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  1. All I can say is, you'll see soon enough. I hope to have more about that really soon.
  2. Thank you for letting me know. I use a basic grammar check solution, but as you said it didn't catch it. I'll do some checking of things and fix it up when I can
  3. I realized I should have made a note in the story but HSOA is Homestead Owners Association. Yes, even unturned wolves have to deal with HOA's
  4. Tala awoke to his phone ringing. He carefully got out of bed to ensure that Jay didn’t fall out and walked over to the small table. He saw it was Hawk calling so he quietly answered it. “Morning bro, what’s up?” “Sorry to call you about this but there was an incident early this morning,” Hawk began. “Multiple teams broke into our offices and were snooping around. Security is working on trying to identify who they were and if anything was messed with.” “Wow. Okay, that was faster
  5. The three men finished securing the archives building and headed toward Tucker’s office. When they got there, they saw Dalton sitting and waiting in the hallway. He jumped up from the chair and came over to Tala. “Please excuse my outbursts earlier. It was very rude of me, and it was uncalled for,” Tala grabbed Dalton’s hand and nodded. “I understand. I know you won’t believe me, but I too have had many people deceive me and it does hurt a lot. I promise to earn your trust that I am
  6. I'm in agreement with @Clancy59, please stay safe everyone!
  7. Karla looked around as they stopped in front of a small house that looked like it had seen better days. “Is this all that is left?” Ann frowned. “This is all that is left of the homestead your family started.” “The holding company owns all of this land around us?” Karla just gazed at the open land. “It is so open, just like I remember as a kid.” Ann smile at that point. “If you can see it from here, they hold the deed for it. The only exception is that we don’t have control
  8. “That is another thing off our list of concerns!” Jay exclaimed as he walked into the bedroom. “I just got a call that Karla and Ann are in the air.” Tala looked up from the suitcase he was packing. “That is great news.” He zipped up the suitcase and set it on the floor. “I’m just glad they understood the flights had to be diverted. Portland to St. Louis and then a private jet back to North Dakota is not shorter by any means.” Jay nodded. “It wasn’t ideal, but they understood.”
  9. “I am so glad you are going to be able to come with us after all.” Karla was standing in the bedroom taking a break from packing. She was talking to Ann on the phone. “Are we back to the original plans? That is wonderful! I will call and add your room back on and use the airline voucher. Talk to you tomorrow.” Hank walks in the room as Karla hangs up. “What plans are back?” Karla is still smiling. “Ann is able to go after all.” Hank tries to keep his face neutral. “That’s
  10. garfwiz

    Cover Blown

    I wasn't happy with it because usually I'm not feeling like I am forcing it. I am going to try to clear up some of the "bug crushing" and get things moving forward again.
  11. “Have you given my idea any thought?” Tala had just finished his breakfast and was sipping on some green tea while the rest of the group was only about halfway done. “I mean it would be a lot quicker then driving and cheaper then flying commercial.” Karla set her fork down and glared at Tala. “I told you before. You need to take care of your business, and I will take care of what you asked me to do. I get you want to be hands on but I got this.” “I mapped it out. We fly into Bism
  12. It was about 5pm when the last of the people made it over to where the celebrations had been set up. There were tents with basic games, table of food and drinks, and lots of chairs set up. Most of the people were talking and getting to know everyone. Edward and Aaron patrolled the crowd making sure everyone was behaving and well fed. They got to the largest tent that was set up next to a podium and speaker system and went inside. “Everything looks good. Anything else you need us to be
  13. Your troubles are over. I have added a link to the end of every chapter this links to a name chart so you can see who is who. Everyone, let me know if that helps.
  14. “Hello? Yes, this is Clay. I don’t understand. Let me open my email and see what you sent.” Clay sat down at an unassigned desk and opened his laptop. He opened his email and saw a lot of error emails. “Okay, I see the emails. It looks like conversion errors for the Apalachicola Pack.” Clay opened the email and quickly saw the issue. “Let me call Brandon and see if we can fix the problem.” Clay opened the rest of the emails and verified his conclusion before he called the IT Direct
  15. Believe it or not the refugees were a late addition to the plans I had. I knew with the upset that was caused by Toby and Tala, there would be people trying to get out of a bad situation. For Karla and Hank...it's complicated. The first part is at the end of the day, Karla is still his mom. Hank was a plant but he wasn't a bad guy. When you don't know the whole truth, you can be manipulated and he was. I will hint that the Hank storyline has some more stuff coming once they get back to old pack lands.
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