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  1. I'm slowly working on it. Hope to have something soon.
  2. Much to the dismay of both George and Jose, Tala and Jay found a moderately priced motel for themselves and the guards from Alpha Peter’s pack. All the rooms were able to be close to each other with guards on both sides of Tala and Jay’s room. The pair wordlessly staggered in their room and undressed and plopped down on the queen bed. Both fell asleep within seconds of their heads hitting the pillow. Bjorn exited the airport in Portland and walked to the all-night car rental area. He rented an inexpensive compact car and drove toward the pack lands. A little over an hour and a half l
  3. Gloria Adkitson exited the elevator on the 17th floor to find a whirlwind of movement and construction. There was one partially completed office with a light on. She walked over to it and saw the light was coming from a large office to the side. She knocked on the door jam. “Excuse me. I was given a message to meet someone up here.” Hawk looked up and waved her in. “Yes, I believe that you are meeting me. I’m Hawk and you are?” “Nice to meet you Hawk, I’m Gloria,” She answered. “I work for the Southern Arizona Pack as an Executive Assistant to the Pack Representative. Are you one of th
  4. garfwiz


    Jay looked down at the message he got on his phone from Tala. He frowned and turn toward Jose. “My mate just left the meeting with your brother and things went about as poorly as we expected. He says to have you come with me. He’s worried about your safety.” Jose looked worried. “I know my brother is ruthless. He won’t hesitate to do what he thinks he needs to.” He closed his laptop and put it and a large file folder from a drawer in a bag by his feet. “We should hurry.” Jay and Jose walked out the front door and got in the waiting car. Just as the door closed and it started to pull aw
  5. “Sorry I’m late, I got caught up in Building Management.” Björn sat down across from Rolf. “The IT department and Management teams need to work on their customer service.” Rolf laughed. “I heard about a huge incident. Did you have to break into everyone offices?” “Seems like it was the only way to get something done without a staff to do it for me.” Björn waved down a waitress for a menu. “Tell me it will get easier. Please tell me that.” Rolf shook his head. “It only gets worse.” “I was afraid of that,” commented Björn as he flagged the waitress back over. “Can I get the house
  6. garfwiz

    IT Issues?

    No one else caught that. Thank you. I will get it updated later today
  7. Hawk walked up to the building management office door and found it locked. He found a sign on the door that they were at lunch until 13:00. He looked at his watch and noticed it was 13:25. He tried scanning his badge on the security pad next to the door that said badge for entry if door is closed and it opened for him. He walked inside and closed the door behind him. “Hello?” Hawk looked around at the empty vestibule area. “Is anyone here?” An office door opened to his right and a guy that looked like he just woke up from a nap stared at him. “Dude, we are closed for lunch until 13:00.
  8. garfwiz

    IT Issues?

    This is about American wolves. You have to get Kentucky Bourbon or Moonshine.
  9. He watched Tala nod. “Then you are correct, I have failed that part of my mission. Now you must understand that she be required to be captured and put on trial. She hid an illegal child. While she did not know what she had done, it is her that must pay for your existence.” Tala responded in a neutral tone. “You must know that she will not go willingly. Both her husband and my mate will defend her to the death after I am forced to fight you from getting to her. I don’t want that to happen, Agent Montley.” Tala sighed before he continued. “You do know that you are 35% American clan, right? T
  10. I just happened to pick two of the big four. I almost switched it but thought that KPMG should be the innocent party. I do find it interesting that none of the big four are based out of the US. Three in the UK and the last in the Netherlands.
  11. The next morning, a rental car pulls up in front of a house in Sahuarita, AZ. Tala and Jay get out and go up to the front door. Tala knocks and Jay stays at the bottom of the three stairs up from the walkway to the porch. They wait about three minutes before the curtain moves and the door opens. “Hello Hank,” Tala says. Hank looks angry. “Oliver, get off my property. Your mother doesn’t want to see you.” Hank looks over and sees Jay standing at the bottom of the stairs. “Take that faggot with you. He looks like nothing but trouble.” Tala stands his ground. “No! I need to speak to my mo
  12. Jay, Tala and Hawk walk in the front door of Alexanders house. “Uncle Alexander?” “In here Tala.” The three men enter Alexander’s study. “Oh, hello Hawk. What are you doing here?” “I invited him so we could have a talk about a few things. He thinks he might be able to unlock a few mysteries surrounding our chat yesterday. Also he is going to be the pack representative to the general council.” Alexander looked perplexed. “How would he know anything?” Hawk spoke up first. “I wasn’t a stray like everyone thinks. I was sent here as a young pup for protection. Michael hid me away fr
  13. “Master, we are arriving in Boise now and will touch down in a few minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts.” The pilot turned back toward the front and they soon felt the plane touchdown. “There is a driver waiting for you just inside the terminal that can take you to where you need to go.” “Thank you, we appreciate all your planning on short notice.” Toby turned to his two passengers and motioned for the door. The three men talked about different layout options for the compound back in Cathlamet. The driver took them northeast into the hills the Boise National Forest. They drove for abo
  14. After a small dinner, they return to the motel rooms. Toby’s cell phone rings. “Good evening Tobias. Yes, the council has adopted the change to the charter. I must speak with Tala before I can give you any answers.” Toby put Rolf on hold when he got Tala's attention. “It is Rolf.” “They passed the amendment?” “Yes; he needs to speak with you though. He is on hold for you.” Tala picked up the phone to greet his caller. “Good evening Master Reid. How can I help you tonight?” “Master Tala, this is an official call. You are requested to attend a meeting with the council as soon
  15. I am so glad that you are enjoying it. I promise it only gets better as we go.
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