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Some parts of this story may include descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adult men.  If this offends you, you are not of age to read this or is prohibited then please stop right now and find a story more suited to you.

Warming The Cold One - 18. That is Bigger Than My Head

I am so sorry this took so long to get out. Things have been crazy and well no excuses. I'll going to try to be better. Please enjoy!

Jay turned to Hank and Karla. “Do you want us to treat you to lunch and we can discuss your plan of attack?”

Hank perked up. “Lunch sounds great. I’m starved!”

Karla laughed and play hit Hank. “You are always hungry. Now I know why. All those late-night walks turned out to be times you went all wild and ran through the desert. Also explains why there was always sand in your shoes.”

Jay laughed. “We work up an appetite on those runs for sure.”

Tala stared out the window lost in thought. He had a brainstorm and turned to his mother. “What have you decided on? When did you want to take the change?”

The joking tone in the room cooled. “I am not sure. I know you said that it is my choice, but I think I will need to as proof of my story, but I am just unsure in how to go about it.”

Jay chimed in. “There are a few ways to do it. The first is Tala does it, the second is Hank does it, and the third way is the most unpredictable. It involves drawing it all the way out without a catalyst to encourage change. I would stick to the first two options.”

Tala turned to Jay. “Would I have to bite her or is there another way?”

Jay shook his head. “There are other ways. The one with the highest success is a stereotypical blood mixing. The ‘blood brother’ ceremony did start with lycans. The easiest way though is what most packs use, and it is just a small cut and you spit on it.”

Hank nodded. “That seems to be the gold standard for passing along the gift.”

Jay turned to Hank. “The other option is what I did for Tala. That is a mating bite.”

Hank shook his head. “No, wouldn’t work.”

Tala and Jay looked confused until Karla spoke up. “He isn’t my mate. I love him but from everything I have heard and read, we are not mates. My mate was your father.”

Jay nodded. “So, do you want to spit on your mother or bleed with her?”

Karla laughed. “That is every child’s dream isn’t it. To spat at your parent?”

Tala smiled. “It is, but I’ll save that for a different time.” They all laughed. “I think it is best if we go with the more primal option. I have a feeling it will impart some deeper protection.”

Hank frowned. “How much protection do you think she will need?”

Tala shook his head. “Not the type of protection you are thinking of. I was thinking more of the hyperawareness while still in her human form. I know you will do everything to keep her safe. I trust you Hank.”

Hank looked relieved. “Oh, okay then. I can understand that.”

“Now that we have that figured out,” Jay mused. “Should we head north to a place near Toby’s, or should we head towards town for a more traditional restaurant?”

Karla looked around and did not see an opinion standing out amongst the guys, so she piped up. “North. I want something more home cooked.”

Jay thought for a second. “I know just the place.”


They all got into the jeep and started heading toward the road that would take them north when Tala pointed out the window towards Lisbeth’s house. “Who has a rental around here?” They pulled into the driveway and walked up to the door. Tala knocked on the door.

“Who is bugging us this time?” Bjorn opened the door. “Tala! I wondered how long it would take you to find me here.”

Tala looked taken aback. “When did you get here? You should have called.”

Lisbeth came up behind Bjorn smiling. “He didn’t call me either. I pulled a shot gun on him last night.”

Tala looked at Bjorn’s face and then started laughing. “Next time call us! I can’t have someone dying just because they tried to sneak into their own home.”

Lisbeth laughed too. “Amen! So, what brings you by?”

“We saw an out of place car in the driveway,” Tala replied. “Decided to check it out before we headed to lunch.”

“Oh, that I so nice of you,” Lisbeth cooed. “Sean and Edward did the same thing earlier.”

Tala smiled. “Since everything looks fine here, we’ll be off.” Tala turned to Bjorn and quietly whispered. “Find out an answer about the you know what and when she wants it.”

Bjorn nodded as Tala went back to the jeep. He watched them pull away. He was going back inside when Lisbeth cornered him. “What was that question Tala asked you?”

“Just some research I need to do.” Bjorn struggled to tell the truth without actually having to tell the whole truth. “Nothing that has to be dealt with right now.”

“Research?” Lisbeth took a step back and gave him a look. “What do you have to research?” She calmed for a second. “Honestly, maybe I can help so we can spend some time together.”

“Well, Tala has to turn his mom and wanted to know if and when you wanted to be turned as well.” He put his hand on Lisbeth’s shoulder and pulled her closer. “That is why it doesn’t have to be dealt with right now. I want that quality time too.”


Jay stopped the Jeep outside a small diner. Everyone got out and went inside. Karla was taken aback that the place had 4 tables and 2 booths. The rest of the space was filled with artifacts and displays. Jay spoke up to explain it all to Hank and Karla. “This is my aunt’s diner. She is also self-appointed pack historian. She has every trophy, every book, every historical piece of art all on display here.”

Tala left his mother and stepfather looking at all the stuff and went over to a door near the back. “Aunty Lily? Are you here?”

A booming voice came from down a hall. “That you Tala?”

“Yes, ma’am. Jay and I brought my momma and stepdaddy over for some breakfast.” Tala was attacked by a hug from Lily. Tala chuckled. “Good to see you too. Could we get three manlys and a hearty over easy?”

Lily looked up at him. “You think your momma can eat a hearty?”

Tala shook his head. “The hearty is for me. My momma can eat a manly!”

Lily laughed. “I bring them out in a few minutes then.”

Tala walked back over to where Karla was looking. “I got our order in and it should only be a few minutes.”

Karla looked up from reading a quick history on the artifact in front of her. “What did you order us?”

“I ordered three of the biggest breakfast plates I can think of and one of a bit smaller size.” Tala saw the look in Karla’s eyes. “The small one is for me.” He saw his mother smile. “Don’t smile just yet. The specialty of your breakfast is a tall stack of buckwheat pancakes paired with every way you can cook a pig.”

Karla laughed. “You do still love me! I was worried you’d think that I couldn’t still eat you under the table.”

The four of them sat down when they heard a squeaky cart coming down the hallway with a carafe of coffee, five mugs, three large platters of meat, three stacks of pancakes, a medium platter of meat, four large plates of toast and a small plate with four eggs over easy. Hank looked over and half drooled and half gasped at the amount of food being brought to their booth. Jay and Tala laughed. Tala looked at all the food and turned to Jay. "Remember what you said about things bigger than my head?" Jay just chuckled and shook his head.

Lily started pulling plats off the cart. “I have a hearty for Tala.” She put the medium platter of meat, the eggs and some toast in front of Tala. She laid the rest of the food on the table making sure everyone else had huge piles of food in front of them. “I have manlys for everyone else. There is coffee as well.”

Karla smiled at all the food in front of her. “It looks wonderful. Thank you.”

Jay turned to Lily. “Aunty, do you want to sit with us as we eat?”

Lily showed him her mug. “Silly boy, I would never turn down the chance to see a non-wolf finish off one of my manly breakfast platters.”

Jay started laughing with his mouth full. “I can see your point.” He swallowed and took a drink of coffee. “Aunty Lily this is Karla and Hank. They are Tala’s mother and stepfather.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you both. You raised a good boy there. Always very respectful. Jay is so lucky to have found him.” Lily gushed over Tala. “He is the only wolf I know that doesn’t make a glutton of himself.”

“Hank and I did out best to raise him right,” Karla swooned in between bites of pancake. “Are you Jay’s actual aunt?”

Lily smiled. “Yes and no. I am second cousin to Jay’s mother.”

Hank swallowed a mouthful of hot link and turned to Lily. “Wow, that is a strong hot link!” He saw Lily frown a bit. “No, that is a good thing. Down in Arizona, all I could find was way too hot and no flavor or too mild but incredible flavor. These are perfect blend of the two. Where do you get them from?”

Lily smiled. “I use my great grandmother’s recipe. She was lived near New Orleans before she married and moved to Chicago.” She saw Hank’s mood drop a bit. “I’m sorry, hun. Tell you what I can do though. From all the talk I have been hearing, you are heading to the Mid-West soon. I’ll get my cousin in Chicago to make sure you get some of his, the next time he makes a batch.”

Hank perked up and Karla half chocked on her breakfast sausage laughing. “I think that made his day.” She kissed Hank. “Also makes sure I don’t have to listen to his whine about bad hot links for a while.”

A half hour later, Lily is wide eyed as Karla not only finished her meal, but part of Hank’s and Tala’s. “I will admit I am defeated,” Lily says looking at Karla. “I have to find a bigger meal for your next visit.”

Karla laughs, “no need to do anything just for me. I’ll just have to call ahead and ask for you to include a porterhouse steak.”

Hank looks over to Karla. “You complain that I eat too much, and you want to add a steak next time?”

Lily shakes her head. “Just imagine how much she will eat after her first change.”


Toby parked his car near the US Federal Court House in Seattle and walked the two blocks to the building that KPMG kept an office. He took the elevator up to the 29th floor and met his personal accountants in the lobby. They sat for a few minutes making small talk until the receptionist called them back to a large conference room.

Fredrick stands up as they enter. “It is so wonderful to meet you Master Whelan. Please sit down.” They all sat down around the large table. “I trust you have read over my report.”

Toby nodded. “Yes, I have read it and compared it to another document.” Toby slid a folder over to Fredrick. “You didn’t see that report and when you are done, please shred that copy of it.”

Fredrick opened it and saw the logo for PWC. “You ordered two audits?” Fredrick flipped through the first few pages to the summery. “This is not right. All these numbers are wrong!”

“I did order two reports. They are indeed incorrect as my accountants can attest to. I needed to know the truth and I was hoping that I would find it.” Toby sighed. “I found what I was sure I would but prayed I wouldn’t. You exposed the truth and I thank you for it.”

“So what now,” Fredrick queried. “How are you going to proceed?”

Toby’s lead accountant piped up. “We are filing a lawsuit against the council. We will leave you and KPMG out of it to fullest extent possible. Your report will be used as evidence, but we will not be disclosing the firm or auditor without written permission and a court order.”

Fredrick looked worried. “Then why are we meeting?”

Toby tried to ease his worries. “I wanted to meet in person because I needed to file a request to retain your services in the event all goes wrong and I find myself being subjected to an audit during the legal proceedings.”

Fredrick nodded. “That makes sense. We are happy to have your extended business.


Lisbeth found Bjorn in their office space after cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast. “I know you said we can discuss this later, but I want to know what my options are.”

Bjorn looked up from the laptop he was reading the news on. “Well, the two I know of are a ceremonial turning and a bite turning. The first involves a pack leader cutting a deep gash in the palm or arm. Then the pack alpha will spit or lick on it in their wolf form making sure to get the lycan ‘venom’,” Bjorn adding air quotes with his fingers, “into the wound. The wound is then wrapped until the bleeding stops. It will take no more than a few minutes as faster healing is one of the first things that happens during the changing process.”

Lisbeth nods in understanding. “Sounds pretty simple so far. What about the stereotypical biting?”

“When a bite is used, usually the alpha will bite the shoulder or neck. This forces more ‘venom’ into the wound. The healing time of the bite is mere seconds, but the duration of the bite will determine in there is a scar left behind.” Bjorn has a look of not being comfortable with the mental image he made for himself. “Leave a scar is a sign of an insecure alpha.”

Lisbeth ponders for a second. “Does it always have to be an alpha? What about all the movies?”

Bjorn laughs. “No, it is not limited to the alpha, but it is usually a crime to turn people without permission. However, there is a second type of bite that is more powerful and can be done if there is a mate connection. It happens during passionate sex when the wolf only turns enough for fangs to extend. The result also will make a connection between the couple that is for life. Some wolves will also bite each other to make a mating bond as well.”

Lisbeth’s eyes widen. “That sounds intense. I will ponder it over about when but I'm thinking the basic cut on my hand is sounding good enough for me. How quickly will I be back on my feet?”

Bjorn smiles. “You take all the time you want. I think I speak for the whole pack when I say that we want you to be comfortable. You will be off your feet about two weeks. A nice quiet room is your friend during that time." He notices a look from Lisbeth. "You can get back to work after the first week, but noise and smell can be overwhelming until things settle down. I'll stay with you as long as you want me to."

“If it's going to be that long, I insist that you will go back to the council after the first week.” Lisbeth looked determined like she always did when she was taking control of things. “The rest of the pack will be here and I'm sure that Ann and Selma can come down and keep me company. If Tala's mother is still here, I'll have her to help me as well.”

Bjorn pondered for a moment. “She might be in the same position as you. If that is the case, then I agree that Ann and Selma should help you both out.”

“That settles it then.” Lisbeth turned toward the door. “Now if you'll excuse me. I need to check up on the progress of the buildings and see if the plans for the library and security complex are finalized yet.”

Bjorn chuckled to himself and went back to his news feeds.

Copyright © 2019-2021 garfwiz; All Rights Reserved.

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I really do love hearing from the people who read this story.

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I am really glad you're back. I had so enjoyed the earlier chapters, and now the plot thickens. I can wait for future chapters. It's a great tale, with wonderful lead characters, and a nice touch if suspense and danger. 

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