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  1. Israfil


    Woo! This was the scene I’ve been waiting three(?) chapters for and it was everything I hoped! Also, Jasper should have destroyed Damien when he had the chance XD
  2. I was so relieved when Ryan finally asked what happened with Jasper’s parents XD I’d been literally waiting the whole chapter for that. Ending the last chapter on such a cliffhanger then barely addressing it was just cruel lol
  3. 1) The Connor hate is getting a tad silly. Yes, he wasn’t a good fit for Robbie and yes he had issues but he’s also a damn teenager - a kid. By and large, they aren’t paragons of social grace and navigating relationships. They’re still learning. Nathan has plenty of irritating qualities to his character but the only difference (and honestly the only one that matters) is Robbie likes him. 2) If Stephanie really is pregnant why in the name of hell is she not getting an abortion. She doesn’t strike me as the type to want to start a family early, let alone with Robbie as the father XD and we’ve never heard anything about her parents being particularly religious or conservative. Even if that were the case, Nicola would help her (unless she’s too embarrassed/stupid to ask her best friend for help - we all know Nicola would move Heaven and Earth for those she cares about). OMG if this is the case and Don finds out, he’ll try to make sure she keeps the baby as a way to force Robbie to be “straight” or more likely just to spite him by getting him saddled with a teen pregnancy.
  4. Well, Blake continues to earn his "friend of the year" award with what he told Ryan about having Jasper's back. Got to say, I was all ready for the drama with Jasper's parents rather than more between Ryan and Jasper but it's good to see their relationship develop. And then it cuts off right at the good part? Ouch. I get that a big part of the story is their understanding each other's issues which will continue to resurface but this seemed like a conversation they've had before - but then again, that's often times what it takes in a relationship. Having the same conversations until they stick. And his parents have such nerve talking like that to him in his own home. I'm willing to bet that their idea of "healing the family" is not something Jasper wants anything to do with...
  5. Israfil


    “I guess that’s a problem for future me to deal with.” This phrase right here might explain why Grace has so many issues XD
  6. I think part of it was Nathan was shocked by the role reversal. Usually he's the confident one and Robbie's the worrier. Here, Robbie knew what he wanted and didn't falter once - he was actually pretty mature about it (well, as mature as you can be when declaring your love for someone at that age haha).
  7. Israfil

    Chapter 31

    Dang, Tracy surprised me here - he's seemed more clear eyed before so his siding with Jeff was unexpected. It really does sound like he agrees that Jeff can play the field but Jack has to be mindful of Jeff's feelings. Again, I get that Jeff may not be in the clearest headspace following his less than stellar social experience until now but I expected Tracy to be more the voice of reason.
  8. Israfil

    Chapter 30

    Especially since becoming a couple was his idea in the first place and he pushed for it XD. He’s illustrating precisely why Jack was iffy about it. That being said, Jeff’s proven a good friend generally. I think he had a crush on Jack initially and the car incident freaked him out. He confused those fears of almost losing his friend, as well as the crush, with deeper romantic feelings. Topped with how our culture is saturated with the concept of riding off into the sunset together, it’s not surprising he got carried away.
  9. Israfil

    Chapter 30

    I can understand Jeff enjoying not being an outcast anymore but I think the hypocrisy is an issue that goes beyond simple immaturity. He just doesn’t seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer. He loves the idea of having a boyfriend but wants to interact with every cute guy - yet gets angry if Jack does the same. He seems to get off on the drama...
  10. Connor's not that bad. Just not right for Robbie. Honestly, he might have been a better fit earlier before the issue with Alex. Robbie might have been more likely to stand up for himself and make it more....equal. Teenagers don't take cues very well and can be very self centered -clearly Connor's no exception. And Don must feel his world is turning upside down - I wonder if he'll find a way to blame Dan dating an Asian girl on Robbie lol. That local girl line was BS - we all know he wouldn't have said a word if Ratana's family had been white American ex-pats living in Thailand or anything along those lines. I was actually waiting for Robbie to warn Daniel about that.
  11. Israfil

    Chapter 7

    My heart goes out to Evan from what I’m picking up here. I know that overwhelming feeling of failure and the crushing nihilism that comes with it. And the irritation that comes when people try to snap you out of it before you’re ready. I suspect his dad’s trying to share with Evan a little of what he learned/the perspective he found out here in his new life and thinks this job could do that. Of course he’s going to take it - that’s likely the premise of the story XD I’m not sure I would in his place - I’m more the type to relish wallowing in my misery - but then again, activity and structure of any kind can be a good antidote for angst. Or at least a mild pain killer. Lastly I’m fairly sure Evan tried to hurt himself after he didn’t get the internship - I was getting strong vibes of that from the first few chapters and how the adults acted around him...
  12. So.... Stanely is fucking scary. That is all.
  13. Israfil


    "Finally" being the operative word. And yeah, he wasn't that useful in the fight, was he? Though a big highlight in this story has been the friendship dynamic between Jasper and Blake. We all need a friend like that. I definitely did an internal cheer for the way Jasper handled the ex and kept calm. You could just see how that guy was getting increasingly angry - I think he was actually a little confused why they weren't intimidated by him. Always funny to see that happen XD
  14. Israfil

    Chapter 139 Bonding

    That preacher is clearly smarter than Don - which makes him infinitely more dangerous. The dialogue between Matthew and Robbie was pretty interesting - I’m glad Robbie kept his cool and maybe even sowed some seeds of doubt As for Daniel, he’s young and impressionable. Teenagers often like to have causes - something to fight for or against - and a supposed oncoming tide of drugs and gangs is enough to fire his imagination. I remember that age - as much as I try to block it out - a quote like “they’ll come here if we don’t stop them” is the sort of melodramatic nonsense kids like to spout to sound important. They say it more for its own sake than any real belief
  15. Israfil

    Chapter 139 Bonding

    As amusing as that would be, his relationship with Nathan wouldn’t be the healthiest thing right now. We already saw what kind of stress dealing with his antics put on Robbie. Nathan clearly has his own issues and I think they’ve only gotten worse. Anyways, Robbie can spite Don just as well by simply existing and being true to himself.
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