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  1. Gyrefalcon

    A New Skoal?

    Great story... but you should know that “God Save the Queen“ and “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” are the same melody as you indicated, but it’s not the US National Anthem.
  2. Gyrefalcon


    If you read this chapter after watching an episode of Cosmos, you’d almost think our American was Carl Sagan!
  3. Gyrefalcon


    Did I miss something in a previous chapter where Fi ended up getting to keep her job? I could have sworn I read where Chris fired her.
  4. Gyrefalcon

    Chapter 43

    Just read that chapter with Andre Bocelli singing “The Prayer” in the background while sitting next to the fireplace drinking a glass of amarone, with the Christmas tree lights illuminating the room. I’m sure it’s too late for you to recreate that serendipitous set of events if you’re reading this comment, but let me just tell you, the chapter was certainly enjoyable and the mood was perfect!
  5. Gyrefalcon

    Complete Appendix

    Can’t wait for the sequel! This was a very entertaining story... worth being called a novel! Hurry up with that writing. Don’t let your hands or imagination get cramped! 😄
  6. Gyrefalcon

    Chapter 4

    You know, it wasn't the first time Billy had a condom on. Bobby put one on him the first time they did anal.
  7. Gyrefalcon

    Chapter 37

    It's the third party he'll have gone to at Jamie's house within a single school year. Why is he acting like it's his first time?
  8. Gyrefalcon

    Chapter 28

    Is it too late to edit this chapter and republish it? You ended with: "got to get that boy's address so I can stalk him outside his bedroom window...". But he's been there for an interview and then two parties!
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