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    Bill W
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The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 2 - 32. Owen

Now that the boys were out of school, the number of practices and games each week increased, which caused our evenings to become very hectic. Thankfully, we had plenty of drivers and more than enough vehicles to handle the situation, but it was sometimes confusing trying to remember who was doing what.

As we moved into the month of June, the boys' teams were winning more games than they were losing, so they seemed satisfied. Sure, they would have liked to be undefeated or in first place, but since this was the first time Benny and Ryan had ever played on a team, they both seemed satisfied. Not only were they pleased with their team's success, but they were also happy with their own progress as well.

It was the start of the second week of the month when Ryan asked a question. "Since we're playin' Owen's team on Friday, do you think it would be alright if I asked him to come home with us and spend the night?"

I was slightly taken aback by this, because he'd never suggested anything like this before. I knew he and Owen were friends, but since they were on different teams I wasn't prepared for his question.

"I don't have a problem with you asking him, but it will be up to his parents whether they're willing to allow him to stay here. I don't know his mom or dad, so we're not sure how they feel about us, since there are still people that don't approve of two guys being together or becoming parents."

"I know, but me and Owen have talked about this before. He says his parents know about our family, like about you and Dad B, Uncle Dion and Uncle Trey, and Grandpa Josh and Grandpa Jake, and he told me they don't have a problem with it."

"I hope that's the case, but you'll have him ask his parents about this before Friday. By the way, I'm surprised that he's old enough to play in the same league as you, since you're older than most other kids in your class."

"Owen turned thirteen in April, and I won't be fourteen until October, so we're both thirteen for the baseball season. I'm still a few months older than him, but instead of being one of the youngest kids in ninth grade, I'm one of the oldest kids in eighth grade. So, can I call him now?"

"Sure, if you know his number. And you can tell him that if his parents have any questions they can talk to us at the game on Friday, if they're going to attend. If not, they can give us a call."

"K, I'll tell him."

Ryan then disappeared for about twenty minutes as he made his call. When he came back, he filled us in about his conversation. "Owen asked his parents and they said it was fine, as long as you don't have a problem with it. He said he'll bring a duffle bag with some extra clothes, because we'll both be in our uniforms. He also told me his parents would be at the game, so you can meet them at the field."

"Ok, that sounds like a good idea. We'll be able to clear things up with them so there will be no misunderstandings. My only question: Why the sudden interest in doing this?"

"It's not sudden. Me and Owen have been friends since I moved here, and if we was playin' on the same team we'd prolly be doin' this a lot more. I just want to have someone my age to hang out with, because Noah spends a bunch of time with Adam, and Benny and Joshie have each other."

"Ok, I guess I can see that. I just hope he doesn't have a problem with how whacky it gets around here sometimes."

"Come on, it's not that bad. You guys are a little different than most parents, but he already knows about some of that and doesn't have a problem with it. I really like him and I'm glad he's gonna spend some time here with me now."

"I'm glad you have someone you are close to as well."

When Brandon and I talked about this later, Brandon was curious about something. "Do you think he asked Owen to spend the night so they can mess around?"

"I guess it's possible, especially since Owen knows about us. We'll just have to keep an eye on the situation and make sure nothing goes wrong."

"Ok, but at least Ryan's not trying to talk you into doing those things with him any longer." His comment pointed out that Brandon was still insecure when it came to Ryan's intentions concerning me.

When Noah found out that Ryan was going to have Owen stay over, he asked if he could spend the night with Adam. We weren't sure if Noah had a problem with Owen, or if he just wanted to give the boys some space, but we agreed that would be fine. He then called Adam and had him clear it with his parents, so we would be gaining one and losing another that night.

Friday after we got home from work, we sat down for a quick dinner with the family before heading out. Benny and Joshie had a practice scheduled to make sure they were ready for their game Saturday morning. Since we had a conflict, Dion offered to take them so we could go to Ryan's game. Dad and Pop were going with us too, and then Ryan asked Elliot to come to his game as well.

"I'm not really into baseball, but I'll drive there and watch you play before I go to pick up Ian, because we're going out later."

"K, and thanks. I'm glad you're gonna watch me play too."

The rest of us climbed into my SUV, as Elliot followed us to the ball field. When we got there, Owen came rushing over to greet us, carrying a duffle bag.

"Can I put this in your car for later?"

"Sure. So you're parents haven't changed their minds?" I teased.

"Nah, and I'll take you over to meet them if you want."

We followed Owen over to his team's side of the field and he walked up to a man and woman sitting in the bleachers. "Mom and Dad, these are Ryan's parents."

"I'm glad to meet you. I'm Danny and this is Brandon."

"I'm Terri and this is my husband, Brian," she replied.

"Hi, Mr. Currie," Brian stated as he addressed my dad. "Do you remember me from when you were principal of the middle school?"

"Sure, you're Brian McIntyre."

"You've got a good memory."

"At times. Besides the troublemakers, I also remember the athletes and academic scholars."

"I did better in my subjects than I did in sports, so I just hope Owen got the better genes from me. His mom was the athlete, but she didn't grow up around here. I met her in college."

"Well, I'm very glad to meet you too," Dad added, as he offered his hand.

"And I'm happy to meet you too. Brian and Owen have told me quite a bit about all of you, and I just want to reassure you that we don't have a problem with anything. I have a brother who's gay, so this isn't a big deal for us."

"We're glad to hear that," Dad replied, "and we'll take good care of Owen while he's with us."

"I'm sure you will," she replied, as she turned to me. "Are you sure you want Owen to stay over tonight and tomorrow night?"

Her question shocked me, since Ryan hadn't mentioned this when he made his request, so I did my best to hide my surprise as I prepared to answer her. As I was about ready to speak, I spotted Ryan out of the corner of my eye and noted that he looked like a kid who'd just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Sure, as long as Owen doesn't mind the craziness. We'll be going to watch the younger boys play their game tomorrow morning, and if the weather's nice I'm sure the boys will want to use the pool in the afternoon. There always seems to be something going on."

"Oh, I'm sure he'll enjoy that and it helps us out too. We've been invited out to dinner tomorrow evening by a couple that my husband works with, so now we won't have to worry about what he's up to."

"Then I guess it works out for all of us."

We continued to chat with the McIntyres after the boys took off to warm up with their teams. I figured I'd corner Ryan about this little surprise later, but not in front of Owen. I didn't want to pull him into a family discussion about honesty and openness.

When the game was about ready to get underway, we excused ourselves and went over to sit in the bleachers behind Ryan's team's bench. There weren't a lot of other people there, so we made up a large part of his team's cheering section.

"Did you know that Owen was staying two nights?" Brandon whispered to me as the first pitch was thrown.

"No, and I plan on talking to Ryan about that later. I just felt it wasn't the time or place to do it now."

"Ok. I just wondered, because it was news to me."

"I hope your reaction to her question didn't let them know that as well, because I tried to hide my surprise."

"I can't promise, because I was definitely shocked."

"I think we're ok, though, because they probably would have questioned us about it further." We then focused on what was happening on the field.

The game was close the entire way, and Ryan and Owen played fairly well. I was mildly amused to see they were both playing right field for their team, and they both got a hit too. Ryan also got walked on one of his other trips to the plate, while Owen wasn't quite as fortunate. In the end, Owen's team won, so I wondered how that would play out when we got home.

After the game, Owen went over to say goodbye to his parents first, before coming over to join us. After we were all in the SUV, Owen made a comment. "My team might have won, but both teams played really well. You did good today too, Ryan."

"You did too, but we'll beat you guys next time." I guess that clarified things and we didn't have to worry about the outcome creating any problems when we got home.

When we reached the house, we discovered Trey had made snacks for the boys, since he figured they'd all be hungry after running around for the past couple of hours. As Trey was explaining things to Owen, I pulled Ryan aside.

"You didn't say anything about two nights."

"I guess I forgot. Owen called earlier and said his parents asked if he could stay tomorrow instead of tonight, so I just kinda told him that he could stay both nights. I was gonna ask when you got home, but I guess I was thinking about other stuff."

"I don't mind, but in the future I want you to run those things by us first, before you agree to something like that."

"Ok, I will."

I then sent Ryan out to join the others, and after they'd each grabbed a drink and something to eat, we sat with them at the dining room table while they inhaled everything. Once they finished, we sent them upstairs to get cleaned up and ready for bed. Ryan and Owen were halfway up the stairs when Ryan stopped and came back down so he could say something to us.

"Uhhh, you're still gonna come up to tuck me in, aren't you?"

"We thought we'd give you some space tonight and not do that, since Owen is here."

"He knows you do it, cuz I told him. He doesn't care, so I want you to still come up later."

"Are you sure?" Brandon pressed.

"Yeah, so make sure you come up to my room."

"Ok, but we'll wait a little longer before we do that, so both of you have time to shower first."

"K, but don't forget."

Brandon and I talked it over, because we were trying to figure out why he still wanted us to do this. We thought most kids would prefer to not have their parents do that when they had company, but he was just the opposite.

"Possibly he wants Owen to see that we really love him and care about him, since we aren't his biological parents."

"Maybe, but I know I was surprised when he asked us to do it."

We went up with Dion and Trey about twenty minutes later so we could say goodnight to Joshie and Benny first, but then we waited a little longer before heading up to Ryan's room. When we got there, we knocked on his door and waited for him to tell us to 'come in' before we entered, however we were still caught off guard. Both boys were totally naked and standing on opposite sides of the bed.

"I'm sorry, we thought you were ready for us," I apologized as Brandon and I turned to leave.

"We are!" Ryan insisted. "This is just how we're gonna sleep." His comment caused me to look over at Owen so I could see how he was reacting.

"It's ok. I don't mind you seein' me like this. Ryan explained how you tuck him in, and that's fine with me, and since we agreed to sleep this way, it means you get to see me without nothin' on too. You're a doctor, so I'm sure you've seen other naked boys besides me and Ryan."

"You might say that," I agreed, as I let everything sink in.

Even after hearing his reasoning, I think Brandon and I were still in shock as we moved toward the bed. I noticed that Owen had definitely begun puberty and had a sparse growth of brown pubic hairs above his penis, the same color as the hair on his head. He was also circumcised, just like Ryan, and didn't appear to be the least bit bashful about allowing us to see his package, since he never tried to cover up. As Brandon moved to the near side of the bed and pulled back the bedding for Ryan, I went over to do the same thing for Owen. After they both got comfortable on the mattress, we pulled the covers over them and turned to leave.

"Hey! You didn't kiss us goodnight," Ryan complained.

"We weren't sure you'd want us to do that tonight, seeing Owen is here."

"Yeah, I want him to see zactly what you do every night. And he told me he doesn't mind if you want to kiss him on the head too, cuz that's what his parents do."

We were even more surprised than before, as we went back to do as he'd requested. "Are you sure you don't mind?" I asked Owen before I bent down to kiss him on the forehead.

"Nah, cuz it will be just like my parents doin' it to me."

Seeing he was fine with this, I gave him a peck on the forehead, as Brandon did the same to Ryan. Then, we switched sides and did the same thing with the other one before leaving the room.

"Goodnight and sweet dreams," we added before closing the door behind us.

"Thanks for letting me stay here and doin' this for me," Owen replied before the door was completely shut.

Once we were out in the hallway, Brandon turned to me and spoke. "I think you should talk to them about what they're planning on doing now, since they're sleeping together naked. I don't think they'd be doing that unless they had something else in mind for when they were alone."

"You might be right about that, but I'm not so sure about talking about those things with Owen."

"I got the impression earlier that his parents probably wouldn't mind, but I think they'd find it less objectionable than knowing exactly what their son was doing with our son."

"Ok, I'll speak with them then."

"Good. I'll be in our bedroom when you're done."

As Brandon walked down to the second floor, I knocked on Ryan's door again. "Yeah, come in."

When I opened it and turned on the light, it appeared that they'd just hastily pulled the bedding over themselves again. It was also fairly obvious that they both had an erection, since there seemed to be a slight bulge in the bedding that was over their waists.

"Guys, I think I know what you're planning to do, but I want to discuss this with you first. Owen, I'm not sure what your parents would say if they knew what you were up to."

"I've already told them that I think I'm gay like Uncle Ed, so I'm sure they feel this is the safest place for me to try stuff like this."

"So they know what you're going to do?"

"Not exactly, but I think they suspect. I'm sure that's why they were so happy to give me permission to stay here. They know you guys are all gay, so I think they feel Ryan might be gay too and we'd be trying stuff with each other."

"So you think you're gay now, Ryan?"

"No, but I like the feelin' I get from blowjobs and Owen is willing to do that for me, so I said I'd do it to him too. We just won't be doin' that other stuff."

"I might let Ryan try doin' it to me, so I can see what it's like, but I know he doesn't want me to do it to him, so I won't."

"Before you do anything like that, however, I want to talk to you about it first. I'll explain the things you'll need to know, because I don't want either of you hurting the other one."

"K, but we won't be doin' it this time. We were just getting ready to blow each other when you knocked on the door."

"As long as you both agree to do it and no one is getting forced, then I don't have a problem with it. Just remember that whatever happens in this house stays in this house. You can't talk about these things with anyone else or with each other when you're anywhere other than here."

"Yeah, we know, and thanks for not freakin' out about this."

"Well, it's how Brandon and I started when we were your age, so just be careful and don't get carried away."

"Thanks, and I'm glad I can talk to you about this stuff. My dad is ok with it, but he doesn't know much about gay sex, and I don't like talkin' to my mom about stuff like this either. I know I could ask my Uncle Ed, but he doesn't live around here and I don't see him very often, so I'm glad you're willing to tell me this stuff now."

"Brandon and I will do that, as long as your parents don't object."

"Don't worry. They won't."

As I prepared to leave, the boys threw the covers back and got ready to go at it again. They definitely weren't embarrassed about me knowing what they were up to, or shy about me seeing everything, but I left the room and went to fill Brandon in about our conversation.

"So they're going to have oral sex tonight and Owen is willing to let Ryan fuck him?"

"It seems that way, because he said he wants to see what it's like, but I told them that I wanted to talk to them about it before anything like that happened. I explained that I wanted to give them some pointers so they'd enjoy it more and no one would get hurt."

"Do you think it's wise to let them do that?"

"I don't think they'll be trying it right away, it's just something Owen mentioned for the future. I'll try to get them to hold off for as long as possible, but I'd rather know when they're going to attempt it so I can make certain they're doing it safely. I'd rather do that then have them sneak off and fumble through it on their own. You know, I want to do for them kind of like what Dad did for us."

"So you plan on being in with them when they do it?"

"No, but I want to make sure they use lube and stretch first, so there's no damage. Ryan was lucky that he wasn't injured worse when it was done to him, seeing an adult forced his way in without using lube or stretching him first. I think he'll realize that when I go over this with them. I won't embarrass him in front of Owen or let Owen know that Ryan has been raped, but I want him to understand what I'm talking about. Ryan's not that big, so I'm not too worried, but I still want to make sure he doesn't hurt Owen."

"Ok, I understand and agree with you. It's just that I'm not sure I want to know when they finally do it, because I might react differently when I'm around them."

"You'd better get used to it, because it looks like it's going to happen eventually. And since Ryan says he isn't gay and is just doing it because he likes how it feels, I'll use my explanation about anal sex to give him some pointers for when he's ready to attempt intercourse with a girl."

"Yeah, that's a good idea too, because I definitely don't want him coming home and telling us he's going to be a daddy."

"At least not for several more years," I added.

Copyright © 2017 Bill W; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

Didn't see that coming. I'm glad Ryan has someone his own age. I have to admit I am envious of the family because they have so many role models in each other. 

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Questions about questions, will be Ryan and Owen a pair in the future? Or will Ryan be straight? Another great chapter Bill, the future will let us know :worship:

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6 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

Didn't see that coming. I'm glad Ryan has someone his own age. I have to admit I am envious of the family because they have so many role models in each other. 

Yes, that was a surprise, and I think Ryan just enjoys having things done to him and learned a lesson about reciprocating.  

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4 hours ago, Stix said:

Questions about questions, will be Ryan and Owen a pair in the future? Or will Ryan be straight? Another great chapter Bill, the future will let us know :worship:

You may find that Ryan is a lot like Ricky, in that he's straight, but has learned that he likes fooling around with the guys too.  

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3 hours ago, tor200534 said:

Great chapter bill. 

Thanks, tor.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  

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Wonderful chapter as always Bill, cant wait to see what is to come with the family.

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11 hours ago, Dahawk said:

Wonderful chapter as always Bill, cant wait to see what is to come with the family.

Thanks, Dahawk.  It's nice to here from a new voice, and I'm glad you're enjoying this.  

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11 hours ago, Dewilmnative said:



Thanks for the great chapter!



Thanks, Jon.  Ryan's starting to loosen up a bit. 

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9 hours ago, Bill W said:

Thanks, Dahawk.  It's nice to here from a new voice, and I'm glad you're enjoying this.  

Lol i am usually quiet in the background. I was in contact with you after you completed book 1, and i was asking if you would consider doing book 2. So ive been quietly reading and enjoying the family.

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On 6/27/2017 at 9:19 PM, Dahawk said:

Lol i am usually quiet in the background. I was in contact with you after you completed book 1, and i was asking if you would consider doing book 2. So ive been quietly reading and enjoying the family.

In that case, I'm glad to hear from you again and that you're still enjoying the series.  

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