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  1. Israfil

    The Next Step

    Soooo I might be out of the loop here but what’s this “next step”? I get how Artie might seem to be holding back emotionally somewhat but they’re talking like there’s a clear cut next level to go to... They’ve already crossed the physical barrier but the emotional side is a lot less...definite and it sounds like Dizzy has something specific in mind.
  2. Israfil


    I wondered how he’d feel about Wren not telling him but then it occurred to me that he would respect Wren’s decision to keep something to himself. I always thought respecting privacy was one of the nice things about the country mindset (maybe I’m way off - speaking as a sheltered east coaster here). Plus in those areas, even if you’re ok with the idea of someone being gay, doesn’t necessarily mean you want confirmation. So I thought part of it was Charles didn’t really want to know (that’s a thing even in supposedly liberal areas too >_>). Side note: all the description of working on the house and doing those necessary projects is kind of nice - reminding me of working with my mom or friends in the summer (not that I’m a fan of physical labor but the memories are nice).
  3. Israfil


    I was actually hoping to see the conversation between Charles and Wren. Cause that would be the first time Charles saying he knows (or suspected) Wren was gay and it looks like Wren confirmed it. Childhood friends and all, I was excited for that scene...
  4. Israfil

    Farmer Wren

    Even before the bank scene, when Wren got the will I was thinking he could leave it with Caleb, who's looking for his own land. Now with the money could pay off his loans and leave a bit with Caleb to get started on. Nothing changes the fact that Kentucky will never be the....greatest place to be for people like us. Of course though, if one's characters always make the best decisions there's usually very little story haha. I just discovered this story today and I'm hooked.
  5. Israfil

    San Diego

    I want to high five Wren for the stunt with Travis haha
  6. Israfil

    Chapter 38

    Bloody hell... Perhaps I’m being naive but I never quite understood how people can fault others (especially children) for doing what they have to in order to survive. Granted we don’t know the whole story yet but I’m fairly sure anything Jay has done was because they had to - and if the “murder” is what I think it was I can’t see any reason to fault them. Is Lady Jane just trying to protect her grandsons’ reputations? I feel she’s a little more shrewd than that - I can’t see the twins’ careers taking much of a hit from being associated with Jay... Or perhaps she feels someone who’s been pushed so far and had to survive under such circumstances becomes dangerous in and of themselves? Either way, it’s a bit of a disappointment since I really wanted to like her.
  7. I’ve been almost compulsively checking for updates here. Yay for progress! Robbie telling someone about Alex, and Sue hearing about Robbie’s deteriorating mental state are all good signs. Plus her deciding Don doesn’t need to know everything (I suspect he’s on a bit of a downward spiral himself). The fact that he thinks Robbie was bullying Alex is indicative of an attitude of a lot of homophobes, unfortunately. That gay people are troubled, unhappy sorts that just try and make other right thinking “normal” folk miserable. /eyeroll
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Israfil

    April, 2019 (B)

    I agree with @Brokenbind - reading about Ezra’s progress seems to motivate me to put 110% into my own projects. Specially since like him, I’m at a transition point right now myself...
  10. Israfil

    Umbrella (1/2)

    Sort of puts my high school experience in perspective. I sympathize with Lance even though now I realize mine wasn’t nearly as bad. Sure, I hated them and probably still do - but at least I was never truly in fear for my safety. And though I’m an only child I’m fairly sure my parents wouldn’t have put up with any bullshit (from me or my hypothetical siblings haha)
  11. Israfil

    April, 2019 (A)

    Bloody hell, what is Glennys's problem? This seems to go beyond just being bitchy. Even if that was all there was to it, it still needs an explanation... She just doesn't like her children? From what Ezra said, there's an implication there were issues even before their father died. Right now, I'm just going with pop-psychology - the emotional abuse stemming from her own experiences as child she's passing on cause some people just don't know better...
  12. I actually loved this chapter. Robbie, while depressed, was pretty funny in a gallows humor sort of way, Alex made me sad, and Sue is actually trying to be a parent. And Rory is always a bright spot. Honestly, part of the reason I love reading about him is that he and Robbie's dynamic reminds me of my friend and I. Yes, I'm the Robbie, in that situation, for good or ill. Though it doesn't speak well of my judgment, I'd probably run off with Alex - he's hot, besotted and a bit insane...sounds like my type. Robbie's snark also never gets old :D
  13. Thing is, Sue seemed okay with Robbie's sexuality in the beginning - I'm not so sure what her issue is with it. From what I can see she's okay with it in theory but less so in practice. She treats it like an unfortunate condition that nothing can be done about but you otherwise try to hide or just don't talk about. She doesn't see anything particularly wrong with the homophobia, her reaction so far, at least regarding teenagers, has been "oh well, people will react weirdly to something they dont understand but it's not their fault, it's yours for letting them see it." Thing is, Don's homophobia stems from his Leave it to Beaver inspired idea of what is "normal." I'm not sure what Sue's is based in.
  14. Excellent! Always great to see an update for this story - for some reason I was especially happy to see the notification tonight. Thanks, @Dodger.
  15. Israfil

    Chapter 31

    So, I don't think I'm alone in surprisingly being excited to meet this grandmother. While I'm sure she'll be pretty awful, the fact that the twins are certain she won't turn them away and despises the press seems that despite what are likely myriad faults, she values family - after a fashion - and has a code of some sort. Which Julianna absolutely does not.
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