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Homestead Pack Shorts - 3. Three Ceremonies

I knew this talk was coming. I had known it for a while, but it was still a bit of a shock when it actually happened. I never thought he would have the balls to do it.

"Hey, Heather?" he had asked. He seemed so hesitant, which was very unlike him. Ever since he had come back from the battle at the ECP HQ, he had been a bit more subdued than usual. Was it this talk or was it something more?

"Yes, Dylan?" I knew the only thing this could be about was him and his boys, at least I hope that was it. I gestured to the table for us to sit.

I say "his boys" because they are his best friends, the men he serves with in Homestead's Enforcer Corp, and the people constantly in his mind. Like literally in his thoughts. Quint and Dylan shared a mind link. Telepathy was the least of it. Quintin was mated to and dating two wonderful guys, Zeke and Colton, and they were constantly butting into Dylan's mind through Quint. Which could be amusing to watch.

It had been such a shock to Dylan when he found out his soulmate was not me. Sure, we loved each other to the moon and back, but as soon as Dylan met Quintin, I was no longer the only thought in his mind. I admit, I was jealous at first, and a bit annoyed. What woman would be easily accepting of her straight fiancé suddenly having thoughts about a group of men? Getting random boners because the men in his head are shagging a few doors down? Being alone with three attractive men who made no secret they would gladly show him a few things?

I think that was one of my biggest fears. The guys would get Dylan, and I would be left out in the cold with a broken heart. Then I got to know Quintin, Zeke, and I had met Colton a few times. They're some of the sweetest guys ever. They never pushed the boundary into the sexual aspect, and the physical closeness – the hugging, cuddling, and even a few kisses – didn't bother me. We're Lycans. Physical contact is part of who we are. I had even been in the middle of the cuddle puddle of men, and it wasn't bad. It felt natural to be with them. Maybe not sexually, since both Dylan and I were both virgins, but I could get hugs and cheek smooches from "his boys" and Dylan wouldn't even react.

Any other guy, and the stench of Dylan's musk made even the cockiest bastard think twice about hitting on me. He got just as protective and possessive as I did, but Quintin, Zeke and Colton didn't set those feelings off. I knew Dylan struggled with his love for me and his desire for them. Dylan's straight...ish when it comes to them. He'd confided one fantasy, and I had to stifle my laughter because it was almost ridiculous. My fiancé fantasized about burying his tree trunk dick in Colton while sucking off Quint and bottoming for Zeke.

The reason it was so ridiculous was it wouldn't stop there. The guys would switch off until Dylan had all three in all positions, and then Zeke would be the one in the middle, and then Quintin, and then Colton. The foursome would take hours, maybe even a few sessions over the weekend. This, from my straight fiancé. If it happened, I wanted to watch.

Or join.

When Dylan and the guys had been on a mission, I received a pic from Zeke. All four guys naked and cuddling. He had simply sent it and "wish you were here" which was sexy and sweet. I think I let the cat out of the bag when I told them I had three holes, two hands, and a great set of tits. I wanted Dylan to be my first, as he did me, but I am pretty sure the five of us would have an orgy some time. I wondered what would happen, honestly. I mean, I wasn't the shortest one or the skinniest, but I was the only one with a vagina among three gay men and a heteroflexible one.

Dylan is over seven feet tall with an amazing body. Muscle and definition without being ripped and shredded. Our first time would hurt as his dick was supersized like the rest of him. Bring it on. Zeke was a bear and close to Dylan's height but more padded. Like a power lifter, he was just huge. Colton was nicely built with some chubbiness but still taller than me. Quint was the smallest, shorter and more slender than me. How would it even work?

These thoughts ran through my head in the time it took for Dyl and I to sit down at our kitchen table. He folded his hands and stared at them, gathering his courage and thoughts. There were a few twitches in his expression, and I knew Quint was in his head giving him a pep talk and giving him hell.

"What's on your mind, hon?" I asked.

"We're getting married in two months." Stating the obvious. Yup, he was nervous. Not about the wedding either. "The guys...they...um...we..." He took a breath. "We were wondering if you would be upset if they got married the same day, joined us on our honeymoon, and moved in with us when we got back so the five of us could be together which would make you the only female with a reverse harem of horny guys who honestly love and adore you." Could his face get any redder?

I laughed at him.

His eyes flicked up to me as I shook my head. "Is...that a..."

"Do you think I would say no? If they want to get married the same day, wonderful. If they want to have a group honeymoon, super. If they want to move in with us when we get back, great. If they try to poach my husband before I get you first, they will lose their man tackle." It was a well-rehearsed threat, one they all knew and chuckled at because they knew I would do it. "After I break you in, you better at least invite me to watch you get spit roast."

His jaw hit the floor. “You mean…”

I took his hand in mine. I would have done the same for a crying or scared child. “Dylan, sweetie, furball, I am not only okay with them joining us at the wedding, honeymoon, and moving in, I want them to. I accepted it within a few days of Quint moving here, then I grew to love them. Hard not to with them being such sweethearts and your scents all intermingling. Strange at first, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

(* * *)


It had been two months since I told Dylan I would be happy with the boys being a part of “us.” They already were; I never knew how many I would be cooking for at each meal or who would be sharing the bed. With Dylan gone that week he was at the Council with Jon, I never had a night when I slept alone. It was always one, two, or all three of the boys in or around the cabin. I figured it all out. Dylan had given them orders to safeguard me. It made me all kinds of happy he wanted me safe.

I looked in the mirror as I adjusted the top on my wedding dress. It was “strapless” but had a high lace collar, plunging neckline, and no sleeves. I could have done without the bodice, but that was one concession I made when mom was helping me pick it out. I had a great figure, and I knew it, but I didn’t want everyone to see how big my tits were on the day of my wedding. The dress was blindingly white to my eyes, although it was more ivory in reality. It did have hand-stitched baby blue crescent moons along the bottom hem and at the waist. Mom wanted me in all white. I wasn’t wearing all white.

“But honey…” Mom had tried saying for the thousandth time in the last five minutes. That brought the total up to somewhere near infinity since Dylan and I announced our engagement.

“No, Mom, I am not wearing all white. Not even shades of all white. I want some color.” I had grudgingly agreed on the bodice, but I would not budge on this.

“But honey…”

“Do you want Bridezilla? ‘Cause this is how you get Bride-fucking-zilla. I gave you the tit show, but I will have color on this dress, or I’ll walk down the aisle stark naked.” She knew I would too. Mom had raised a spunky and mouthy girl into a confident and mouthy woman.

I liked watching her take a deep breath and count to five before she nodded. “What color, hon?” she asked through slightly gritted teeth.

I quickly scanned the thread options I could see and spotted the perfect one. “That one. The pale baby blue.” The attendant went to the pegboard and pointed a few out. The fourth choice was the one I wanted, and she brought it over to hold up to the dress fabric. I loved it even more against the ivory, the attendant liked it by her smile, and we both looked to my mother who would pitch a fit if she didn’t like it.

She blinked a few times. “That’s…not horrid. Actually, that’s very lovely. Good choice, honey.” Like she had any option but to agree with me. “What pattern, dear?”

“Crescent moons. Half inch.” I said this to the attendant, and she nodded. I heard some industrial grinding coming from my mom’s molars, but I had won this round.

Mom had picked out the shoes after that, and I let her have her way. They matched the dress perfectly, and I would not have thought of them. I didn’t get delicate satin slippers or little peep-toe pumps. Nope. My fiancé was over seven feet tall, so I needed some height. I got knee-high ivory leather boots with a four-inch heel and tooled into the leather were pale baby blue crescent moons along the zipper cover. I loved them so much.

Thankfully Mom didn’t fight me on the veil. We both agreed no damn veil. Dylan knew who he was marrying, everyone here knew who the bride was, so no need for a veil. Might be a problem knowing who the groom was since there were four of them, but I was the only bride.

I was starting to get nervous. I mean, I was marrying the man I had been dating for almost a decade. Once I met him, I never dated anyone seriously. I went out, sure, but having met Dylan, I knew he was the guy for me. We’re not fated mates or anything, but his brand of stupid fits my brand of crazy perfectly. The process of getting him to realize that took a few years, and then a few more to find a way around ancient laws forbidding our bloodlines from mixing. I had every right to be nervous.

I stopped my pacing when Mom came in wearing a stunning baby blue dress the same shade as my moons. I’m glad she liked the color because she looked amazing in it. She was my matron of honor, Tabitha was my maid of honor, and I had Colton as my man of honor. Dylan had Quint as his best man, with Zeke and Pat as groomsmen. The bridal party was wearing that lovely blue color. No idea about the groom’s side.

“It’s almost time, honey. There was a slight change in who is going to give you away.”

Mom had been going to do that, and now I was freaking out. Last minute changes were not good at all. Mom knew this. She knew I was good at other people’s changes, but not my own. “Tell me it’s not Dean. Love him, but no.”

When Travis Andrews came walking in with that gentle smile, I felt instant relief. “I may not be your mother, but hopefully I’m not as bad as Dean.”

I walked over and threw my arms around his broad shoulders. Travis had been a bit of a father figure to me growing up. “There is no better man living to give me away.” I choked up a bit, remembering the man who had been chosen to give me away.

Rest in peace, old wolf.

I jumped when I heard a loud clap from just outside the room. The wedding coordinator came mincing in flapping his hands like we were a flocking of birds he was shooing. “Places people. Places. Darling, you look scrumptious,” Alfonso said, drawing out his sibilants. “The groom will be taking his place shortly. Rather tall-ly because that huge snack never does anything short.”

I growled a bit, more out of annoyance with the joke than him calling my man a snack. “Lead on, Titania,” I said with a bit of sarcasm.

“Ooh meow! Bridezilla rears her catty head.” He even did the clawed hand gesture with his perfectly manicured nails. He sashayed out of the room, flapping at the groomsmen to fall in line. “Patrick, you’re with Betty, Colton is with the delicious teddy bear, and Tabitha is with you, Quint.” All of us rolled our eyes. He was so obviously into big men.

“Tell me again why I can’t snap his neck?” asked Colton. My coyote boy may be gay, but even his tolerance for open flame could be tested.

“Because it would take forever to get the glitter out of everything,” Alfonso said without missing a beat. Flaming he was, but he was also a good friend. “Now, I’ll leave you darlings for now. My job is done.” He flounced over to me and kissed my cheek tenderly. “Go get your men,” he said with fondness, no lisping or overly done drama. It was all affectation anyway. He was a gay wedding planner; the character came in the job description.

I kissed his cheek back. “Thanks, Alfie.” I was the only one who could call him that. I’d seen him hospitalize six shifters who taunted him with the name, and he didn’t even break a nail or scuff his Bruno Magli black leather slip-ons. We exited the makeshift building as soon as the music started. The services were being held at a very special place for us all. The bank of a river not far from Equis Camp territory.

The butterflies had multiplied in my tummy as Travis offered me his elbow. This was it. The day so many people had helped organize. Years of planning for one day, but I wasn’t thinking about that now. I was looking at the beautiful manzanita arch some shaman had formed from the plants by the stream. Well, I was looking at the man who stood before it. He looked so stunning in his white tuxedo and buttercup yellow vest and tie. I couldn’t stop the slight giggle when I saw why Quint was wearing a full buttercup tux with black vest and tie. My husband was such a dork to make his men wear that.

Travis kissed my hand before passing it to Dylan. If my fiancé’s scent of arousal was any stronger the whole place would erupt in a spontaneous orgy. I wondered why Dylan was getting blurry when I realized I was tearing up.

My father-in-law Alpha Jon Davenport was the official. He turned to a man and nodded. The man was a technician who began a power point of the ceremony in many different languages for some foreign guest who may not speak English. It was a savvy move on his part.

“Ladies, gentlemen, family, friends, and honored guests, we are all gathered here today in this wondrous place to unite this man and this woman as both mates and wedded couple. You may ask why here. This place was chosen by the groom so the spirit if his uncle may join us, and at the request of the bride, we will have a moment of silence to listen for his approval.”

And I could hear it. In the gentle breeze rustling the grass. The tittering trill of a bird winging overhead. The murmuring laughter of the babbling brook as it carried its story in the current. Everything reminded me of Gene, the man who would have been the godfather of my first child. As I looked at Dylan, he felt it too. Those who knew the old wolf had smiles on their faces.

“We hear you, old wolf,” said Jon with his own teary grin. “Today is the day we unite Dylan and Heather. Through years of friendship, courtship, hardship, and just plain worship from Dylan, we have seen these two people grow. They have overcome the trials of their vastly different lives and will be the first mixed-blood mating pair in centuries.

“There is a part where I am supposed to ask if anyone has an objection, but any objection has been dealt with or will be very shortly.” Jon looked around, and I swear I heard a few guns cock in warning. When no one spoke, he smiled and continued. “I was extremely surprised when they told me there would be no vows, but then there is no need for them. The couple did wish you to hear their declarations of love.”

I was to go first because Dylan had said he was scared to speak in public. I beamed a smile up at my giant groom. “Since you requested that I bring over Disney movies a decade ago, I knew I would have no one I would love more. You’ve been there when I had my ups and downs and threatened to skin anyone who hurt me. You’re my lion king, my love, and everything I am is yours.”

Dylan swallowed hard. Whether it be a joke or something prearranged, Quint took a small step forward. “Since the groom is quaking in his shorts, he wants me to relay his love.” Only a few people were clueless how Quint would know, but the rest laughed. “The Creep here wants you to know you are his queen, the Luna of his heart, and without you he would never be the man he is today.” Quint stepped back as Dylan cleared his throat.

“What he said,” croak out my love. That got another laugh. “You have been patient, ever-loving, and I cannot wait to be fully yours. What I mean is…”

“I love you,” said Quint, Zeke, and Colton in unison. Pretty much everyone but the foreign guests knew why all three said it.

“Lycans rarely exchange rings. They will get to the marking later. Dylan, my son in all ways, do you take Heather as your mate and wife?”

“Totally,” my darling dweeb said. “Piss off, Dad,” he murmured to Jon who grinned wider.

“Awesome,” Jon replied with the ‘hang loose’ hand gesture. “Heather, my heart’s daughter, do you take the Little Dude as your mate and husband.”

I couldn’t help myself. I had to do it. “Like, totally, onmigosh.” They went surfer, I went Valley Girl. My father-in-law roared out a laugh when Dylan turned bright read from trying to both suppress his laughter and the urge to call off the wedding. “Welcome to the family. As Alpha of the Homestead Pack, it is with pride that I announce these two married. You may snog your beloved.”

Oh, so much snogging happened. He pulled me off my feet and damn near devoured my face right there in front of a thousand guests from all over the globe. Had I been wearing shoes and not boots, they would have shot off my feet as my toes curled. My husband had been holding back with his kissing. That, or the boys taught him a few tricks he’s kept hidden until now. Just…damn. The crowd cheered and a few catcalled for Dyl to come up for air. When he set me down, I felt like I had to take a pregnancy test right then I was so hot. Our eyes were locked as we smiled. It was final.

“I give you Dylan and Heather Davenport.” Jon pulled us both in for an embrace. “Now scoot, we got more love to spread.” We both laughed and parted. Dylan changed place with Quintin, and I stepped back as Zeke took my place. Mr. and Mrs. Marshal stepped up to stand beside their son Quint as Jessup and a very pregnant Brigid Whitebear stood next to their ogre of a son Zeke.

Jon looked at the two men. “These two men met under the strangest of circumstances. Quintin was backpacking across the country to return home after getting out of the service and stopped off at a wonderful hostel to rest for a time. The quiet and introverted lynx ran across the very chatty and extroverted bear. Somehow these two men bonded, Zeke providing the light Quintin needed in his life.”

That was a very nice way of putting their meeting. “Soon after, these two men became part of our pack, and I could not be more proud to have them. They are joined by their parents today. The fathers have been asked to give them their blessings.”

Jessup grinned over at his son and son-in-law. “I helped raise a gossiping chatterbox.” All who knew Zeke nodded in agreement. “I have watched him grow and grow and grow into a young man, but it was Quintin who finished the job. Quintin gave my son that last push to set aside some of his childishness and become the man I am so proud of. You take care of my boy, Quint, and don’t give him too much hell, son.”

I knew Jessup was a man of few words, so this seemed about right. I also knew Quintin’s father was a sour old coot.

“When my son came out, I reacted poorly. When he ran off with someone I didn’t approve of, I reacted worse. When Quint came home with this walking wall, I looked inside myself and wondered how I became so rotten.” Spirits above, he admitted it. “I looked at my boy and saw a grown man. I looked at his men, ‘cause these two don’t come as a pair but a trio with that darned coyote, and I saw my son had found the ones to treat him right. I could raise a fuss, I could be rotten, or I could learn to look past my own nearsighted nose. I guess after all this time I just finally understood what love can be. I give my blessing to these fine men.” That holier-than-thou man smiled at his son and placed his hand in the hand of his two mates.

Jon nodded his approval of their blessings. “While multiple spouses are not legal, I acknowledge Colton as their mate and partner. Do you, Ezekiel, take Quintin as your husband as well as your mate?”

“Since the day he told me to stuff it, I have.” Zeke grinned down at Quintin with utter devotion in his eyes.

“Do you, Quintin, take Zeke as your husband as well as your mate?” Quintin just nodded, which made us all chortle. If Jessup was a man of few words, Quint was a man of none. Jon turned to Colton. “Do you, as their mate Colton, accept their union and pledge?”

“I do so in full knowledge that we are all one.” Colton’s head was held high and I could smell the pride coming off him in waves.

“Then I pronounce you husbands. I give you all Quintin, Zeke, and Colton Whitebear. You may smooch your mates.”

Jon’s words shocked more than just me. I had wondered how they would deal with the three last names, but I half expected the married men to take Quint’s last name with Colt keeping his last name of Matthews. I glanced at Mr. Marshal, but I saw only acceptance. There was a small murmur of surprise throughout the people, but it all seemed positive.

Here was the part that would really mess with the traditionalists. As the parents all sat, the assembled mated and married folks disrobed. Everyone was speechless as all five of us stripped to swimwear. We were covered but wearing as little as possible. My speechless mother took my dress carefully and gave me a questioning glance. I sent her a grin.

“I bet you’re wondering why they stripped. Don’t ask me, they’re weird.” We all nodded, me grinning as the boys all took up flanking positions on each side. “These relationships are very special. My son Dylan found his soulmate in Quintin. They share one mind, one soul, one heart, and today these five join in one relationship.” Jon’s words silenced everyone. “They have asked that you give witness to their handfasting as they become one.”

No one said a thing, but I could hear them all take in a breath and hold it. So far no one was shouting for it to be stopped. “These beloved are bonded by marriage and mating, a bridge formed between Dylan and Quintin to unite them as one. Dylan, is it your wish to unite with Quintin and his mates as one union?”

“Strangely, yes,” he said with a blushing smile.

“Quintin, is it your wish to unite with Dylan and his soon-to-be mate as one union?”

Quintin turned his own shade of pink, probably overflow from Dylan’s admission. “I love the Creep, so yes.”

Jon turned to each of us in turn. “As mates of this united pair, do you agree to their decision and declaration?”

“We do,” we said with smile on our faces.

When Jon looked at me, his gaze took on a bit of a worried look. “Heather, as the only woman in this reverse harem, do you acknowledge that you will bear any child born of these men?”

This was the one thing I questioned. Could I have their children? I mean, it would be a potential of four or more if each wanted to father a child. “I will bear any children with pride. I shall have no other man, and they shall have no need of any other woman.” Or desire, really, but I didn’t say that.

“Please place your hands together,” Jon said, and as we did so, he wrapped our five joined hands in a silver and gold ribbon. I felt a huge burst of warmth flood my body. It was like this handfasting was just as binding as I expected my mating to Dylan would be. “Seal your pact with a kiss.”

I leaned over and kissed Colton first. I wanted him to know he was just as important as my husband. Seeing the blush behind his peach-fuzz beard was so cute. My kiss with Zeke was as naughty as I thought it would be. I’d seen what he was capable of, and he was being very much the good boy. It could have been his first kiss with a girl for all I knew. Quint took my hand and gave me such a radiant smile. Of the boys, I knew he loved me the most simply because he was the closest to Dylan. I placed my other hand on his cheek and shared my love with him.

A couple of whoops made me look to see Dylan had dipped Colton and was giving him a kiss that turned me on watching. I couldn’t help but giggle because this would be the first action he had with Dylan. Quint and Zeke each had “sexy times” with my husband, but Colton had been a bit left out. By that kiss, he probably wasn’t complaining. I still waited for any feeling of jealousy, but there wasn’t one.

“Ladies, gentlemen, and that Aussie I call Pop, please rise to welcome this family to the Homestead Pack. Let none break what has been joined today.” The five of us turned, hand in hand with me in the center, to see the assembled guests rise and applaud our union. There were two things to do now: the reception and finally getting my husband into bed before those pervs snatch him up.


(* * *)


I was bored up to my tits, my face hurt, and I wished I could get off my feet. We have been standing here in the receiving line to thank everyone for coming. That’s close to a thousand thank-yous and at least an hour on my feet. The whole pack had shown up, and I knew all of them. I knew a few visitors from the allied packs like Cali Sands, Rogue Valley Flock, and the Salt Lake City Pack, but there were people from all over the world. Thankfully they had translators or at least understood enough of what I was saying.

When it was finally done, I turned to see the food was being brought out. How do you feed a thousand people? Simple. Potluck. I know my mom brought twenty pounds of potato salad. Zeke’s mom Brigid prepared one hundred pies for others to cook while she was here. Beta Kao cooked several gallons of pho soup. There would be no shortage of food here. The wedding party got first pick, and I knew how much the boys could eat if they were really hungry. I think they each grabbed one of Brigid’s pies to themselves.

The food was superb, the company lively, but when the first dance was announced, I wondered if the boys would even remember the steps. We had choreographed a routine much like a folk dance, so no one was without a partner for long. It must have been with the blessings from The Powers That Be, but the dance went very well. As the parent dances were conducted, those not dancing went to change into something a bit more fun. One thing I loved about my boys: they were the biggest dorks in the world.

The five of us came out dressed in white Oxford shirts tied just below the chest, dance shoes, and the men wore kilts and I wore a plaid miniskirt. It stopped all conversation when we started on a really ridiculous routine of Brittany Spears, Spice Girls, a Disney medley, and rounded it off with several Irish jigs that some of the European visitors joined in on. It was the best time ever. I was with the men I loved, and I knew they loved me back.

At one point, while I sat recovering from all the dances, I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder. When I looked back, no one was there, but the feeling of happiness that filled me could come from no other source than Gene. When I looked up to my boys, each one had the same beatific smile on their face.

The five of us said our goodbyes and ran to the van we rented to take us to the first stop on the honeymoon tour. The huge house had been rented out of season, and we would be staying there for the next few months. Equis Camp was only an hour away, and Dylan needed to learn something about his now-active magic. The house was beautiful but not overly done and had ten bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It was normally rented as a winter resort, but it was barely August.

Once we looked around the place, we saw there were two rooms with king beds. Not enough for what we wanted, but things could be done. Colton and I stripped the two beds while Quint rearranged the furniture in the living room. Dylan and Zeke hauled the two mattresses down to the room and we made one huge bed so we could all sleep together.

“Anyone else feel like a shower? I smell like a sweaty guy,” said Zeke with a chuckle.

“While I don’t mind you smelling like a sweaty guy,” said my husband – wow, husband – with a slight look at me, “I need a shower. I also believe a certain coyote needs his sexy times with me.” Dylan pulled Colton up into his arms and away they went to one of the showers.

I suppressed a smirk. “Huh. I guess we should all shower.” We shared a fond glance at the retreating backs of our boys. We knew nothing too sexy would happen in the shower, but I also knew Dylan felt the need to be with Colt to show him he was just as important.

Quintin smiled at Zeke. “We should go make ourselves smell prettier for our lovely lady.”

“So, how many orgasms should we wait for until we join?” asked that big bear and his husband pulled him away. I only shook my head.

As I took my own shower, I wondered how I even came to this point in my life. I mean, I was now married to the man I loved, joined to the men we loved, and about to lose my virginity to said husband and then said men. I never thought I would ever have a harem of hot hunks, but I do.

Random thought: I wouldn’t have to worry about Dylan wearing himself out with Colton even if they jacked off in front of each other and shot about ten loads. He’s so damn horny he would probably knock me up the first moment he put it in. Not a bad thought, either.

When I stepped out of the shower, all four of my men were there wearing towels with towels in their hands. Damn sneaky bastards came in without me hearing. All four began to dry me. It was so damn erotic I had a miniature orgasm. One of them would grope my butt while another would pinch a nipple, and another would hit the buzzer on my Lady Parts. I was caressed and fondled and dried by eight hands. If this made me this hot, how would it feel when they all had me? Oofta!

Zeke carried me out in his massive arms, and I could see the boys hadn’t fooled around in the shower because the huge bed we made was surrounded with dozens of candles. The heavy drapes were closed, and I could smell some vanilla incense burning. Zeke set me in the bed and brushed a kiss on my lips.

“Soon,” he whispered as he pulled away.

Colton kissed me gently. “Soon,” he repeated and followed Zeke. He was blushing very heavily, and I wondered how strange it was for him to have any sort of feelings towards a girl.

Quintin was standing there with my husband’s arms around him, and I have to admit they did make a good-looking pair. Maybe it was their bond. Maybe it was the fact that they were both felines. I have no idea, they just looked good like that. Our lynx smiled up at Dylan and then gave me a kiss that told me exactly who taught Dylan. “Soon,” he said with a twinkle in his eye, “now break him in so we can have him.”

I saluted from the bed, the biggest smirk on my face. “Yessir!” The ass just returned the salute and marched after his mates. We both watched his fuzzy muscle butt sway as he left.

Dylan turned his eyes back to me. They were filled with such love that I wondered how anyone could think they would have a chance at him. “Heather…” he murmured and ran his hand through his lengthening hair. “I love you, but I’m really fucking nervous.”

I smiled up at him and patted the bed next to me. He practically did a belly flop, a big dorky grin on his face. “Me too, but I know this will be the best night of my life. I’m with you. You’re my first everything, Dylan, so I have only my dreams as my expectations.”

He grumbled a bit. “Fucking Disney. Never live up to those standards.” I couldn’t help but grin at him. His hand was shaking a bit as he placed it on my knee. His scent was through the roof because it was finally hitting him that tonight he didn’t have to stop. “Dylan,” I softly said, and he looked up at me, “are you worried you’re going to hurt me, mess up, or that I won’t enjoy it?”

His face turned red. “Yes, to all of the above.”

I pulled him closer for a kiss. “I expect it to hurt. You’re hung. I expect you to mess up; I’ve already gotten most of the smartass remarks ready for it. No matter what you do, I will enjoy it. Now, I have been dying to know what it feels like to have your tongue down there.”

Sometimes you just have to be a brazen hussy, and by the look, Dylan needed no further encouragement. Perhaps he was just undecided on how to start. My husband began to trail tender kisses down my stomach as his fingers ran up to my breast and started teasing the nipple. I squeaked a bit when he pinched just a bit harder than I expected. It didn’t hurt, it felt good, and my darling knew it.

I almost jumped off the bed when I felt his tongue for the first time. All of this was new; no one had ever touched me like this before, and if the rest felt anywhere as good as this, I would begging my husband to have sex with me every second of the day. My head fell back, and the whimper that escaped could not have come from me. I had never made that sound before. I would probably make many other sounds I had never made before this was over.

The best part was Dyl's reaction. A low hnga growl came from his throat, vibrating the room and my my body, and the scent of his arousal filled the space. He was just as turned on as I was. When I looked between my legs, I could see his golden eyes locked on mine. His eyes glowed with lust, love, desire, fear, apprehension, joy, pride...

That look pushed me over the edge into my first non-auto orgasm. It was fast, hit like a truck, and my husband's head was trapped between my crushing thighs. I whimpered and moaned as he kept eating me out through the first, followed immediately by two others before my body went lax. I panted as he lapped gently one last time before kissing up my body. He paused briefly to give me the out. Just in case I didn't want to taste myself when I kissed him. I pulled my lion atop me and mashed my lips to his, snaking my tongue into his mouth. Damn I tasted good on his lips. The kiss was almost as hot at the tongue lashing he gave me.

As my love pulled away, leaning on his massive arm to caress my cheek with the other hand, I knew the question he was about to ask, so I answered, “Yes, that was good.” He grinned as he blushed, dipping his head sheepishly.

I eased him onto his back, hellbent on returning the favor. His torso seemed to grow as he put his arms behind his head, biceps bulging, lats expanding. I married the sexiest man alive. When I wrapped my hand around his dick, the fingers didn't touch. At all. Not even close. A small shudder ran through him, and I would swear I heard him whisper one word.


I giggled a bit, which made his dimpled grin show, but I knew what he meant. After years, we could do this without worry. I was his, he was mine. “Worth the wait so far, handsome?”

I'd wait another fifty years if you were who I was to be with after it was done.”

That was the most romantic thing he had ever said to me. “Which one told you to say that?” He went very red in the face, and I could hear Zeke laughing from the other side of the house. “Never mind, I have my answer. Sweet of you to say it though,” I said as I stroked up his enormous shaft.

Welcome,” was all he got out before his eyes rolled back. He wasn't cumming yet, but I could tell he wasn't going to try to be Mr. Macho and hide his reactions.

Like that?” I asked playfully, running my other hand up his thigh to his churning balls. Have I mentioned everything about Dylan was just big?

Duh,” was his response. “If you keep doing that, I am going to have to repair the ceiling.”

I snorted, but I knew what he meant. “Then I will have to be a good wife and clean up the mess. With my tongue.” Then I licked the tip.

A smaller orgasm hit me when I tasted my man for the first time. It was like dark chocolate. Bitter but just the right amount of creaminess. Oh yeah...I'd be trying to swallow this amazing taste every day. A few times a day. As often as I could. I wanted it all the time.

I don't know how long I can last. I don't know if you're just teasing me to be cruel, but I am totally loving it.”

I took the tip fully into my mouth, swirling my tongue around and under the partially hooded head. Dylan's body shivered as his groan became more feline. When I looked up, he was obviously fighting the urge to shift.

Can I say that I had never felt sexier than right then? My man could barely control his body right now, and it was all my doing. Egocentric, but damn if it didn't make me feel great to make him feel so good.

I bobbed up and down, unable to take more than a few inches, but he wasn't complaining in the slightest. An endless stream of profanity spewed from his mouth, but I caught the words I wanted to hear. Like a striking snake, I slicked up my finger and slipped it up his virgin ass to boop his man-button. With a back-arching roar, he began to flood my mouth with his seed. I held as much as I could, getting another small-but-satisfying orgasm at his taste, swallowed, and tried to not waste a drop. I failed. The load was way too big for my first time, and it began leaking out of my mouth. Neither of us minded, really.

As he was coming down from his high, he was chuckling. He pulled me up his body and licked my chin clean before kissing me lovingly and lazily. I could taste myself and him at the same time, and I was loving the combo even more. If we were already mated, I think we would have been happy to just bask in the glow, but both of us wanted to complete this bond. The urge to merge was robbing us of our senses...thanks Mel Brooks for that phrase.

Are you ready for this, or do we need to take some more time?” Dylan asked, his dick still fully hard.

Ready...not really, but my wolf will not be denied what we want.” I rolled off him and got on all fours, my back arched to give him as easy a target as I could present. I knew I would never get enough foreplay to be ready for his dick, and the knowledge that he had to clamp onto my shoulder with his teeth, break the skin, to complete the mating was a bit daunting. At least he wouldn't be fully lion for this...part of me hoped.

That deep hnga rumble sounded again as he crawled up behind me, tasting my lower lips to make me gasp. “I'll be as gentle as I can,” he growled.

Which meant I would be split in half instead of a million pieces.

He placed one hand on my hip and used the other to run the tip over my Lady Parts. Surge after surge of pleasure rolled through my body, and I knew I was as ready as I would ever be. I needed to mate right now, and my scent told him as much as he pushed in slowly. It hurt, it burned, seared my core, but once he broke past the hymen, my inner wolf, who is apparently a huge slut, slammed back and took a good two-thirds of his cock.

I felt claws grip my hips. He was so close to shifting, so close to losing control, but he held onto it with an iron will I had rarely seen in him. “Do that again, and I'm going to put the rest in,” he said huskily. My man was showing all the alpha-male signs, and my wolf wanted him to do it. I needed him to claim me like that.

I can't really remember any pain. His cock felt amazing inside me as he moved in and out. I knew I was urging him to go just a bit deeper, but he wasn't giving me what I wanted. I looked over my shoulder to see such intense concentration on his face. “I'm ready,” I panted.

I'll hurt you,” he said distantly.

If you don't fuck me into this mattress right now, I will throw you on your back and take your cock and mate you.” His eyes flashed fully gold and he shoved it all the way in. His lion would not accept being submissive at our mating. Not to me.

Orgasm after orgasm rammed through me as he rammed into me. I couldn't count them. I also don't remember shifting into my wolf either, or him his lion. I do remember the moment his huge teeth broke the skin though. My entire being was shattered, but the pieces didn't go flying. They were reconfigured with him, and through him I could feel the boys.

All five of us were in orgasm right now. Five minds and hearts like spun glass spheres were put together as one sphere. I could feel it. I could feel them. It...it was magnificent. I loved the boys before, but feeling them, feeling everything that was their true selves, was almost euphoric. All four loved me, albeit it a bit differently.

My mind was still wrapping around this new existence when I realized we were all laughing. All of us. Dylan was shifting back from some strange lion hybrid, my wolf was receding, and staggering into the room were our mates. There was no other word for us. We were all mated now, and I knew I would willingly be the mother for all their children. No words were needed as they fell onto the mattresses with us. Loving touches, gentle kisses, and no one put a label on sexuality. Dylan wasn't straight anymore. Colton wasn't gay anymore. We were...us. That was all that mattered.

While the smell of sex was in the air, the need for it wasn't the foremost thought. Food was, even though we had just eaten. I looked at the clock to see it was almost midnight.

What the shit?” I exclaimed.

The boys laughed. “So ladylike,” my husband said as he kissed my nose as he ran his fingers through Zeke's chest hair.

How did it get so late?”

Many hours of sex,” was what Quintin said as he smooched my cheek. “Let's go get our menfolk something to eat before they start looking at us like we're the meal they want.” He got to his feet and offered his hand.

I took it, feeling very wobbly. Post-sex legs feel like noodles. “How is that a bad thing?” I asked as we supported each other on the way to the kitchen.

Imagine four tongues,” was all he said and my knees about gave out.

That is so happening later.”

Good,” all four men said with grins.

* * *

After some food and a bit of a nap, the five of us were lounging nakedly. I had been naked in front of all of them on many occasions, but the atmosphere was decidedly different. It was more intimate, more sexual. I loved it.

I could also feel a bit of tension growing. Nothing bad, just the jitters because I knew what was going to happen next, and it wouldn't include me directly. At least, not at first. It looked like I was going to have to start this or they may never actually do anything.

Boys?” I asked sweetly, and all four heads turned to me. “Are you gonna fuck? I wanna see some man-on-man-on-man-on-man action here.”

Zeke's grin was huge. Colton looked up at me from between my legs where he had been cuddling with the most adoring look ever. Quintin looked over at Dylan who was beet red and getting hard. “Are you ready, Creep? Honestly?”

The fact that he said it verbally was something I appreciated. They could, and did, communicate telepathically, but this included us all. “I've been dreading and wanting this to happen.” He looked at me. I could see the fear but also the longing. I knew what he was afraid of, but I knew his love for his boys would win out over fears. I nodded. “I belong to you guys until sunrise. Use me however you want...after Zeke fucks me stupid.”

There's that smell of arousal. Zeke's voice quavered a bit. “Why me? I...figured you would want Quint first.”

Dylan reached out his hand and took Zeke's. “Not for this. He'll be too much in my head and won't do what needs to be done.” When Zeke cocked his head in question, Dylan looked him right in the eyes. “I want you to full-on fuck me so hard I will never forget the moment I was a subby bitch for the sexiest bear I have ever met. You will take me harder, rougher, and if you go polarbear on my ass, good. No holding back, I will not say no to anything. I will be submitting to your most dark and sexual desires.”

Colton's touch to Zeke's dropped jaw was firm enough to get him to close it and turn his head. “I'm not strong enough or dominant enough. Quintin couldn't do it because he would feel all that pain. You...are almost as big as Dyl, you are stronger, and he will not submit to anyone who is lesser than you. Now, are you going to make him scream or not? Cause our boy is offering the one thing neither Quint and I can. Full-out fuck. He wants you to do it.”

I could feel Zeke's problem. He was a submissive male usually. He and Quint usually submitted to each other as the mood shifted, and Colton was submissive to both. Dylan was a dominant male, a very powerful male, and could never put aside his ego without someone showing him they were stronger. It was a Catch-22. Could Zeke submit to Dylan's will and take him as if he were fully dominant?

Zeke gently moved Quint from Dylan's arm and placed him in mine. Out of the way. He stood to his full height, his thick cock fully aroused and leaking precum. His chest slowly heaved as he stared down into Dylan's eyes. It wasn't a contest of wills. It wasn't a challenge. It was Zeke making sure this was what his friend and love wanted. The last chance to say no. “It ain't gonna suck itself,” was what he said, and Dylan swallowed hard before getting up to kneel before Zeke. When he reached up, Zeke shook his head. “No hands. Just your mouth. Don't worry...I'll make sure you take it all.”

There was a small flash of challenge in Dylan's eyes, but the responding one from Zeke was astonishing. Where did this dominance come from? Even Quint was struggling to not crawl over and service that bear cock. Hell, all of us were. Dylan groaned slightly and leaned forward to lick his first dick. Judging from the reactions all of us were having, he wasn't disliking the taste.

Zeke put his hand on the back my mate's head and gripped the hair firmly to reiterate who was in charge. “Take the tip in your mouth,” he said gruffly, and Dylan did as he was told.

I felt a pair of splashes hit my arm and leg. Both Quint and Colton had shot their loads and they weren't even touching themselves. I was a bit shaky, but damn if the boys weren't feeling this more keenly than me. Lucky bitches. A soft snort and side-eye from Quint told me he heard my thought clearly enough.

We watched as Dylan moved down to take more and more. Of course, judging by Zeke's tensed biceps, Dylan may not have much say in the matter. When Zeke used both hands, and began to skull fuck my husband, he let out a deep sigh, and I knew Dylan was having to swallow his first load. Probably not his last either if his leaking dick was any indication. As Zeke finished his dumping, he gently ran his hand through Dyl's hair. “Look at me,” he ordered softly. Dylan looked up, cum dripping from his lips. Zeke leaned down and kissed him. “You keep practicing and you might be better than Colton. Let's see how that ass feels.” Zeke snapped his fingers and pointed to the mattresses.

I gasped as I felt a soft touch between my legs. Quintin's hand was slowly caressing my Lady Bits. It was more a gentle touch than him trying to get me to orgasm, but it was wonderful all the same. “I know it's getting to you, Heather. I'll be durned if this isn't hotter than watching Colton get mauled by our bear.”

Having seen that once, I had to agree. “It's better than porn because I know he's about to lose that virgin ass.”

No jealousy? I don't smell any.” Colton looked up at me with a Mona Lisa smile.

Surprisingly no. Anyone else would never get this far. We're one relationship, so why would I be jealous?” Honest answer, and that small grin became a sunny smile as he kissed my inner thigh. I think Colton will be the one I have the least one-on-one sexy times with, yet we didn't feel the lack.

We turned our attention back to the main event. Dylan's chest was against the mattress, his muscle butt up in the air. Zeke seemed to change his mind. “Colton, get under our kitten here in a sixty-nine. Make sure his mouth never leaves your cock until the signal is given.” Our coyote got up quickly and did as told, sliding under Dylan happily to slurp up my husband's huge cock.

Dylan gasped and dove face first onto Colton's meat. As ordered, Colton made sure Dylan couldn't pull all the way off by locking his legs around the Creep's head. He could pull back enough to breathe, but he wouldn't be able to pull off. A gurgling gasp came from Dylan, and I knew Colton had just shot a load into his mouth. Choke or swallow, my husband didn't miss a drop. Neither did Colton if my mate's pulsing shaft was any indication.

Sorry to take him from you, Lady Love, but I need Quint to bury his tongue in Dylan's ass to lube and loosen him up a bit.” Zeke's grin was almost evil, but I knew all the arousal was overwhelming and he needed a moment to compose himself before he did the one he thing he didn't like doing. He would be using all his strength to force his way into my husband, and Zeke didn't like to hurt anyone.

What will I be doing, oh Director of Pornography?”

Sounds good to me. Record this so we can show Dylan how he looks with a dick in his mouth and ass.”

I grinned. “Too late, Klondike. Jon had Pat install six cameras in this room for similar reasons. They've been recording since we unlocked the doors.” I giggled at their collective gasps. “He thought he could keep it a secret, but since I am his secretary and have access to his books, I saw the expenses and reports. You may proceed with the deflowering because I recall I have four dicks to have in me.” So much for virginity. This was our wedding night, and if I didn't get spit-roasted and have a dick in my butt at the same time, I didn't do it right.

You slut...I am so proud!” Zeke exclaimed while wiping away a fake tear.

Dylan groaned appreciatively as Quintin squeezed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. When he buried his tongue in Dylan's hole, he bucked and shoved every inch of his cock down Colton's throat and rode that tongue like it was the answer to life. With their connection, it was probably the hottest thing either would experience.

Zeke came over and flopped down beside me to watch his directorial debut. “They needed some time with him,” was all he said, and I nodded. “I wanted some time with you,” he mumbled cutely.

Zeke, you don't have to feel embarrassed or shy with me.” I turned his face to look at me and kissed his lips. “We all know this will take some adjusting to and how it will all work out is a mystery. This is my first time, I lost my virginity tonight. This will be your first time with a woman, right?” He nodded. “Then we just explore how you and I interact. I know we would enjoy sex together, but we may not do it without the boys around. It's going to be a WIP for at least a few months as we add this to our lives. Mind you,” I said a bit sternly as I booped his nose, “If I don't get to at least suck your big bear cock tonight, I will take a paddle to your ass, and not in a sexy way.”

He laughed and kissed me. “You really are the only woman for us. For all of us.” His smile turned a bit naughty as he cupped my womanhood with his big hand. “So you wouldn't mind if I got a taste? I am a bit orally fixated.”

I had recovered enough from Dylan's monster to be ready for more fun times. “Pretend it's an ice cream cone and taste away. Better yet,” I said and shoved him on his back. His eyes went a bit wide as I straddled his head. “One chance to back out before I sit on your face. My inner slut will only be told no once.”

He chuckled a bit, but motioned me down. Zeke was, after all, a bit submissive, and he liked it when he was manhandled, or in this case woman-handled, into sexy times. I lowered myself and lay across his furry chest and tummy to begin stroking his cock. He was almost as thick as Dylan but lacked anything close to the length. He smelled amazing down there though, and this would be...

My thoughts went bye-bye when he began to eat me out. Dylan felt fantastic. Zeke put him to shame. I have no idea who taught him to eat a girl out, but thank you Anonymous Benefactor! I couldn't think much past the tongue in my most private of places, but I thought my mouth seemed empty, so I filled it with Zeke. No one could compete with Dylan's taste, but Zeke was a contender for the second place spot.

I really needed Zeke to teach my husband how to do this because I couldn't even think past what was happening between my legs. I was on autopilot and didn't even know what my mouth was doing, but I guess it was enough for the Klondike because he was groaning appreciatively. Waves of pleasure rushed through me as his tongue swiped up and down, and I gasped when it would plunge in, choking slightly on his dick.

All too soon it ended. Zeke gave my butt a soft swat, and I paused to look at him. His cheeks were flushed, his beard glistening, his grin insufferable. “Yeah...this is so happening again, but right now, I have another pussy to wreck.”

I snorted and rolled off him. When I looked over at Dylan, I almost started laughing. His legs were trembling uncontrollably, his ass had several hand prints, his back had a few claw marks, and poor Colton's mouth, chin, neck, and nose were covered in cum and throat scum. Looks like he has been enjoying himself with his boys.

My turn,” was all Zeke had to say, and Quint stopped his tongue lashing. He nodded and helped pulled Colton's legs apart. The muscles had seized and were locked, but some massage and the jaws of life had them relaxed enough to unclasp them. Zeke helped Dylan onto his back where he was gasping and still twitching. “Now you know what I go through.” All Dylan could do was nod.

Quintin got up to grab a towel and began to lovingly clean up our coyote. If Dylan was a mess, Colton was trashed. He seemed incoherent. His mouth was working like he was still trying to swallow everything Dylan had put down his throat. I could get a sense of some sort of euphoria when I concentrated on Colton. Wherever his mind was, he was happy. I left him in Quint's care and looked back over to the big boys.

You know I love you, Dyl, right?” It got a nod, most of the trembling calmed. “Just remember that and don't claw up my back too badly.”

No promises, Zeke, and I love you too. How do you want me? Not riding, my legs don't work right now.” Dylan's voice was a bit raspy. Probably from the throat fucking.

Zeke smiled down. “This is your call. I could manhandle you into any position, but I want you to be as comfortable as possible.”

Dylan pulled his knees up to his shoulders. “Like this. I want you to see me when you take me.”

Zeke wasted no time. He placed his meaty hand to hold Dylan's massive thighs up, and drove his cock in. It was brutal, and Dylan let out a scream like I had never heard from him, but the huge cum load shooting out of his dick said not to stop. While seven and a half inches might not be too much for an experienced bottom, Dylan had just been skewered in one mighty thrust.

Zeke was merciless. He gave himself completely to the task of making Dylan his bitch. He held nothing back, and I knew I could never survive what was being done. I knew he was strong, but when he lifted my mate off the bed and slammed him onto his cock, I couldn't believe Dylan hadn't passed out from the pain.

Except his face said it didn't hurt. My mate was so thoroughly into this, he felt no pain. His body had been desensitized to extreme pain; most shifters had a high threshold for pain. My mate's biceps were bulging as he held himself up as best he could, helping Zeke bear some of the burden, but our bear wasn't showing any sign of strain lifting my three-hundred-fifty-plus-pound husband.

It seemed to last hours, but when all of us were stuck in some cerebral connective time-fuckery loop of ecstasy, it could have been only a few minutes. The only thing we knew was all of us could feel this anal Armageddon. Dylan's mental pleasure had almost taken us over, but we had no fear of it. Zeke wasn't stopping until he had done exactly what Dylan wanted, and I could feel he was close.

When Zeke slammed him down onto the bed, he grabbed Dylan by the throat and held his gaze with his own. “Who owns you?” came the throaty growl from Zeke.

Without much hesitation, Dylan responded, “All of you.”

Remember that,” replied Zeke as he slammed in one last time, shifting into a full-grown polar bear, and started to empty his balls into my husband.

Us three were just gaping in awe when Dylan shifted into his full lion, which he couldn't do voluntarily. A half-ton bear was breeding a three-quarter ton lion, and all we could do was stare.

They slowly shifted back, Zeke collapsing atop Dylan who just embraced him. Zeke was crying. What happened? This dramatic shift confused me. Especially when Zeke started checking Dylan over for injury.

I'm fine, Zeke,” Dylan mumbled. He sounded exhausted. Zeke still checked him out. “Hey, Klondike,” he said, his tone forcing Zeke's eyes to his. “I'm fine. I'll be hella sore tomorrow, but I'm fine.” Relief flooded Zeke's face and he buried it right in the crook of Dylan's neck to sob out the rest of whatever had come over him.

You can't hear us, can you?” Quintin asked quietly.

I looked at him and shook my head. “I can feel you, but it's not like words.”

He nodded. “Through all of that, Zeke was begging Dylan to forgive him for hurting him, but Dylan was begging for him to fuck him harder. Then Zeke shifted and let his instincts take over. You saw what happened, but up here,” Quint said tapping his head, “he was just giving in. He put aside everything and let his beast out. It was what Dylan wanted and needed.”

I get why it had to be Zeke, but why at all? Other than he's a freak in the sheets.”

Quint helped me over to the boys and nudged Zeke off Dylan's chest. His wonderful, furry, unscarred chest. I gasped. Where had his sacrificial scar gone? “It was something Minerva thought might be a cause.”

Dylan grinned up at me. “I've always been either too accepting of the shitstorm or too stubborn and fought against it. Aunt Minnie said I would have to completely let go to be able to have any control. So...I found a way I wanted to let go. I mean, I was gonna bottom anyway, but it had to be someone I trusted and someone strong enough to make me let go.” He thought his explanation was clear.

Makes zero sense, but I don't need to understand it. You have always been and will always be creepy.” I ran my fingers over where the scar was, finding only flawless flesh. “So do you feel magic flowing through your veins?”

Not yet, but I feel free.” He motioned Colton over and all of us found some place to cuddle around our lion. “Finally feel at peace. I have my family, my wife, my mates, and I can finally be at peace.”

And so saying the turd fell asleep. An untroubled sleep.

We all smiled at our Creep. “So...showers when he wakes up?”

Quintin grinned and reached over to lightly pinch my nipple. “Plenty of things to do before that,” he said with a grin.

So, this was how I went from one boyfriend to having four mates.

And six years later, I'm the mother of six. A lion, two wolves, two bears, and we're not sure what little Eugene is, but something in his one-year-old eyes says he's going to be the biggest handful of them all.

For all of you who waited, here it is. As my first real bisexual scene, it was a bit of uncharted territory. Also, getting a new job, dealing with pandemics and the political climate in the USA...I just couldn't find it in me to push. So thank you all for joining me for this.

Copyright © 2015 Fantasyboy69; All Rights Reserved.
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That was everything I was waiting for and more. (You nailed the bisexual orgy quite nicely.) The Homestead Pride stories are some of my favorite stories and I have enjoyed these little peeks into their lives.

Thank you, @Fantasyboy69, for such captivating tales.


Sad to discover Travis passed away so young (for a shifter) though. <— Hiding that from those who didn’t catch it.

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Absolutely Awesome !!!!!! Thank you thank you...You had me crying from the moment you mentioned the wedding was by the stream and close to the Equis Camp,because I knew it was to remember and honor Gene.Crying harder still when they could hear that he was with them.I just got my blurry eyes cleared up and you went and did it again when Heather felt his hand on her shoulder and all the guys felt it too.Gene was giving them his love and acceptance of their very unique relationship.Aslo I was happy to see Quinton's dad finally redeem himself and  decide to just accept and love his son.The orgy was perfect even if you have no experience in writing bi-sexual scenes.. I have read these books several times over and still loved them every time,and I thank you for writing their wedding and mating.All your fans of these books have been looking forward to this story and I'm so glad you stuck with it to get it to us...Once again a great talent is shown in your writing. Only a vey gifted author can make a reader emotionally attached to characters in a story. Your Homestead books and Rob Coltons, Timberpack Chronicles are my favorite stories.As far as I'm concerned you are just as gifted as Rob.....Again Thank You.

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16 hours ago, My_Pretty_Kitty_Kat said:

That was everything I was waiting for and more. (You nailed the bisexual orgy quite nicely.) The Homestead Pride stories are some of my favorite stories and I have enjoyed these little peeks into their lives.

Thank you, @Fantasyboy69, for such captivating tales.

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Sad to discover Travis passed away so young (for a shifter) though. <— Hiding that from those who didn’t catch it.

Where did it say Travis died? The story mentioned Gene a few times but I didn't catch anything about Travis other than he gave Heather away.I read it twice and didn't see anything.For those of you reading these comments and wondering why I'm asking this,click where it says reveal hidden comments.

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4 hours ago, tippysmom said:

Absolutely Awesome !!!!!! Thank you thank you...You had me crying from the moment you mentioned the wedding was by the stream and close to the Equis Camp,because I knew it was to remember and honor Gene.Crying harder still when they could hear that he was with them.I just got my blurry eyes cleared up and you went and did it again when Heather felt his hand on her shoulder and all the guys felt it too.Gene was giving them his love and acceptance of their very unique relationship.Aslo I was happy to see Quinton's dad finally redeem himself and  decide to just accept and love his son.The orgy was perfect even if you have no experience in writing bi-sexual scenes.. I have read these books several times over and still loved them every time,and I thank you for writing their wedding and mating.All your fans of these books have been looking forward to this story and I'm so glad you stuck with it to get it to us...Once again a great talent is shown in your writing. Only a vey gifted author can make a reader emotionally attached to characters in a story. Your Homestead books and Rob Coltons, Timberpack Chronicles are my favorite stories.As far as I'm concerned you are just as gifted as Rob.....Again Thank You.

Thank you. Being compared favorably to Rob is a huge compliment. I had originally asked if I could do a fan fic using one of his characters, but he declined and encouraged me to write my own Lycan story. So I did. I had no idea it would turn into what it has, but I am grateful to him for his encouragement, and to everyone who has stuck with this.

Also, Travis did not die. I could see some confusion when he came to walk Heather down the aisle, but he is still alive and kicking.

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“I walked over and threw my arms around his broad shoulders. Travis had been a bit of a father figure to me growing up. “There is no better man living to give me away.” I choked up a bit, remembering the man who had been chosen to give me away. 

Rest in peace, old wolf.”

At the end of the story she, Heather, says six years has passed so it seemed to me that sometime between the wedding and now he seemed to have passed away. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I guess in a roundabout way she could be referencing Gene...


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I love it😍 You are an amazing writer. It was sweet and hot at the same time. Still in an other story I thought Colton would end up with Michael, but this was good. Can't wait to read more of your work. Read you soon and be happy 😘😁📖📖

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20 hours ago, Afrodita79 said:

I love it😍 You are an amazing writer. It was sweet and hot at the same time. Still in an other story I thought Colton would end up with Michael, but this was good. Can't wait to read more of your work. Read you soon and be happy 😘😁📖📖

The Colton character is based off a friend of mine who was dating a guy named Michael at the time I wrote "Peace and Quiet" and the subsequent short that followed. They broke up and I didn't feel right keeping them together, but I had no problem with putting him with the others.

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On 7/20/2020 at 10:37 PM, Fantasyboy69 said:

The Colton character is based off a friend of mine who was dating a guy named Michael at the time I wrote "Peace and Quiet" and the subsequent short that followed. They broke up and I didn't feel right keeping them together, but I had no problem with putting him with the others.

Well to bad they broke up, I felt you presented them like they were mates. But this was a good sideway, guess I just needed it to know what had happened. I know I tend to be a little nossy😅, but love the story. 

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Awesome fun! I’m going to miss all these characters. So many places and people. You have a powerful little girl in San Diego, her half brother Eugene (maybe) at Homestead, a new little girl polar bear perhaps... you could write forever just with them.... and I’ll be here to read every story! 

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