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  1. jryski

    Chapter 12

    That made me chuckle. That's cute too I guess 😅😅
  2. jryski

    The Road of Dreams

    I loved it! The self discovery, cutesy relationships, cute boys, and all round craziness. Can't find the sequel to this though for some reason. Super fun story to read. I find myself smiling throughout most of this story.
  3. jryski

    Chapter 12

    Oh and..... how lucky is brian that all his guy friends happen to be cute according to his standards?
  4. jryski

    Chapter 11

    Oh thank god they werent related. I was getting worried 😅😅😅
  5. jryski

    Chapter 10

    Ed is definitely shaggy 😜😜😜 MIssy can be Scooby lol jkjk
  6. jryski

    Chapter 9

    I smiled. The pleasantness is so real and dreamy at the same time.
  7. jryski

    Chapter 7

    Hahaha you right! Or he could be a furry and be hella into dogs or worse, a bronie. You never know these days. 😂
  8. jryski

    Chapter 7

    Boys these days just arent the same. No use looking for love. Dogs are great though. Probably get a couple of those I'm done.
  9. jryski

    Chapter 5

    Wow that's pretty amazing. You went and did most of these things? So was there an actual Jeff or are you Brian? Just wanna get my characters right so I can figure out how to ship them. 😛
  10. jryski

    Chapter 7

    For me now its more like I hope to sense or feel it when a cute boy talks to me but no luck lol.
  11. jryski

    Chapter 10

    I liked it. Cute couple and they got hella lucky that Ed found them and not someone else. Things could've gone to hell.
  12. jryski

    Chapter 7

    I totally understand "it" im sure most of us had felt it early on
  13. jryski

    Chapter 5

    Im the guy that gets sent into auto prts stores to get blinker fluid for his friends so Im not too sure about what theyre taking about lol. These kids are crazy though. Driving up to 100 miles per hour on loval roads while smoking pot and drinking beer sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
  14. jryski

    Chapter 1

    That was really nice and pleasant.
  15. jryski

    Chapter 1

    That was a really fun read! Loved it! I don't think I ever got into the hardy boys but I remember reading it back in elementary school. Don't remember the stories or anything particular about them so I'm guessing I read the dumbed down versions.

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