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Dawn of Tears

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Told from the perspective of 140 year-old Dylan, this is the story of how the world was changed by the world-shattering events of the early 21st Century. When 12-year old Dylan Thomas met 12-year old Henry Jacobs on the playground of their elementary school, neither had any idea of the road they would walk together, nor how their friendship would forever change the world around them. This story features the best and the worst of humanity, and is not for the young, or weak of heart. Be sure if you’re underage you have parental approval to read this story, and that you won’t break any of your local laws by doing so.

This is a repost of dkstorie's Dawn of Tears as is.  It has a prologue and 33 chapters.

©Copyright 2008; All Rights Reserved

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Note, if you have not read this story before, please be aware that it is very long, but the final chapter (33) was not well loved. 

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