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  1. Israfil

    Chapter 139 Bonding

    That preacher is clearly smarter than Don - which makes him infinitely more dangerous. The dialogue between Matthew and Robbie was pretty interesting - I’m glad Robbie kept his cool and maybe even sowed some seeds of doubt As for Daniel, he’s young and impressionable. Teenagers often like to have causes - something to fight for or against - and a supposed oncoming tide of drugs and gangs is enough to fire his imagination. I remember that age - as much as I try to block it out - a quote like “they’ll come here if we don’t stop them” is the sort of melodramatic nonsense kids like to spout to sound important. They say it more for its own sake than any real belief
  2. Israfil

    Chapter 139 Bonding

    As amusing as that would be, his relationship with Nathan wouldn’t be the healthiest thing right now. We already saw what kind of stress dealing with his antics put on Robbie. Nathan clearly has his own issues and I think they’ve only gotten worse. Anyways, Robbie can spite Don just as well by simply existing and being true to himself.
  3. Israfil

    Of Note

    Dude, it's college. Also bear in mind, we're seeing something of a summarized version from Corbin's perspective. Each chapter can jump anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It's hardly a new guy every day - not that it would matter anyways as long as safety measures are taken. Other than that, everything else has been said, such as regarding how he compares to your average college kid. While I'm at it, you say social climber like it's a bad thing. It's a hyper competitive environment, everyone's a social climber. Hell, that's life. And on top of that, Corbin is trying to shatter a glass ceiling of sorts, being openly gay, in a very hetero-normative culture, so he'll have to play the game that much better (or be "manipulative" as you put it). Cast your mind back to that age - if you were out, didn't it make things harder? And if you were in the closet, I'm sure you were keenly aware of the difficulty. Lastly, "slut"? What are we, in high school?
  4. Israfil

    Let Him Go

    Hell yeah! So cool to see Jasper take a stand like this. Damien may have suffered but...so have we all. It’s great that Jasper still called him out on every bit of his behavior. I was so relieved he’d didn’t hold back out of pity.
  5. Israfil

    The Golden City

    Great to hear - I kind of assumed it was done. Or that you were doing something similar to Blinded where you added a part two after a little while, with both segments kind of being their own story.
  6. While he did push it with losing his temper, I’d say making Don so blatantly show his homophobia in front of the family is a victory. It will eat away at this control. I’m surprised Robbie didn’t throw the affairs in his face as an example of “normal people” - but good thing he didn’t. It would have almost certainly cost him Sue’s support, which he desperately needs. Also, kudos to Nicola - she sacrificed a great deal of freedom going forward in order to back up Robbie.
  7. Israfil

    Chapter 20

    I think that Drew has a bit of his mother's neurosis. Maybe not agoraphobia but the obsessiveness. It comes from a good place and yes, he is a teenager but this absolute refusal to see any other point of view than his own and non-existent negotiation skills makes me think that in some ways, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I mean, really? Ticking off the guy who controls your communication with your boyfriend - how does that make sense in any reality? The power of love (and apparently volume) can't just batter down all opposition. The adults in his life have been pretty inept so it makes sense he wouldn't consider the fact they know something he doesn't, but the idea that no one can care about Cole as much as he does is a bit silly. I remember being a teenager and that tunnel vision is real but I don't think I could have been quite like this... Then again, I was also considered somewhat unfeeling by my peers XD
  8. Israfil

    The Waiting Game

    Plans within plans...
  9. Israfil


    Honestly, while I was surprised at how short it was, it's kind of perfect this way.
  10. Israfil

    Aged to Imperfection

    My initial point stands! 😛 Commenting that two characters seem nice together is far from your absolutist view of soul mates and there is only one true love for everyone.
  11. Israfil

    Trial Run

    Heh, someone's a bit of a romantic. It's sweet that some people can hold on to that level of naivete all the way into adulthood - but I can't imagine holding on to such beliefs will prove beneficial in the long run.... Emotions - desire, love, lust, it's all complicated and different for everyone.
  12. Israfil

    Aged to Imperfection

    On a follow up note, I agree with Corbin, he wouldn't have gotten to this point with Pete if he hadn't pushed him. So...kind of a no-win situation, honestly. Also, even though we know this is all being told by Corbin years later, it's still stings when he talks about people in the past tense like with Dave. Sure, it's quite likely he and Dave don't really go anywhere but the past tense makes it seem a lot more....final, like now we know for sure it doesn't work out but also that he's just not in Corbin's life at all. Especially when in that moment they really seem good for each other. Damn, I might be more of a romantic than I thought. Goddammit.
  13. Israfil

    Aged to Imperfection

    Oh come on! That cliffhanger was a punch in the gut 🤣
  14. Israfil


    I think he's actually been alright about that. I admit I thought "second date sex" at first too but then I went back and read it - they've been dating for about a week, which isn't long but they've still gone out several times between their first date and when they hook up. So they seem to have built up something of a connection already. Also, some relationships move fast - emotionally as well as physically - and you're left wondering how you both got to where you are in just a couple weeks >_>
  15. Israfil


    First thing I did - I edited my first response a few times so I guess I cut out the part where I said bisexuality is a very broad term. That was meant to be a reference to you - personal experience indeed carries some weight but is by no means reflective of the whole. Especially when referring to such a wide demographic. That would be as ridiculous as my speculating something about gay people in general because it applied specifically to me - the fact that I’m gay wouldn’t grant me the authority to speak with impunity. It would still be wrong. As I said earlier, one’s feelings on “romance” or “love” are separate from the genders to which they are attracted. Correlation does not equal causation. Someone can be romantically attracted to men and women and be asexual or sexually attracted and be aromantic. Or both. Or any number of combinations - these things cannot be explained “in a nutshell.” Though I daresay the world would be a lot simpler if that were the case.
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