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  1. My_Pretty_Kitty_Kat

    Chapter 12

    Hmmmm.... I guess you did warn that some readers would not like the ending but... Oy, how disappointing of an ending this was! I hope there is a follow up story as this ending left a lot of questions unanswered.
  2. Oh! I was hoping this was the last chapter! Now I am sad. I was really hoping for closure. 😭
  3. Please, tell me you’ Managed to iron out ang snags and have completed Everlasting Encounters. I have enjoyed reading the last 2 books.
  4. My_Pretty_Kitty_Kat

    Chapter 2

    I really wish this story had been finished. 😕 I enjoyed reading BMAD and wanted to see how everything turned out. Now I am just disappointed. 😢
  5. 8 years after this story was written it is still relevant. Superbly written. Thank you.
  6. I so wish this had been finished. Since it hadn’t I have decided to believe that Evan beat the snot out of Vince before making sure he died a slow, horrible death. He then found Alexi and they lived Happily Ever After.
  7. My_Pretty_Kitty_Kat

    Chapter 11

    Just finished reading this wonderful story. @Sasha Distan, you truly are a gifted writer. Thank you, for choosing to share that gift with us. Did you ever end up writing a sequel?
  8. My_Pretty_Kitty_Kat

    Chapter 1

    As this was written years ago about something that happened decades ago I debated even commenting. @Greg_A, my heart aches for you. I can logically say that there must have been more to the choice to break up than just distance but my heart still hurts for “Alex & Zach”. I think it is easy to forget that gay relationships were not seen the same way as they are today back then (I mean, a spouse would move with their husband/wife generally). Also, it is very hard to truly judge the state of someone’s relationship when just seeing a snipit oftheir life. The fact that you are able to pull your readers so solidly into your story that they are heart broken for you characters is proof that you are an excellent story teller (though, this was truly a gut wrenching experience to begin with). No matter what I hope you have been able to find the love you truly deserve and am happy you still have ‘Alex’s’ family to call your own.
  9. @mitchelll, do you plan to finish this story? I read Brandon’s story today and would love to know where Reed ended up. I have to agree with @FanLit, Frank is just the one to shake Reed up.
  10. My_Pretty_Kitty_Kat


    I have been checking if this story had been marked COMPLETED for awhile now. I was so glad to see it was when I checked yesterday. I binge read it all last night. Laura, your ability to suck a reader in is a gift. Carter reminds me so much of how I envision my son to be when he is grown. He has Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder and has been receiving therapy to help him learn how to function in social situations. He is lucky in that he has many friends who make up his “Aron”. Thank you for such amazing and quirky characters.
  11. I binge read this beautiful love story today and I must say thank you for the ‘extra’ chapters. I always long to know where the characters I have fallen in love with end up down the road. ‘Watching’ Kennedy and Kieran grow into the best men they could be was such a lovely trip and one I am sure to repeat after all who can resist a good HEA story?
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