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  1. Oh believe me, I've lived these last few chapters. I've lived the anger, I've lived with the grief. I still live with both everyday. So I know what Jasper is going through. Very good chapter even though it is a sad one.
  2. James B.

    Chapter 13

    Excellent Chapter, Again so glad there going to school together.
  3. Could it be that it's Don's?
  4. James B.

    Chapter 12

    Will Vic ask Scott about him and Brad, will Scott and Brad get there Scholarships? Hoping that comes in the next exciting chapter.
  5. James B.

    Chapter 47

    I am so glad I read this story. I'm also glad I waited till it was done. I couldn't stop once I started. Only question I have is what happened with Charlie? I'm sure he passed but I don't remember any mentioning of his death.
  6. Still didn't learn what happened in Mexico involving CJ, Owen and Liebe.
  7. No I can't believe Blake is gone. Please let this be a nightmare Jasper is having.
  8. Really hoping Dillon and Ryan are in full recovery mode. Was hoping to hear an update on their conditions. Another Great Chapter.
  9. Another Great Chapter. Sure hope to hear about Mexico next chapter.
  10. My ❤️ goes out to you. You have only brought so much joy and happiness to me through your stories. Please remember Your Health first everything else second take care. Your in my prayers.
  11. I can't express enough how much I love 💕 these stories and family. Great chapter.
  12. Blake may have had a stroke or seizure. I sure hope they are all right and not hurt at least to badly.
  13. Well now I'm gonna be in suspense for the future waiting to get the nest chapter.
  14. Oh Damn I can't believe Defiant has passed on. Will CJ be pissed, as long as he knows his brother is Okay he'll be alright.
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