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  1. jryski

    Chapter 5 - Epilogue

    Jason and Jacob had me confused for a cool minute lol. Love the story except for a couple things. The character's reactions don't really make sense sometimes and is either way too understated or blown out of proportion. For example, Jacob killed himself out of the blue which totally can happen because suicidal people don't always drop hints. But.... the letter he left Rodney made it seem like it's no big deal. Jacob was in love with him and was at a point where he felt hopeless and lost his will to keep on living. It doesn't make sense for his letter to contain things like, "Kisses! Haha! Or XOXO. It also doesn't really make sense for the dad to kill himself either unless maybe he was dealing with other things for a long time and nobody knew about it? I really loved the story though it was beautiful
  2. jryski

    Silent Hope

    That was beautiful. Rodney's parents were way better than mine for sure.
  3. jryski

    Part 3

    Hmmm... I mean its cute but at the same time I'm not sure how I feel about this relationship.
  4. jryski

    To Last

    Well that was intense... :0
  5. jryski

    Part 1

    What a mess! Lmao he's lucky that Parker is so lonely.
  6. jryski

    Part 7

    What a journey! I'm so sad it's over! T_T This story kept me smiling the whole way through except for Troy's death. Ya got me on that one. xD
  7. jryski

    Part 1

    Cody's gonna get them all killed I swear to god
  8. jryski

    Part 2

    They're so cute i'm squealing! xD
  9. jryski

    Part 1

    This is cute :3
  10. jryski

    Chapter 13

    What happened to Trent? :0
  11. jryski

    Chapter 11

    That's odd because mothers wouldn't leave their children if the dad is violent. It goes against their instincts. I understand battered wife syndrome but she hasn't been beaten yet and she already lost her will to fight. Having said so, when my first stepdad threw a drinking glass at me when I was 6 and it smashed into the wall right next to my face and made a hole in the wall, she didn't do anything either. Lol maybe some mothers just don't have it in them.
  12. Oh I just saw that theres more. It wasn't here last time. Who put that there!?!? :0
  13. What did he turn into!?!? :0 Nooooo! You can't do this to me!!! T_T
  14. jryski


    I loved this story!
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