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    Bill W
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The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 2 - 31. Memorial Day Weekend

As Memorial Day approached, I verified the plans I'd made for Brandon and me before double-checking to make sure we had everything we'd need to take with us. Once the boys learned that we were going away, they began to complain because we weren't going to take them on this trip too. However, after we explained it was our delayed birthday gifts to each other, they relented and told us to have a good time.

I had cornered Dion previously and discussed the two trips he'd taken with Trey before I decided where I was going to take Brandon. I didn't tell Brandon where we were going, though, because I wanted to maintain an element of surprise.

On Friday afternoon of the long weekend, we said goodbye to our staffs and then raced home to grab a couple of items that Brandon had forgotten to bring with him that morning. While we were there, we said goodbye to the boys again, as well as taking a moment to thank Dad, Dion, and Trey for offering to look after things while we were gone. Then, Brandon and I hit the road, eager to enjoy a little quality time alone.

During my discussions with Dion about both of the trips he had taken, I decided the first one sounded as if it would be better for us. Therefore, I booked a 'Premier King Guest Room' at the Hotel Hershey and made dinner reservations at The Harvest, which Dion explained was the classiest restaurant at the hotel.

It seemed as if the drive was taking forever, probably because I was so anxious to get Brandon alone, but in reality we were only on the road for a couple of hours. When we arrived, members of the staff helped us with our luggage as we checked in, and then one of them guided us to our room, which was enormous and tastefully decorated. Besides the king-size bed with nightstands on either side, there was a sofa, two comfortable chairs, a coffee table, a desk with a chair, and a full bath. After looking around, I was convinced we would enjoy whatever time we spent there.

As soon as we'd put our things away, we chose to take a walk around the spectacular and well manicured grounds first. We also took a few minutes to stop and appreciate the two stunning fountains we'd passed when we first arrived, since they were truly magnificent.

As we were walking around, Brandon mentioned something. "This reminds me of one of our early dates. Do you remember the day we spent walking around that outdoor retreat while we discussed our future together?"

"Yes, I remember, but the scenery wasn't nearly as spectacular there."

"No, but this reminded me of it for some reason."

On that day long ago, Brandon and I had spent quite a bit of time discussing a possible relationship. We knew we enjoyed each other's company, but we were questioning whether we were ready to make a long term commitment. Fortunately, we decided to give it a try and we're still together a decade and a half later.

After spending a couple of hours outdoors, we returned to our room and showered together.

"This reminds me of the first few times we ever did this," Brandon stated as we moved under the spray. "It was when we were on vacation with Dad, Ricky, and Jay. Remember? We decided to shower together to save time, since there were so many of us, but we also used the opportunity to fool around too."

"Yes, I remember, and we showered together almost every night, although we took a few turns pairing up with Jay and Ricky too."

"But I enjoyed showering with you the most."

This simple act rekindled many pleasant memories, which we not only relived, but also recreated that evening. Needless to say we made love in the shower as well, eliciting even more memories of other times.

When we finally finished up in the bathroom, we dried off and got dressed. As soon as we were appropriately attired, I noticed it was nearly time for our dinner reservation, so we set out for The Harvest restaurant. When we got there, I announced my name and we were immediately shown to a table. It was located next to one of the windows and provided us with a magnificent view of the grounds in the waning daylight.

After enjoying the lovely view for a few moments, we opened the menus and discussed what we were going to order. "I talked to Dion before we left and he recommended that we have a Caesar salad, Filet Mignon, and baked potato. I think we should add a side of broccoli and a glass of wine to that as well, if it's all right with you."

"Yes, that sounds perfect."

The meal was absolutely delicious, and when we finished we shared a slice of Peaches N' Cream cake with our coffee before returning to our room.

We were both stuffed at this point as we sat down on the sofa to relax and let our meals settle. Before long, however, we gave in to other needs and began making out. It seemed the events of the day and the many memories we'd shared had made us both feel like kids again, and that's exactly how we acted - like two sex-crazed teens. As we kissed, we also ran our hands over each other's body and slowly undressed one another. Before long we were both naked, totally aroused, and unable to stop. Eventually, we moved from the sofa to the bed, where we resumed our passionate kissing.

I don't remember exactly when it happened, but we were soon arranged in sixty-nine, eagerly satisfying each other orally. After doing that for a few minutes, I swung around so I was lying next to Brandon's slender form again as I eagerly resumed kissing him. Then, I began to work my way down his body, as I nursed on each of his nipples before moving even lower. After I had passed his navel and was once again at his groin, I spent a few delicious moments running my tongue over his fleshy sac and along the length of his firm pole. After doing that for awhile, I lifted his legs and began to rim him, slowly preparing him for what was to come.

As soon as I felt I had paid sufficient attention to that area, I slid my body over his and only stopped long enough to insert my penis. As I began to thrust in and out, I placed my lips over his, extended my tongue, and began to kiss my beloved again. We'd done this many times over the years, but each time seemed unique and special, because we loved each other as much today as the first time we'd made love. I couldn't bear the thought of ever being separated from him or not being able to do this, while silently praying that day would never come.

Once we had completed our mad, passionate, and fulfilling love-making session, we cuddled together for a while longer before we got up to perform our nightly bedtime ritual. When we finished, we got back into bed and prepared to sleep. This was merely our first night alone and it had been truly wonderful, but we still had Saturday, Sunday, and part of Monday left to enjoy.

After waking up totally relaxed and refreshed the next morning, we showered together again before getting dressed and going out for breakfast. We decided to eat at the Cocoa Beanery this time, where we each ordered a specialty coffee and a pastry. The coffee was wonderful and the pastry quite tasty, and when we left there we headed to the Spa.

After perusing our options from the long list of choices, we decided to try the Sea Salt Soak first, followed by a manicure and a pedicure. As we sat in the sea salt, Brandon turned to me and spoke.

"This is really nice. We haven't done anything like this for a very long time, and it's feels good to get pampered like this every once in awhile."

"Yes, we often neglect doing things for ourselves. Either we're too busy with work or too tired after a long day at the office, and then when we're home we focus all of our attention on the boys."

"But we've definitely got to start making time to do something like this for ourselves every now and then. I'm sure the boys will be able to do without us for a couple of hours every once in a while."

"I suppose you're right, so just give me a reminder if I happen to forget."

After we finished soaking, we then sat in very comfortable chairs as the attendants worked on our hands and feet. Once they'd finished, we decided to spend some time in the outdoor pool, so we went back to our room to grab our swimsuits.

After changing, we swam for about an hour, and then we got out and located a couple of lounge chairs so we could relax in the sun and work on our tans. We used some of the sunscreen we'd brought with us to protect against sunburns and the most harmful effects of the UV rays. We stayed there until our bellies began to growl, due to the very small breakfast we'd had earlier, and then we went back to change again. We decided to try the Iberian Lounge for lunch, and once we were shown to a table we each enjoyed an antipasto and a 'Hotel Hershey Hamburger', along with a glass of wine.

"I don't want to rush you, but we have to get moving if we don't want to be late for the next item on today's itinerary," I urged Brandon.

"Don't worry. I don't want to miss going there either."

Dion and Trey had been so excited about having seen 'Les Miserables' during their trip that I got the name of the theater and called to buy tickets for our stay. Unfortunately, that production had already ended, but after I heard what would be playing when we we're there, I eagerly purchased two tickets so we could see 'Finding Neverland'.

The theater turned out to be one of those elaborate edifices that had been built sometime during the 1920s or 1930s, during the Hollywood Golden Years. After falling into disrepair in the 1960s, it had since been restored to its original splendor. We wandered around the interior of the theater for a brief time first, because we wanted to see as much of it as possible.

"Wow, the place is gorgeous and I love the oriental theme," Brandon gushed. "They certainly don't build theaters like this any longer."

"That's very true and there are only a limited number of similar theaters still remaining throughout the country. Most of these magnificent buildings had been torn down long ago, but there were a few visionaries who saw the benefits in restoring these unique structures instead."

"I'm glad they did, because it's important that the younger generations get a chance to see this. Look at all of the intricate details that were incorporated into its design. Each one must have taken days, if not weeks or months to finish, and I doubt we'll ever see another place quite as impressive as this."

Eventually, we heard a chime in the background. "I think that's our signal that the musical is about to begin," I pointed out, so we quickly located our seats and got comfortable.

The production was outstanding and we found it to be quite touching as well. It was the story of author J. M. Barrie and his relationship with the family of the widow Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, and how she became his inspiration to write 'Peter Pan'. It also focused upon the power of imagination, as well as the immense pressure society puts on everyone to grow up. I was glad I had considered doing this, because we both thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

After leaving the theater, I took Brandon for a ride on the singing trolley next, which was another of Dion's suggestions. Trey had also been correct when he told us that Dion had a much better voice than the vocalist on the trolley, but the guy was still very talented and quite enjoyable to listen to, so we had a good time. When the ride came to an end, we made our way back to the hotel again.

Shortly after entering the lobby, I approached the Concierge and asked if there were any special activities planned in the area for the following day. He quickly advised us of a couple of different events that were scheduled, and we determined the one that would be perfect for us to attend. I thanked him for the information and gave him a tip before we went back to our room.

Since we'd done quite a bit of walking and it was unusually warm outside for this time of year, we decided to shower again. Of course we washed each other first, and then that intimate contact led to a rise in our hormonal levels, which inspired us to make love again as the water cascaded over our bodies. As soon as we were both sated, we exited the shower, dried off, and then dressed for dinner.

This time we decided to eat at the Trevi 5, the Italian restaurant at the hotel. It had a much different ambiance than the other places where we'd dined, but the food was just as good. Tonight, we ordered the Field Greens salad with a Lemon Balsamic dressing and the Chicken Picatta, which we washed down with a glass of Spumante, a sparkling Italian wine. Once we'd finished all of those items, we shared a slice of Lemon Ricotta Cake with our coffee before calling it a night.

After returning to our room, we sat down on the sofa to relax for a few minutes, and one thing led to another, so before long we were all over each other again. Just as had happened the previous evening, our clothes were soon scattered throughout the room and we attacked one another like two dogs in heat. After working our way over to the bed, we changed places and Brandon entered me tonight, as we shared our love one more time.

After we finished that wonderful and mind-blowing session, we had to admit that we were both mildly impressed with our recent erotic tendencies, because we'd even astounded ourselves. It wasn't that we were old and lacked stamina, because we were both only thirty-one, but it had been quite some time since we'd made love twice in a 24 hour period. This trip had obviously done something to our libidos, because we were as horny as when we were as teens, although Brandon indicated the wine might have had something to do with it as well.

As we prepared to sleep, I cuddled with Brandon and felt closer to him than ever before. Our brief time alone had rekindled our romance and taken it to another level, although it didn't mean that we had previously grown bored or taken our relationship for granted. Just as had happened with pampering ourselves, our intimate encounters sometimes took a back seat to work and the family. I silently concluded that we'd have to take a trip like this more often in the future to reignite our deep love for one another, as had happened on this outing.

We slept extremely well that evening and didn't wake up until late Sunday morning. Then, we relaxed in the room for another hour and enjoyed spending a little more time with one another before our stomachs began to grumble. With slightly more urgency, we got dressed and headed to The Circular restaurant for their Sunday brunch buffet.

As the name implied, the dining area was a large circular space that was decorated in a Spanish colonial style. The floor plan had been well designed too, because there were ample aisles between the tables, which ensured privacy for the diners. After leisurely enjoying our morning repast, we followed the directions the Concierge had given us and made our way to the next event.

After listening to him tell me about the activities scheduled for that afternoon, we decided to attend the free outdoor holiday concert that was being sponsored by one of the local fraternal organizations. It was being held at a nearby park, and when we got there we noticed an impromptu stage had been set up for the musicians. It was covered to protect them from the sun, or in case it rained, but there was also temporary seating provided for the spectators. We hurriedly found a suitable location with a good view and took our seats, as we waited for the music to begin.

Before long, the air was filled with the sweet sounds of classical, pop, and patriotic selections, and the audience was quickly enthralled with the hypnotic rhythms. As we listened, Brandon and I noted that the musicians were very talented and did a marvelous job providing the entertainment. Before we were prepared for it to come to an end, the concert concluded. The spectators applauded loudly to show their appreciation, and this prompted the musicians to return for an encore, which was greatly appreciated.

Since we'd been sitting in the sun as we listened to the music, Brandon and I decided to take another shower when we got back to the room. As we'd done the past couple of days, we washed each other first and then made love under the relaxing spray, before getting dressed for dinner.

We had dinner at The Harvest again, but this time we ordered a much simpler fare. Tonight we went with fish and chips, with a side of coleslaw and a glass of white wine, before splitting a slice of 'Classic Chocolate Cream Pie'. It was all very tasty and hit the spot, so we were both quite full as we 'waddled' back to our room.

After sitting on the sofa and allowing our meals to settle for a brief time, Brandon and I started making out again and were soon eagerly undressing one another. I don't know how long it had been since we'd made love this many times during a single weekend, but that was probably due to the fact that we now had a family. It seemed that if we disappeared for more than a few minutes, someone was soon looking for us and calling our names. That definitely had the effect of putting a damper on any impromptu romantic escapades, so this was a welcome change and we were eager to take full advantage.

After we finished our very physical and amorous session, we cuddled for a while first, before getting up to perform our nightly ritual as we prepared to sleep. As soon as we were in bed, I spooned up behind Brandon and draped an arm over his chest, and we stayed that way until we awoke the following morning.

Our last day at the hotel was bittersweet. "This weekend has been absolutely fantastic, so I really hate to see it come to an end," Brandon stated as we were getting dressed.

"Me too. We not only revived many memories, but we also made a few new ones along the way, which reignited the passion in our relationship."

"I'm really sad to see it come to an end as well, but I'm looking forward to being with the boys again. Do you think they're all right? You do, don't you?" Brandon asked, since he was a notorious worrywart.

"Yes, hun, I'm sure they're fine. If anything had gone wrong, Dad would have called us since we both have our phones with us."

"Yes, I guess you're right."

We started the day by ordering breakfast from the fairly typical list of items on the menu at The Circular restaurant. As we ate, we tossed around a few ideas for trips we could take in the future, provided we could break away again. When we finished eating, we spent the next couple of hours taking a final stroll around the grounds and enjoying the beautiful day. We did our best to burn this image in our brains for future reference, so we could someday recall this memorable weekend together.

Once we finished our walk, we decided to go for a swim. After changing, we headed outside and enjoyed another refreshing dip in the pool. About an hour later, we got out of the water, dried off and changed again so we could head out for a late lunch. We were going to do that at the Trevi 5, since we'd only had dinner there so far.

"Wow, this looks interesting," Brandon stated as he pointed at the menu. "I'm going to try Butternut Squash Ravioli."

"I've never heard of that before, but I like butternut squash and I love ravioli, so I think I'll try that too, but I'm going to order a salad to go with it."

"Good idea, and don't forget the wine."

"Oh, I won't."

We were both glad that we'd ordered that particular entree, because it was a unique and delicious blend of the two items. We didn't bother to have dessert this time, because we thought we'd grab an ice cream on the drive back, when we stopped for gas and to empty our bladders.

We headed back to the room, packed up our belongings and then did a quick check of the room to make sure we hadn't forgotten anything. Once we were certain we had everything, we walked down to the lobby to check out.

After taking care of the bill, we carried our luggage out to the car and prepared to leave. "Thank you for doing this and for making all of the arrangements, because the weekend was fantastic."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, because I know I certainly did. I just hope we aren't walking funny after all the sex."

"I don't think we are, but even if that's the case, I doubt anyone else will notice."

"Yeah, fat chance of that," I quipped, and we both giggled.

When we stopped for gas and to use the restroom, we asked the cashier if there was anyplace nearby that we could get some decent ice cream. He told us about a special place that was less than a mile away, so we went there to see what they had to offer.

The guy had been correct about it being special, because the owners made their own ice cream and it was delicious. I was glad we'd stopped to do this, because it certainly hit the spot. After we finished, we got back on the road again. We were halfway home at this point, so it would only take another hour before we reached the house.

As I drove, Brandon and I shared our thoughts about what the others would be doing when we got home and what questions they might ask. I couldn't remember if any of the boys had a game scheduled for today, so I wasn't even sure if anyone would be there when we arrived. It was early evening, so that was a definite possibility. Then again, Dad and Pop, or Dion and Trey, could have taken them all out to do something too.

To our surprise, all of the vehicles were in the driveway when we pulled in, so I put the car in park and turned off the ignition. The engine had barely stopped when the boys came charging out the front door, racing in our direction.

"Welcome home," they all shouted in greeting.

"Did you bring us back anything," Noah asked with a devilish grin.

"Yes, we brought each other back to you," I quipped. "You boys have enough already and don't need another t-shirt from the gift shop."

"I was thinking about other things instead, like stuff we'd really enjoy." I made a face. "Hey, you can't blame me for trying."

"That's what you think," I countered as I reached out and grabbed him, as I wrapped my arm around the back of his neck. Then, I pulled his head down, and rubbed my knuckles across his scalp, giving him a Dutch rub. It caused a slight burning sensation and he fought to get away.

"Geez, I guess he did get you something after all - a lesson about being a wise guy," Brandon joked.

"That's not what I wanted," Noah wheezed after he finally pulled free.

"Then be careful what you wish for," I added, which prompted him to give me another dirty look.

"When are you going to learn, Noah?" Elliot followed. "You should have been expecting something like that. You know how they are."

"I thought they'd be nice, since they'd been alone and had a good time."

"Yeah, right!" Elliot commented as he rolled his eyes.

The other boys then picked up our bags and carried them inside for us, as they asked where we went and what we did. Of course we only gave them the G-rated version, but it seemed to satisfy their curiosity.

"Did you go to Hershey Park then?" Joshie wanted to know.

"No, we were in Hershey, but we didn't go to the park. We found plenty of other things to do instead."

"Sounds like a wasted trip to me," Ryan offered. "Why go there if you aren't gonna go to the park?"

"Like I said, there were other things to do there as well, and we went there to spend time alone with each other, not to have our insides shaken about and turned upside down."

"You mean you don't like going on the rides then?" Benny asked, looking confused.

"Sure we do, but it wasn't the point of this trip. We'll go on the rides if we ever take the family there, but this wasn't the time for that."

"Your loss," Noah added, as the discussion came to an end.

"No, they did some riding, just not at the park," I heard Elliot whisper to Noah and then they began to giggle.

We did our best to keep the others from finding out what Elliot had said by asking them to fill us in on what they'd done while we were gone. We discovered both of their teams had games on Saturday, which they won, and then their coaches gave them the rest of the weekend off. They also said they'd had a cookout at the house earlier and that Grandpa Josh and Grandpa Jake had made some awesome cheeseburgers for them. Then they added that Trey had fixed another chocolate cake with fudge icing and there was some leftover, if we wanted a slice too.

Once we'd finished filling each other in about our weekend, Brandon and I went upstairs to unpack. While we were doing that, Dion showed up to ask a question.

"So did you wear out the mattress and run out of hot water in the shower with all the hot sex?"

"You might say that," Brandon answered cryptically.

"Let's just say this trip made us feel like we were half our current age," I added.

"Damn, so you two were a couple of horny bunnies, huh?"

"Nah, I think we put the bunnies to shame," Brandon quipped before adding a sinister laugh.

"And thanks for all of your suggestions. They were really great and we enjoyed every one," I offered sincerely.

"You're welcome and I'm glad you guys had such a good time. You deserved it after all you've done for Trey and me."

"That was our pleasure too, and now we're even."

After a late dinner, we spent time with the boys watching a movie. It was nice to be with them again, and the three younger ones were slightly more affectionate than usual, so I guess they'd actually missed us after all. We knew the older two were happy to see us as well, but they spent the evening whispering to each other, apparently commenting on what we might have done while we'd been away.

When the movie ended, we sent the boys upstairs to get ready for bed, and then we went up to say goodnight. Once again, each of them seemed to be more affectionate than usual and hugged us energetically as we tucked them in. We also stopped in to say goodnight to Elliot and could tell he was happy to have us drop by to do this again. If this was the way they were going to act when we came home after being away, then maybe we'd have to leave them behind more often.

As soon as the boys were in bed, Brandon and I turned in too, because we'd have to return to work in the morning. It had been an unforgettable weekend, but it had come to an end and reality was about to set in. Now, it was time for Brandon and me to return to our normal routines and play doctor again.

Copyright © 2017 Bill W; All Rights Reserved.

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I'm glad they had this weekend to themselves. They deserve it. I am curious though has Graham had anymore of his "visions" we haven't heard about that recently.

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Thank you Bill, another great chapter of the castaway hotel next generation book 2. This Weekend were a great gift for Brandon and Danny. I hope they can get more of these weekends.  Will the boys go on holidays this year too? i can hardly wait to read the next chapter.

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4 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

I'm glad they had this weekend to themselves. They deserve it. I am curious though has Graham had anymore of his "visions" we haven't heard about that recently.

Wesley, thanks for the feedback.  So far, Graham hasn't revealed any other 'visions', but living away from home, he'd be seeing the people there now, not back at home.  Remember, the vision appeared around the person the vision was about.  

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1 hour ago, Stix said:

Thank you Bill, another great chapter of the castaway hotel next generation book 2. This Weekend were a great gift for Brandon and Danny. I hope they can get more of these weekends.  Will the boys go on holidays this year too? i can hardly wait to read the next chapter.

Thanks, Stix.  Yes, Danny and Brandon deserved that weekend away, and summer is coming up, so who knows what might happen.  

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Thank you for another great chapter. It is always good fto get away from the drama of day to day existence. 



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On 6/19/2017 at 9:44 PM, Dewilmnative said:



Thank you for another great chapter. It is always good fto get away from the drama of day to day existence. 



Thanks, Jon.  I'm glad I can provide you with a moment of tranquility.  

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