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  1. Israfil

    April 6, 2022

    Well then. Maybe Emma could put something of a gag order on the kids who witnessed it? So John doesn’t have to tell every goddamn class about it and hammer his mental health more than it already has….
  2. I just want to know if it’s Luke or Simon getting the divorce. I’d assume the latter since his marriage was having problems initially.
  3. Israfil


    I’m actually really happy you dispensed with the countdown and let the story be what it needs to be, as my editor says. There would have been so many interesting aspects of the characters and situation left unexplored if you’d ended where you originally planned.
  4. Israfil

    Twenty Six

    I have mixed feelings about Noah’s mum. She’s clearly trying and acknowledging her mistakes which is great. However, I bristled when she said how Seth threatened Brock twice - it was completely warranted - but on the other hand, even if he’s a mentally deficient cave-man, Brock is still her son, so I guess that could change her perspective lol. And her uncomfortable moment when Noah said how Seth got custody of his sister like “oh right, that changes the narrative.” Sigh.
  5. Israfil

    Twenty Five

    Interesting, I was wondering when Noah's mother would be brought in - she was a little bit of a mystery.
  6. Israfil

    Twenty Two

    That. Was. AWESOME. For both of them - I loved Seth’s attitude and it was great to see Noah take matters into his own hands. I had the same fears that the Cranes could come after Seth if he damaged their figurehead son.
  7. Israfil


    So relieved Noah’s grandfather came through, it sounds like. I was hoping that practicality that Noah alluded to would show up. “He’s gay? So what, he’s got a head for business. That’s all I need to know.” Or something like that. Hopefully he also stated his other grandchild was an idiot. That would be fun for Noah’s dad to hear. Though it occurs to me that his brother didn’t out him right away. Was that because Noah got ahead of it or was Brock just going to drag out the pain?
  8. Israfil

    Chapter 38

    While I get that Jackson’s something of a rule breaker and certainly thinks highly of himself, I suspect Cindy’s definition of being “full of yourself” is a little skewed. I imagine it applies to any kid who is secure in their parents’ love, has a healthy amount of confidence, and doesn’t question their self-worth on a daily basis. Oh, and doesn’t go to church and devote enough time to prayer XD
  9. Israfil

    Chapter 38

    Got to say, I’m proud of Jackson for standing up to the counselor trying to guilt him. Sometimes you have to look out for yourself and the people you love. And further kudos to Jackson for keeping his cool with Cindy. I like to think I’d do the same but I’d have been so tempted to yell out something like “you know how much he hates you these days, right?” Or something to that effect. True or not, it’s something every mother fears - especially controlling ones like Cindy, whether or not they admit it.
  10. I’m concerned about the pastor too, but at Robbie’s age, I’d have taken the bargain as well. Two hours in exchange for the pastor supporting adoption? Especially when you consider the damage he could do if he chose to push for marriage, I wouldn’t have seen another option. Which is just what the pastor wants.
  11. Dammit Jasper, be smarter! Parties are the same regardless of socioeconomic level!
  12. Israfil


    Idiots like Brock are always looking for something to hold over people. Noah didn’t give a damn about his being stronger, good looking or even their parents favorite. On top of that, Noah was so much clearly smarter than him. Brock’s probably been looking for some way to get back at his younger brother for this staggering insult *voice dripping with sarcasm*
  13. Israfil


    I’m not exactly a nice guy 😆
  14. Israfil


    I’m sure his parents have *just* enough financial control that he can’t tell them to screw off. He’s a better man than I - in his place I’d have laughed and really rubbed it in. Forced the father to admit his precious Brock was a dumbass. Like actually make him say the words. If you can’t say no to someone, you can at least make it really painful for them to ask - that’s my motto XD
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