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  1. Dabeagle

    Chapter 9

    43. Very consistent.
  2. Dabeagle

    Chapter 10

    Because they are part of the wider Sanitaria Springs universe, they will pop up from time to time. Isaac makes a cameo in Panic 2, releasing soon.
  3. - + What You Leave Behind Chapter 9 By Dabeagle email Dinner was unremarkable. My sister wasn't speaking to me, but I talked to my folks. Dad was really concerned that Luca was going to live on his own. Who was going to make sure he got an education? His parents might compete to send him to a school, but who would make sure he went and did his work? Nagging about things like this was how my father showed his love – it was the most smothering kind of love I know. “Dad says you want to go register for school?” my mom asked. “Ye
  4. Dabeagle

    Chapter 8

    43 Reactions. I just seem to recall something used to happen at 50. Was that right?
  5. Dabeagle

    Chapter 8

    Hmm. 43.
  6. Dabeagle

    Chapter 8

    I so enjoy your comments! LOL
  7. Dabeagle

    Chapter 7

    At the same time, as 'ahem, tiny spoiler' my current project brings up, we are all commodities whether we sell our bodies because other people will pay for them - either as labor in an office, a store, a factory or on a webcam. The divide comes over what we are told is appropriate, what versions of selling ourselves are 'unseemly' or inappropriate. Whatever we do for a living, we are selling our bodies - the how can be our choice.
  8. - + What You Leave Behind Chapter 8 By Dabeagle email We both slept in a little, and when he climbed from the bed he pushed me down, kissed me and told me to relax a while longer. I rolled in his bed and drifted in a semi-conscious state, my nose filled with our mixed scent. I slowly replayed the night before in my mind, and I was soon achingly hard. Julia and I had enjoyed the sex life we'd managed, but in a feeling that was becoming familiar, this was different. It wasn't just the physical fact that he was a guy; it was the intensity. It w
  9. Dabeagle

    Chapter 7

    Great speculation, but I will neither confirm nor deny any of the ideas expressed. One thing of interest to me, @wildone is always the things we believe that are viewed, and rightly, as judging. When I think of someone with obvious good genes taking their clothes off, I like the idea but I also don't like it being so widespread - especially in the current age. If you add in a relationship, I'm not sure how some folks manage to date someone who poses nude or uses their body in that manner to make a living - such as a porn actor. To my way of thinking, it's a more private act and it would s
  10. - + What You Leave Behind Chapter 7 By Dabeagle email “Let me see! What are you doing?” he asked with happy suspicion. He stood beside me as I showed him the picture and he raised an eyebrow at me. “Hey. Not bad, Car Doctor Owens. Maybe you should be a photographer.” “Yeah? Can I do your boudoir set?” “Oh. I don't know,” he said, teasing. He pulled his phone out and his mouth dropped open. “Jesus! It's after five?” Glancing at my phone I saw it was indeed past five – almost five-thirty. “Wow. I guess time got away fro
  11. The first thing that drew me was the title because i like baseball, but I stayed for the amazingly well drawn characters who were finely detailed with their own idiosyncrasies and a tangled web that was delightfully silly. The author took two main characters and filled out the story with an ensemble of a supporting cast that doesn't feel like they were there just to fill a space, but as though they had purpose and a life outside the bits you read about. Even though this is a romance at heart, and one of my favorite tropes - people who initially don't like each other but have to learn
  12. - + What You Leave Behind Chapter 6 By Dabeagle email I headed down to the shop Saturday morning to get the weekly laundry done. Once that was started I got restless. I had nicer clothes on – khakis, boat shoes and a polo that complemented my complexion, or so Julia has said once or twice. Unfortunately I had nothing else to do. I took my phone out, but found myself drawn right back to Ben's images. I texted Luca, but he wasn't answering – probably sleeping in. I texted Julia, and she actually texted that unless this was an emergency, let he
  13. Wow. I always love reading the comments and ideas of readers, but this is really special. Thank you for writing this and thank you to anyone who is moved to read.
  14. Dabeagle

    Chapter 5

    I just love these comments and thank to to everyone for these insights. For those that made the connection, yes Peter has appeared elsewhere in my work and he hasn't changed. He appeared in 'The Tull Unification'. On my own message board someone asked why Matt and Nick weren't there, as they were also from TU, but I figured it wouldn't make sense - why would they be there if someone they dislike so much was also there? Also they'd need a reason to be there in town, and Ehren and Tris moving early because of Tris' parents seemed more likely from a storytelling point of view.
  15. - + What You Leave Behind Chapter 5 By Dabeagle email My nerves were dancing as we pulled up to Nirvana. The outside was just painted cinderblock. The windows had some beer neons and a rainbow. There was an old neon sign over the entrance with The Nirvana Club in stylized script. “Jace is jealous,” Lilly said as we hit the sidewalk. “He has to work tonight.” “I thought he worked here?” I asked. “Part time,” she confirmed. “He also has a job at a burrito place.” Conversation stopped as we reached the padded doo
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