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    D.K. Daniels
  • Author
  • 1,196 Words
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(This is the first draft; expect some problems)

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How I Live Now - 15. Day 16

Day 16


I've been thinking since yesterday; how stupid I might have been to borrow money from Mr. Salvatore. I feel like the discussion we had in his office might lead to trouble at a later date. I couldn't even pay Doug off without having to resort to borrowing money. I settled with Doug, and he accepted the cash without any questions, though he did look at me a little funny. I think he expected me to do it digitally through a bank transaction, but he still accepted the crummy bills. Something tells me that Mr. Salvatore will not be as willing and patient about getting his money back. I didn't think about it at the time, but the more I reflect on it, I find that Salvatore is a loan shark. I wanted to leave, but I don't think it was one of those things you could do. Being invited in, you can't turn around and stroll back out of the gangster's place.


Are loan sharks gangsters these days?


Let's just hope I make enough with my salary at Organico so I can pay Salvatore off and get on with my life. Plus, I had some leftover money when I paid Doug what I owed. So, I bought this really shitty android; and the good news, I have a cellphone again. I badly needed one, and I think it is a justifiable purchase. I don't think the same can be said about signing up for HAWT. I'm curious, and I've already gotten some people who are interested in dating, but maybe it's because I'm young. Most of the people who message back are old guys. Plus, I feel a little conflicted about the experience. I'll get into it in a second, but it feels like I am cheating on Matías even though I just met the boy.


So, while at work, something terrible happened at the end of my shift, and I couldn't walk out on time. Some lousy nine-year-old brat climbed into the pit, housing all the soccer and basketballs. I don't blame the kid; only thin lace straps encompass the cage, making it easy to clamber up into the pen. Well, the kid thought it was a marvelous idea to go swimming in the ball cage, and many of the balls came loose. I spent a while cleaning up after the hellion. Where was the mother or father when you needed them? Nowhere to be seen… that's where. So, grabbing the loose soccer balls, I tossed them back over into the ball pit. Eventually, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I didn’t immediately look at their face, but I took the ball first, then went to thank them for being somewhat helpful. When I peered up, I locked onto a pair of these striking lime green eyes, and I sighed.


Matías’s perm was pretty hot; how his brown hair fell down just shy of his eyebrows. I wasn’t expecting to see him today, but he certainly took my break away. Gawd… Make pregnant, I thought. I'll never know how a human can be that hawt. What did Matías's parents have to do in order to get so lucky? I wonder if he has actually physically stopped some poor girls' hearts. It's terrible to imagine, but I picture some Adams Family scenario in my head where the EMTs are banging on some poor girl's chest trying to get the muscle to start again. I'm thinking of somebody choking, and I'm mixing up different ways to resituate a person, but choking…. and with that, I'll turn off my narration. Ugh… Why… Now my mind is thinking of somebody gaging on Matías's di… Yep… Never mind.


"Oh, Hey," I said when I saw Matías.


Matías grinned, and it made me feel all woozy inside. I swear, no alcohol was involved.


“Sup,” Matías said, placing his hand on the strap of a backpack.

I pointed at the mess that the little kid left behind and said, "just this…"


"Some 9-year-old decided to get into it, thinking the ball pit is a playpen."


Matías chuckled; he cracked a slight smile showing off how braces. Double WOW… why is Matías doing the cute things that I like in all boys? When boys brush the hair away from their eyes, roll sleeves, make those hot dimples, lick lips and rub their neck when nervous. Oh... It's not fair. Matías got serious and looked around at the mess that I had left to clean.


“I’ll help you…” Matías said.


“Thanks,” I added, bending down to get a ball.


“You waiting for your mom? I think she left already,” I continued.


I tossed the ball I plucked up into the box, and listened for the reply.


“No… I… I know,” Matías added sheepishly.


I grabbed hold of another ball, stood, and face Matías. The confusion on my face must have shown; he swallowed and showed his palms to ease my anticipations.


“Actually, I thought you’d like to hang out sometime…” Matías added.


I said, dripping with sarcasm, “Eh… Am I not a stranger?”


Though I realized how stupid I must have sounded, there was no denying about wanting to hang out with Matías.


“Oh… yeah, you’re a stranger, I almost forget.”


"You looked lost the other day… Plus, my moms' kinda guilt-tripped me into asking you, so…"


Adding emphasis to the joke, Matías slapped himself up across the head. I grinned, liking the sarcasm, and attempted to match it.


“Oh… I’m delighted; you've got me reeling with all this flattery."


Matías shot back, "look, who can be sarcastic?"


The two of us gave slight smirks, not bothering to speak. Matías is good. After all, a fuckboy knows how to play hard to get, and if I didn't know otherwise, I'd reckon Matías was flirting with me. Can that be? I don't even know if he is gay, but maybe my Gaydar is broken or something.


“When and where,” I asked, relenting.


Matías’s eyes light up; I was expecting him to make fun of me again, but he didn’t.


“Eh… how about tomorrow? I’ll meet you here after your shift,” Matías added.


I nodded, and Matías slowly backed up with a lick of his lips.


“I finish at 4…” I said.


“Good… well… Okay…” Matías continued.


Soon the most gorgeous boy I've ever seen turned on his heel and took off toward the exit. I watched his Adidas backpack bob as he retreated, and it made me feel sad to watch him go. I'm not sure what to think about all of this stuff? Is it a bit sudden that Matías just showed up…? Possibly. However, I don't really care. I get a chance to stare at that pretty face for a couple of hours. Does this mean I am going on a date? Hmm… I'm confused. Better have a look at what clothes I have… maybe I can find something worth wearing for a… date?


Talk soon,


Copyright © 2021 D.K. Daniels; All Rights Reserved.

Thanks for reading, comments are welcome, and I reply to all.



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If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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