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Warming The Cold One

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Ros is a lycan security specialist paid to watch Oliver Taylor and protect him from falling in to the hands of an awful wolf.  But what happens when they actually meet?

This is a rewritten version of a story I started and posted chapters to on Nifty a number of years back.  I lost the notes I had created to continue it, so I didn't.  Now though, I am coming back to with fresh eyes and want to make it flow a little slower and hopefully a lot smoother.  It also was a slash story before, but I have changed all the celebrity names out so it can be a bit more timeless.  Most readers will be able to figure out who the celebrity was, but there is no crime in cheating at looking at the original version.  Please enjoy this reworked version.  I have tried to break the chapters up so that they don't go too long.  If you think they are too short, let me know.

Copyright © 2019-2020 garfwiz; All Rights Reserved.

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