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  1. Israfil

    April, 2019 (A)

    Bloody hell, what is Glennys's problem? This seems to go beyond just being bitchy. Even if that was all there was to it, it still needs an explanation... She just doesn't like her children? From what Ezra said, there's an implication there were issues even before their father died. Right now, I'm just going with pop-psychology - the emotional abuse stemming from her own experiences as child she's passing on cause some people just don't know better...
  2. Israfil

    Chapter 117 The Happy Clappers

    I actually loved this chapter. Robbie, while depressed, was pretty funny in a gallows humor sort of way, Alex made me sad, and Sue is actually trying to be a parent. And Rory is always a bright spot. Honestly, part of the reason I love reading about him is that he and Robbie's dynamic reminds me of my friend and I. Yes, I'm the Robbie, in that situation, for good or ill. Though it doesn't speak well of my judgment, I'd probably run off with Alex - he's hot, besotted and a bit insane...sounds like my type. Robbie's snark also never gets old :D
  3. Thing is, Sue seemed okay with Robbie's sexuality in the beginning - I'm not so sure what her issue is with it. From what I can see she's okay with it in theory but less so in practice. She treats it like an unfortunate condition that nothing can be done about but you otherwise try to hide or just don't talk about. She doesn't see anything particularly wrong with the homophobia, her reaction so far, at least regarding teenagers, has been "oh well, people will react weirdly to something they dont understand but it's not their fault, it's yours for letting them see it." Thing is, Don's homophobia stems from his Leave it to Beaver inspired idea of what is "normal." I'm not sure what Sue's is based in.
  4. Excellent! Always great to see an update for this story - for some reason I was especially happy to see the notification tonight. Thanks, @Dodger.
  5. Israfil

    Chapter 31

    So, I don't think I'm alone in surprisingly being excited to meet this grandmother. While I'm sure she'll be pretty awful, the fact that the twins are certain she won't turn them away and despises the press seems that despite what are likely myriad faults, she values family - after a fashion - and has a code of some sort. Which Julianna absolutely does not.
  6. Israfil

    Chapter 115 Old Habits Die Hard

    I'm all for seeing the other side and yes, people tend to go to extremes in their reactions (fiction does provide that nice outlet) but I feel compelled to point out that from what I've seen of your comments, for your part you do tend to downplay the issues discussed. "What he did was not exactly a good thing" - is that qualifier really necessary? Shades of grey are great, I'll be the first to say that but in certain cases it doesn't always apply. The way you phrased it, it's like the "thing" you're referring to is throwing a ball through a window or cheating on an exam. Not assault (note that I referred to it generally, as I've seen you ask what makes sexual assault any worse than any other kind of assault - personally I think it's the intimate nature of the violation, but that's a discussion for another time). While you might not mean it that way, a lot of your comments appear as brushing off pretty serious issues as "not that big a deal" or implying that negative reactions to sexual assault are out of proportion. Yes, we're discussing fiction here but if people see something that reflects their own experiences, they might read your responses as a comment on their own reactions. People have a right to their anger. Lastly, you speak of empathy, but tend to view everything exclusively through the lens of your own experience - "I did this, why can't everyone?" and similar sentiment. Lack of understanding that not everyone's circumstances allow for the same choices bespeaks a lack of empathy, doesn't it?
  7. Israfil

    Chapter 115 Old Habits Die Hard

    Honest reactions are great - but they should also be civil and filtered to a degree. Otherwise the way you word your reaction may come across other than how you meant it. And people will call you on it.
  8. Israfil

    Chapter 115 Old Habits Die Hard

    Fair enough if the story’s no longer your cup of tea but as a writer, I have to say that calling someone’s work “garbage” is just not okay. Especially when it’s most clearly not, objectively speaking. It’s well written and @Dodger clearly worked hard on it. It’s not a story you can follow anymore? Fine - it’s even okay to say so and have strong feelings. But there are limits and I have to draw the line here.
  9. Israfil

    Chapter 115 Old Habits Die Hard

    Wow...and I was really starting to like Alex too. And probably still would if it hadnt been for the whole sexual assault thing... What he did was wrong - but he’s not in his right mind, that much is clear. It’s a sign of development that Robbie could understand that he handled his relationship with Alex badly, playing with fire, as you said - but he’s always been alright at self reflection after the fact. As for Nathan, bloody hell. By the end of the conversation I could see why he was so angry but still. “You walked out on me, I should have walked out on you”. Who says that? And calling Robbie a drama queen, true as it is, coming from Nathan it’s “hey, pot, names kettle, have we met?”
  10. Israfil

    Chapter 113 Photographic Evidence

    If it were only that I would absolutely agree with you. Those two things are just fine - the real issue was more how he began to take Robbie for granted and seemed to be trying to hook up with other people behind his back. By the end he seemed almost competing with Robbie. Admittedly, most of his faults can be attributed to just being a teenager haha.
  11. Israfil

    Chapter 113 Photographic Evidence

    Robbie growing past that part of his life isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I didnt think they were the greatest match from the start, honestly....
  12. Israfil

    March, 2019 (A)

    I’m surprised Sarah didn’t realize her little stunt could have ruined her husband’s chances as well though. The two people in the ring are working together - not really fighting. What happens to one can affect the other. What if Jack had been thrown by the change in plans and didn’t sell it properly? Doesn’t look like she thought it through before risking that.
  13. Israfil

    Valentine's Day

    Love Eamonn so much - even more so that we have a similar sense of humor. The possession line is totally something I would have said. Nice to see the old cast back - though while I get that Sean's hurting....I can't help but feel he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer - or at least just very immature. I got that impression even before his life imploded - adversity just brought it more to the forefront.
  14. Israfil


    I’m with Adam on this, even if I can understand where Artie’s coming from. It’s tough to just accept what someone tells you about a person especially in a situation like this. However, it’s silly for Ezra to think he can have it both ways - live his life without any parental obligation and come find Artie only when I assume it is most convenient for him. He waits till now to show up? When Artie’s living with his uncle and the custody’s been decided and he’s leaving Texas for good? Quite pleased that Adam told him what’s what. Then again, maybe location doesn’t matter because Mr. Bigshot CEO has an office in San Francisco.... Oh, dear.
  15. Israfil

    Chapter 1 - Shoebox

    Normally I try and avoid high school stories but I’m glad I checked this out. I like Nick and his friends - you’ve done a good job of setting the scene in this first chapter. Striking a balance of exposition without feeling like an info dump. Good work!

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