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  1. Israfil

    Rock Bottom

    I don’t trust his parents at all. Grace is hardly a reliable source in this matter - she wants to believe their parents because she had a better relationship with them. If they still won’t accept Jasper as he is than how will their relationship improve once he’s on the other side of this? Will they go back to trying to turn him straight or just turn a blind eye? My suspicion is he’s just doing this for Grace since we’ve seen that she and Ellie are the only ones he lets visit him. If church were actually helping *scoffs* we would see some kind of improvement by now but what he’s said to Ry
  2. Okay so....Stephanie’s an idiot - so’s Robbie but we knew that already and loved him anyways haha. But seriously, why the hell would a 17 year old want to have a child? Run away, Robbie! The kid will grow up in a financially stable home with what sounds like loving family. Hopefully his daddy issues won’t force him to try and...be a daddy. On a side note, I’m so relieved it’s out in the open. I was terrified you were going to delay it yet again when Nathan came down XD. Good job building up the tension with even Stephanie seeming to put off saying it, asking about Connor, et
  3. Israfil

    Moving On?

    Thing is...Ryan says Simon and Luke were supposed to be Jasper’s friends. “Supposed” being the the operative word. They may have worked closely with him, they never particularly liked him, did they? He was a co-worker - and we’ve seen how their personalities clashed from the beginning. They may have thought he was alright as a band member but they never hung out socially. Both Simon and Luke have been kind of judgy of Jasper’s attitude, somewhat jealous of his ability to churn out pop songs that sell, and last but not least, possibly resentful that Jasper’s attitude is what got them o
  4. That cafeteria scene actually gave me some anxiety and even triggered a couple memories. Good job!
  5. Painful to read but beautifully written. Like...phenomenally so. You captured Jasper's feelings and the feelings of the day so perfectly. Also, kind of glad that Chris showed up to take some hits - allowed some of the tension both Jasper and the readers were feeling to be unleashed.
  6. Whyyy - Jasper and Blake’s friendship was the best part of this story T_T
  7. Israfil


    That ending line was gold. So happy that Rick is getting some positive reinforcement finally and the piano scene was beautifully intimate.
  8. With luck Nicola will shepherd her to an abortion - Stephanie doesn't strike me as the type to want to be a young mother in college XD. For all we know, she's already made the decision to terminate the pregnancy and just really thinks Robbie should know, though he'd probably rather not. For god's sake, child, tell him on the phone or something. This calling then setting up a time to meet and talk is just asking for trouble.
  9. Regarding his career choice, good for Robbie! There’s something special to realizing what you want to do - or at least having a strong inclination for it.
  10. Israfil

    Con Moto

    It was the security guard who was watching them in the waiting room, I think. I was suspicious of that last chapter. Didn’t think the other shoe would drop so soon - I’d forgotten about it over the course of the chapter cause it was so adorable
  11. Israfil


    I confess - I did a little cheer at the end.
  12. Israfil

    Chapter 31

    Ahh the stratospheric highs and abyssal lows of first love. So glad that nonsense is behind me XD
  13. Israfil


    That last line cracked me up XD
  14. Israfil

    Chapter Six

    That’s a bit unfair - first time inebriation is pretty intense. You don’t know which way is up in the best scenarios but factor in traumatic memories and that’s a recipe for disaster.
  15. Israfil

    Chapter Six

    Looking at the picture, for some reason, I thought Dylan had longer hair. Ah, poor Liam really means it but honestly, I'm not sure there's coming back from that. I loved that line of Dylan's though - "the idea my words had hurt him so much was too good to be true." Shame there won't be anymore chapters from Liam's perspective - he's such a delightfully messed up character. I hope you reconsider
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