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Life's Struggles - 9. Oooh Baby, Baby

Warning: This Chapter contains references to abuse, and suicidal attempts.

After spending two hours in the Department of Motor Vehicles, Lincoln came out clutching a paper in his hands but still held a glare for his boyfriend, who had seemed determined to have him jumping through hoops along with his parents. So far his day had consisted of going shopping and being told he bought the wrong thing, then his dads contacted Sage to have them pick up cat litter and onions. Onions? Then Sage somehow decided that Lincoln needed to get his permit, Blu had been riding Lincoln’s ass to get it for quite a few months but everything just seemed to be too stressful following Levi’s injury. Once Lincoln flopped into the seat he turned facing Sage, “I swear to God if you decide I need to do anything else beyond relaxing I am taking you to the Clippers Veterinarian’s office and having you neutered. And quit fearing my Pop, I know the permit was his idea and I passed the damn thing.” He waved the paper in front of Sage’s face. “The instructor I think was born before my Nan and had horrible hygiene, she might have been decaying.” Link cringed at the picture he put in his mind of zombified driving instructors.

“Congratulations, baby!” Sage told him excitedly. “We just have to–”

“Nope, nuh-uh. We don’t have to do shit! We’re going home, now,” Link whined rubbing his tired eyes.

“Just one quick stop,” Sage stated as he started his car and glanced at Lincoln, “it will be quite painless and I will even stop at the ice cream shop and buy you a blizzard.”

Link side-eyed his boyfriend, “You’d better, jackass!”

“Oh, my grumpy man.” Sage smiled while reaching out and pulling his face to his for a kiss.

“Fine,” Link said kissing Sage quickly. “Mush, let’s go.”

Sage placed the car in drive, pulling out barely going the speed limit, driving in a direction that Lincoln seemed to pick up on almost immediately.

“Why are we driving in the direction of Uncle Kaleb’s restaurant?” Link eyed Sage suspiciously.

All Sage done was smile innocently, “Kaleb texted saying Kayden wanted to see me.”

Lincoln snatched his cell phone off the car charger looking at Sage’s text messages, “Okay, he did say that, but we aren’t bringing the trips home with us.”

“Be nice,” Sage chuckled, “soon we will have a little one that will demand our time. Would you deny the baby family time if it wanted to see Kaleb or the triplets?”

“I feel this is leading to me being tricked into something,” Link shifted in his seat. “Is my Pop threatening you, or blackmailing you to irritate me today?”

As they pulled into the restaurant parking lot Sage shut off the car, “You’re definitely being a drama queen today Babe, although I do fear the shit out of your Pop. That vein poppin’ thing in his forehead is just plain creepy.” Sage hopped out of the car rounding to the passenger door and opening it. “Come on my prince,” He offered his hand to Lincoln to escort him inside.

Jonathan hid behind the hostess station peering out the plate glass window, “They’re here!” He shouted to the group as he ran to hide with the rest of the guests. He plastered himself next to his pop peering up at him. “Pop, don’t be mean to Sage today, okay?”

His pop looked into his sons very young eyes feeling guilty. “I’ll be nice. I promise.”

“Good, he’s really cool and you’re always mean to him. It’s not fair,” the kid admonished his pop in a way only a young kid can do with their big damn innocent doe eyes and damn mature logic – when it suits them. Not that they know they are doing it. Kids see everything simply.

“You’re a good kid, you know that?” Blu said running his hand over his son's head affectionately.

“Because I’m yours, pop.” Blu’s heart shattered into a million pieces for so many reasons.

The front door opened as Link lectured Sage at being sneaky today, “I swear, I have Clippers on speed-dial from when Bella’s psycho cat was spayed. I’m sure they will be willing to do the deed.”

Sage rolled his eyes, “Yes Dear.” He just let his boyfriend continue to ramble since the young man seemed oblivious to the decorations.

Kasey who was huddled with Shawn, “Can we yell surprise yet?” He said it loud enough that Shawn slapped his palm against his own forehead.

Lincoln stopped dead in his tracks, “Surprise? Sage? What the hell did you do?” His grip on Sage’s hand tightened.

The rest of the group of family shouted “Surprise!”

“Our baby shower?” Link placed his free hand over his heart, “I still can’t believe our little one will be here in no time. I’m sorry I was bein’ such a bitch, babe.”

Cole ran by covered in pink glittery make-up, “you’s no botch, her is,” he pointed at Kassidy, “I no wants to be princess.”

Kaleb had accepted the fact his kids were ‘special’ and shrugged his shoulders at least Kayden was calm, somewhere above Nan would be laughing her ass off. He flicked his son’s ear, “Language, Cole. Now scoot.”

“Ouchie,” Cole yelped rubbing his ear, “you mean,” he screeched while running to his papa. “Papa, daddy hurt me.”

Davis picked his son up who was delicately primped in pink thanks to his daughter. “Well, buddy, you said a bad word and he didn’t hurt you.” He placed a kiss on the side of their son’s head, “Off you go,” glancing at his daughter, “Kassidy if you insist on decorating your brother at least let him pick the color.”

Cole puffed his chest up, “I no wants to be princess,” he broke into a run heading toward Kasey and Shawn.

Kasey tapped Shawn on the shoulder whispering, “See these kids could make us rich if we get them to push Uncle Kaleb and Davis’ buttons, they break out swearing.” He got an evil grin on his face, “And, Bam, lotsa money in the bank.”

Lincoln and Sage stood nearby his cousins listening to the conversation, “that kid could make money without much trouble. We’re never letting him babysit when he’s old enough.”

Sage continued to make rounds as Lincoln sat speaking with his Uncle’s business partner, he stopped standing beside Kyle and Blu. Shoving his hands into his pockets to hide his nervousness of being around Blu, “I got him here, but he has threatened to have me neutered at Clippers. I’m a little intimidated of that threat after getting the cat litter dropped on my nuts.”

Kyle pinched Blu’s inner arm as he opened his mouth giving him a warning look not to say a word.

“Ha, yeah he can get bitchy when he’s in a mood,” Blu stated.

“While it’s just us three, I’d like to ask your permission to take Lincoln out on like a real date,” Sage shifted nervously from one foot to the other, “like dinner and a movie type of date.”

Throwing his head back with a laugh Kyle squeezed the young boy’s shoulder. “You don’t need our permission. If I were you two I’d get as much dating in as you can before the baby comes.”

“I know Mister Waters tolerates me,” Sage shrugged his shoulders, “I’m trying to be respectful, and I’d never intentionally hurt your son. I love him with all of my heart, I’ve been through being hurt from people I loved.” He took a deep breath releasing it slowly, “My sister and me didn’t have a great home.”

Blu frowned assessing the kid, he glanced at his husband then back to Sage. “No wonder you spend so much time at our house,” he grumbled, “are you… is it unsafe at home now?”

Sage glanced down at the floor steeling himself, it was a defensive mechanism that he had become accustomed to over the years. “When I came out to them, my parents that is, well they beat me near to death. I told you, Mister Waters, I know what Levi is goin’ through. When I woke up three months after the beating,” Sage wipe at his eyes quickly trying to dry them so Blu wouldn’t think he was weak, “I can’t… I don’t remember things real well. They went to jail, Valerian came home from college when he was told Thyme was in foster care and I was in the hospital.”

“Fuck me,” Blu uttered, he stepped over to the kid scaring the bejeezus out him when the man gave him the biggest bear hug he’d had in his entire life. “I’m so sorry, kid,” he whispered into his ear.

He tensed after being called a kid, “I don’t need pity, felt bad and mad, and just plain pissed off a long time.” Sage loosened the leather band that was wrapped around his wrist uncovering a gnarly looking scar, “I uh… well… I umm push Val and Thyme away and wouldn’t let them support me. My own parents didn’t want me,” he shrugged his shoulders, “Why live, you know? Well a shit ton of therapy and medicine that I’m told I have to take for the rest of my life, I’ve found who I am and who I love. Funny thing is if Thyme didn’t suck at picking out boyfriends, I wouldn’t have found Lincoln at that parenting class.” He let out a dry chuckle at the irony of his life.

“You know Link’s had a hard young life, why haven’t you told him?” Blu asked curiously.

He glanced over at Link who still had his back toward him. “Mister Waters I’m gonna let Lincoln know all this shit, I swear.” Sage rubbed his temples, he got headaches sometimes when he got stressed. “I just don’t want him overwhelmed by my shit, he’s the sweetest person I know that wears his heart on his sleeve.”

Levi walked over with Spartan by his side, “Hey, Sage you gotta see the outfit Brody and I gave Link.” He spotted how red-faced his friend was, turning to his dads, “Dad, why’d you let Pop upset Sage? On today of all days, it was meant to be special for Link and Sage too.” Sage stood there staring at his friend quietly not sure what to say, at the fierceness of his friend protecting him.

“Levi, stop,” Kyle said calmly placing his arm around Blu’s shoulders.

“It’s wrong Dad, just because Pop can intimidate Sage. He never acts like a bully to anybody else,” Levi looked directly into Blu’s eyes, “I love you Pop, but you taught us to treat people with respect.” He shook his head and leaned into Sage’s shoulder, the teen that seemed to know the shit storms that came upon him and didn’t judge him.

“You’re right,” Blu said, his eyes stinging while he felt completely ashamed of himself. He cleared his throat. “I’m sorry. I…” he pointed to Link, “just going to…”

The three of them watched as Blu made his way to Link pulling him aside and exchanged a few words, Link glanced quickly over at Sage smiling. Blu hugged his son and then to their surprise Blu walked out of the restaurant without another word to anyone.

“Damn, did I say something I shouldn’t have?” Levi asked after Blu left the building, “I didn’t freak out, did I?”

“No, no you didn’t.” Kyle still looking at the door where his husband departed. “It was a long time coming. I’m sorry Sage. Look, guys, give pop some time okay. I think he’s… just give him some time. He loves you kids, more than anything in this world. Okay?”

Sage looked around at the people he considered friends, hell a part of him felt like he was family. “I’m sorry if I upset him, Mister Waters. I figured if he knew some of who I was, he might trust me.”

Kyle placed a hand on Sage’s shoulder, “Son, first off the Mister Waters stuff has to stop. I get called that enough at work.” He offered a warm smile, “Call me Kyle or Dad, whichever you’re most comfortable with. Blu will let you know what to call him, just give him time to gather his thoughts. One thing I can tell you, Sage, is that you will always be welcome in our home consider it a safe place if you need one.”

“Thanks, umm…” Sage looked at the hand that was offering him support, “Dad, not that I ever really had one but it seems a fitting title for you.”

Spartan put his cold wet nose in Levi’s hand, pulling him back from some distant place. “I missed something, didn’t I? Pop, wasn’t really intimidating Sage, was he?”

Sage shook his head, “No, he was being okay.” Offering a sad smile he said, “I told your dads why I understood so much about your injury. But I owe your brother an explanation before I can share more with you Levi.”

“It’s cool dude-man,” Levi patted his friend’s shoulder. “It’s your story to tell.”

Kaleb stood up on the stage that was used for banquets and wedding clearing his throat and tapping on the microphone, “If I could have everybody’s attention. Yep up here,” He waved his hand, “See I’ve known this little shit,” he grabbed Lincoln by the collar pulling him backward before wrapping an arm around his shoulders, “since the day my brother and brother-in-law drug their trio home. This boy cause quite a few laughs for all of us and Nan, god rest her soul. That candy bag was always a load of laughs,” he chuckled, “and some pretty decent treats if you could find its hiding spot. Well, this young man is about to become a parent. Don’t say I didn’t warn you but the poopy diapers at three am in the morning really suck. But you’ve already found a partner that wants to share in the dirty diapers and early feeding, take it as a blessing that you have people to support you and the little one.”


Sage laid snuggled in the bed with Lincoln a few weeks later, watching some cheesy horror movie that probably cost as much as a single pizza to create with make-up that Kassidy was capable of doing. After a watching a bit of the movie, Sage told Link about his past. “So, I told your Pop at the baby shower and that’s why I guess he left. I never wanted to hide anything about my life from you Lincoln, but I don’t want pity either.”

“S’okay,” Link said pressing his lips to Sage’s leaving him with a short tender kiss. “I guess that explains why pop’s been avoiding us though,” Lincoln told him sadly, “pop’s sister killed herself when she was twelve.” He snuggled in closer to Sage gathering as much comfort from him as he could.

“Oh my god,” Sage whispered.

“Yeah,” Lincoln replied. “Pop was only little at the time, but it’s always seemed to have haunted him. Usually, he can’t stand bullies, but he’s been a little… weird lately, especially with you. I don’t know why.”

“Think if I tried to talk to him again it might be alright?” Sage asked with concern, “I mean I know my decisions affected Val and Thyme, I was just lucky to survive my crazed actions.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Link sighed. “Do you want to go and see what the other’s are up to? I feel a little left out lately. Everyone seems to be giving us a wide berth.”

“Let's go,” Sage kissed the top of Lincoln’s head. Rolling over he planted his feet standing up offering his boyfriend a hand, “Babe, I love you. Thanks for being a part of my life.”

“So, sappy. But I love it and you.” Link smiled as the door burst open Jonathan grinning like a loon.

“Link, Sage, come play,” he said excitedly, “Brody is teaching me how to play baseball, Shawn and Kasey are here, and the trips and Brent even promised he and Derek were going to join in. Come on, hurry.” The kid practically bounced out of the room. “Come on, hurry.” He waved Levi’s old glove at them. “Levi said I could use this, how cool is that?”

Sage chuckled at the kid's enthusiasm, “Do ya think our little one is gonna grow up as cute?”

“Way cuter!” Lincoln chuckled.

On the way outside Sage spotted Blu setting in a lounge absorbing some rays while watching the chaos unfolding with Levi and Cody both trying to coach Jonathan.

“Cody, I’m older, I can’t play but I know what the hell I’m doing,” Levi grumbled.

The kid waved his hand forward toward Jonathan, “Have at it then, stop being a grouch and do your thing. Coach Drama Queen.”

Sage shook his head at the bickering, “I’m gonna go talk to your Pops and see if I can get him to participate in the loving baseball drama.” Kissing his boyfriend quickly he headed over to where Blu was lounging, plopping himself in the lounge directly beside the man. “How’s it going, Mister Waters?”

Blu gave the kid a cursory nod. “Good.”

“So, don’t be mad or anything but Link told me about your sister,” Sage glanced over at the man who was wearing sunglasses. Blu’s focus remained on Sage giving him his full attention but stayed silent.

“Blu, is it ok to call you that?” Sage scratched his forehead, “If you’re anything like my siblings, they didn’t understand my actions when I tried suicide. I felt so alone, maybe your sister felt the same way? I mean I’ve been told depression is different in everybody.” Taking a deep breath Sage pushed on with the conversation, “If me being here makes you feel uncomfortable I can leave, it’s just you seem uptight since I told you about my life. And Link is starting to feel avoided by the family, which isn’t fair to him.”

The older man stared Sage down behind his glasses, his jaw ticked in aggravation. “Maybe it’s not about you. I’ve never said you weren’t welcome here, if you leave and break my kid's heart I will hunt you down, don’t think I won’t. Just give me some space to work out my own shit, and maybe the kids are avoiding Link is to give you two some time and space because your lives are about to change.” Blu stood and went inside the house.

Sage sighed and stood taking his shirt off he threw it on the lounge and went to join his boyfriend, partway there he stopped and turned around heading inside hunting down Blu. Locating the man pacing in the office with his husband who stared at the man who was venting. Seeing the situation Sage turned and went to leave until his name was mentioned.

“No, Blondie, I won’t apologize. He was so condescending, ‘Can I call you Blu?’ What kind of crap is that?” Blu huffed. “The kid thinks everything is about him. He doesn’t even think we have a past, he brought up Rain, like it’s the same thing. Well, it’s not!”

“Babe, it kind of is the same though,” Kyle sighed. “I think Sage is just trying to find some common ground and help you reach it.”

“Suicide is common ground now?” Blu’s voice rose. “Jesus fucking Christ, Blondie. You think I’m not ashamed of how I’ve acted toward the kid. I’m an asshole, a bully, just like all those assholes that caused my sister to…” Sage heard a sob come from the man.

“Hey,” Kyle said, Sage knew he must have been hugging his husband. “C’mon, babe, you’re not a bully,” the man chuckled sadly. “Not usually anyway. The kid just seems to rub you the wrong way. You just need to remember he loves Link. He’s not given us one reason to doubt him.” They were silent for a few moments. “You need to find a way to let go of your own anger, this isn’t you. Please?” Sage could hear them kissing then the door slam shut and other noises came from the office which told Sage it was time to get the hell out of there before he was scarred for life.

Jogging out the back door he considered running straight across the yard and not stopping until he reached the Canadian border – it would only take a month or so if he didn’t stop for rest. Reaching Lincoln’s side his face scrunched up, “I doubt your dads are joining this baseball games unless it goes into extra innings.”

“Hey, are you girls going to gossip all day or join the game?” Kaleb called out to the two young men huddled together in the makeshift outfield.

“Yep, I’ll play the outfield it looks sexy,” Sage smirked at Lincoln.

“Well, cover the gap over there. Or, you could just go to the laundry room…” Kaleb winked at Link.

Levi’s eyes went wide and had a shit-eating grin, “He doesn’t have the balls, and Pop would pop a blood vessel.”

“I have my own room for shenanigans, just play and mind your own bees wax.” Link gave his brother the bird, so did Cole.

“Are you happy now,” Kaleb griped pointing to his kid.

“Cole, time out. Go and sit on that chair for five minutes,” Davis told his son firmly then followed the kid to tell him why he was in trouble – again. “Remember there are kids around Lincoln.”

“We will Davis,” Sage said as he swatted Link in the ass. “Link you caused this, it’s only fair if Cole is in time-out so are you. Five minutes for bad influence.” He swatted his boyfriend’s butt again. “Kiss first.” Link pecked Sage’s lips quickly then thumped the guys arm with a grunt then joined Cole and Davis for the lecture.

Jonathan was up to bat, Levi had shown him how to stand in the batters box and how to hold the bat and to swing through the ball. Cody was pitching, the ball hurled into Kaleb’s glove who was playing catcher as the bat flew at Cody’s head.

“What the hell?” Cody shouted. “Levi, did you teach him to do that? Did he Jonathan?”

“No, I swear,” he said looking almost in tears. “I’m sorry.”

Levi laughed rubbing Jonathan’s back as he shot back at Cody. “Trust me, if I taught him to throw the bat at you he would have his the mark, dude.” He turned back to Jonathan with a grin and whispered, “Nice shot, yeah?” his brother gave him a sad smile. “This time hold on to the bat, okay?”

“Yeah, but a bug was flying in my face so I let go last time,” Jonathan stated simply.

Levi winked at Jonathan, “Nah, that’s just Cody’s face. You’ll get used to it. Now, remember what I said, it’s all about timing. Keep your eye on the ball and have the bat meet it. I’ll get Cody to slow down his pitches, if not we’ll put Brody in, he’s not as good as Cody at pitching he’s a better catcher.” Levi smirked.

Kaleb choked, “Holy shit, keep the bedroom talk off the field coach.”

“Bite me, Uncle Kaleb,” Levi shook his head.

“What bedroom talk?” the kid screwed up his cute little face confused.

Brody trotted over shaking his head, “They’re talking about grown-up stuff just ignore them they are worse than little kids. You’re doing fine Jonathan,” he patted the boy on the back. “Okay, Cody give him a slow pitch let your brother get a hit.”

“I’ll try,” Cody sighed, “I didn’t know you played catcher?” he said to Brody.

Brody looked over his shoulder at his boyfriend. “Asshole.”

Jonathan scowled at the curse word. “That’s five minutes, Brody. Cole got in trouble and so did Lincoln.”

Brody took his glove off stuffing it under his arm, “Damn, this game is giving penalties like a god-forsaken hockey game without the contact.” Turning to look at Cody, “And just for your information I’m the pitcher in bed, your brother catches quite gracefully.”

“Oh, seriously,” Kaleb covered his face with his glove. “That’s honestly more than I ever needed to know.”

“You’re not allowed to play with balls in the house,” Kayden called out, “it’s naughty.”

“It’s naughty, alright,” Brody grumbled to the slowly filling penalty bench.

“Are we playing or what?” Kyle called out to everyone dragging Blu behind him as they crossed to the grass area. He took in Davis, and an upset Cole, an amused Lincoln and grumpy Brody. “What’s all this?”

Kaleb smirked, “They’re all in the time-out penalty box. Cole got five minutes for flipping the bird after Link flipped Levi. Link was given the time-out by Sage for instigating Cole’s time-out. Brody… well are you really sure you want to know his infraction?”

“Probably not,” Kyle answered. Blu sat down next to Brody.

“I’ll just save time and take my seat here,” Blu said to Kyle.

Kayden looked at Kyle, “Brody pitches in bedroom and Levi catches the balls.”

Blu glared at Brody. “is that right?”

“Uh-huhs but Levi says he pitchs toos n Brody catches,” Kayden scratched his head. “They allowed to play wif balls in bed but we can’t.”

“No, they aren’t. But, we’ll be having a chat about it after dinner. Won’t we?” he said sternly looking between the two offenders.

“Well, shit,” Levi mumbled and Jonathan pointed to the penalty box.

“Come on Spartan we know our place,” the pair made way to the over-flowing penalty box, “make room Pops the area is gonna need expanded.”

“You can just sit here, right next to me.” Blu patted the spot on the bench beside him away from Brody. He leaned in to talk quietly with Levi. “We will be having that chat after dinner, Levi.” The kid just nodded his head letting Spartan’s coat calm him as he run his fingers through the dogs fur.

Cody chuckled as he looked into the penalty box, “We could get a really cute family picture of you guys.”

Kyle brought his phone from his pocket snapping a photo of all the offenders sighing. “We can start the wall of shame with this photo. I’m a proud man standing here right now.” He stated as Kasey sidled up next to him and started pointing his finger along the line of criminals.

“You owe me fifty cents,” he told Cole, “You owe me two-fifty, Lincoln. Five dollars for you Brody and Levi. Uncle Blu you’re already covered under our standing agreement. By the way your payment is late this month. I checked my account this morning.”

Sage was sitting in the outfield, where he gained the companionship of Shawn and Kayden. Kayden pointed at Kasey, “How he not in bad box?”

“I have no idea,” Shawn sighed, “he’s sneaky, I’ll admit that. I think he likes the money too much.”

Sage chuckled over the whole Brody and Levi ‘pitching and catching’ situation, then glanced at Blu who sat himself in the penalty box – was he playing catcher in the office earlier god I honestly don’t wanna know. His whole body shuddering at the thought of Blu having sex at all.


A week later Sage showed up ringing the doorbell in his least holey of clothes and nicest button-down over a t-shirt for Lincoln and his date in one hand a CD of his boyfriend’s favorite band, in the other a couple of boxed cheesecakes he bought from Kaleb’s restaurant. He waited patiently for the door to open.

Link flung the door open, “Sage, you gotta see. I got it in the mail, it’s him. It shows his thingy.” He grabbed his boyfriend dragging him by the arm not giving him a chance to say a word into his bedroom.

Lincoln tried thrusting something into Sage’s already filled hands, “Babe, I’d love to look at whatever you want me to, however, I brought something for you and stuff for the family.”

Sage handed the CD to Lincoln who might have glanced at it before it being sat on the nightstand. “Thanks, can I show you his thingy now? It’s so cool.” Levi stated like a hyperactive individual.

Sage chuckled setting the cheesecakes on Lincoln’s desk, “Okay, now what am I supposed to look at?” Lincoln shoved this 3D sonogram image in Sage’s hand.

“See right there?” Link pointed, “That’s our boy’s thingy, his dinky.” He said excitedly, “We’re having a boy, one of the people from the attorney office sent it over earlier. You’re the first person I told or showed or whatever!” He practically floated around the room, “We can buy his clothes now, and one of those music playin’ things for his crib. But it has to play good music.”

Sage looked at the picture, he could definitely see it was of a baby but not much else but he wasn’t a doctor. “Wow, our boy is definitely hung,” he chuckled which earned him a smack in the head.

Link glared at Sage, “Be nice it’ll grow. Grab those cheesecakes, we’ll take them to the kitchen then we’re goin’ shopping.” He tapped his foot expectantly, “Hurry up Sage, we need to buy a car seat, no two of them one for your car and one for the one I don’t have yet. Oh, and one of those playpen things, and Teddy Bears. Kids like teddy bears, don’t they?”

Sage smiled affectionately at his excitable Lincoln leaning his head down and kissing him. “I love you. We can do whatever you want, baby. I just want to spend time with you.”

“Love you too,” Link kissed his boyfriend then paused, “Do they make cute little boardshorts like you wear to the beach?”

Sage shook his head laughter filling the house, “I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting shopping trip.” The boys stopped long enough to put the cheesecakes in the fridge and left a note on the island telling the rest of the family they would be back later.


Four-and-a-half hours later the pair returned home, not only was Sage’s SUV’s hatch filled but the entire back seat was filled from floor to ceiling. Lincoln and Sage both carried two car seats, at Link’s insistence that both of them would need car seats and both grand-dads need one too. Getting to the front door, Lincoln realized he had no clue where is house keys were so he started tapping the doorbell button like a maniac. Blu opened the door, to have two car seats thrust into his hands by Lincoln, “Hi, Pop, those are yours and Dads.”

“Uh… sure. Um, does my credit card have the numbers still raised on it?” Blu asked stepping back to let Link and Sage through the door. Link bent down to grab a few more bags beside him. The boys entered the house heading toward Link’s room, Blu put the car seats on the floor stepping out to see Sage’s SUV still stuffed with more boxes. “Holy shit!” he shook his head going back into the house calling up the stairs. “Boys, come help your brother empty the cargo container in the driveway.”

The thundering and less than enthusiastic thuds came behind Blu from where he now stood on the porch scratching his head. It felt like it was about to explode as Kyle pulled in behind Sage’s vehicle.

Sage came to a halt standing beside Blu, “I swear Blu, he was like a possessed shopper. If it was cute and somewhat close to a shade of blue he bought it. I had no clue you could get customized teddy bears, but he found a shop that made them on the spot.”

“Fuck me,” Blu said flabbergasted. “Me or Kyle should have gone with you guys.”

“I probably would have preferred you, for some reason Kyle would just let him get whatever he wanted, not what he needed.” Sage scratched his head too, Kyle smiling at them both as he got closer.

“Looks like he got everything he needed.” He kissed Blu and waltzed into the house.

Sage gave Blu a look that said “See?” Then he spotted the two boxes tied onto the luggage rack, “Can you please tell Link we don’t need two cribs? I tried reasoning with him, it didn’t work.”

“Oh, I believe you. Fuck, did he even get diapers?”

“Do you think three cases are enough?” Sage chuckled, “And you don’t even want to know about baby wipes and shampoos and all the other things he called necessities. Each of us has a babybag with our names on them, I’m not even sure why.”

“Fuck.” Blu sighed. “We’re going to have to sit down with him and sort all this crap out. What we can send back we will. The rest….” Blu shook his head.

“Holy crap,” Brody exclaimed from beside Blu scaring the shit out of him.

“Some help, guys,” Lincoln swanned by them heading for the car.

“The Amish made rocking chair and dresser will be delivered Friday,” Sage stated as he watched his boyfriend bark orders at his brothers. “By the way when he shows you the baby’s sonogram, don’t make fun or laugh at the size of the babies junk,” he motioned toward his crotch, “I got smacked over it.”

Blu snorted a laugh. “I’ll be sure to school my reaction.”

“Pop, why aren’t you helping?” Link asked stumbling up the stairs to the door, he could barely see where he was walking.

He shook his head. “Sorry, just calculating how long I’m going to have to sell my ass on the corner to pay for all this crap.”

That earned him a smack to the head from his husband. “Shush, he’s excited.” Sage snickered from next to Blu, which in turn earned him a smack to the back of the head from Kyle. “Stop it.”

“Have you ever seen a Chihuahua try humping a stuffed animal? Imagine that energy being spent shopping at a frantic pace. I’m sure credit card companies all over the world are happy today,” Sage saw his other half glaring at him, “I’ll be right there dear.”

Blu slapped Sage on the back. “Get used to it, kid. He takes after his dad,” he said while avoiding his husband's hand to his head – again.

“One question,” Kyle look at Sage, “everything is blue, does that mean?”

“Yes, and ask him to show you the babies dinky,” Sage smirked to Blu.

“His dinky, how the hell can you see something that small on a picture?” Kyle asked nobody in particular.

After all of the boxes and bags were in the house there was barely a walkway through Link’s bedroom or the hall as the boys called strike and refused to unpackage the stuff they had to cart inside of the house.

Sage sat in the middle of the dining room floor looking at the assembly directions for the crib that both Link and he loved. “Is this shit even possible without an engineering degree?” He asked spotting Blu.

“Uh…” he looked at all the parts strewn around the space. “I have to… poop. Have fun.” Blu fled the room with a maniacal laugh.

“Coward,” Sage mumbled. He swore the first poopy diaper would find its way into the wastebasket on Blu’s side of his bedroom.

There ya go, some of the answers to some of the questions have been answered. Next weekend you will get the next chapter, you got two to help get back on schedule this weekend, enjoy.

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Stay safe.

Aaron Hawke & JT Babbage
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Great Chapter @James B. from the comments from the last chapter called it.I know its a sensitive subject with Blu but was Sage really out of line talking to him about his sister?

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Great chapter. So we know Sage's background story now. We know we're getting a baby boy for Link.

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Love It, I can clearly picture all the stuff they bought. I hope Blu can finally get along alot better with Sage. 

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It's like all intelligence goes out the window when babies are involved. 

I remember in my infancy our word for poop was "lux" no i don't know why or where it came from, for us it was "I hafta make lux" 

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Blu needs a chill-pill.  Sage is really trying to be accepted but Blue keeps putting up the walls.  What's up with Blu????  Great chapter!

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