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  1. Homestead Pack Shorts

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 08/27/2015 (Updated: 06/12/2020)

    This story series is set in the world of the Homestead Pack. It shows some behind the scenes stuff that don't make it into the main books.

  2. Just shorts

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 10/03/2019 (Updated: 10/03/2019)

    This entire series is just a bunch of silly shorts and a way to get them out of my head. Don't expect them to ever be turned into longer versions

  3. Splinter 5. Homestead Pride

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 10/04/2018 (Updated: 09/08/2019)

    Jonathan Davenport, Alpha of the Homestead Pack, must not only take on those responsible for the disappearances of many Lycans but also the North American Lycan Council. With this uphill battle leading to all-out war, will Jon find the help he'll need to survive the heat of battle and the boredom of politics?

  4. Drums of War 4. Homestead Pride

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 03/01/2018 (Updated: 09/27/2018)

    Members of several packs have gone missing, and most important to Dylan Davenport, the Enforcer from Homestead, his beloved mentor, Gene. What has become of them?

  5. Home To Roost 3. Homestead Pride

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 05/12/2016 (Updated: 02/14/2018)

    Dean has had a huge heartbreak in his life and goes up to see his best buds Jon and Pat. Then he meets him.

  6. Starcutter

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 11/21/2014 (Updated: 02/04/2016)

    A pirate Captain and his bastard son get thrust together after the mother dies. They had never met. On a starship of hundreds, the lad has no friends, so his father buys him a slave when the boy is against slavery.

  7. Peace and Quiet 2. Homestead Pride

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 07/23/2014 (Updated: 08/25/2015)

    Quintin Marshall has found himself sick of his boyfriend and his abusive ways and goes home to Montana.

  8. A Collection of Poems

    By Fantasyboy69, in Poetry. 01/22/2015 (Updated: 01/22/2015)

    Just a collection of poetry I have written.

  9. The Bard and the Prince

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 05/01/2014 (Updated: 09/12/2014)

    An unlikely pair of star crossed lovers meet. Will they be strong enough to face the trials ahead and still keep their love strong?

  10. All That Drama

    By Fantasyboy69, in Fiction. 04/29/2014 (Updated: 06/04/2014)

    Justice is one hot guy on campus, part of the In Crowd, but he sees that he needs to change that when things get too out of hand

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