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    Grumpy Bear
  • Author
  • 3,028 Words

Savage Beasts - 1. Fateful Hookup

Christopher scrolled through the gay dating app on his phone, looking at the list of available men to choose from. There were so many men putting revealing photos of themselves online in apps these days, like objects for sale in a department store catalog. Men desperate and lonely, many simply seeking someone to share their bed for a night, and others hoping that the app would be their place to find that special someone. Christopher scanned their photos quickly as his phone screen scrolled, rejecting most of them as easily as one would pass over a bag of fat-free veggie crisps in a vending machine.

This was much easier to do when the bars were more popular for quick and random hookups. Now, unless Christopher was in a large city, the apps were he best option. The small-town gay bars that he used to frequent were becoming a rare animal, nearing extinction, and it was important for him to find someone new soon.

He had a “type” that he was looking for. Big, muscular bottoms. Bodybuilders who were submissive and pliable that he could easily convince to do what he wanted. The length of their profile greetings and descriptions didn’t matter. He didn’t care if they were funny or serious, deep or shallow. He was looking for hulking bodies attached to the only profile word that mattered to Christopher… “Bottom”.

He paused his scrolling when he spotted a photo of a man with a shaved head and a close-cut beard, wearing a tiny pair of workout shorts and modeling for the camera in a bodybuilder’s pose. He pulled up the profile gallery and flipped through photo after photo of the man shirtless at the gym and naked in front of the locker room mirror having just finished working out his impressive body. Christopher pulled up his profile information.

“Hi guys, I’m Max. I’m a bottom looking for a top to be a workout buddy with benefits.”

Christopher smiled, and sent Max a message. Within a few minutes Max had texted back that he was interested in Christopher as well.

And why wouldn’t he? Christopher was an impressive specimen of masculinity that no gay man could resist. He stood six-foot three, with light brown eyes, military-style haircut and a thick, wavy brown mustache and beard. His chest, shoulders, arms, and legs were all massive, but unlike the muscle-bottoms that he pursued, he was coated with thick hair all over his hard body.

He texted Max again suggesting a workout date at the local gym. Max agreed and they made plans to meet in the locker room in an hour. Christopher had a light meal and took a shower. He dressed in casual clothing and packed his workout clothes in his gym bag. Before leaving, he went down to the basement to check on his children.

His soldiers.

His creations.

Most of the basement was consumed by the series of floor-to-ceiling iron cages in which his children lived. As Christopher walked past their cells, they wailed and growled, reaching out to him between the bars to touch him with clawed hands that were not quite human and not quite animal, but covered with fur and capable of ripping him apart if not for the love and devotion they each felt for their creator. He opened a large refrigerator at the end of the row of cells and pulled out seven raw beef roasts wrapped in white butcher paper. He distributed the packages to the occupants of the cells as cheerfully as Santa Claus, and the creatures snatched each one, ripping off the paper, and tearing into the meat with claws and teeth grunting and growling with pleasure as they consumed their meal.

Satisfied that his children were fed, Christopher walked down a short hallway with the final package to a locked door and opened it. Laying on the bed inside was a huge man, a mountain of muscle. Larger than any bodybuilder alive today and taller than Christopher himself.

“Chris,” the man cried out to him as he walked through the door, “I’m scared. Something’s wrong with me. I’ve gotten even bigger in the last couple of days, and now I can’t stop itching! It’s driving me crazy, and I don’t know what to do!”

“Just relax, babe,” Christopher replied. “I brought you something to eat. You just need more protein. Have dinner and try to clear your head and ignore the itches. There’s nothing wrong with you, nothing at all. You’re about to become something so fantastic and wonderful that you won’t even recognize yourself, and you’ll thank your Papa for making a new man out of you.”

“Can you stay here with me?” the man begged, “I need you bad. I get so lonely here by myself and I’m scared. I need you to make love to me and tell me again how good it will be when I become the new man that you want me to be.”

“I’m sorry, babe,” Christopher replied, “I have to go out for a few hours, but I promise that I’ll be back to take care of you later tonight. This is going to be a big night for you, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Now eat your dinner and wait for me to return.”

“Okay Papa,” the huge man said sadly as he opened the package and began to tear at the hunk of raw meat with his hands and teeth.

Christopher left the room and locked the door behind him. Taking one more look at his children as they finished consuming their meal, blood staining their claws and muzzles, he strode back upstairs and locked the basement door as well before grabbing his bag and heading out to the gym.

He met Max in the locker room at the gym as planned, and they both got changed for their workouts. Christopher got a chance to look over Max breifly as he stripped down to a jockstrap before putting on his shorts and workout shirt. Christopher himself stripped nude and made a point of standing naked next to Max for a few minutes, pretending to take extra time hanging up his clothing in the locker. His tactic worked, as Max could not help but stare at Christopher’s massive uncut cock laying over his huge ball sack. Christopher could smell the arousal radiating from Max in waves already.

They spent the next hour working out and spotting each other. Christopher made sure that Max got a good look up the leg of his workout shorts as he stood over him, spotting him on the bench press. The longer they worked out the more Max’s sweat stank of sexual arousal. When they were done, Max started to head to the showers, but Christopher stopped him.

“Let’s go shower back at your place, where we’ll have a little more privacy,” Christopher said.

Max nodded eagerly and led Christopher on the short walk back to his apartment.

Max’s apartment was neat and orderly but a bit spartan. As soon as Max had closed and locked the door, Christopher pressed him up against the wall and kissed him with a dominant force, snaking his tongue into Max’s mouth to taste him and make the big man quiver with submission.

“Do… do you want to take that shower?” Max said hesitantly when Christopher finally pulled his head back and allowed Max to catch his breath.

“No,” Christopher replied, “I want you just like you are.”

“But I’m all sweaty,” Max said, looking down nervously, “I probably stink.”

“Damn right,” Christopher replied. “I like the way you stink.”

He pushed Max’s arm up and licked the sweat from his armpit, savoring the taste of sexual arousal that oozed from every pore on Max’s body.

“Where’s the bedroom?” Christopher said in a voice that suggested that it was a command and not a question.

“Down the hall. There… Sir,” Max replied pointing to the door.

Christopher pushed Max in the direction that he pointed and when they were in the room, he pushed Max face-down onto the bed. He laid his heavy body on top of him, rubbing his bearded chin against his neck and whispering in Max’s ear all the dirty things he wanted to do to him.

He sat up long enough to pull Max’s shirt and shorts off, and then pull off his own. He held Max down with one big hand placed squarely on his back as he rummaged through the nightstand drawer with the other, looking for Max’s lube. Once he found it, he quickly squirted some onto his rigid cock and slicked himself up, taking a moment to insert a couple of slippery fingers into Max’s hole. Max moaned at his fingers’ intrusion, and Christopher knew that he needed no further foreplay. He pushed his huge cock into Max’s tunnel with a single thrust and as Max tipped his head back and cried out, he began pumping into him fast and hard.

Max reached his first climax almost immediately after Christopher penetrated him. Christopher didn’t slow down but continued his frantic pace as the minutes wore on and Max climaxed a second and third time, ejaculating against the bed quilt and begging Christopher not to stop.

After continuing to pummel Max’s hole for nearly a half an hour, Christopher finally felt his own orgasm growing close. He closed his eyes and concentrated on what he must do next. The hand on Max’s back began to partially reshape into a paw, and his fingernails grew out into long claws that dug into Max’s flesh. Already a hairy man, Christopher’s skin began sprouting even more, and it began to resemble a pelt of brown fur. His mouth stretched out into a bear’s muzzle filled with sharp teeth and his round ears sprouted fuzz and moved to the top of his head. His cock expanded and grew even larger inside Max’s worn tunnel, rubbing hard against his prostate and causing Max to climax for a fourth time.

Christopher lost his steady rhythm for the first time since they started, and he began pumping his hot cum into Max. At the same moment, he dropped his head and bit Max savagely on the shoulder, tearing the skin and drawing blood.

Max cried out in pain, but only for a second, as he was overcome with wave after wave of ecstasy flowing through his body.

Christopher released Max’s shoulder from his jaws and shifted back to his human form after his orgasm subsided. He rolled Max over onto his back and moved him up on the bed so that he was resting comfortably as the changing process coursed through his system. He watched the bleeding wounds on Max’s shoulder heal and close before his eyes, and he knew that the turning was successful.

Max’s eyes finally focused, and he looked over at Christopher.

“That was incredible,” he said in a daze, “I’ve never had it like that before in my life.”

“And you never will again,” Christopher replied. “I have to go. Here’s my number. You’re going to want to give me a call tomorrow after you get some rest and you start feeling horny again.

“And… You will start feeling very horny again. Very soon.”

Christopher dressed himself in his casual clothing and grabbed his bag as he let himself out of Max’s apartment and walked back to where he’d left his car parked at the gym.

Arriving back at home, Christopher immediately unlocked the basement stairs and tromped down. His children were all sleeping in the nests of cushions and blankets occupying a corner of each of their cells, and he walked past quickly down the hall to the locked room where his next child waited to be born.

He unlocked the door and went through quickly locking it again behind him. The enormous body made of muscle and bone writhed on the bed scratching at his skin and crying out when he saw Christopher.

“Chris… Papa… please fuck me now, I can’t stand it anymore.”

“I will soon,” Christopher replied. “It’s almost time for Papa to claim his first fuck.”

Christopher sat next to the squirming, writhing mass of muscle for another hour until suddenly it shrieked, and its body went rigid. Fur began to sprout in mangy patches and the thing that used to be a man’s face stretched and shifted as its skull split in two and reformed. It screamed in pain as its arms and legs cracked and reshaped themselves. Its teeth fell out all at once and a horrible set of fangs pushed out of its gums in their place. Human hands grew bigger and wider, and the fingernails fell off the tips of the fingers, replaced by black claws.

Christopher watched in delight as the final steps of the transformation were completed, the torso reshaping and the cock inflating. The creature that used to be a man let out an animal’s bellow as it ejaculated onto itself as the last of its human sperm was expelled from its body. Then all went quiet.

Christopher took the creature by the hand and gave it his first command.


The creature stood upon legs that were half human and half animal. It was eight feet tall. Fur covered its legs and back but was absent from the beast’s massive chest and torso. Muscular arms were also covered thickly with fur and ended in hands that were not quite human and were tipped with a sharp black claw on each finger. Sitting atop the broad furry shoulders was the head of a bear, but so deformed and grotesque that upon seeing it, one would have the urge to put the miserable thing out of its misery.

It was not human, and it was not werebear. It was a half-breed monstrosity that no longer had any memory of its life before now. Its only thoughts were to eat, fight and obey the commands of its Papa, who stood before him now, looking up at his deformed face with pride and a touch of love.

“It’s time for Papa to claim his first fuck, Cub,” Christopher said to the monster.

The creature whined, and then got on the floor on its hands and knees, raising its ass for its creator.

Christopher undressed and went about his task methodically, humping into the deformed furry ass until he reached his climax, filling it with his seed, and then pulling out and instructing the creature to stand again.

“Papa loves all of his children,” Christopher said to the creature, stroking its drooling muzzle with his hand and making it emit a contented growl.

“It’s time to give you a new name. One that befits the new man that you’ve become, my cub! Your name is Echion after the giant of Greek legend. From now on, you will only answer to the name Echion. Do you understand?”

The beast growled its understanding even if it didn’t have the ability to form the words or speak its new name. It was glad that the Papa, the Creator, loved it enough to give it a name. It would serve the Papa as long as it lived and would do whatever it was told.

“We have nearly enough of you now, don’t we, my cub?” Christopher said to the creature as he led it from the little room down the hall and to an unoccupied cell. The other creatures had awoken from the sounds of their brother’s birth screams and now stood along the front of their cells watching their newest sibling follow the Papa.

Christopher laid the creature down on its nest of cushions and blankets and told it to sleep and rest. It laid its head down but continued looking at its Papa with adoring eyes.

“Just one more, my children,” Christopher said to the half bear, half human monstrosities that filled the cells in his basement. “I’ve already bred your next brother this very night. In four months, we will be able to go where we wish and take what is ours, and no force on this earth, human or lycan can stop us!”

The creatures all tipped their grotesque heads back in a deep growl of appreciation for the Papa, and Christopher proudly walked back up the basement stairs to get himself ready for bed.


Christopher woke to the sound of his cell phone ringing on his nightstand. The sun was just beginning to peek through the gap in the mountains as he opened his eyes and looked through his bedroom window. It was sunrises just like these that drew him to this part of Tennessee. The way that the early morning light danced against the fog in the valleys between the mountains reminded him of his home, so long ago, when he was just an innocent child and knew nothing about werebears and living forever.

The phone continued to buzz and broke his train of thought. He grabbed it off the nightstand and tapped the button to answer.

“It’s fucking sunrise. What’s so goddamned important you have to call this time of the morning?”

“Oh, sorry Sir,” a nervous voice answered. “It’s Max. You know, from last night? I’m just doing what you told me. You said that when I got some rest and got horny again today, I needed to give you a call. Well, I woke up feeling great; better than I’ve felt in a long time, and I’m really horny again now. Is there any way that you can come back over again this morning?”

Christopher smiled. The turning was successful and this one was already extremely compliant.

“You need more of Papa’s big cock, don’t you boy?” Christopher replied smugly. “You hold onto that cock of yours and think about me, and I’ll be over in a couple hours to give you what you need.”

He ended the call and laid back on his bed. Max would become his eighth child and when he had loosed all his children upon the world, he would finally have the revenge that he had been planning for two hundred years.

Copyright © 2021 Grumpy Bear; All Rights Reserved.
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Grumpy Bear's Werebear Tales

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Chapter Comments

Chapter 1 of the next story in the "Werebears in America" series is off to an extremely dark start!  I don't want to leave you hanging on such a dark note, so I'll post chapter 2 now as well to give you a teaser of what's ahead.

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Interesting start to the story. Christopher seems like a monster who enjoys turning humans to create his monsters. Can't wait to see where this is going.

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Before leaving, he went down to the basement to check on his children.

His soldiers.

His creations.

Jesus H. Christ! 

I thought book one was something...

What a start! And so soon! I'm excited to follow along with this one!

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Christopher keeps talking about loving his creations; but his hate just comes off him in waves...

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