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  1. Hi everybody, Bare with me as I got some tough news out to you guys. I have only had mere hours to let it sink in myself. You folks have been like family for years, I thank you for that. When I had my stroke, you guys stood by me. I was hospitalized just two days ago. Yesterday I came home after a bunch of tests. Only today to make phone calls the hospital wanted me to make not knowing what laid in wait. My first few phone calls went off fairly well, the third one knocked me on my ass, to be honest. After hearing you suffered a major stroke back in August of last year, I
  2. Dahawk

    Sad News

    Hi guys hope everybody is good. Just a quick update its been 6 weeks since my stroke, I've had blood pressure issues for the past few weeks and developed breathing issues asthma related. Saw the doctor yesterday, they added more blood pressure meds, and put me on steriods to help my lungs. Last night was first decent sleep I had in long time. Leg is working decently, my arm and hand work but tire quickly and lack sensation. Talk to you guys soon. Remember to love one another. Love, Rob
  3. Dahawk

    Sad News

    Just stopping by, to thank each of you for the positive thoughts and prayers, along with the kind words. I had lost use of the entire right side of my body from a rare type of stroke. I have been working hard with various therapists and I am relearning to walk, write and feed myself. My speech is returning to normal. I will check in regularly. Remember to be kind and love one another. Love and best wishes, Rob
  4. Dahawk

    Empty Nest

    Kyle and Blu had rushed around after returning from the family’s California vacation, only to find they had to rush a majority of their kids off to sports camp for the next four weeks. Levi had decided since his accident had taken his ability to play professional baseball away from him, he would learn the coaching aspects of the game at camp. Brody was going to enjoy the time he had left of high school baseball in the upcoming school year, and Cody was continuing to push forward in his pursuit to become even better at his cherished sport. Jonathan was following in his brother’s footsteps and t
  5. Summer had finally arrived and so had time for the annual Water’s family vacation, though this year the Water’s clan was being limited to just Kyle and Blu’s part of the family due to the increased size that the entire family had expanded too. They rented a villa on a private vineyard was going to serve as a home base for their vacation. Blu and Kyle would be using one of the master suites, Sage and Link would take another, while Brent and Val would use the only other open room. The rest of the boys agreed to crash in sleeping bags in the family room. There is a tiny guest cottage that they al
  6. “Jesus, can’t the contractor’s park on the road and leave the driveway for us?” Lincoln grumbled as he came through the front door carrying Noah in his car seat and bags from his shopping expedition. “Who are you bitching at?” Levi asked, taking a few of the shopping bags from his twin, and smiling at Noah affectionately. “At anybody that will listen and do more than blow raspberries at me,” Link huffed in response. “I know the apartment will give each of us a bit more privacy, but I’ll be glad when all of banging of the hammers is over with. Plus, Noah’s wardrobe is getting huge from
  7. Val hit the doorbell button at the front door of the Waters residence, or at least he hoped to god he was knocking on the right door – the place gave a new meaning to the word huge. Brent was over visiting with the family, catching the crew up on Kassidy’s newest antics she was pulling on her dad. When the doorbell rang Brent motioned for everybody to stay put he would get the door. He turned the knob opening the door, “What the hell are you doing here?” Val’s face contorted into a snarl, “Fuck you, Hutchinson, I’m here to see my brother and his family.” He tightened his hold on the teddy
  8. Dahawk

    No F'n Way

    Lily is the one it referred to, since there are now great-grandkids Nan just felt appropriate, maybe we will have to rethink a new title. What are peoples thoughts?
  9. Dahawk

    No F'n Way

    Sage placed the thinly sliced potatoes in layers into the casserole dish, along with some bacon, eggs, and cheese. Kaleb had been giving him some cooking lessons along with some of his recipes to try out. His first attempt is a breakfast casserole. “Oh, shit,” he mumbled to himself adding the herbs Kaleb had suggested. He had almost ready for the oven so he sprinkled them over the top before popping it into the heat. Next up was the crumbed, garlic, and herb mushrooms. He hummed the latest song his love, Link had written while he worked. Kyle came into the kitchen freshly showered and dres
  10. ‘Isn’t she lovely, Isn’t she wonderful, Isn’t she precious’ “Five more minutes,” Blu groaned turning over snuggling into Kyle with a kiss to his bare shoulder. ‘Less than one minute old, I never thought through love we’d be, Making one as lovely as she, But isn’t she lovely made from love’ “Damn it, Bella.” Blu rolled over reaching for his phone, he swiped to answer the call. “Hi beautiful, Daddy wants you.” He tossed the phone onto Kyle’s chest before snuggling back against his husband's side. “Hello?” Kyle mumbled as he was forced awake by his
  11. Kyle had called Teddy who had offered his private jet to chauffeur them to California, while the members traveling were packing. Lincoln and Sage’s bags were packed rather quickly, although the baby’s bag was taking a bit to organize, and somehow it ended up becoming three bags. One bag contained diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, and bibs. The second bag held various onesies and cute boy’s clothes. The third bag was filled to the brim with as many diapers as Link could cram into it, as he wasn’t sure if they had enough. Sage looked at the baby’s bags, “Do we have enough of those barf rags?
  12. Dahawk

    Truth Comes Around

    That is correct, Grandpap and Grandson will share the same birthday.
  13. Dahawk

    Truth Comes Around

    Glad you enjoyed it @Wesley8890, we were striving to bring the juveniles to justice before the baby arrives.
  14. Brody was heading to see Principal Waters in his office because he needed a note for his history teacher after forgetting his project at home. He was so angry with himself after working so hard on it, he’d made a diorama of the battle of Gettysburg. So angry in fact that he’d missed the two police cars and one undercover car at the entrance of the administration office. Although due to the declining neighborhood where the school was situated it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility that the police weren’t at the school at least once a week. The door to the office was opening so Brody step
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