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Panic2: Draw Me 2. Panic Sanitaria Springs

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Set a few months after the conclusion of Panic! The story switches to Derry's point of view and the challenges of dating life, complicated by the problems of other people and how they affect your relationship.

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Table of Contents
  • 1. Chapter 1
    • 4,595 Words
  • 2. Chapter 2
    • 4,821 Words
  • 3. Chapter 3
    • 4,339 Words
  • 4. Chapter 4
    • 4,765 Words
  • 5. Chapter 5
    • 4,305 Words
  • 6. Chapter 6
    • 5,075 Words
  • 7. Chapter 7
    • 5,271 Words
  • 8. Chapter 8
    • 4,097 Words
  • 9. Chapter 9
    • 5,809 Words

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Months after Panic, Jack and Derry are settling down in their new relationship. But that doesn’t mean that everything will be smooth sailing from here on out. 

What I Loved

Nice to see Derry’s perspective of things. I don’t think many stories (technically this is a series, but you get what I mean) give both points of view of a relationship.

Every scene that Isaac appeared in was amazing and I laughed every time. He has such a bold personality that shines through the virtual pages very clearly. He’s the type of person who I’d want to be friends with – always funny and making me laugh. (I should really get to reading Family, Bloom, and Comfy. I did start reading Family at one point, but lost interest for whatever reason. Should really give it another go…)

Jack is such an interesting character to me. I would attempt to describe him here, but the way that Jared describes his personality and how he ticks in the latter half of the story is already perfect enough. We already saw lots of his perspective in the previous story, but it’s different when you’re looking from the outside-in.


Speaking of – all of the ‘main’ side characters had great contributions to the overall plot. Nice to see Luke find someone after all that craziness in Panic 1.

I don’t usually comment on sex scenes unless it starts feeling like I’m reading Rule 34 fanfiction (and if so, my comment wouldn’t be in this section!), but I do have to say I’m happy that the usual stereotype of the top being ‘macho’ and the bottom being ‘effeminate’ isn’t present. If it was, Jack would be the top because he is a football player and Derry would be the bottom because he is into singing and such, but that isn’t the case. Thank you! This stereotype really bothers me, to be honest.

The ending was a nice way to tie everything together. It really signifies how Derry has become very comfortable with his relationship with Jack. Quite satisfying, in my opinion.

What Could’ve Been Better

Nitpick: the correct way to refer to someone who live-streams themselves playing games on the Internet is “streamer”, not “streaming gamer” (chapter 5). If you use the latter, you will sound—ah, shit, how do I put this politely—like you’re not in the know? Given the age of the person speaking, that’s probably a tad important.


I felt like I was being taken for a rollercoaster ride with the tone sometimes. It’s like one moment we were having a lighthearted conversation with Isaac, and the next Derry is screaming at his mom. Maybe this was intentional?

Why do so many characters have parents that are divorced or have big relationship problems? Not sure about the realism of this particular aspect.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Review for Panic coming at some point, hopefully. (If I can get through the second-hand embarrassment from the concert scene again.) Kinda odd that I reviewed the sequel before the original. Oh well.

Did anything ever come from Derry’s grocery store job application? It just seemed like he applied for the job, and it never came up again. Hey, it’s just like real life!


I really hated Derry’s mom every single time she popped up. Did she want to push Derry away? It’s like she was going through the playbook of “how to make your kid hate you”: using them as a bargaining chip in the divorce, going behind their back and making decisions on behalf of them, forcing them to choose sides… 

Derry really needs to remember that you need to tell Jack what you want. And then he ends up forgetting that in the final chapter, leading to stress and worry for no reason. Whoops.


I really loved Panic. It’s one of those stories that stuck with me for a long time after I read it (and even to this day). I’m really happy that it got a sequel!

Panic 2 is a perfect follow up to Panic 1. I loved seeing how Jack and Derry’s relationship progressed and how the two became more comfortable and open with each other.

5 stars.

Response from the author:

Thank you for such a comprehensive review! Don't read my responses if you haven't read the hidden items in the review!

I'm glad you enjoyed Isaac as much as I do. You may have given up on Family before because it doesn't come from my normal POVs, but from an adult. Sometimes I enjoy those less than I might because it includes things I'd rather not deal with on an everyday basis like work and making meals and planning - you know, adult stuff. It's also hard to draw the line in a story where an adult is taking on the job of parenting a child who is a teen. Teens can be great when you're not in charge of them, but with them struggling toward adulthood and wanting to make their own choices in a more affirmative way and the adult trying to keep them guided on a safe path...it's inevitable that there will be a clash of personalities. So there is some license both in not mentioning every little instance of 'pick that up' or 'turn that off' or 'will you stop freaking nagging me?!?!?' because I want you to like Isaac, not think of him as a brat.

I've gotten the chance to write several intimate scenes and you're right, there is a stereotype that being a certain build or whatever equates with your desires in bed. There are short tops and tall bottoms - or people who simply switch as it suits them or don't do that at all.

With reference to the 'streaming gamer', I'd agree with you except that Isaac was addressing someone who wouldn't know what a streamer was, possibly even without the added context of 'gamer' being attached. Adding in 'gamer' for his grandmother's reference would have been a variation in this case for clarity versus what he might say to a peer.

You're right, it was a roller coaster. So when I was mapping this out in my head I had Derry and Jack and how are they doing now? I'm not a fan, for the most part, of breaking up a couple and yet drama is what moves things forward; conflict. So I thought about having Derrys' father become ill - in fact in the scene where he and Derry talk before the adultery is revealed, I was thinking that Derry's father was arranging his affairs. Killing a character isn't something I take lightly or as an easy plot device - it has repercussions down the road, and frankly we've all read things that are quite sad. So I took a page from my good friend @Israfil in terms of plotting and had him be a cheater - and twisting the knife with whom he had cheated. I think by necessity someone dealing with a tabloid style mess would be very up and down, much like a roller coaster. Derry goes from 'everything is going all right' to 'my hair is on fire and my ass is catching' from one moment to the next because the situation is unresolved and lurking behind everything else. Dysfunctional people manufacture more dysfunction, and Derry's mom was incredibly short-sighted and guided by her anger. I think she will regret it, in time.

I never returned to Derry's job application at the grocery store as he'd landed a new job, but he'd probably revisit that before the end of the summer job at the school.

Thank you again for your review, and thank you for pointing out things that you didn't like as much as others. I appreciate your time!


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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I'm pretty much writing this so the story gets a well deserved 5 star review.I have reviewed other stories by this author and I don't want to get redundant go read my review of Corners or a Perfect Confluence of Events and what I wrote there will apply here.What I do recommend is if you are not familiar with this author then go read the  story Panic first before reading this heck while you're at it read the story Family which can be found on GA and The Education of Nate which can be found the author's website Dabeagle's Doghouse that will also help you in this story but it's not critical for you to read the last two stories mentioned but do read Panic first it will be a labor of love

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