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  1. I can't wait until Jon catches up to Angus and I think he's going to have a lot of help for the upcoming war.I think the SFB should be shaking in his boots right about now,loved the part where Jon made him piss himself.You really threw me for a loop about the Head of Council being Gene's Dad and the power that was radiating off him.Especially after you took pains to describe him as old and almost feeble.Keep up the great work with this story.I can't wait to read more.I also agree with a previous statement that this should be done as a mini series.That would be awesome.
  2. tippysmom

    Chapter 2

    This is the 4th time reading this series of stories, and it just occurred to me to question why Travis let Angus become leader of the ECP after finding out what a mondo douche he was. You would think he would have removed him from the position of leader in waiting and found someone else.But then I guess if it didn't happen this way you would not have had a story to tell. Love, Love, Love this series as can be seen by how many times I keep reading it.
  3. tippysmom

    Chapter 23

    I tried to avoid this story as sci-fy is not my usual genre,but I am so glad I did read it.I enjoyed the story immensely and loved the characters and their development.But I do have one question.Who was the man that was with Darth when Gabriel was raped? Is it someone we should have known?And was Ryle's former master there, as Gabriel was sure heard his voice.If you ever do a sequel I know I will definitely read it.Totally awesome story.
  4. Please kick your muse in the butt and get him moving....hahaha...I know I'm impatient,but that is a good thing for a reader to be.It shows the writer how much we love them.I am hooked on this story and it's characters.It just sucks you right in and keeps you wanting more.
  5. I was thrilled to see a new chapter posted.You are a gifted story teller,and I hope the writers block is gone and your muse stays with you.I can't wait to read more of this awesome story.
  6. tippysmom

    Council Bound

    Second time reading through the Homestead Stories in the last month. Now waiting for added chapters.You are a very talented writer and should look at getting published.Love the Homestead books and I would buy them.Keep up the great work and I wish you and your husband a Very Happy New Year.
  7. tippysmom

    Chapter 13

    I'm hoping you will finish this story it's a fantastic read.You got this far with that fabulous imagination, please, please finish it.I have read so many stories that an author never finshed please don't be one of them.You are to good for that.
  8. tippysmom

    Chapter 6

    What an awesome story!!!!!! I just discovered you a few days ago and have already read all the way through the Homestead stories.I am currently waiting patiently for more chapters of Splintered.....Now back to this story. I love it, and the characters you have created just suck you right into the story and their emotions.Now with Robin being a dragon at night and Lexi being a Unicorn by day it should make for some interesting dynamics.I feel so bad for Parker right now that would not have been easy for him but I'm glad Dran gave him a look of forgiveness before he died.He knew that Parker did what he had to do.By any chance did you base the changing of Lexi and Robin on a movie you have seen called Ladyhawk?I love that movie, she is a hawk in the daytime and the man she loves is a wolf at night.Also from some comments I have read on your stories I see you are a fan of Robcubs,I am too and can tell you that you are right up there with his talent.Please keep up the great story telling.You definitely have a new fan.
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