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  1. jryski

    Off the Rails

    I see you did your research about kpop artists. Wait a minute....... isn’t this the second time you wrote kpop into your stories? :0
  2. jryski


    The end felt a wee bit rushed, but the way you ended it saved it. You brought the 4 boys back together! 😍😍😍 I’m happy 🥰🥰🥰
  3. jryski

    Chapter 5

    I really liked the story. It was really intense. It had really good potential
  4. jryski

    Part 6

    The rings Frank had made me sad. He killed so many couples That’s so devastating 😢
  5. jryski

    Abattoir Boy

    Well that was just uber cute. Love it!
  6. Love your interests...Cute boys and more cute boys....😁

  7. That is true but on the other hand, I'd imagine I'd be pretty stuck about what to do as well if I was Brandon. Talking to Jeremy was the wrong choice of action but not unforgivable. I don't sense any malice behind his actions which leads me to believe that he had made a mistake due to an error in judgement. Everyone makes mistakes in weird complicated situations due to emotions clouding our judgment. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I understand where he's coming from and that I don't hate him at all as a character.
  8. It appears that I've been adopted! *happy dance*
  9. I dont think the way Alex is treating Brandon is fair. Brandon seems like a decent dude tbh but oh well. Jer and Alex are hella OTP
  10. jryski


  11. jryski

    Chapter 35

    So everyone dies eh?
  12. I wonder how many years have passed since Ronan saved Jason till now. Jason was a teen and now he's like mid 20's I'm guessing. Ronan sounds like someone in their late 20's and now he seems to be about the same age as Jason.
  13. jryski

    Ercil’s Gamble

    Omg wuuuuuuut!?!? This makes me happier than buying cheap random thinngs online! xD Thank you! 么么哒!
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