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  1. James B.


    When's the battle? This chapter to me was really not needed but I'm not the author nor am I a writer. But still a good chapter.
  2. James B.

    Chapter 1

    What we don't get to find out what's in the box. 🤣
  3. James B.

    Chapter 12

    What a Great Story.
  4. James B.

    Chapter 7

    What happened to chapter 6?
  5. James B.

    Chapter 5

    I'm really beginning to think I'll wait when I see it's completed to finish reading it.
  6. I'm so glad everyone had a good time for the Holiday weekend. I gotta say I Love this family and it also started because of Josh and the Love he has for kids.
  7. James B.

    Chapter 1

    That's okay I know it's not easy catching everything. I was just funnin with you. Keep up the good stories.
  8. James B.

    Chapter 1

    And that is what we presented to my dad and Dr. Diego. Carlos and I stood together waiting to hear what my dad and Dr. Diego would say about the wall. At the start it was Dr. Viego, suddenly I'm reading Dr. Diego. Did someone not proof read or do a spell check? Anywho great chapter to what I see as another good story.
  9. James B.

    Chapter 14

    This was a wonderful story. For not being a sexual one I am glad I stuck it out and read the whole thing. I also have to agree with you in wishing the whole world could be like Jim and this story.
  10. Another great chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter. I'm sure Dion, Trey, Brandon and Danny are gonna have a great get away. I'm mostly looking for TJ coming home though. I think he's gonna be spoiled. Not only by the adults but the kids as well.
  11. James B.

    Chapter 47

    Glad to have you back after your month Hiatus. Wonderful chapter.
  12. James B.

    Chapter 2

    Well this chapter finally got my attention and now I'm drawn to the story.
  13. James B.

    Chapter 1

    I'm not really sure how I feel about this story. This chapter made me wanna just forget about it. I said I'll give the second chapter a shot if nothing draws me in I'm not gonna go further. All your other stories had me on the first chapter.
  14. James B.

    Chapter 6

    Uncle Toby, order for us,” and I did. shouldn't that have been Uncle Jeff?
  15. James B.

    Chapter 1

    I agree, I'm not a counselor or anything like. I myself have experience suicide twice in my life. My nephew who was at the time 30. He left behind two children and his wife as well as the rest of us. That was 8 years ago. I also lost my own son 5 yrs ago. He too left behind a son. In both cases leaving us with unanswered questions as too why. Neither one showed us signs. It's been years and still we wonder. I myself have had thoughts of suicide myself, but I think of my grandson and how he would feel losing me. I don't want him suffering the way I did.
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