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  1. Thank you for saying something. I pulled out the repeat and now this chapter is really short . Guess that means I get to get writing for the next chapter.
  2. Exactly thirty minutes later, Owen went up to the microphone to address everyone. “Attention! This council is now back in session. Please return to your seats.” It took just a few minutes, and the room was seated again. “Thank you all. Before we take any formal action on the request we just heard, it has been decided that there will be a period of open discussion. No time will be needed. Please don’t yell at each other. Use the microphones and do not talk over each other. The floor is now open.” Small pockets of whispering started immediately. A younger looking lady grab one of
  3. Got the names recorded. I'll do my best to get them in where the story allows.
  4. Tala and Edward pull into the driveway and see Sean and Jay talking on the front porch. Tala gets out and heads over towards them. “Afternoon Sean, is my mate behaving himself?” Sean turned and blushed a bit not hearing them pull in. “Yes, I was wondering why he was watching behind me. I forgot you might be the only lycan I cannot feel coming.” Sean then turned toward Edward. “How did the drive go?” Edward smiled. “The moral boost was well needed. Everyone was glad to see us and we had to decline multiple different offers of coffee, lemonade, beer and booze.” Tala piped
  5. garfwiz

    Money is an Object

    Names are noted and are on my list to use
  6. I totally agree with you! Thank you.
  7. Thank you for being the first person to comment some names for me.
  8. garfwiz

    Money is an Object

    I cannot promise another update until next weekend. He for sure did some ego bruising the last time he was there and you are right he is going to have to go back very soon. Any recommendations for names I can use? I am hoping to have a decent list by the middle of the week or else I'm going to have to use a random name generator and that isn't as fun.
  9. “No, I am not going to let this go. How can you feel that it is fair for all the burden be put on my clan just because we are small?” Bjorn turned toward Ulrik as he continues to rant. “There is a budget item for your clan’s office staff and food costs, but you think I should be asking for Tala to pay for it all.” “Sit down Bjorn.” Rolf pleads with Bjorn. “Just talk to Tala and see what he can kick in until we can create a revised budget. It was due to be redone right before the shake-up.” “Rolf is right. We have been at each other’s throats for a week now.” Ulrik turn to the
  10. Rolf stepped out on to the 17th floor of the council building and was amazed at all the progress that had been made in such a short period of time. He walked over toward where Hawk kept his office but was stopped by a nice young female wolf at the desk. “Good afternoon Master Rolf. How can we help you today?” Rolf smiled at her. “Good afternoon yourself. I was just going to have a chat with Hawk and see how things were going.” “Let me buzz you in then.” She pressed a button and the gate next to the desk opened. “We altered the hallway that was there before, and the secure hall
  11. Jay turned to Hank and Karla. “Do you want us to treat you to lunch and we can discuss your plan of attack?” Hank perked up. “Lunch sounds great. I’m starved!” Karla laughed and play hit Hank. “You are always hungry. Now I know why. All those late-night walks turned out to be times you went all wild and ran through the desert. Also explains why there was always sand in your shoes.” Jay laughed. “We work up an appetite on those runs for sure.” Tala stared out the window lost in thought. He had a brainstorm and turned to his mother. “What have you decided on? When
  12. I'm slowly working on it. Hope to have something soon.
  13. Much to the dismay of both George and Jose, Tala and Jay found a moderately priced motel for themselves and the guards from Alpha Peter’s pack. All the rooms were able to be close to each other with guards on both sides of Tala and Jay’s room. The pair wordlessly staggered in their room and undressed and plopped down on the queen bed. Both fell asleep within seconds of their heads hitting the pillow. Bjorn exited the airport in Portland and walked to the all-night car rental area. He rented an inexpensive compact car and drove toward the pack lands. A little over an hour and a half l
  14. Gloria Adkitson exited the elevator on the 17th floor to find a whirlwind of movement and construction. There was one partially completed office with a light on. She walked over to it and saw the light was coming from a large office to the side. She knocked on the door jam. “Excuse me. I was given a message to meet someone up here.” Hawk looked up and waved her in. “Yes, I believe that you are meeting me. I’m Hawk and you are?” “Nice to meet you Hawk, I’m Gloria,” She answered. “I work for the Southern Arizona Pack as an Executive Assistant to the Pack Representative. Are you one of th
  15. garfwiz


    Jay looked down at the message he got on his phone from Tala. He frowned and turn toward Jose. “My mate just left the meeting with your brother and things went about as poorly as we expected. He says to have you come with me. He’s worried about your safety.” Jose looked worried. “I know my brother is ruthless. He won’t hesitate to do what he thinks he needs to.” He closed his laptop and put it and a large file folder from a drawer in a bag by his feet. “We should hurry.” Jay and Jose walked out the front door and got in the waiting car. Just as the door closed and it started to pull aw
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