, as we waited to take the boys home when they were done. Shortly after we arrived back at the house, Owen's mother pulled in the driveway to drop off her son, so I went out to chat with her.

"I'm so glad Ryan and Owen have become friends," Terri said after we'd exchanged greetings. "Ryan was a pleasure to be with last weekend, and Owen has never seemed happier. I can tell he likes your entire family, not just Ryan, so Brian and I are grateful that you're doing this for him."

"First of all, I'm glad to hear that Ryan wasn't a problem when he stayed with you, and we enjoy having Owen as well. Owen was the first friend that Ryan made after coming to live with us, so we're very thankful that this is working out so well and the boys are enjoying spending time with each other. By the way, does his team have a game or practice tomorrow?"

"No, they don't play again until Tuesday, so the coach gave them the weekend off."

"Then that works out fine. I hope he doesn't mind watching our boys play then, because each of their teams has a game tomorrow."

"No, he'll enjoy watching them play. What time do you want us to pick him up?"

"We're having a cookout first, and then the party afterward, so it will be quite late before we finish up. If you don't mind, Owen can stay with us Saturday night as well."

"Oh, that would be wonderful. Maybe I'll be able to talk Brian into taking me somewhere so we can dance. We haven't done that in a long time."

"Then you two have fun and we'll take care of Owen for you. Oh, one more question, we usually go to church on Sunday, but we didn't the last time because we weren't sure if you'd approve of Owen joining us."

"Brian and I don't go to church, but we wouldn't mind if Owen went with you, as long as no one insists he attends regularly or that we join him. I don't believe it would do him any harm, but I'm not sure he brought clothes appropriate for church."

"I'll ask him if he wants to go with us, and if he does we'll stop by the house in between games so he can pick up something to wear. One team plays at 10:00 and the other at 2:00, so we'll have plenty of time in between."

"Sounds like you're going to have a very busy day. I'm surprised you want him to stay over."

"With as many as we have living at the house, one more doesn't make very much difference. Besides, he helps to keep Ryan entertained so we don't have to."

"Ah, I see. At least now I understand, and we appreciate what you're doing for him."

After Terri left, I went inside to check on the boys. They were playing video games, but I made them stop as soon as the game ended so I could fill them in about something else. "I want you to run upstairs quickly to get cleaned up and ready for bed. Then, I want you to come back down here, because your grandparents will be arriving shortly."

"I guess we forgot they were coming," Noah stated, as he looked at the others.

"Yes, they're planning on staying for a week so they can spend some time with you boys."

"But what about baseball?" Ryan asked.

"I don't think it will be a problem, but we'll talk about that when they arrive. I'm not exactly sure what they have planned for you, but once they tell us we'll work something out."

"Ok," he muttered.

As the ballplayers headed toward the stairs to shower and change, I pulled Ryan and Owen aside. "You two should wear something to bed tonight, because I'm sure Ryan's grandparents will want to join us when we tuck you in."

"Yeah, I don't want her to see me with nothin' on," Ryan offered.

"I don't let my mom see me like that any more, so I definitely don't want another woman to see me naked," Owen added.

"I suspected that, so wear a pair of shorts over your underwear when you come back down, and then we'll be able to tuck you in as we normally do."

"Ok," they both chirped before racing up the stairs.

Brenda and Pat arrived before the boys returned, so we sat down to chat with them first. We told them that the boys were getting ready for bed and that Ryan had a friend staying over. We informed them that the boys had games the following day, and Brenda and Pat were excited that they would get to see their grandsons play. Then, they told us the specifics about the plans they'd made for the boys."

"It will mess with their baseball schedules, but I'll talk to their coaches tomorrow and work something out. I'm sure they can accommodate the boys for a few days."

We were still talking about this when the boys returned, and a few minutes later Elliot and Ian arrived. They'd been spending the evening with Ian's parents, since he was going to spend the night with us so he'd be here for Elliot's party too.

We gave Brenda and Pat plenty of time to be alone with their grandsons, and it would allow them to get to know Owen and Ian as well. I'm sure you noticed that we included Joshie as a grandson, which was decided on their last visit. Since Benny told them that he and Joshie were like brothers, they decided to treat Joshie and Wyatt like grandsons as well, so they wouldn't feel left out. Besides, they knew they'd have a hassle with Benny if they tried to leave Joshie out of what they were doing, so this was much easier.

We didn't share any of the information we'd discussed with the boys, and their grandparents weren't going to tell them anything until Saturday night. That would give us time to clear up the situation with their coaches first, and the boys wouldn't have time to get too hyper before anything happened.

As I suspected, Brenda and Pat were eager to join us when we went up to tuck the boys in. Dion and Trey decided not to join us this time, because there would be too many doing it, so they said goodnight to Benny and Joshie before they went upstairs.

"Just go through your normal routine, because we want to see what you do with them," Brenda stated as she followed up the stairs.

We went to tuck Benny and Joshie in first. "Do they sleep together every night?" she wanted to know.

"Not when they have school the next day, but since they're on vacation you'll find them in one or the other's bed every night," Brandon answered.

"Awww, that's so sweet. They really are as close as brothers."

"They certainly are."

Brandon and I then went through our nightly ritual with the boys, and then Brenda and Pat did exactly what we had done. Once we were in the hallway, I decided to offer another comment.

"We'll go upstairs and stop in to say goodnight to Noah next, but we don't tuck him in. Owen will be with Ryan, because they're sleeping together too, and he wants us to do the same things with him that we do with Ryan. He says it will be like his parents doing it for him."

"Awww, these boys are just so precious," Brenda observed.

After we'd stopped in to say goodnight to Noah, we knocked on Ryan's door and waited until he said we could come in. Ryan and Owen were standing by the bed, both wearing a pair of shorts over their briefs as they waited for us to pull back the bedding. As soon as they hopped in bed, we tucked them in and kissed them on the forehead. Then, Brandon and I changed sides, followed by Brenda and Pat.

As we walked downstairs, Pat made a comment. "I noticed that you knocked on Noah and Ryan's doors before entering."

"Yes, since they're teenagers, we try to give them some privacy. I don't think they'd mind if we just entered, but this way they don't have to worry about us barging in on them."

"Yes, I'm sure teenage boys do things that they'd rather not have their parents see." This comment caused Brenda to blush, since she knew he was referring to them masturbating.

We spent the remainder of the night talking to Elliot and Ian, seeing they weren't in a hurry to go to bed. I wondered if they would go out later, but I guess they'd decided to stay in since Elliot's grandparents were here. I'm glad they'd chosen to do this without us having to suggest it.

When the rest of us were ready to turn in, Elliot and Ian helped carry the luggage up to the same room they'd used on their previous visit. I told Brenda and Pat what time they would need to be up if they wanted to go with us to the first game, but I also told them they could go downstairs earlier, if they happened to wake up sooner.

Elliot and Ian mentioned that they wanted to go with us too, and that way they could visit with Brenda and Pat while watching the games. Once that had been settled, we said goodnight to each other and headed up to our rooms.

Our alarm went off the next morning before anyone else was up, so Brandon and I went downstairs to get things started. While I was making a pot of coffee, Dad came out and joined us.

"Brandon, I'll be happy to give you a hand with breakfast, if you don't mind.

"Not at all," he agreed, so I left them alone to do their thing.

Brenda and Pat came down about twenty minutes later, and then I went upstairs to wake the boys. Once we were all together, Dad and Brandon carried in the platters of food, which we passed around the table. After everyone had taken what he wanted, we dug in.

We urged Benny and Joshie not to eat too much, since their game was first and we didn't want a big meal to effect their play. After they'd finished eating, those two went upstairs to put on their uniforms, and Ryan announced that he was going to wear his uniform too. Even though we'd be returning home for lunch and he could change then, it seemed he was anxious for others to see him in his uniform, and we didn't have a problem with it. When he left the table to go to his room, Owen followed him upstairs.

When we were ready to leave, Brenda and Pat asked if the boys could ride with them. They'd rented a passenger van this time, so there would be plenty of room when they went on their trip, and we told them that would be fine. Dad and Pop rode with us, but Elliot took his car and asked Dion and Trey to ride with him. We formed a small procession as we made our way to the ball field.

The game was exciting and Brenda and Pat got a kick out of watching the boys play. Joshie and Benny each got a hit in the final inning that helped their team to win, which was quite thrilling. I think we were all glad that they'd played so well with their grandparents in attendance.

When the boys came over after the game, Benny had something to say. "I tried really hard because I wanted to do good for you," he told Brenda and Pat.

"Well, you did super!" Pat replied.

"Yes, you and Joshie played really well," Brenda added.

As we were getting ready to leave, I announced that I wanted Ryan and Owen to ride with us, since we were going to stop at Owen's house for a few minutes. Seeing we weren't going directly home, Brenda and Pat followed Elliot instead, and we went to pick up a change of clothes for Owen.

When we got to his house, Owen's mother had a nice outfit waiting for him on a hanger and his dress shoes in a bag, since she knew we'd be in a hurry. Once he had what he needed, we thanked her, said goodbye, and returned to the house for a quick lunch before we had to leave for Ryan's game.

Ryan played very well too, although his team lost, and I was pleased to see Owen attempting to keep Ryan's spirits up after the game. Ryan's grandparents also did their best to make him feel better and told him that he played super and they were very impressed with how well he'd performed. I guess that must have been enough to take the sting out of losing, because he was in a good mood for the rest of the day.

We told the boys to shower and change when we returned, and then we left them alone to spend more time with Brenda and Pat. I heard later that the boys had challenged their grandparents to play video games with them, and Brenda and Pat had been good sports and gave it a try. I don't think it was something they wanted to do, but seeing it was something the boys liked, they did it for their grandsons' sake.

I think they were relieved when some of our other guests began to arrive, because it gave them an excuse to quit playing. In addition to Aunt Sally, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Steve, we'd also invited Ian's parents. We'd asked Ian if he thought it would be appropriate, and he said he thought they'd love to come and would appreciate the invitation. Seeing he thought it would be all right, we invited them for both the cookout and the party.

When they arrived, we took them around to introduce them, starting with Elliot's grandparents. "Brenda and Pat, these are Ian's parents. This is his father, Dr. Cameron Hill, and his mother, Erin. Cameron and Erin, these are Brandon's parents, and Elliot's grandparents, Brenda and Pat O'Hara."

After they'd exchanged greetings and spent a little time together, we took Cameron and Erin around to introduce them to everyone else.

A short time later, we announced it was time to go outdoors to eat. Dad and Pop had been very busy grilling the meat, and had a nice selection to choose from. There were steaks and chicken breasts that had been marinated in a barbeque sauce, but they also grilled some hot dogs and hamburgers, because for some reason that's what the younger boys preferred. Brandon and Trey had prepared a potato, macaroni, and a green salad to go with the meal, so there was plenty of food for everyone.

After we'd finished eating, we sat around the picnic tables and talked. Steve, Mary, and Sally all asked Elliot about college and how he'd done, and we all got to know Ian's parents too, since we hadn't been with them very often. The Supreme Court ruling was also mentioned and everyone agreed it was a great moment in history, but they also wanted to know if any of us had set a date for a wedding. We told them not yet, but they'd be the first to know when we did. We had a nice time visiting with everyone, and it gave our meals time to settle before we had the cake and ice cream.

We moved inside to avoid the bugs, which were becoming annoying. The boys helped us clean up and carry everything inside, and then we all gathered around the dining room table while Brandon brought out the cake with a large '1' and '9' candle on top. After we sang to Elliot, he blew out the candles and cut the cake. I dished out the ice cream after Brandon placed a slice of cake on a plate, and passed it to one of those in attendance.

After we finished eating our tasty treats, Elliot opened his presents and thanked everyone. About a half hour later, Steve, Mary, Sally, and Ian's parents were ready to leave. They thanked us for inviting them, said goodnight, and went out to their cars. After they'd driven off, Brenda and Pat made an announcement to the boys.

"Owen and Ian, I apologize that you two won't be included, but we'll be leaving tomorrow to take you boys to Hershey Park," Pat told them. "We'll have breakfast before we leave for church, and then take off right after the service. You boys will need to pack enough for three days, because we've purchased three-day passes for each of us."

"What about baseball?" Ryan screeched, totally panicked.

"We've already talked to your coaches, so they know and have approved of you missing a couple of days," I explained. "Ryan, your team doesn't have a game until Wednesday and you'll be back in time for it, and Benny and Joshie's team doesn't have a game until Friday."

"So we'll be staying there the entire time?" Noah followed.

"Yes, we've reserved two rooms for our stay. Elliot, Noah, and Ryan will be in one, and Benny and Joshie will stay with us in the other," Brenda answered.

A look of horror suddenly formed on Benny and Joshie's faces. The other boys noticed this, even if Brenda and Pat hadn't. "I think they'd feel better if they were in with us," Noah offered, since he could tell the younger pair was worried about Brenda seeing them naked.

"But there are only two beds in each room. We thought you and Ryan would be able to share one, and Elliot would use the other. Then, Benny and Joshie would sleep in the second bed in our room," Brenda explained.

"They can sleep with me instead," Elliot offered. "We did that when they came to visit me at college and we can do it here too. It's not a big deal."

"But why be that crowded?" she pressed.

"It will be better if we're all together," Noah added.

"Benny and Joshie, is that what you'd prefer?" Pat followed.

I could tell the boys were having trouble answering, since they didn't want to hurt their grandparents' feelings, especially since they were taking them on this trip. Therefore, I answered for them.

"I'm afraid that since they live in an all male household, they've become a little too casual about some things. I believe they're afraid they might forget and do those things while they're away, and then they would be embarrassed." Although I didn't directly mention nudity, I think Brenda and Pat understood.

"As long as you boys agree you're fine with that, then you can all stay together in the other room. Just remember that you can come and get us if you need anything," Brenda offered.

"Thanks, and we'll do that," Elliot confirmed. "They'll be more comfortable with us, but only because we're used to each other and the way we do things."

"That's fine and we understand," Pat added, in an attempt to let the boys know it didn't bother them.

Dion and Trey sat down with us as Brenda and Pat explained their plans, prior to informing the boys. They'd wanted to take Wyatt with them too, but Dion and Trey talked them out of doing that. They felt Wyatt was too young and that he'd ruin the trip for the older boys, because he would be too small to go on most of the rides the others would want to try. They promised to do something special with Wyatt while the others were gone, so Brenda and Pat relented.

Once this little session broke up, I stopped Owen so I could explain something to him. Ian had known beforehand that Elliot was going to be spending time with his grandparents, but I'd completely forgotten about it when I suggested that Owen spend Saturday night with us too. I now felt bad about that.

"Owen, I'm sorry I didn't forewarn you about this. I don't want you to feel left out or neglected, but they'd arranged this before we asked you to stay tonight too."

"It's ok. I don't think my parents or grandparents would ask Ryan to go with us either, if we was doin' somethin' like that."

"I'm glad you understand, because I felt awful while they were talking to the boys about it."

"Don't. It's ok, and I'm glad Ryan is gettin' a chance to do it."

"You're a very wonderful and understanding friend. Ryan's lucky to have you."

"And I'm lucky to have him as a friend, and all of you too, cuz now I get to try stuff that I've been wantin' to do for quite a while. You guys have been great to me, so I'm not gonna cry about not goin' with them. I hope Ryan and the others have a good time."

"That's very considerate of you and I'm glad you understand."

Seeing it was getting late by this point, I sent the boys upstairs to get their things together for the trip, before they got ready for bed. Brandon helped Benny, and Trey helped Joshie, so I went to make sure Ryan didn't forget anything. Noah and Elliot were old enough to take care of things themselves, but I would mention to Noah and Elliot about a few items they'd need, just to make sure they didn't forget them.

When I got to Ryan's room, he was trying to decide which clothes to take. I suggested that he also take a pair of slacks and a short-sleeve shirt or a nice pullover, in case his grandparents wanted to take them out somewhere nice at some point. I also reminded him to take his toothbrush, and then I suggested he toss the tube of toothpaste in his bag after he brushed his teeth in the morning. That way, all the boys could share it.

I also made sure he took enough underwear and socks, and that he planned on wearing comfortable shoes, since they'd be doing a lot of walking. As Ryan was putting everything together, Owen was already stripping down to shower and left to use the bathroom first. He returned before I left, as Ryan was getting undressed to shower. As soon as Ryan left, Owen shared a secret with me.

"I'm gonna give Ryan a blowjob to last him until he gets back," he said with a grin.

"I'm sure he'll appreciate that and will probably return the favor." As I was getting ready to leave, I gave him a playful slap on the bare ass. "Just make sure you both put something on before we come up to tuck you in, because I'm sure Ryan's grandparents will want to join us again.

"Ok, we will."

I was gone before Ryan returned, so I could go over to check in with Noah. Once I was convinced he'd packed everything he would need, I went down to see how Benny and Joshie were doing. I also had them pack a nice outfit, like I'd told Ryan and Noah, just in case they needed to dress up while they were gone. Then, I went down to check in with Elliot too.

"Having lived away from home, I think I know what I'll need, but thanks for thinking about me and suggesting I take something dressier too. I never would have thought about doing that."

"You're still our son, no matter how old you get, birthday boy," I added before releasing an evil laugh and leaving the room.

I went to chat with Brenda and Pat again, to see if they needed anything in particular from us. They were chatting with Dad and Pop when I returned.

"I hope you guys know what you're getting into!" I quipped as I sat down to join them.

"If you remember, we took you and Brandon on a couple of trips when you were younger," Brenda mildly scolded in response. "I think we're quite aware of what we're doing."

"But Brandon and I were older than Benny, Joshie, and Ryan at the time, and there were only two of us, not five."

"Yes, I know, but we'll be fine," she scoffed.

"If there's anything you need from us, just say so. We'll be happy to do whatever we can."

"We will, but I can't think of anything right now," Pat agreed.

"Ok, but don't forget."

When Brandon came down, he said Joshie and Benny were almost ready for us to go up to tuck them in. Dion and Trey were doing that now, so we waited for them to come downstairs first, before we went up with Brenda and Pat. After we'd made the rounds and said goodnight to everyone, Brenda and Pat said goodnight and headed to their room. They wanted to get a good night's sleep, because tomorrow would be a very long and tiring day.

Copyright © 2017 Bill W; All Rights Reserved.

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I was kind of expecting Ian to propose during the party. Oh well. Owen is becoming one of my favorite characters. It was great to see Pat and Brenda.

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Oh the boys are going on a trip with their grandparents, i hope this will be a very good time for all. Thank you Bill for another great chapter 

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Bill W

Posted (edited)

10 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

I was kind of expecting Ian to propose during the party. Oh well. Owen is becoming one of my favorite characters. It was great to see Pat and Brenda.

Thanks, Wesley.  I'm surprised at everyone's reaction to Owen, since he was an afterthought to give Ryan someone outside of the family to relate to.  I'm glad you're enjoying this.  

Edited by Bill W
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6 hours ago, Stix said:

Oh the boys are going on a trip with their grandparents, i hope this will be a very good time for all. Thank you Bill for another great chapter 

Thanks, Stix.  Yes, the grandparents get to entertain the troops this time.  

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Thank you for the great read. I grew up near Hersehey and have great memories of the park. I know that I have told you this before but I really do like the way you have written Owen into the story. Please keep up the great work. 

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1 hour ago, Dewilmnative said:



Thank you for the great read. I grew up near Hersehey and have great memories of the park. I know that I have told you this before but I really do like the way you have written Owen into the story. Please keep up the great work. 

Thanks, Jon.  I'm glad you're enjoying Owen in the story and that the trip to Hershey might have brought back a few good memories.  Thanks for the feedback. 

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