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  1. Gyrefalcon

    Chapter 30

    That was a roller coaster of a story. I found that I couldn’t comment on every chapter or even like every chapter. The story was dark. The abuse the poor boy suffered through was painful to read about, and the mental and emotional scars he is carrying ... it just hurt to live through it with him. Maybe that’s what made it hard to comment. You gave us the story from his perspective. I knew what he was thinking, and I didn’t like it. I did love the story however, as odd as that seems after making those comments. The boy has friends. I wish I had friends like that when I was his age. The boy has
  2. Gyrefalcon

    Chapter 35

    I’m thinking Essell is blushing. 😆
  3. Fantastic, gripping story! It was fun, with a start that would remind a Star Wars fan of a Han Solo adventure, then a little gritty like the old Babylon 5, with a bit of unknown adventure like the current Expanse series... all rolled into a very original and addictive story that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.
  4. Very interesting. Has a little twist that requires you to think a bit more than simply sitting back for the ride. Overall very enjoyable.
  5. Gyrefalcon

    Chapter 4

    More please! 😄
  6. Gyrefalcon


    Another gem hidden away in your mental bookcase... I certainly hope a comment hitting you out of the blue three years later may prod you into continuing the story!
  7. Gyrefalcon


    Awesome fun! I couldn’t stop reading it. I am so glad I stumbled across this after it was complete. It’d have driven me crazy waiting for each Wednesday installment!
  8. Gyrefalcon

    Chapter 53

    Awesome fun!
  9. Gyrefalcon

    Chapter 1

    I’m thinking Leopard Gecko or a Tegus. I’d have gone with coyote based on his ability to handle midday heat, but the exotic animal tech, spots on his back, cracked lips, and scuttling clues seemed to lean towards a lizard. I’d also be interested in seeing a few more shorts or a series based in this world. It was enticing!
  10. Awesome fun! I’m going to miss all these characters. So many places and people. You have a powerful little girl in San Diego, her half brother Eugene (maybe) at Homestead, a new little girl polar bear perhaps... you could write forever just with them.... and I’ll be here to read every story!
  11. Gyrefalcon

    Home and Gone

    Damn! This book ended too soon!
  12. Is this the end of the story?
  13. Very enjoyable. Easy to read and an original take on how heaven might just interact with us humans.
  14. That was fun. Very entertaining and original. Well done!
  15. I’m enjoying the story. What I meant was at the beginning of the tale, the wedding was in 5 days. If it took a week to get there, then to be on time for his own wedding, he would have had to have been enroute before the attack occurred. I assume his parents and an entourage would have also been on the road already as well since it was a royal wedding.
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