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  1. Good for Jasper, he needs this. I'm glad he's finally being honest with himself and Ryan. I just hope he'll be alright and be able to be there for the birth of the baby. I believe that will help a lot especially after holding that baby for the first time. Don't make us wait to long for the next chapter.
  2. I'm so looking for the next chapter. I'm glad JJ went to see Greg, sorry that Larry passed but glad Greg kept the Store and House. Glad Greg had found someone. I do hope Greg, Billy and JJ will remain friends. I'd even like to see Shaun pop back up somewhere and reconnect if for nothing else with an apology for the way he walked away from his relationship with JJ. Even though I do understand why. I do have hopes for Henry & JJ to get together.
  3. Greg fiance is Billy, Adam is JJ. However I see JJ helping out Greg & Billy as well. Whether it be college, the shop or some other way.
  4. James B.

    Chapter 24

    Oh man you can't end it already. It's just getting really really interesting now.
  5. I more than like it, I Loved it.
  6. WoW😰 Sad to see it come to an end. Also surprised as well, but also new it was coming to. The chapters taking longer to get posted, not to mention shorter. Anyhow I Loved these stories and hope sometime we'll get to hear all about how and when Tristan & Sanders wedding. How TJ become Vice President as well.
  7. I want them to be my Boyfriend / Husband.
  8. Okay, I'm a little confused here by (and we've caught up to the prologue.)
  9. James B.

    Chapter 19

    I agree with crazyd, I wouldn't mind a continuance of this story. I'd like to know if Freddy & Richie, whether Richard Sr. did accept Richie fully. Did Gabe hook up with Teresa or Sasha? What of Harley, Andrew and Melinda? So many questions unanswered. However this was an excellent story.
  10. James B.

    Chapter 21

    Looking forward to more or this story
  11. Loved this story, can't wait for more.
  12. James B.

    Chapter 38

    That's understandable.
  13. James B.

    Chapter 38

    I Love this story, been impatiently waiting for a new chapter and let me say you didn't disappoint with this chapter.
  14. James B.

    Chapter 38

    Actually this is Zacks Story, Brody is Zacks BF. I however do agree with you.
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