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    Bill W
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The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 2 - 33. Staying Over

When I woke the boys up Saturday morning, I hurried them downstairs to grab a quick breakfast, before we had to leave for Benny and Joshie's game. The game was scheduled for 10:00 and we'd let the boys sleep a little later than usual, but we had to get Benny and Joshie to the field a half hour before the game started so they could warm up first.

While we were eating, they mentioned that they wanted Elliot to go with us to watch them play, but I didn't hear him get in until early this morning, so I'd concluded we should let him sleep. I also thought I'd heard him talking to someone at the time too, so Ian was probably with him and I didn't want to walk in on them to see if Elliot wanted to go to the game. He would be home for a couple months and there'd be other games he could attend, so I told the boys he would go with us to watch a future game. They were disappointed, but they let it drop as we got them ready to leave for the game.

We had Benny and Joshie ride with Dion and Trey, so Dad and Pop could ride with us. Noah was still at Adam's house, so we opted not to call to see if he wanted to go with us too, because we weren't even sure if anyone would be up. He'd been at their other games, so it wasn't a big deal, and thankfully Benny and Joshie hadn't thought about Noah either.

We made sure Ryan and Owen went with us too, because we didn't want to leave them home alone. We didn't mind that they were fooling around, as long as we had an idea about what was going on, but we were afraid of what they might try if no one else was there to interrupt. For that reason, we guided them out to the SUV and took off for the game.

Benny and Joshie both played well and their team won, so they were in a good mood as we prepared to head back to the house. The boys had been excitedly talking to each other as we walked back to our vehicles, so we thought they were chatting about the game. When we arrived home, however, we quickly learned their discussion had been about something totally different.

"We want to go swimming after lunch," Ryan announced, and then he waited to see how Brandon and I were going to respond.

"Did Owen bring his swimsuit with him?"

"Nah, but he doesn't mind skinny dipping with us."

"Please. Can we do this?" Benny pleaded, and I immediately suspected the reason he was so excited. He was anxious to see Owen naked too.

"Owen, are you sure you're ok with this?"

"Yeah, it sounds like fun. Ryan told me you guys all do this, and I don't mind if the rest of you want to swim that way with us too."

I was impressed that he was so uninhibited, but at the same time I was worried about what his parents might think if they found out about it. "Let me talk it over with the others first, and then I'll let you know after we finish eating."

"Ok, but I really want to do this," he insisted, so I'd know it wasn't merely the other boys' idea.

While they were washing up to eat, I pulled the other adults aside so I could talk to them about this. They didn't seem to be as concerned as I was, though, and urged me to let the boys do it.

"We don't have to go in with them, but I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be allowed," Dad offered. "They're all young and curious, so let them have a little fun."

"But what about Owen's parents?"

"I don't think they'll want to come here to go skinny dipping, but you can call and ask them if you want," Dad joked before laughing wholeheartedly. "Even so, I don't think they'll have a problem with it either. They seemed to be very open-minded, and I remember Owen's father from school and he was a bit of an exhibitionist. I recall he once did a naked run around the athletic field on a dare, so it appears as if his son has inherited that quality from him."

"Ok, we'll let the kids do this then, but none of us will join them," Brandon agreed. "I don't believe anyone will say anything if it's only the boys, but they might react differently if any of us got in the pool with them."

"You're probably right, so I'll let them know," I concurred.

The boys were thrilled when we agreed and immediately began removing their clothing in the rec room before heading out the backdoor. Benny made sure to get a good look at Owen's penis and was so conspicuous about doing it that Owen couldn't help but notice it too. Owen even turned to face Benny, to make sure he saw everything, and I noticed that Owen was inspecting Benny's groin as well. Hey, at least it was a mutual thing.

I went out with the boys so I could keep an eye on things, since I wasn't sure how well Owen could swim, and I watched their bare asses jiggle as they raced to the pool. Before long, they were all in the water splashing each other and playing games.

We'd been out there for about fifteen minutes when Ian and Elliot came out to say hello and see what was going on. "Hey, that looks like a great idea," Ian said when he realized the boys were in the pool. He just hadn't noticed how they were dressed.

"Yes, it looks like it would be fun, but I don't think you'll want to do what they're doing," Elliot pointed out.

"Why? What are they doing besides swimming?" Ian demanded, looking confused.

"It's not exactly what they're doing, but how they're dressed. They aren't wearing anything."

"Really?" Ian followed as he moved closer so he could see. "Hell, I don't mind. That looks like fun too."

"Well I don't want to do it."

"Don't be such a downer. There's nothing wrong with doing it too."

"I just don't like to go around displaying my junk."

"Come on. You were on the swim team and wore a Speedo. Let's face it, everyone could pretty much see what you were packing, so you weren't hiding a thing. And I remember the day your Speedo came off on one of your dives and you climbed out of the pool without realizing you were naked. You didn't seem to make a big deal out of it then."

"Because it happened by accident. I didn't do it on purpose."

"Just the same, I'm going to do this, even if you aren't. You're so lame sometimes."

Ian then began taking off his clothes and placed them on a nearby lawn chair. Once he was undressed, he hopped in the pool with the boys, eliciting some cat calls as he did so. I had to admit, I was impressed when I got a good look at what he was packing and wondered how Elliot handled something that large. It wasn't quite Dion size, but it was big enough to cause some serious discomfort.

After standing there by himself for a few minutes, Elliot finally gave in and began disrobing too. After placing his clothing on the chair with Ian's, he joined the others in the pool.

About an hour later, Brandon came out carrying enough towels for each of the boys, but they quickly let us know they weren't ready to get out of the pool yet. I told Brandon to just leave the towels with me and I'd give them to the boys when they were ready to quit. He said ok, handed me the items, and then went back to house.

When the boys finally determined they'd had enough, I gave each one a towel as they exited the pool. Elliot and Ian stopped to get dressed again, as the rest of us moved toward the house. Even after we entered the rec room, none of the boys stopped to get dressed again and merely made their way to the family room to play video games.

"That was quite a show," Trey joked as the boys passed him while he was working in the kitchen.

"I know, but they all seem comfortable doing it, so I wasn't about to rain on their naked parade."

After a while, I talked it over with the others and decided what we were going to do next. I then went into the family room to talk about it with the boys.

"We thought you might like to go to the miniature golf course, but you can't go like that." They all looked at each other and giggled.

"Yeah, I guess it might cause a problem if we went this way," Owen joked.

As soon as they finished the game they were playing, Owen and Ryan headed to the rec room to get their clothes, while Benny and Joshie headed to their rooms. They'd been in their uniforms at the time, so they went upstairs to put on something more appropriate.

Since the boys wanted to do this, I asked Elliot and Ian if they wanted to join us. When they said they did, I called Noah to see if he and Adam wanted to go with us too. They also agreed, so Elliot stopped to pick them up in his car on the way by, since there were too many to fit in one vehicle.

When we got there, Noah said he and Adam would play with Benny and Joshie so they could help them. This left Elliot and Ian to go with Ryan and Owen. Brandon and I weren't eager to do this, so we just watched as the boys made their way around the course.

I have to admit that Noah and Adam were extremely patient with the younger pair, as they offered various suggestions about how they could do better. When we turned our attention to the other foursome, we noticed that they were more competitive and talking trash as they moved from hole to hole. Owen and Ryan really wanted to beat the older pair and were doing their best to throw Elliot and Ian off their game. In the end, they were victorious - a fact that they weren't about to let the older pair forget.

"Ok, so you beat us," Elliot conceded, "but there are other things that we can do better than you."

"Like what?" Ryan challenged.

"Like our studies. We both get really good grades. How about you?"

"We do alright," Ryan shot back, but I knew this meant he was going to be trying harder in his classes from now on, since he didn't want to let Elliot win without a fight. That was a good thing, though.

When we got home, everyone asked the boys if they'd had a good time and each one said they did, and then Ryan added that he and Owen had beaten Elliot and Ian. It was obvious that he wanted everyone to know this, but I surmised it was primarily so Elliot wouldn't forget that he'd been bested.

After Trey announced dinner was just about ready, we told the boys to wash up quickly and then we all sat down to eat.

"Wow! I've never eaten with this many people before, except at school or when I went to a banquet," Owen announced as he looked around the table.

"It was the same for me too, the first time I ate here," Ian agreed. "It's fun, though, and one of the reasons I like coming here. Meals can turn out to be quite interesting."

"So you don't just come here for the wonderful company and stimulating conversation?" I asked in jest.

"Yeah, that too, and the meals are always good, but you never know what's going to happen. I've been here when some really crazy crap went down."

"Oh, then you must have been here when Ricky was visiting," Noah quipped, making everyone giggle.

"Who's Ricky?" Owen wanted to know.

"He's one of our brothers and kind of a mischief maker," I answered.

"Yeah, he likes to play pranks on people," Benny added.

"Yep, Elliot told me about what Ricky did to him one Thanksgiving," Ian added, only to be punched in the arm by Elliot.

"There's no need to bring that up or discuss it further," he added, since it was something he wanted to forget.

You see, Ricky had convinced Elliot that he had to wear a black, leather dog collar with silver studs that Ricky called the 'Pilgrim's Collar'. He told Elliot that everyone had to wear it at dinner during their first Thanksgiving with the family. Even worse, Ricky also convinced him that once he'd filled his plate, he had to set it on the floor and then get down on all fours to eat. Fortunately that never happened, because Grandpa Josh saw the collar and questioned why Elliot was wearing it. After Elliot answered, Grandpa Josh stopped things from going further, and ferreted out the prankster involved. Even though it hadn't totally played out that day, the incident still elicited more than a few laughs.

After we'd finished eating, Elliot and Ian thanked everyone for the fun day and then headed up to Elliot's room, because they were going to get ready to go out again. The rest of us went to the family room to watch a movie together, after the boys picked out one from our DVD collection. I was surprised to see they'd selected the 1990 version of Lord of the Flies.

"Why did you choose this DVD?" I wondered when they handed it to me to place in the DVD player.

"Because it's got a bunch of nearly naked boys in it," Owen answered honestly.

"And I heard that we have to read the book either next year or the year after," Ryan added. "So this way I'll know what it's about before I have to read it."

"Well, it's a good story, so let's get started."

The boys watched the screen intently, totally absorbed by this intriguing tale. When it ended, they also had a bunch of questions. "How come the other boys wanted to kill Ralph and Piggy?" Benny wanted to know.

"The person who wrote the book wanted to show how when left alone, even young boys can revert to savages, as some try to dominate the others."

"But we watched a movie, not read a book," Benny stated.

"That's because the book was turned into a movie."

"But they were happy at first, so why did they start fighting with each other?" Joshie asked next.

"At first they enjoyed their freedom and not having any adults around to tell them what to do, but then they realized that they'd have to hunt and maintain a signal fire if they wanted to be rescued. That meant they would each have to work, not play, but they didn't always do what they were supposed to. The hunters also found out how easy and satisfying it was to kill, and sometimes they got caught up in a killing frenzy. That's why when Jack challenged Ralph as the leader, his group of hunters realized it would be easy to just kill those who stood in their way."

"It's kind of like 'The Walking Dead'," Noah reasoned. "The different groups that survived started fighting with everyone else. Some did it because they wanted to be in charge, while others did it to get what they wanted."

"Which is another example of how people can revert to savages, once there are no leaders and no laws."

"I just wished they'd stayed on the island a little longer so more of their clothes would have rotted away," Owen offered, causing the others to giggle.

"Yeah, it would have been better if they didn't wear nuttin," Benny chimed in.

I felt this was a good time to end the discussion, so I sent them upstairs to get ready for bed. After Joshie, Benny, and Noah headed toward the stairs, Ryan asked a question. "Are you coming up to tuck us in again?"

"Yes, we'll give you both time to shower first, and then we'll stop in to say goodnight."

"Good," Owen quipped. "I liked it when you did that last night and I really like bein' here with Ryan."

"And I'm sure he likes having you here too."

"Yeah, he liked it when I sucked his dick," Owen joked as he and Ryan raced out of the room.

"They certainly aren't shy about letting us know what they're up to. I just hope they don't say anything like that when they're around others."

"I do too, but I talked to them about it and they both agreed they wouldn't talk about those things when they weren't here."

"I hope they remember then."

After giving Benny and Joshie time to finish up, we went up with Dion and Trey to tuck them in. After we finished doing that, we went up to say goodnight to Noah next.

"I didn't know Owen was staying here tonight too," he said, shortly after we entered his room.

"Does it bother you?"

"No, I just hope they don't make a lot of noise when they're screwin' around. I have a feeling Ryan asked him to stay over so he could get Owen to suck him off, since I won't do it for him anymore."

"So that's what's bothering you about this?"

"Nah, it's just that I'm afraid he's gonna mess up and get caught. I'm worried that if others find out, then some of the assholes will rough him up or start bullying him, and I don't want him to get hurt."

"Neither do we. So that's why you might see Owen around here once in awhile. I know they're doing things with each other, because they were very open about it and didn't try to hide the fact from us, but they're also smart enough to only do it here. I'm glad you worry about your brother and want to protect him, so let me know if you catch them doing anything that might cause trouble."

"Ok, and I don't have nothin' against Owen. I was just worried about them gettin' caught."

"I know, and we appreciate that." Brandon and I then said goodnight to him and left the room.

We then walked over and knocked on Ryan's door and waited for him to tell us to come in. When we opened the door, they were both standing on the near side of the bed and both of them were sprouting wood.

"What took you so long?" Ryan asked when we entered.

"We were talking to Noah, but it apparently wasn't a problem, because it looks as if you boys started anyways." They both glanced at their erections and laughed.

"Well, you should have got here sooner," Ryan eventually replied.

Brandon and I then walked over to the bed and pulled back the bedding to let them get in. Once they did, we covered them and kissed them on the forehead before switching sides and doing it to the other one. I had to chuckle when I noticed the obscene bulge protruding from under the blankets as I moved across the room, knowing that even our presence hadn't diminished their arousal. I also knew they'd be greedily attacking each other the minute we shut the door behind us.

After saying goodnight to both, we wished them sweet dreams and left the room. "I hope they don't make enough noise to keep Noah up, or I know he'll go over there and say something about it," I offered, once we were standing in the hallway.

"Yes, especially after what he said to us earlier."

Brandon and I slept well that night, and we never heard any noise from upstairs, so we assumed there'd been no problems. Shortly after we got up, we went downstairs and had coffee with the other adults, as we let the boys sleep.

"I take it you're not going to church today?" Dad mentioned as we were eating.

"No, we're going to stay here today. We don't know what church Owen's family attends, so I don't want to take him with us without their consent."

"Ok, I understand your reasoning and don't expect the church will collapse just because you're not there."

We thanked Dad as he and Pop left to stand in for the rest of the family. It was an hour before any of the boys came downstairs, and it was Benny and Joshie first. Brandon and Trey went out to the kitchen to fix something for them, as well as for us, and while we were eating Noah came down too.

While Brandon was preparing his breakfast, Noah whispered to me. "It wasn't too bad, but I could certainly tell what they were doin'. One of them is a real moaner. I guess it could have been Ryan, but he was never that loud when we did anything."

"Maybe it was Owen then, but I'll talk to them and explain that they'll have to learn to keep the noise down if they don't want to get caught."

About forty minutes later Ryan and Owen came down too, and both of them looked as if they were still tired. I'm not sure how long they stayed up fooling around, but I hope they got enough sleep. I didn't want Owen going home and have to face his parents' questions about why he was so tired.

As Brandon got up to fix their breakfast, I was the only one left at the table, so I decided to take that opportunity to speak with them about what Noah had said. "When you guys are doing things with each other, you can't be as loud as you were last night. Others could hear you moaning, so you're going to have to learn to be quieter if you don't want everyone in the house to know what you're up to."

"Ok, we'll try. I guess that could've been either of us, since we both did about the same thing," Ryan admitted.

"Just try to muffle the sounds in the future, unless you're totally alone in the house, which I doubt will ever happen." They agreed, so I decided to ask Owen something else. "Do you know what time your parents expect you home?"

"Not really, but I guess as long as I'm there before dinner they won't mind."

"Do you think you should call?"

"Nah, I left your phone number on the fridge if they wanted to get a hold of me. And I want to spend more time with Ryan."

"To do... ?" I asked as I eyed him suspiciously.

"Not that. We're just gonna play video games and maybe go outside and play catch, but that's it. We just like being together."

"Ok, and I don't have a problem with that. In fact, I'm happy you two have become such good friends."

"Thanks, and I hope I can stay over more often. I want Ryan to stay at my house sometimes too, but I don't think we'll be able to do anything there. My bedroom is right next to my mom and dad's, and I don't want them to know what we're doin'. They'll probably guess that we are messin' around, but I don't want them to know for sure. That would be kinda gross."

"But you don't mind Brandon and me knowing?"

"Nah, you're gay and cool about everything, so that's ok. I know my mom loves Uncle Ed, but I'm sure he didn't want her to find out about the stuff he was doin' when they were growin' up, and I don't want her to know either."

"Ok, I can understand that, so just be careful."

Elliot and Ian didn't come downstairs until just before noon, so rather than fix them breakfast, we merely had them join us for lunch. It hadn't been very long since the last group of boys had last eaten, but it didn't stop them from chowing down again, so we all enjoyed the meal together. After they were done, the boys took off to entertain themselves.

Around 3:30, we asked Owen if he was ready to go home yet. He wanted to know if we would wait another half hour before we left, because he, Ryan, Benny, and Joshie were playing pepper in the yard, so we told them that would be fine. (For those who aren't aware of what pepper is, it's a baseball drill where one boy has a bat and the others take turns tossing the ball so he can hit it back to them. It's a great drill to improve hand-eye coordination.) I felt it was good practice for all of them, since they were all fairly new to the game.

When we finally took Owen home, his parents came out to greet and thank us. "We really appreciate what you've done for Owen, and we'd be happy to have Ryan stay with us in the future."

"Thank you, and Owen mentioned something like that too. Just have the boys let us know when you plan on doing it."

"Sure, we can do that, and thanks again."

"Owen was no problem and we were happy to have him. He can stay with us anytime he wants, or if you ever need time to do other things."

"Thank you, and that's nice to know."

On the ride home, Ryan asked a question. "Do you think they know what me and Owen was doin'?"

"They might suspect, but there's no way they could know for sure. Just remember that you shouldn't do those same things when you're staying there, especially if you don't want them to find out what you're up to."

"Ok, we won't."

Copyright © 2017 Bill W; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

Great chapter, i can see a possibility of Ryan and Owen becoming more than friends no matter what Ryan claims of his sexuality.

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3 hours ago, Dahawk said:

Great chapter, i can see a possibility of Ryan and Owen becoming more than friends no matter what Ryan claims of his sexuality.

As I said in a previous response to a comment, Ryan seems to be a lot like Ricky, in that he seems to enjoy both.  

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3 hours ago, tor200534 said:

Excellent chapter bill. 

Thanks, tor.  Slowly we're beginning to get a feel about how this may workout.  

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2 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

I love Owen he's a little firecracker. Noah impressed me this chapter. Great chapter sir!

Yes, Wesley, Owen will be able to keep up with Ryan, that's for sure.  Thanks for the feedback. 

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22 minutes ago, Stix said:

today, all is said about this real great chapter Bill.

Thanks, Stix.  I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

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Great chapter! I like the way you are writing Owen into the story, but could there be tragedy in the future for Ryan and Owen?



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14 hours ago, Dewilmnative said:



Great chapter! I like the way you are writing Owen into the story, but could there be tragedy in the future for Ryan and Owen?



Jon, I'm glad you're enjoying Owen's character, but you'll have to stay tuned if you want to know what happens between him and Ryan.  Thanks for the feedback. 

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